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After 20 yrs of yearning a breast reduction, it...

After 20 yrs of yearning a breast reduction, it seems about to become a reality!
Last year I went to my doc and talked it through. Fortunately I was approved on the NHs. Three wks ago I had my pre-op. I could have had the op 2 wks ago but wasn't prepared re my family life! Had a call this eve re late April (yikes, this month) /early May. This site has been sooooo helpful, as I was entering this whole deal lightly. As a 40 yr old, I had my first 'operation' 3 yrs ago. I had a buniomectomy, then carpal tunnel (local anaesthetic, and I watched!) and ultimately Ulnar nerve surgery. I ma be naieve but if I can get through bunion surgery ( broken bones and pinned on both sides of foot) under local anesthesia I think I'm invinsible ;-)
congratulations on getting NHS funding. the usual recovery from this surgery is very easy, read my review for a typical recovery. sites like this are used more by people with problems than those having an easy time so it can make it look worse than it is. however, it seems you have a positive attitude. knowing what to expect and having realistic expectations is key! Get yourself bromelain from holland + barrett for the swelling, it is miraculous.
It will be a walk in the park after your other ops! I have bunions but am too scared to have surgery on them as I believe it is extremely painful. Good luck and good healing.
Iam a week tomorrow post op and it has been a breeze feel great

My size

Just returned from a super trip to London. Thought I'd fill you in on my reasons for surgery. After breastfeeding four kids for a yr each, my enormous engorged boobs never did shrink!
Although I'm at my heaviest at the moment, even when I was pretty slim 2 yrs ago nothing changed 'up top'. As I turned 40 last yr I decided to take action. I'm 5,9 and 145lbs and wear 32 G/H cup bras. Thus I have the welts in shoulders, under wire etc, as my rib cage is quite narrow.
I should have my op date by the end of this week, I am desperate!! All the best to everyone :-)
Thanks! Should have my date by the end of this week. I keep waiting for that phone call :-/ and im not a patient person;-) Shall get some Bromelain.
Well, thats not to say I not a little nervous! Re bunions, best thing I did for my foot. It IS painful tho, and really is a good 6 wk initial recovery. Worth it
Congrats! Thats good to hear. I cant wait to be in the same position

On the other side!!!

Quick post. I had my op today!!! Went well. Compression bra going on tomorrow morn, so Ive been able to see them. My new boobas look incredible!!! So glad I had the opportunity to have this done. Hubby is immensly pleased ;-))
This forum has been an incredible support. Thankyou Real Self x
so pleased for you and a supportive husband is great. mine loves my new boobs and the body confidence it gives me, have just ordered net curtains for the bedroom as i have taken to walking round the house naked!!!!!
Thanks Peedie! Im coming home today. Am going to really do as Im meant to and take it verrrry easy. Im already only on paracetamol :-)

On week update

I can't believe how fast a week has flown. Things are fine. Im no longer on paracetamol. There is no pain, but as others have said, its the discomfort more than anything.
When my bra is off (to heal) it feels as if my breasts are going to slide off my chest, like jellies! Very unnerving, but must be natural :-)
This fri (11 days post op) is my first post op. As all my origional plasters are still on, I can't wait for the relief of having them removed and fresh dressings on. The incision sites are v itchy, taking Piriton for it. I believe my stitches are dissolvable.

Ive been active and not too floored by the anaesthetic, which is a hugely pleasing.
Tried on some of my existing dresses today, and they look......normal!! As they should, without vulgar boobage. So, all in all my life is already transformed.


Oh, and I'm wearing a 36d sports bra round the clock. It was supplied by the hosp, a very nice Triumph with velcro straps.
So, hoping I eventually become a 34 d.
What a Nice Result for your Frame ! Looks like you are healing very well !
Looking good! Glad to hear healing is going smoothly.

13 Days post op

I wrote a huge screed then it got deleted :-/ Suffice to say, time is still flying fast! It still amazes me that I havent been in pain, just discomfort.
Friday had my steri strips removed and a dressing on the centre incision. Wounds seem to healing very well.
However yesterday saw my go through the, 'they arent small enough' phase. Will be patient and hope they go down. I have four kids on half term and have been forced to be up and 'doing' things, so I guess swelling comes with action?!
When did folk start driving? :-)
Aww wow you look great, xx
Normal to not have pain, normal to suddenly think they are too big! I started driving with permission of PS at 2 weeks so you should be ok soon.
I started driving short trips after a week.. Local shops and back in light traffic. The main issue is with other drivers, braking hard etc.. My surgeon advised me not to do longer trips or heavy traffic until I was 4 weeks PO, like you in felt great, very little pain. I too went through the ' they aren't small enough' phase and still do from time to time but they're beautiful so I don't fret. Love your result, you look great and in lovely proportion too. Happy shopping
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