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Hello to all the lovely ladies on this site,...

Hello to all the lovely ladies on this site, I’m aware this is mostly an American site, and being from the UK my journey may be slightly different to yours, but ultimately we’ll share the same results and that’s hopefully smaller perkier breasts!! Your probably wondering why ive joined an American site and not one in the UK! The reason being that I found this site so helpful and informative, full of amazing women that I can really relate too. So I thought after all your words of encouragement and support, id like to share my story so far.

I am booked in for my breast reduction surgery on the 8th March this year, after thinking about it for almost 15 years. In fact I cant even being to explain exactly how much and for how long I’ve wanted this (however I have a feeling most of you will understand what that feels like). I’d actually go so far as to say for almost as long as I can remember having breasts I’ve hated them. Which consequently means I’ve spent years of covering myself up with baggy clothes, crying in changing rooms after yet another failed shopping trip trying to find a bra that not only fits but pulls my breast up so they aren't hanging round my stomach, sunbathing in full length kaftan's, suffering from the worst back pain ever, and not to mention being 'the girl with the boobs' through my teenage years and all throughout my 20s.

Now at 29 I finally decided last year that i really must pluck up the courage to talk to my doctor about how unhappy I feel about my breasts, and yes even the thought terrified me. I had never really opened up about them before, as they have always been something I have felt very ashamed of and embarrassed by. Luckily my doctor was amazing, i sat down and explained all the physical and emotional issues i have with my breasts. He sympathized with my situation and agreed to refer me to a committee, who would then decide if I was a candidate for the surgery………. Though I understand it works a little differently over here? (sorry I don’t know much about how it does work over here). A letter was then sent by my Doctor to the committee, and within 2 weeks i was told i had been granted funding for the operation. I couldn't believe how quickly it had been decided, as I'd read so many stories of rejections and it taking months!! The next step was for me to visit the surgeon. She was very nice, and talked me through the operation, though i must say i was pleased i had research the procedure on the Internet as I was in and out within 15 minutes! She also went through a questionnaire that checked my medical history and my families medical background. She examined me and advised that a realistic size after a breast reduction is between a C-D cup, here’s hoping for a C!! Oh before I forget I’m a 32G at this moment in time.

So basically this is where I am at right now, I had my pre op assessment last week, which seemed to make the whole thing so real, as I think I’ve just been going through the motions till recently. It still seemed like it was in the distant future, or some dream, like it always has been, and that it was never actually going to happen. Anyway it turns out it really is, and now after my reality check last week I find I’m going through fazes, one day I'm feeling really excited about it, and the next absolutely petrified, today is a petrified day, and my nerves are getting worse each day I get closer, oh by the way did I mention I was the biggest scaredy cat going haha.

Anyway I’m trying to keep myself busy by trailing the Internet (a little obsessively) reading message boards, blogs and pretty much everything i can, in an effort to research other peoples stories and experience. Some have been good, and some not so great (which I'm not going to lie has scared me even more) However I don't want to breed fear into others reading this wall so i will say the negative comments seem to be rather rare cases, and the majority of stories i have read have really positive outcomes, with life changing effects from women saying they would do it again in a heartbeat. I know this surgery should not be taken lightly, it’s a fairly big procedure and there are risks involved, but as my mum says there are risks in everything and i need to start focusing on the positive effects this will have on my life.

On a final note, id like to add that I know some girls out there are on the opposite end of the spectrum as is one of my best friends, and i can totally sympathize with you also. So there it is, I wanted to share how I'm feeling so far, and to let other's in similar situations know they aren't alone. I will update you further on my journey when i can. In the mean time any words of wisdom would be appreciated, or feel free to ask any questions, sorry this is so long xx

Thank you all so much, it’s really comforting to know I can talk people who really understand how I’m feeling. This is a brilliant site!
I’m sorry to hear about your family member who is having to wait so long. You’re so right I was really shocked at just how quickly this has happened for me, I was preparing to have a massive wait and a bit of a fight on my hands to get through. I guess that’s why I didn’t try sooner, as I thought it would never happen.
I woke up feeling a bit nervy again today, but after reading your responses I feel much more positive. I think its just the waiting now, id like for my day to hurry up and come as lowa said so that I don’t need to worry about it anymore.

I will keep you all up to speed on how I get on, just think two weeks today and it’ll be all done! :-)

Welcome! Thanks for sharing your story and congratulations on your approval. It kindda works the same over her with the approval process, only our information is sent to our individual insurance company and they make the determination as to whether they deem your procedure medically necessary. 

The conflicting emotions are pretty normal.  I would go back and forth between knowing without a doubt that surgery was what I wanted to wondering if I was making a mistake. Even as I was on my way back to the operating room I was thinking that it wasn't too late to back out.  One thing that kept me motivated however was my before pictures.  I really hadn't looked that objectively at my breasts before and they were pretty hideous looking.  But then I would think about one person I knew who had the breast reduction and she ended up with infections and it took her a long time to heal and that made me nervous. But I kept thinking about her and others on this site who said even with the complications they felt the surgery was still worth it and would certainly do it again and thankfully my day came and I didn't have to worry about it any more! 

And now I'm six months post-op and I feel great and I'm one of those people who will cheer you on and say, "I would do it all over again!"

We are always here to encourage and support you!  The wonderful thing about the internet is it doesn't matter what side of the pond you are on! 

Hi Ladies!!  Nice connection:)


Well it's almost midnight, and I'm tucked up in my...

Well it's almost midnight, and I'm tucked up in my hospital bed trying to sleep but failing miserably! I arrived at the hospitals at 2.30 this afternoon and finally got my bed at almost 10pm so needless to say it's been an extremely long afternoon, with certain moments I've felt like just going home!! I'm nervous about tomorrow, and really just wish it was all done now and I'd come round. The nurses all seam lovely so I'm hoping they'll put me at ease tomorrow and I'll see the surgeon who it the only one I'm going to believe right now when they tell me I'll be fine!! Fingers crossed everything goes to plan - night night

Good luck today! I'll be thinking happy thoughts for you.

Best of luck tomorrow! I will be thinking of you and anxious to hear how everything went!

Sorry I haven't updated for a while! I guess I'll...

Sorry I haven't updated for a while! I guess I'll just pick up where I left off......... So after having a pretty rough nights sleep, mostly through worrying ( that and a woman in the bed near me was snoring all night haha). I was told by the nurse that my op had been moved to late afternoon. So I was given breakfast at 6.00am i was then told I wouldnt eat again till after. It turns out I was given the wrong information and actually shouldn't have had breakfast as the op should have been that morning!! The surgeon came to see me, and told me that unfortunately they now couldn't fit me in at all, so in the end after all of that, I was told to go home!! So it wasn't the best experience and I was left feeling rather deflated. So to cut a long story short I am rescheduled to go in again at 8.00am tomorrow morning to be done that very morning, so at least I don't have another restless nights sleep in hospital tonight! Fingers crossed this time it goes to plan!
This article provides lots of useful information. I recently underwent breast augmentation with great results. Whilst at the clinic I also underwent some other procedures such as acne scar removal Newcastle
Im english too and really thinking about it; at uni at the moment though which makes it a bit tricky! I'm a size 10 in jeans, but normally have to wear a 12 on top to fit the twins in... and im a 30HH !! =/ looks so stupid on my frame, and i think they sit too low for my age... dont know what to do really
How frustrating! But now you are almost there :-) Best of luck to you and please let us know how it goes!
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