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Well, my first fitting is tomorrow (yikes)......

Well, my first fitting is tomorrow (yikes)...

I've been reading reviews since the initial discussions with my dentist back in February to help me make a decision and after a lot of thought I've decided to proceed. I'm 40 years old and over recent years have found my teeth (both upper and lower arches) becoming more crooked and I have overcrowding on my lower arch. I've been unhappy with my teeth for many years but as I've always been scared of the dentist I've just put up with it but made a decision in the new year to do something about it!

I found a great dentist and surgery that makes me feel at ease and therefore helped in my decision to go-ahead. As I mentioned I get my first trays tomorrow and my treatment is scheduled to last for 9 months. I'm due to have 12 attachments (5 lower and 7 upper).

I'm feel nervous and apprehensive at the moment and I know it's going to take some getting used to but hopefully I will get some encouragement along the way! I'm starting to freak out about the impact it's going to have on my life as I love eating and drinking, so I'm going to find it difficult having to curb things like eating out and drinking wine leisurely!!

However it's an expensive excercise I'm entering into, so I'm not taking it lightly. I will try and keep this as up to date as possible. Wish me luck for tomorrow :)
I agree with you on the struggle as I too am a social creature. Eating & drinking is an adventure for me - not a quick task so I battle with the in & out of the trays (22hr minimum / day). All I can say is I'm happy with the progress thus far - especially the snacking in between meals that has slowed down. I wish you much success and can't wait to hear about the initial trays and your progress!! Happy Alignment!!!

So I'm guessing you have your trays now. How are you doing??


As I've got my first trays now I thought I'd post...

As I've got my first trays now I thought I'd post a couple of photos, one before and the other is wearing my first set :)
Thanks for the message ShanJohn, my first few days have been going ok :) I'm also determined to keep the tray in 22 hrs a day, which doesn't leave much time for breakfast, lunch and dinner and all the extra hygiene involved. Luckily for me I'm not much of a snacker during the day so I'm trying to manage my time so I have extra on an evening to enjoy my dinner with a glass of wine :) Glad you're happy with your progress and I hope it continues. Have a good weekend, I think I'm going to find weekends the hardest!!!
Hi Megan Yes my first trays are in! Day 3 (or 2.5) today and so far so good. I did find the trays tight when I woke from my first nights sleep with them in but this seems to have subsided a little today. My teeth are sensitive when I remove them so I'm concious of what and how I'm eating, which I didn't really take into account before hand. Nothing crunchy for me for a while!! I've had a slight hiccup with my trays in that they have been made excluding one tooth! I have a tooth on my lower arch which doesn't serve any purpose as it isn't on my bite line so I was initially told it would probably be extracted. However when my clincheck came back the recommendation to remove it wasn't in my notes and therefore it hasn't been taken out. My dentist is speaking with Invisalign to determine that this tooth should indeed be removed rather than this being an error and I will have to have new impressions trays etc!! I'm not stressing too much as my dentist has told me to wear my trays as they are (they fit perfectly) and the likelihood is the tooth should be removed. We were all a little surprised that my treatement is only scheduled to last 9 months, which makes more sense now if this rogue tooth doesn't need to be brought into line!! I will find out early next week and although I think having this tooth extracted is common sense I'm not looking forward to it :( oh well, I'm sure it will all be worth it in the end, got to focus on the end result :)

I'm glad to hear you are pretty much adjusting ok!!

From what you are explaining it sounds like Invisalign might be dictating the treatment plan to your dentist rather than the other way around. Is that the impression you received, or am I just misinterpreting? If so, this might be of interest:

Who Makes the Treatment Plan, the Dentist or the Invisalign Company?


Day 6 and survived my first weekend wearing my...

Day 6 and survived my first weekend wearing my aligners! You need good will power to manage the 22 hours a day (just as well I have) and I did find it challenging not being able to eat/drink at my leisure but that's the way it is!! It's not so bad Monday to Friday when I'm at work as you have your mind on other things.

You don't realise how time consuming all the hygiene is either which eats into your 2 free hours and also when you do take your trays out how sensitive your teeth are going to be. It's good to know though that even at this early stage that must mean things are working. :)
I don't think so. My dentist and I did discuss all the options before my Clincheck and the concensus was if I didn't have to have any teeth extracted then that was good news but I was prepared for the likelihood I would. We decided to wait and see what Invisalign came back with and discuss further if either of us wasn't happy.


As I get my second set of trays tomorrow I thought I would just give my feedback on how I've got on with cleaning my trays.

There's a lot of conflicting advice out there and I was ready to purchase all the suggested cleaners etc but my dentist insisted that all I needed was my toothbrush and a small amount of flouride toothpaste so I decided to take her professional advice and see how it went.

I'm very particular about my hygiene anyway so I suppose that helps but my routine is pretty basic in that as soon as I take the trays out, I've rinsed them with water and left them in a glass of cold water (thanks for that tip people) whilst I'm eating. That is of course if you're at home or in a position to do that, if I've been at work or in a restaurant I've placed them in my case. I obviously brush my teeth and mouthwash thoroughly and then using my electric toothbrush I clean the trays with a little bit of toothpaste give them a good rinse with water and that is it. I find it much easier to clean them with an electric brush rather than a manual one though.

I must say the trays have held up really well and I'm perfectly happy with the cleanliness of them so I'm just going to continue with this routine for my second trays.


Received my second trays yesterday and had my attachments fitted (7 upper and 5 lower). Some being to the front (new photo attached) so they are noticeable and definitely make the trays less invisible!!! Personally I'm not bothered by this fact but if you do need attachments it is something to bear in mind. The attachments do make the trays a little more tricky to get in and out but I've managed so far and yes they feel weird when your trays are out but I haven't been too irritated by them yet.

I've also been given my next 3 sets of trays so my next appointment is in 8 weeks unless I have any problems. So fingers crossed I'm now fully on my journey to straighter teeth.

P.S. I did ask my dentist about the attachments staining with food/drink and was advise they are likely to discolour more quickly than your teeth so no more red wine for me and my black coffee is down to one cup a day! I suppose I could always use a straw :)
I drink a lot with my trays in. While i try to stick to water, sometimes that isn't possible. Either early mornings/long days require coffee or I really want a tea at my desk without prying my teeth out around an office full of people! I haven't noticed much discoloring at all. I always make sure to clean my trays good after (a good 20 min soak and then brushing). I drink coffee all the time with my attachments and haven't had a problem yet. My advice would be to swish some water between cups.
Thanks for the feedback Charlene, maybe I'm being a little cautious! I'm just paranoid about ruining my trays!!! Water is my new best friend but sometimes I could kill for an extra coffee at my desk!
I completely understand! i've had to dramatically cut down on my daily coffee but when im desperate and want to leave my trays in I usually use a straw so that I'm at least kind of cautious haha :)

So far so good

I haven't updated for a few weeks as nothing dramatic to report, just plodding on with the regime! Started Tray 4 last night and they feel a little tighter which is to be expected but no real pain as such (which is good).

One thing I would like to mention, I did have my last set of trays out one evening for a special occasion for more than my 2 hours a day. My dentist said this would be ok as long as I made the time up over the week but this was so hard and I won't be doing it again in a hurry! 2 hours a day is not a lot to start with and if you have to cut this down even further it is pretty tough! So next time there's a party happening I'm going to be stricter with myself!!!

Thinking about a holiday (vacation) now but how me and my Invisaligns are going to get through that will be interesting! Any feedback on combining the two would be much appreciated.

I have been doing the Clear Correct since MAY, No changes yet. I have heard with Invasalign in 2months you see a change. Clear correct just put attachments on my teeth. this is now suppose to start the movement. It does not hurt and I feel nothing is drastically changing yet. 6 to 9 months we will is over crowded bottom teeth I have not bad front teeth

I hope you have a wonderful vacation. I have been reading your review and I see you have yet to update recently. Finish up the "overjet" review. A lot of people believe these type of braces won't work on "overtjet" teeth.
Hi, yeah I haven't updated for a while as I'm just plodding on with my treatment right now. I'm sticking to the rules, wearing 22 hours a days and can see an improvement already. I'm currently on Tray 8 and my two upper front teeth are straightening out great and I'm advised they will start pushing back around Tray 10. Also I can see my lower over crowding is starting to move now although I know this arch is going to take longer to straighten out!

Almost there!

I'm now on Tray 17 (of 18) and have been advised that I don't need refinements and that means I will soon be getting my attachments removed and my retainers fitted :)

I'm really happy how things have improved from straightening out my overcrowding and reducing my overjet on my upper arch which is pretty fantastic. I've posted a new photo wearing Tray 17 and even with them in you can see the improvement. Once I've had my attachments removed etc I will post some new pics showing the finished article!!
Now sure how I never found you, but wow, great results!  What kind of retainer will you be getting?
Thanks, I'm getting fitted for removable retainers which I've been advised I need to wear without question for 12 months. The first 6 months full time as I currently do with my aligners and then decreasing after that. I do intend to wear them as instructed and forever if that's what it takes to keep things in place!!
Generally retainers are forever, but you don't have to wear them full-time after the initial period.  Are you getting clear trays or Hawleys?

Retainers - first set and 4 months in...

Apologies for not posting a picture of my results sooner. I'm happy that I went ahead with Invisalign and I think the photos from my first one to this one speak for themselves. Good luck everyone and remember it will be worth it in the end if you play by the rules!
Truly impressive results.  Just a vast difference.  

When you get a chance, I'd love to see a picture of a more natural smile, since in the one you posted, you've aligned your jaws to show all your teeth and we can't see your natural bite.  Is everything fitting well now, and did you have any post-treatment equilibration done (filing to make everything sit perfectly)?
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