36 Yrs Belotero Tear Trough - Newport Beach, CA

I'm very frustrated and I'd have to say no!! ...

I'm very frustrated and I'd have to say no!! Simply because I didn't think I needed it anyway. I have never had any procedures done and I'm 36. My skin is great as said the cosmetic surgeon I went to. I just wanted a little botox between eyebrows and was interested in a possibly a slight brow lift with botox. I planned on spending less than 500 for this to be done. When I left there the guy managed to talk me into Belotero under my eyes and used 100 freaking units of botox!! Saying im young so my muscles are stronger and I needed more. He's a good Newport Beach Dr too with amazing reviews. First he said my skin was great and I didn't need anything done.. then when it was all said and done my whole tax refund was gone. $1400.00 later. 10 days later . I'm back for a check up and he now dissolved most the Belotero on one eye and then added more to the other!! So now what? I wasted 500 because he dissolved it ? Why don't I get that money back? It was his freaking suggestion in the first place and then left me with a blue pillow that tugged at the skin making it look creepy. The dissolving needle hurt like heck and luckily it went down and appeared to work in less than a couple hours. And no bruising either. But now that eye he dissolved looks hollow and skin looks creepy compares to the other filled one.. So now I have one eye with Belotero and one with dissolved Belotero and I paid full freaking price and he didn't offer for me to come back in to fix this eye. WTH?? I don't thinks it's fair a Dr suggests something . Then come back in to dissolve what he suggested.. so I paid for it for ten days just to take it out! Yeah I'm not happy and my skin looks super creepy now under that one eye. Should I call him back in a week? What do I do about having one good eye and one bad. If I go somewhere else I'd have to pay all over again. He also admitted he uses too much botox and said he would make a note that I was hyper sensitive to it. Uh.. Mmmm excuse me. 100 units at 36 yrs old and I'm hypersensitive? ? I think not! I feel ripped off! And don't know where to turn with this eye situation. He should of told me to come back in and see what can be done right?? Help.


Which dr was this? I'm thinking about getting belotoro under my eyes in Newport Beach too
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I'm sorry you had such a negative experience.  Some doctors will do a revision for free, I would hope that given your circumstances with the belotero that your doctor would not charge you to fix your eye.  What do you think you are going to do?
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I agree with the above comment. It can't hurt to ask for a revision. Have you checked out a local dermatologist? Sometimes they are a little less injection happy and in my experience, have a better understanding of what normal should look like.
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