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I've lost (almost) 150 pounds, and I'll lose...

I've lost (almost) 150 pounds, and I'll lose another 10-15 plus before surgery. I've already had a panniculectomy, brachioplasty and lipo. I've met the best plastic surgeons in Nor Cal. As wonderful and amazing as they are, they don't specialize in reconstructing women after massive weight loss.

I've done lots of research. I'm that way. I'd seen a lot of photos for doctors in SoCal. I tried contacting Dr. Katzen's office and his office person never sent me the information she promised. I felt like I was bugging her. I tried 3 times. I couldn't access his photos on my iPad. I gave up. I'd seen YouTube videos of Dr. Agha. I looked at his dramatic photos and read his Realself reviews. I contacted his office and was dealt with in the most professional manner by Schad (spelling?). We set up an appointment and she even called me back to follow up on any additional questions.

I arrived at Dr. Agha's office and there was a huge leather bound book with lots of pictures. Schad is wonderful.

Dr. Agha permeates the office with his energy. Love is in the details, and this office has it in spades. I had a nice visit with him in which he showed me in front of a large mirror how dramatic my results would be. He asked me to lose ten more pounds.

Here's what I was most impressed with: in the past when I've met other plastic surgeons, they've made unnecessary comments such as "don't expect to look like Cindy Crawford." Or they've looked disappointed or some such. Usually, I've left their office with a feeling of defeatedness. Dr. Agha told me we could go for a ten.

I left his office even more motivated to continue my journey. I've come to realize that my plastic surgeon and his team is part of the support system I need to arrive at my goals, and also that having high standards is a good thing.

I'm going to do a two-stage body lift. The first is an upper body, and the second is a lower body. I'm not totally decided on each proceedure exactly. I'll discuss this more in my next post.
Dear Beautifulmommasita, how are you? Did you have your surgery?
Hi, I came across this review and thought of you. Perhaps you should reach out to this member to get additional details? This isn't the first bad review I see on him and can't help but worry. You're still in time to find another surgeon should you decide to do so.http://www.realself.com/review/corona-del-mar-ca-body-lift-pictures-worth-thousand-words-the-results-speak-for
Hi Jass - i know you didn't direct this towards me, but i felt compelled to answer. There a few bad reviews on Agha - but have you read all the great ones too? Have you seen his "gallery"? He does amazing things with post massive patient bodies too.... I have not made final decisions on plastic surgeon select and Dr. Agha is the one I am MOST conflicted about as he has the absolute BEST gallery - i drool! I have definitely come to the conclusion that plastics are a careful balance of risk/reward. But yes....the reviews of losing your buttock folks and too much skin being taken from arms give me pause too.....
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