I YR Post-Op!!' - my only regret is not doing it sooner - Newmarket, ON

First of all, thank you all for sharing your...

First of all, thank you all for sharing your experiences with before and after pics!
I am looking for some feedback from past rhinoplasty patients of Dr. Rival - those who had the procedure done in last 1-2 years - cost, recovery time, expectations met, changes from surgery to 12 months post op, etc

I am extremely excited to finally be going ahead with my rhinoplasty as I've wanted this since I was a teenager. I did do a consult with Dr. Rival about 8-9 yrs ago but didn't go through with it as I felt selfish spending the money and I let friends and family talk me out of it. I wish I had gone through with it! Now I am in my late 30's and confident in my decision and have hubby's support - and am not discussing it with anybody else...except in this forum! My nose is fairly big, with a large dorsal hump and a long and droopy tip, I hate it in pictures and have to really pay attention to angles. I'm also considering adding upper blepharoplasty as I've inherited my parents' fleshy and over hanging upper eyelids - I'm not quite certain re the eyelid surgery 'though...as it increases the surgery cost substantially. I will post some pics soon.

Thank you all and looking forward to your feedback!

Had my consult with Dr. Rival, he was quick, and...

Had my consult with Dr. Rival, he was quick, and thorough, he did before and 'after' pics which i have attached along with my own before and after. He thought one of my own 'after' was a little too small (my husband had said the same thing!). But I told Dr. Rival that I wanted a significant reduction and he said he will do as much as possible, but he will be limited due to my thick skin, which is what I was expecting to hear. I booked the surgery for July 17th at his private clinic at a cost of $500 extra, otherwise I'd have to wait until Sept! He advised against upper blepharoplasty due to my dry eyes and previous eye issues. I had lots of questions but didn't remember to ask even half of them! But thanks to all of you, I have most of the answers. Booked time off from work - it'll give me 12 days off, hopefully that'll be enough... So now it's a matter of getting the physical and blood work done, and then waiting ...patiently...I am so excited and nervous...
Thank you, ginger_annie22! I'm keeping notes so when I discuss with PS, we're on the same page, as I do want significant change. Your and your nose look fantastic! I hope I'll have similar results :)
My "before" nose was pretty similar to yours and my doc was able to significantly reduce the bridge and shorten my nose quite a bit. I also had some tip work done - my tip was pretty boxy from the front view. I do have pretty thin skin, so I don't know if that made any difference. I would definitely make sure you are on the same page as your doctor so you get the results that you want. Good luck to you!
Thank you, Angie! I posted some pics and looking forward to some feedback.

Wondering if any of you, in hindsight, wished your...

Wondering if any of you, in hindsight, wished your PS was a bit more aggressive with your rhinoplasty?
I've read over and over again that Dr. Rival is more conservative...and I'm hoping for a significant reduction as I don't have a strong chin and have a smaller mouth so I don't want to go through all this and then have my nose still be the focal point of my face!!!
im actually a week post op with dr rival right now. i know alot of people worry about him being too conservative but i rather a doctor be too conservative than too aggressive. of course, we all want a happy medium but no doc is perfect, and if were going to choose too much of one, i rather too much natural - you can always fix more down the road.. you cant always fix something completely botched, however. my experience with him is good.. he made my nose natural but i asked for this. i was actually so scared he wouldnt; so many doctors claim to be all for natural noses and then most patients all seem to share the same noses. anywho, i had a gross bump on my nose and a super droopy tip and so far i still look like me.. just way better. im happy.
WaitingPatiently I take it you are located in newmarket since you are doing surgery with him? I have heard he is conservative as well two friends had operations with him .Just wondering in your first appointment how many mm did he say he was going to take off ? If you want you can private msg me and we can both talk .I'm from newmarket as well and would love to give you feed back as well as I would love to hear your feed back .
Hi Access1982! Yes, I'm located in Newmarket area and thank you for contacting me! I'll private msg you as I would love to talk to you and get your feed back as well as your two friends' experiences. My surgery is booked for July 17 and I have my 2nd consult with Dr. Rival on Monday, June 10, and this time I've typed out all the questions, concerns, etc as the first consult I was so thrilled to book surgery date etc, that I forgot all my important questions! Also, we didn't do the computer imaging, just a pic on his iPad, so on Monday, we're doing the full comp imaging.

10 Day Post-Op!

10 Day Post-Op and thanks to each one of you I was prepared for pre and post-op experience!
I had crazy, nasty bruising and swelling (the worst bruising on RS!) and still have some bruises but got some new ones on my jawline on day 7 before cast-off! And my upper lip was bruised on the outside and inside - swollen to 3 times its size! Doc said it was due to gravity and healing process. I had been (and still am) taking Vit C, Bromelain, Arnica Montana, and Traumeel!
I am so happy with the results thus far. No amount of make-up will cover my bruises, I tried and it did not work - it looked ridiculous!
Recovery was exactly as I expected as I had read most of all your RealSelfers' recovery reviews so I was prepared :). Thank you guys!
My next follow up is Aug 14 and I'm sure there will be lots of changes between now and then!

More pics

More pics

It looks amazing!!!! I knew it would!! Congrats on the new face :)!

Day 11 Post-Op

My already oily skin is oilier than ever! I've been managing to control it with oil-blotting papers and Witch Hazel astringent/toner - which work really well. However, the skin on my nose and around the nostrils are peeling like crazy!

Does anyone haps tips for exfoliation? Have you tried microdermabrasion - I read somewhere that this might help?
Thank you, SmilingForever! I will definitely give that a try - especially since it shrinks down pores and thank you for the compliment :)
Yes, I am almost 5 weeks postoperative tomorrow, I am using a 3% salicylic acid, I purchased from my aesthetician in January. It shrinks own poors, and oily sebaceous glands for adults who are predisposed to acne. For me, it was hormone changes. It can tingle or turn your skin lightly red at first if you are sensitive. It dries everything up! I love it! It works better than my prescription retinA, and it's cheaper.....a lot more concentrated than ProActive, which only has 2% salicylic acid. It's stronger! Check it out, it's called, Clear Cell medicated acne lotion by a company called IMAGE.....amazon carries it..best of luck ...and you are beautiful!
Lost for words !!! Your before -after images just make me say WOW. Your nose looks great in every way and just enhances your beauty . I'm happy for you and i'm sure this will make you feel wonderful for many years to come .I love the way you have posted your pictures with such detail from start to finish because it helps all realself.com users get a better idea of before & after and the moments threw surgery that you shared with all of us. I Thank you for your support and for helping all of us .

2 Weeks Post-Op And No One Can Tell ???!!!

Swelling on the nose going down so slowwwwwly now! Still have residual bruising under my eyes and right/left jawline. Tried covering with make-up and went out, saw a family friend who DID NOT NOTICE that my nose changed dramatically!
My own mother-in-law did not notice! And she sees me a few times a week over a decade now! This is awesome! Hardly anybody knows...
I was always shocked when I'd read your reviews here on RealSelf that no one noticed your rhinoplasty- but until it happens to you, it's hard to believe! Strange but true!
Re recovery: my nostrils are uneven so I'm hoping it's from all the swelling. Still a bit congested, using saline spray 3-5 x day, still using Traumeel and Arnica Gel. Just getting impatient with these darn bruises!
Thank you! It's weird that no one notices, wait 'til it happens to you and you'll be just as puzzled and shocked... I find it reassuring because I still wanted to look like me ...with a bit of an improvement ;)
Wow! I think your nose looks great as well! What a transformation! I think it's strange that people don't notice? I would definitely notice, but I have spent all my life obsessing over people's noses, I think a lot of us on here are like that, but other people just aren't! So they don't take any notice? Some people are just not observant I suppose. It looks lovely, really delicate and pretty and suits you well x
The Dr's Computer simulation looks exactly like your nose now .looks good

3 Weeks Post-Op ...And Still Bruises ???!!!

Still got these darn bruises! I guess that's what happens when you're in your late 30's ... alright, ok... let's be honest... when you're pushing 40 ;)
But everything else is going as expected, bridge is still swollen but doesn't look that bad - I was expecting way worse! Using lip balm constantly as I'm mostly mouth breathing - got them stashed on my desk, my purse, in bathroom, bedroom, kitchen? Lower nose tip is numb and tingly, feels hard to the touch, uncomfortable when I try to stretch down my upper lip.
Got crazy dark under eye circles (worse than my usual dark circles) and no matter how much sleep I get, I still look tired. Thank God for concealer.
Still congested, wake up occasionally with dry mouth and throat, but now I can blow my nose - which helps a lot, specially after using Salinex spray/mist.

Am I happy/glad I did it? Heck yeah!!! I just wish I had done it appx 10 yrs ago when I had the chance! I feel great. And still no one notices which makes me even happier - I wanted improvement/enhancement from my old nose :)

Let me know if you guys want a brief Day-by-Day summary of my recovery (there are lots of good ones on this forum that helped me tremendously!)
Its is amazing to see how much the swelling has gone down from week 1 to 3!!
Wow your nose looks great. Even with all the paint you added I can still tell how it enhanced your beauty!! You also have gorgeous hair!!

One More Thing...

Thanks to RS members newnosee, SingingSattelite, Doro, Access1982, etc (sorry if I forgot your name!) who advised me to communicate CLEARLY and explicitly with my surgeon, and NOT to assume he knows what I want. My surgeon, Dr. Rival, is well known for being conservative and doing "natural" looking noses, and a few of the patients I spoke with said that even though they are happy with their "after" noses, they wished they had asked for nostril reduction and shortening of the tip.
I brought this up when I spoke with my surgeon (I came with a written list of questions & concerns) and explained to him that I DO want a bit more in addition to hump removed - specifically nostril reduction, bridge narrowing, tip shortening, and we discussed in terms of millimetres. He was very patient and explained to me what was possible or not possible due to my thick skin, bone structure, and would look good etc.
So thank you EVERYONE who took the time to pm me with your advise, suggestions, and words of wisdom!
Your nose just keeps on looking better! I am amazed how your swelling went down, really great results! Please keep us updated :))
Thanks, Doro! You have been such great help with all your advise and calming me down prior to surgery! My 4 wk post-op appt is tomorrow and I'll do an update. Your 'before' and 'after' pool pics with your baby really touched me because I have the same 'before' pics with my son and I hated how my nose looked... Not anymore;)
Lets just thank WaitingPatiently for her support and her kindness to post the pictures she feels comfortable posting for all us who are thinking of having this surgery. With out people like her there is no knowledge and awareness for each and everyone of us .She has been a big help for me & many others & for that I thank her .

Wed Aug 14 was my 4 weeks post-op appt

Nose is now changing very slooowwwly. Doc said there's still swelling on my bridge & tip - and that my bridge will thin out more and my tip will become more defined!!! That's awesome news because I'm already so happy with the way it looks :) My uneven nostrils have gotten better & it will keep improving, but he said they will never fully be symmetrical - which is fine, it's a big improvement from before. I'm still congested and my nose is really itchy at the nostril base & columella and once in a while I feel a quick sharp pain at the incisions - good old healing process! The columella scar is more noticeable and pink looking to me than last week - I've been applying silicone scar gel (KeloCote) to it. Doc said it takes time for it to fade but the gel may help as well. And I feel like my nose is more swollen than last week - I have not been watching my salt intake like I was the first 3 weeks...
I have major under eye dark circles, very noticeable ( you can see in the pics), no matter how much sleep I get, I look exhausted, and make up doesn't really help. Especially under the left eye, it looks like bruising underneath the skin. Doc said that is normal and will eventually decrease - I asked him if there's a treatment, he said it's too soon for me to be looking into that but some of his patients had success with this cream: "B. Kamins Replenishing Eye Cream Kx" but he didn't know how much - I checked, Sephora sells it and it's $110 Cdn!!! Has anyone tried this and does it make a difference?
My next post-op appt is in Nov at the 4 month mark - I really hope everything goes well and my dark circles will improve!
I have not rated my PS or my results - I want to wait at least 3 months.
Sorry for the funky colours on my pics but hopefully you can still see the changes and the progress ;)

ps: Still no one notices!

Spent an entire day over the week-end with in-laws and family and NOT one person noticed my nose!
Still blows my mind!!!

Dark Circles :(

Dark Circles :(

Your nose looks good . Seems like the swelling has come down a lot & also your nostrils are looking much much better .The changes are great.
Thank you :) It's surreal that just 5 weeks ago I was preparing for surgery!
Hello and congratulations!! Wow, what a fabulous change for you...I love it! I too looked like an angry person before surgery and now look like who I am. Also, I stayed dark and hollow under my eyes for a long time, but realised after seeing something on TV that sleeping elevated was causing too much fluid to drain from my face. It has improved. All the best!!

2 Months Post-Op

...and still got major dark circles! Make up helps but I still look constantly tired! Everything else is going well, swelling has gone down quite a bit on the bridge and tip, but I still have lots of swelling on the inside of my nose. I'm less congested and use saline spray once a day. Nostrils are not even, but better than a month ago. Have been attending lots of work and social functions and no one has noticed or said anything :) Saw pictures of myself that someone else took and I still look like me but with a better nose that's in balance with my face - so glad I did this! Now I can wear my hair up, or put on a hat and not feel so self conscious! I hardly ever wore sunscreen on my face, but since cast-off I've been wearing sunscreen every day - regardless of the weather - and whenever I'm outside I put on a hat or a cap. A great forced habit from this surgery :) The stitches have faded quite a bit but not fully disappeared yet - I can easily cover up with make-up. My tip is less numb and tingly and doesn't feel rock hard like it did a month ago, but the columella is still rock hard and tingly.
So far so good :)
Any update!!?
Hi there! Today is exactly 6 mos since my surgery and I will post an update shortly. Thank you for reminding me :)

6 Months Post-Op

It's been 6 months today since I had my surgery! The extreme dark circles are gone, still have my 'regular' dark circles that I used to have :(
The swelling has gone down A LOT and my nose is more defined now and it really suits my face and looks good in pictures. Nostrils are still uneven but seems like I'm the only who notices because I scrutinize my nose in the mirror and pictures! My new nose is far from perfect! I would still like a shorter tip and even nostrils but then I think back to what I had and see my pre-op pics so I snap back into reality! Because the nose I have now is a 1000 times better than the nose I had!!!
I still get congested but not as often as a few months back and have not used saline spray in the past few months. Nose tip is much softer to the touch and doesn't feel rock hard anymore. There is still some slight tingling on the columella when I touch it and still feels somewhat hard.
I'm still amazed by the changes but I still look like me! I'm grateful that it's been working out for me because not everyone has had a positive experience based on some the reviews here, which is sad when I read it and I wish it would work out for everyone...
you need to be happy with this result, it looks amazing, your change was drastic
Thank you! I am very grateful and happy with the results.
Stunning result! I have a similar 'before' starting point and I was wondering if your surgery was done open or closed?

1 Year update!!!

Wow! It was a year ago yesterday that I had my septo-rhinoplasty surgery and still my only regret is not doing it sooner. My nose is still getting more refined, nostrils are still uneven - if you look up my nose (which I do once in a while) - but not noticeable to anybody else. Breathing is fine and I have no issues with stuffiness. My new nose fits my face really well - it is not a small, cutesy nose - but it suits the prominent features I have. Anything smaller, my nose would look 'done' ... I try not to study my nose too often or too much because then I fixate on my nostrils, on the size, or how when I laugh it still droops down ever so slightly BUT then I remember the nose I HAD!!! And then all those hang-ups disappear! The surgeon told me that because of the nose I had, he had certain limitations on how much he could reduce overall, which is fine by me. I didn't want a cookie cutter nose - I just wanted my face to look balanced and my nose not to be the main attraction!
The biggest comment I get is that I look younger ...or did I lose weight because my face looks thinner!!! Gotta love that! And I still check out my profile every chance I get!
Wow perfect nose! So happy for you!!
Thank you, kpeton!
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