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To be able to jog, walk, run, hop, play with my...

To be able to jog, walk, run, hop, play with my little boy, buy a bra that fits. Not be stared at, or have shoulder pain... ext. I am terrified to say the least, I've been reading up on as many experiences as I can to take the scared out of me. It's good that other women are coming to this site. Helps a lot. Will keep all posted.

Take a picture... it helps with the fear

I've been so worried about how this will change my life for the worse that I've taken pictures of myself to see exactly what I'm up against. I'm not as scared as I was. My breasts grew, and grew; they've taken over my body, and all I would like now is to get back what I had, but a little smaller please. Something to fit my body please.
I am 2 weeks post-op, and couldn't be happier. I have wanted this since age 14. ( i am 53 now). I noticed today that I felt like I was standing straight for the 1st time in my life. I got my steri strips off today so now I know what I will really look like. Should have done this 20 years ago. I am 5'2" and 125lbs. with a 34 F pre-op and a 34C post-op. Good Luck, and I know that you too will be very happy.
Did you take any pics? Happy for you!
Those are some big puppies! I better your super excited to be doing something so life changing :) i say good for you we are all proud of every lady who comes on Realself to share her experience. Im 16 days post op myself and i am shouting hallelujah :) if you have any questions post comments like crazy and people will tell you how they felt and how they figured out some extra clever ways to get through regular tasks in the first few weeks after surgery. Good luck on your adventure and ill be watching for some new updates on how your doing. ^_^

Boob Scoop

This is what the I need to do to see my tummy.
You will be over the moon with all your new options! I had my reduction done in London Ontario (December 2012) and am enjoying wearing summer clothes that don't have to bind me in! 36DD to 34C and ecstatic. You will be too..... Keep us posted.


I just recieved an email from my surgions secretary telling me that they were going to remove 30-40% ... what is that in bra size I wonder.
Hey there - I am from London ON also - May 30th! I could not agree with you more. I was so worried that I was making a terrible mistake and I have not regretted it for a single minute. I feel 20 years younger! I went down from a 38G to what I believe will eventually be a 36C once the swelling settles itself down. It is truly life changing.
can you tell me in what way this has changed your life?
Before my surgery, if my house was on fire, the first thing I would have grabbed were my bras. With large breasts, you are always reminded that they are there. I noticed that I don't think about them anymore. No one should have to be aware of your breasts 24/7. I am confident, not to mention the great clothes I can now wear.

Starting to get nervous and it's three wks away

Ok... yep nerves. But I think about all the great things that will come from this. I'll be able to run around the track and not speed walk. My clothing will fit better. My shoulders won't hurt from the straps that dig into them. I feel so ugly when I'm looking in the mirror. No more back ache, migraines. I won't have to move a breast to wipe off the sweat under there. I was a 34D... I've added on a few pounds that are NOT ME... so the breast size that has grown is NOT ME. Working out isn't getting it off... not to mention the extra skin that comes along with them growing like this. Right on the day am I going to be so overwhelmed by fear I might back out? Hope not.
You won't back out- you'll love it and look amazing. It's going to change your life! Thanks for your comments on my review :)
You'll be fine! You won't back out!!! Just relax, and think how nice it will be not to lug those bad boys around anymore! :)

Surgery tomorrow morning

OOo my. Terrified here. Nerves are acting up. Reading about all the happy stuff on here. How nervous you all were... hoping the nerves go away as soon as tomorrow hits. Maybe I'll walk in there and take it on like a pro at the very last min? Hope so. Will take some pics of after. Maybe get before... while in the Hospital? K... you ladies are so couragous... send me some of that for 9:45am tomorrow pls ?
Sending you love and joy from the universe. I am two months out tomorrow - I have never made a better decision for myself. We will all be thinking about you tomorrow morning!
You will be SO happy! Try to keep a PMA, good luck tomorrow!
Good luck. Everything will be great. My surgery will be here before I know it which means you will be one week post op. think about long term. :) it will be over and done before you know it. Nerves are normal.

Wow... one little orange pill later and... OP went really WELL

I haven't updated my site in a while... recovering is going well... no drainage tube, this was what I worried about. The team was great! Pics soon to come ;)
Congrats, you made it! Not having drains is a relief, isn't it. Can't wait for pics and more about your story :)
Saw my surgeon for a 6 week F/U. I was feeling like my breasts were not small enough. She then showed me pre-op pics. All I could say was WOW those things were mine? The nips hung below my elbows. I am going to buy a new swim suit today. (because I can) and I will be able to buy a small!! I will post my pre and post pics when I get them. It's so nice to not have shoulder, neck, and back pain any longer. If any of you girls are questioning to have the surg or not, just do it! You won't regret. Good Luck and happy bra shopping to you all.
Thank you SO much!


So I said I would put some pics up and here they are. The first two were taken a week after surgery. As well the second two also one week after surgery.


Didn't have a drainage tube, they didn't do it here. However, a week after NOT showering was hard. Yep and driving around is NOT easy... bumps! The compression bra (to make sure everything settles prop) is great, but three wks after... breasts are so tender. Nipples are back up to par, and showering is becoming easier... I've been applying the silicone that I bought for stitches and bought Vaselene Intensive Care (no purfume added) because that's what the office told me to do. I was so stressed out that I had my period twice in the same month... I don't know about anyone else but my periods are varied, once month my breasts will be tender the nxt they won't. I hit them when they would be sooo. Anyway, looking forward to Oct when I can put myself into a nicer bra, not to say that the compression bra's are not a life saver... they are ?
Thank you for the update! Your incisions are so well healed! It seems like so many people are healing at such a different pace! I hope the soreness eases up for you :( I'm glad things are getting easier for you, though. Please keep us posted, and Congratulations again!!!


Okay so, one breast is still to big. Need to go back.
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