12 weeks post op - my only regret is that i did not have this done years ago - Newcastle, England

Cant belive i have set the date for my mommy make...

Cant belive i have set the date for my mommy make over.This is the start off a journey that i have wanted for 29 years and this web site has helped me so much with all your journeys from start to finish,10 weeks and counting, 12th August counting DOWN. I will post some photos ASAP.

You're on your way! Wheee! I'm excited for you and looking forward to hearing more and seeing your photos. Please do keep us updated. :)

I know i am doing the right thing for ME,to turn back the clock is going to be unbelievable and my hubby is so supportive, he knows i am so unhappy with my stomach and it makes no difference how much exercise i do the flab will not go away. I have 29 and 25 year old sons and they were large babys hence the opperation, the boobs is just a extra treat. x
I will be having a mini tummy tuck, breast augmentation, and lipo of the the inner+outer thighs and flanks. I am super sensitive to pain so that is the part I am most nervous about, other than that I am completely excited and can't wait to get it done. What about you, is there anything that makes you nervous about it?

I now have my pre opp date for 5th August and it...

I now have my pre opp date for 5th August and it is only 3weeks away and i am starting to think what the hell am i doing to myself,and THEN i log on to REALSELF and see all your pix and stories and i know exactly what i am doing and why i am having my cosmetic surgery.
I had a fab holiday in majorca,last month and when i saw all the itzy bitzy bikinis that i will soon be wearing it makes me so excited so WHY do i get feelings that i shouldnt be doing this. HELP i feel so guilty!!!!!

Well the before pictures ar on and how yuk are...

Well the before pictures ar on and how yuk are they.
My pre op date is three weeks time and it is now four week until my BIG day, i am trying to losse as much weight as pos before hand also keeping my self healthy and increasing my training so i am running ect almost every day.Feeling excited and worried but this website and all your journeys tells me that i know the end result will fantastic. :)COUNTING DOWN
thanks for your kind comments, the boobs are only great because i have my arms lifted lol!! Anyway the face lift, - i went through a period of considerable stress a couple of years back and lost a lot of weight, most of it from my face it seems, now my neck and jowl area is really saggy and i look a little like a turkey. I daren't shake or nod my head because it continues to wobble long after i have stopped. I don't really want to change my looks, while no great beauty , i've grown used to face and don't mind it too much. I just want rid of the saggy bits in the same way that i do with my tummy. I've thought about botox in my brow after to try and reduce my frown lines, is it expensive?
I was 50 at xmas, i think that was the turning point,every one said i didnt look 50 so i decided it was time to give my bits a well deserved lift.I have always been a fittnes nut but my tummy never changed and it got to me so much sooo 4weeks tomorrow yuky belly and flopy boobs gone.

your pics are fab you have great boobs and a tiny tuumy you will look amazing after your op. Hope you dont mind me asking the reason for the face lift? i had my first botox 4weeks ago i must admitt it gave me a lovely lift on my eyes, but i didnt want the frozen look so you cant even tell.Looking forward to your post op pics. x
wow you are far more virtuous than me lol. I am off out tomorrow night for a well deserved bye bye drink to my old belly and face!! I was worried about my pre op tests too but everything was fine, and I'm sure my fitness isn't a patch on yours. How old are you btw, looking at your pics I find it hard to believe you have two twenty something sons!

Profile picture on so you can see who i am instead...

profile picture on so you can see who i am instead off blue sky, x
Hi Sassy,i know what you are saying but it was my surgeon who said i would get a better result if i was at my happy weight which is about 12lb lighter,if i comes off fine if not as you say i will not feel like eating much after. I am sorry about you Hospital stay,when we pay alot off hard earned money we expect 5* treatment and not made to feel like a alien because we want to look our best,i hope you are going to make a big complaint about this.
I am having my surgery in the brand new private wing off the RVI in Newcastle city centre which IS like a 5* hotel as i have friends who work there and have told me i wont be disapointed, fingers crossed. (The last time i was in hospital was 26 years ago to have my 2nd son).I hope your swelling goes down soon did they tell you to expect that with having no drains?It seems every one gets the swelling and it is part of the recovery.I hope you are getting lots off TLC and having lots off rest..xxx
Hi Gail, try not to worry too much about your weight prior to surgery, looking at your pics you don't really have any need to lose anything. The most important thing I reckon is to try and eat healthily so your body has all it needs to heal well afterwards, i'm not sure counting calories is conducive to healing. Anyway make the most of the time you have and enjoy yourself, you won't feel much like doing anything for a while afterwards least of all eating and will probably lose weight without even trying. Where are you having your surgery? Mine was with the Spire hosp group and the food was awful, like school dinners lol, I am also lactose intolerant and was told that was no prob they would be able to cater for me. They didnt even have any lactose free milk for a cup of tea, my hubby had to bring some in from home!! Anyway enough ranting from me I'm sure your hospital experience will be better. Good luck to you, not long now, try not to worry about it though, it will be here soon enough, just make the most of the summer before hand because you'll be stuck wearing compression stockings and big Primark knickers after lol!!!
Thanks ladies for your kind comments, seeing both your amazing results makes me so excited as my date is getting closer. I am trying so hard to shed as much weight as pos before my op date but it is so slow at coming off but i will keep trying. x

It is now 2 weeks to my big day and one week until...

It is now 2 weeks to my big day and one week until my pre opp and i am feeling like i have a million butterflies in my tummy,fortunatley i have Realself to help me prepare for the 12th, i can see it also it is on my hubbys mind which is natural, just got to keep thinking about my new tummy and boobs ;)I have lost 8lb and have increased my training,today i ran 5 miles i will do 3 miles tomorrow rest Friday and 5 miles on Saturday and Zumba on Sunday and hopefully will lose a few more pound to at least show my surgeon i have had a weight loss.Keep Smiling. xx
Thanks newme,this has been along time comming,you look fantastic you must be very happy with your results, you tt scar looks sooo faded are you using anything bio oil ect?
Look at at your ab muscles!Awesome! Keep working out up till the end...I found it helpful in my recovery and you won't be able to do weight lifting type exersize or heavy cardio for a bit. You are going to have fabulous results! I can't wait to see the new you :)
I used Neocutis biocream for a while. I also use a body cream that has a bit of tint that seems to cover the scar too. If your scar drive you crazy you can use body makeup that will eliminate it. It washes off but it will help you not see the scar every time you look in the mirror!! :)

Friday is my pre opp day and i was supposed to be...

Friday is my pre opp day and i was supposed to be taking my large check with me to pay for my surgery but i had a moment yesterday where i wanted to give myself peace off mind knowing that there was no going back, so i rang my ps secretary and paid over the phone,NOW i know it is going to happen in 10 days time.OMG so excited. ;)
I am SO excited cottonmomma,get my pre op out off the way today then i can start planning my recovery and get all my shopping for hospital done. How are you doing for your first couple of days i am pleased you dont have the problem off drains,i will have them during surgery but they will be removed before i am discharged, i am also having lipo under my bra line i have bought some arnica cream to help with the bruising. xx
You must be excited!! Only 5 days away!!

Pre opp went well,in and out in 30 mins, bloods...

Pre opp went well,in and out in 30 mins, bloods taken,weight, hight,MRSA tests done which i am pleased as they screen every single person who is having a opp.This is so real now, this week i am going to be so busy as i am at work until Thursday , so i think by friday i will be ready for this.
I dont think i could have done this without this website and all you amazing ladies,seeing your mommy makeovers and how you all coped with recovery has been so insperational a massive THANK YOU to you all.I am going to enjoy my weekend with my Hubby and friends, going to a party tonight so i am going to have a fab time as i know it will be while until i can have a drink and let my self go.lol X
Yay! Only a couple more days for you.
Ye pippa,you just have to try as much as you can as i wont be able to do any cardio for 6 weeks which will kill me but i guess i can go for some nice walks.x

Jesse i cant belive it is here, i am very excited, i was out with my hubby and friends at the weekend and i wont see my friends now until after my opp it just is so real now and i feel i need to clean the house from top to bottom so it is sterile for me comming home so stupid.
It wont be long until it is your turn. ;-)
The 12th is almost here, I bet you are so excited!

So today has been totaly crazy,i have cleaned my...

So today has been totaly crazy,i have cleaned my house from top to bottom, i was pleased to get to work for a rest.I thought i would be feeling alot more nervous but i have so much to do before Friday that my brain is done in.x
Hi Gail,
I was just reading your posts and just wanted to wish you well on the 12th it's getting closer! I know how I was mentally with thoughts all over the place before surgery, You made a Great Choice! You are so going to be happy once this is behind you! I was at the PS for my second visit yesterday and a new person was there filling out paper work for a consult visit and All I could think was how happy I am to be this far along! I can't wait to get to the point that I can actually shop for a few new things! I, like yourself am over 50 and too have been an avid runner, on average 18 - 26 miles a week, I do weights at the gym 3 days a week and too many abd exercises to count. Nothing I do would get rid of that lower abdomen pocket of fat! I often felt disappointed that I worked out so hard and had so little to show for it. My Husband has been my greatest encouragement to me, God Bless him! I had a BA and Abdomen lipo and I just love what I see in the mirror. I'm only 6 days post op! Yesterday I used a total of 4 pain pills. I'm antsy as to when I won't need any more and can hardly wait to get back to my life. Keep us posted I know you will do great!!! And best of all you will feel awesome when you see the new you!
Gail! I am off, until recovery. Thinking of you...talk to you soon tummy sister. :D

You totally have a six-pack under there! You're going to do so great.


Ths is my last day at work for a while which is a...

Ths is my last day at work for a while which is a very nice thought.Done my last training 30 min run on the treadmil at the gym as the weather in the UK is awful there was no chance of running outside!!!
So this is it,i cannot belive it is my turn, my tummy is in knots and i feel sick with nervous BUT i know i will be ok. I wasnt sure what to take into Hospital with me so i have a nightshirt,PJs and shorts and a vest top i will only be in max 3 nights, i have left all my lotions and potions at home ready for my recovery,my bedside table is like a drug store. Looking forward to my recovery. OMG Hope every one is ok. xx
Hope everything went well for you.
I know you are still in the hospital, but I hope you are recovering comfortably. Let us know how you are doing.
thinking of u...2 days behind me. I hope u have as little pain as possible

I am home and 2 days post op, the best care in...

I am home and 2 days post op, the best care in hospital i could not fault it, sorry no pics yet will post some tomorrow when i find the camera.At the moment i am well bandaged up but i can see my boobs are standing in there own yeh and my tummy for all it is swollen from the lipo it is flat, the most painfull has to be the muscle repair ouch i didnt expect that to be sooo bad never mind it is done now i intend to rest and take advantage off lots of TLC. xx
So glad it all went well for you and you're home safe and sound. As soon as you feel up to it get some piccies on here, we are all desperately waiting to see how you look. Take care x

Glad you are home and doing well.  Rest..

Welcome home and I glad your doing good!

DAY 4 POST OP Dont feel that good today,not much...

DAY 4 POST OP Dont feel that good today,not much appertite and feeling weak,on a good note i have had my first B/M which was not to bad and at least i ahve been.
I have posted some pics i had to include the lovely flowers off my Hubby and my friends which was a nice surprise.Drinking pleanty off water and keeping on top off my medication but most off all i am resting. xx
Thanks Jesse,you are getting closer!
Thanks Anmarie
I am a little worried as under my bra line i have a lump off what looks like fat when i bend over,when i saw my PS before i left hospital he said it was swollen from the fat he had removed but he said he did not give me lipo as i didnt need it SO i am a bit baffled as to why it is there??? any advice would be great.I am feeling fab, showered,hair done, make up on,toe nails painted, took the dog for a short walk.My hubby went to work for half a day and when he comes in we are going to Asda for a few bits and bobs.I had a quick measure off my boobs and they are the same size 34DD just hope they stay like that?i do feel that the swelling on them has gone right down and i am loving the shape even with my bandages,i have no discomfort in them at all. xx
hi hun, i've been trying to comment on here for days but for some reason it hasn't been showing, so i'm trying again. You look absolutely fab hun, i'm so pleased for you. Great to hear you're doing well.
I looked at your photos again, you look like you have abs already!

Not good today,i had to go back to the hospital to...

Not good today,i had to go back to the hospital to have fluid drained from my upper tummy as a seroma developed so had a lovely big neddle to remove the fluid and felt very faint in procedure, my ps did not seem that bothered about it and told me if it returns just to leave it and he will see me on the 24th, not a happy bunny. x :-(
I have had fluid drained twice. Mine did not hurt-the area is numb but the needles were so big! I couldn't look. I would close my eyes and the nurse would hold my hand and tell me when it was all done-then I would open my eyes. I know that probably sounds silly but it helped me get through it.
I also had to be stuck, 8 ml and then 5 mls. It didn't hurt but the idea of what was being done .. yuck! Can you believe I'm a nurse? I read up on it because they told me it very common but the Doctors on the web site call it a complication and uncommon so I'm relieved that I'm not alone.
hi AJ, I'm really surprised that some surgeons call it a complication as apparently this is so very common after a tt, even more common if lipo is done at the same time. I know it's not nice but I prefer to have it drained than to leave it there as it makes me feel uncomfortable and very swollen and also gives me the look of a "pot belly", which I'm not liking at all.

I didn't find it particularly painful being drained but i agree it's the thought of what they are doing more than anything.

1 WEEK POST OPP Feeling alot better today even...

Feeling alot better today even though the fluid is still there. Great support from you all,nice to know i am not alone and this is very common after a TT,ps said just to leave it until i get my dressings off on wed,only thing he told me to be consious off was feeling unwell as this could indicate a infection so i will be watching out for that.
But have to say resting but also improving my mobility quite a lot. ;)
Thinking of ya, Gail. How are you feeling?
Hope your feeling better! Sorry to here you had to go threw that!
I have had one for weeks now it cant be drained.. It was explained to me as two sheets of glass with water in between sometimes you can't hit the magical spot for removal.. it is rather annoying but, head up you mobility is getting better and you will feel great soon...

10 DAYS POST OPP Today i feel like a beached...

Today i feel like a beached whale,all swollen with this fluid on my upper abs i look like i have a big tyre when i sit down.
I have been for a 1 mile walk this morrning and i will go for another one this afternoon (teatime).
I am off to the city centre to get fitted for a sports bra which should be interesting.
I have 2 more days until i see my PS and it cant come quick enough as i am sick off these dressings and also to get this fluid drained.
I like many others is rattleing with different pills and potions but i hope they are helping,the only pain killers i am on is paracetamol and they are few and far between.
Hope everyone is ok pre and post surgery. ;)
New Bra time! WooHoo!
Wow! I am envious of your ripped six-pack pre-surgury! You're gonna look amazing when this is all through!
I am doing better every day. Glad to hear things are going for you. I am so sorry to hear about that...what a bugger. You are trying, I would probably be trying to walk it off too. Hope it works out for you! :)

11 DAYS POST OPP Very happy with my bra fitting...

Very happy with my bra fitting as i am a nice 34DD whch is the same as before my uplift.
Had a lovely shopping day with my hubby, treat my self to some natural shower and body creams from a uk shop called Lush, hmm they smell good enought to eat, and my shock absorber bras one in white and one in black not very sexy but wow do they support.
I am feeling better every day,i will be going out for my walk hopefully 2 mile today.
Going to see my PS tomorrow night at 19.30all being well all dressings off and fluid drained,lots off questions to be asked. ????
Can't wait to see your updated pics with no dressing on hun. HOpefully your ps will drain some of your fluid too.
I am SO HAPPY FOR YOU! You look AMAZING~ ; ) thanks for the email last night it touched my soul and it came at a perfect time for my sadden heart~ xoxoxooxxo
ahh bless you Heather, hope your recovery is going ok,i know we have a long road ahead but i am sure we will get there, you will have to put a anon name on and some updated pics some time in the future so we can see your fab results.look after your self. xxoooxx you are one special girl.x

Hi All, got my bandages off last night and 250mls...

Hi All, got my bandages off last night and 250mls of fluid drained from my tummy.
My boobs are nice and pert even though a little swollen i am very happy with them,unfortunatley after i showered this morning i noticed under my right breast looked red and there was some discharge there so i am back to see my PS at 18.30 for another check to be on the safe side.
My tummy is VERY FLAT even though it is also swollen and and above my tummy button it is still poddgy, i also feel that under my bra line is not looking good but this to was also full off fluid so my ps said it will be firm when every thing settles down.
I am feeling happy with the new me so far,i know i have a very long road ahead and i am going to have to be very patient to get to my final goal.
I have been and had my hair done today,so another little treat to keep my spirits up and trying to keep posative about my recovery.
I will post some new photos tomorrow morning when i am not so swollen,and mabey try on a new bikini, oh la la now thats a nice thought much better than sports bra and magic nickers. ;) xx

I have added some photos with out my bandages,they...

I have added some photos with out my bandages,they are not the best as i had to take them on my own and they are quite close.
My tummy is very swollen and i still have a small seroma above my tummy button BUT i am very happy with my results so far and i know things can only get better.
These bikini's are new for my hols in October, i would never off dreamt to be able to wear such tiny ones and no wires to hold things up.
I am very happy with my results so far.;)
Love your new pics chick. You're looking gorgeous. Bet you're so happyx
Wonderful! You look great!
Wow!! You look fantastic!

Tomorrow (friday) is my 3week post op, i have been...

Tomorrow (friday) is my 3week post op, i have been back to see my ps who is on holiday so i saw a different surgeon who drained my seroma (3rd time lucky)But he injected steroid into my tummy as he said it can help to settle the inflamation when healing and STOP the fluid comming back,i have every thing crossed.My open wound on my right breast is healing and (more fingers crossed) it should be ok by my hols in 6wks time, so i will keep dressing it every day to keep it clean,WTF why me??????????????.
Got the tissues out as boy do i need them at the mo, Sorry no new photos as i just look like a big fat pudding,all swollen and podgy.
Sorry if i am all doom and gloom but i have had a SHIT week, i am going to see my GP in the morning for a sick leave as there is no way i can go back to work in this state, i hope next week when i update i am feeling more like my happy self.
Happy healing Ladies. ;( Hope you are all having a good week ;) xxxx
Thanks girls for your support, the good news is so far my fluid hs not returned and my infection under my right breast has cleared up and it is starting to heal.
It seems we all have our own negatives after our very expencive cs and some off us our more unfortunate than others with our stitches poping, infection and seromas but like Coley has said we will all look back in a years time and say it was worth every penny and be happy that we made the right decision.;) xx drop dead gorgeous xx
I am sooooo sorry to hear you are going through this stuff but I promise you it will get better!! You will get back to your old self soon. TT recovery is two steps forward two back sometimes. You will love your result eventually! Even though you are swollen you look great. You have a fantastic shape!
I am so sorry Gail. It sounds like your recovery has been less than perfect, but I assure you it will be a faint memory this time next year. Keep your chin up. You will be that picture perfect you, soon. We are all thinking of you -xoxo :)

I think i have turned a corner and i am kicking...

I think i have turned a corner and i am kicking the blues in the ass.
I have had a very nice weekend and the reasurance my friends gave me has been a great help.
The swell hell is def here and i will have to be patient for things to settle down as there is nothing i can do about it?????
I am at last getting myself out every other day and walking for 1 hour at various paces,trying to get my life back to normal and into a routine.
It is 6 weeks until my vacation to thailand and it has given me something to focus on,just hope by then the swelling will be a little less as i will be going into 11 weeks post op, just have to wait and see. x
Not realy Jessie,i do take Arnica very regular but i think it is going to take time and rest and alot off patience. x
How is your swelling doing? Have you found anything that helps to relieve it?
Thanks Kim,i still say are my biggest inspiration as you know exactly what we are all going through, the blues,the swell, the undecided knowing if it is all going to be ok, have we made the right choice,ect, ect. but look at you, you have been there and wore the tee-shirt and yes i will kick the swell hell in the butt.xx

I had my 4 week post op appointment with my PS...

I had my 4 week post op appointment with my PS yesterday and i like many others feel a little disheartend about the roll i have under my bra line, when i asked my ps about it he said he had pulled the skin as far down as he could and for all the rest off my tummy is nice and flat i will be left with some skin in this area, this has realy upset me as it is not how i expected my tummy to look.???
I do not go back to see him for 8 weeks(after my vacation)and he will discuss my results then as i am still swollen and things will have settled down by then.
So when i am standing i look fab, when i sit down i have a roll??????????? Anyone else had this problem,ADVICE PLEASE. :(
Wow I just looked at your new pic. of your opening they look amazing! Oh you should be so happy for the healing~ my 4 opening are not nearly as good as yours well one of them is~ but the other 3 our pretty wide and very deep~ ~ I see my PS on wednesday~ I am so happy for you~ YOu just look AMAZING~
NICE to hear from you Heather,my opening is now gone thank the lord and i am on my way to being almost in preop health, my only nag is the excess skin left over from where my seroma was,but i am sure as time goes on my body will re-absorbed this fluid and my tummy will hopefuly be nice and tight. ;) BUT that is nothing to what you are going through, why, why, why,do we have these complications,open wounds, in my case seroma in the upper abs which has now left my skin loose (pics tomorrow) and flabby. I dont know, mabey being older we expect toooo much. xxx What do you think;)
Thanks for that Marinemom,that makes me feel sooo much better.;)

I have added my 4 week photos, i am still swollen...

I have added my 4 week photos, i am still swollen but more on my left side,you can see the area under my bra line which i am not happy with but i am hoping that this is still fluid and it will eventualy disperse.
I love my boobs,they look so young natural, the set i am wearing is from pre op days so my breasts are the same size 34 DD but now they are nice and firm.
Gail, Are you increasing your protien and vit C? It's very important to help with cellular/tissue growth. There's tons of info. on the internet about the necessity of usable protien in "wound" healing. And both procedures are significant wounds. Good luck!
Thanks 32w
Looking good gail!!

Hi Ladies,i have reached my eighth week post op...

Hi Ladies,i have reached my eighth week post op and i am almost back to my pre op self.
I am back at the gym doing all kinds off cardio including Zumba and spinning classes, the only thing i can not do yet is running as i still have a few small open wounds under my boobs but they should be all healed by next week.
I love my new boobs i am sooo pleased with them i wish i had them uplifted years ago as they look fantastic with and with out clothes.I am only using vaseline on my breast incisions because off the wounds as this is unperfumed.
My tummy is nice and flat AM and nice and swollen PM,i still have my jiggily bits above my tummy button but there is still fluid in there from my seroma so alot off patience is needed.
I still have a bulge on my left side which is pulling on my incision and my tummy button, again it is worse PM so i think this is swelling we shall see.
I am using Dermatix on my tummy scar,i love this silicone gel but it is NOT cheap in the UK so i have been buying mine on ebay.
I am not doing any ab work outs yet as my ps said not to because off the M/R.
It is 1 week until my vacation to Thailand, i am trying to loose a few pound but the scales are not moving, i am the same weight now as i was pre op.;(
I am 98% pleased with my T/T at present but i am hoping my next blog at 12 weeks i can say i am 100% happy.
If any one is considering a mommy makeover i say DO IT NOW, i have turned back the clock to my pre babys years and i WISH i had done it sooner.

Hope everyone is healing ok and for all you ladies waiting for your turn Good luck,you will not regret it. x ;)
Gail, I told my ps that what he does is life changing. It's really incredible how doing this changes how we feel about ourselves. I spent years, years, obsessing over my post baby fat/shape and had NO idea that I could really feel good about myself again. I have never been what I call big, but I was definitely messed up from the babies! It has been the best thing I have ever done for myself.
Marinemom,i can not belive the reflection in the mirror is me.
Having the money and courage to go through this surgery has to be every moms dream only mine came true. x
Looking good! Isn't is great to feel good about your body again?!

12 weeks post op Where has the time gone?? I cant...

12 weeks post op
Where has the time gone?? I cant belive it is 12 weeks since i had my life changeing opperations and my only regret is that i did not have this done years ago.
I have just returned from my vacation to thailand and what a tonic it was, WOW the confidence when wearing a two piece was awsome i felt a million dollars ;-)
My wound openings are now all nice and healed up BUT i still have my seroma in my tummy but i am seeing my surgeon tomorrow (wed)so i will see what he has to say.
I have put a pic on and i have to say for a 50 year old i LOVE the new me.
Hope everyone is ok, if u are waiting for your mom make over good luck you will NOT regret it just make sure you do your home work about your surgeon and the ins and outs off this opp.
If like me you are post op i hope you are as happy with your results and felling fab as i am. x
Take care
Wow where did the time go,3 year's today since I had my life changing operating, best thing I ever done. If anyone is in the process of going through this 'DO IT'. It will changed your life forever. X
Looking good Gail!

Thanks for your update! You look great for any age!


3 year anniversary

3 year's since my life changing operation.
No regrets, best decision ever made. X
Peter Hodgkinson

Mr Peter Hodgkinson,one off the top cosmetic surgeons in the north east of England, not only private but on our NHS. I would highly recomend him and his team,absoloutly fantastic.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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