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I'm 43years of age and in 2008 I had my...

I'm 43years of age and in 2008 I had my implants put in under the muscle. I always thought my boobs were too small (size a/b), but my husband loved them. After breast feeding my three children I was left feeling even smaller. I was very happy with the results of the implants but they have always niggled me and lately I find they are keeping me awake at night. After hearing my implants are the dreaded PIP I had a scan. The results came back normal. But I want them out ASAP because I am worried they may rupture as they can at any time. I was going to wait untill the school six weeks holidays (I work in a school) so that I would have plenty of time off to recover. But may have to take whatever appointment comes up. I will keep you updated x

I have got a date to get my implants out. I have...

I have got a date to get my implants out. I have only one problem, and that is getting to Birmingham Bromsgrove from Newcastle. I will be going by train. I would like to know if anyone else has made this journey?

Well after spending lots of hours reading all of...

Well after spending lots of hours reading all of your experiences, which have helped me so much I feel it is important to share the rest of my experience with you.
I had been thinking about explanting for about a year now and it only came about because of the pip scandal. I was unsure as to explant only or have
them replaced. 6 months ago I was going to have them replaced until I spoke to a lady who told me she had breast cancer and I thought to myself this lady has only one boob, I could have 2 small healthy boobs if I explant only.
My mind was made up to explant only. In the end I was more concerned and worried about the journey to Birmingham on my own but knew this had to be done. Every time I seen someone with small boobs I would look and think they look lovely much better than large boobs. Although saying that I did like my implants but knew I would be healthier without them {pip's}.
On the 5th April, 2013 I explanted. I was so pleased to wake up from the anaesthetic and know it was all over. It is only my 3rd day but I am pleased with the results. Only a bit of discomfort and itchiness around my stitches. I am wearing a corset which makes me look really flat chested. I will have to sort something out with that before I go back to work because everyone will notice and it doesn't look good. Any ideas? I was thinking of wearing a padded bra or something on top of it. I hope they don't go any smaller, I hope they fluff up after all it is only early stages.
I will upload some photos soon.
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Surgeons can be so sweet and charming!! Implants don't go there, it means a life of misery and expense. my old implants went hard, i saved for years to get them removed totally. Surgeon advised and he was not the only surgeon - you won't like the result, you should replace. I really regret it!!! one has now gone hard! don't trust surgeons! my harley st surgeon wanted to fit PIPs
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Keep us posted on your journey, Eslie. Good luck.
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Thanks! These toxic boobs are coming out today!!!!! Caint wait but also very anxious about the surgery. I have been sick for a long time. My goal is to get rid off these and feel better for once after all these years.
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Hi Laides,
I also have PIP implants and had my Mammo in January. everything looked great, implants are intact....well someone told me ( at a plastic surgeons office) to get an MRI just to make sure everything is OK. Last week I had my MRI- and Ultrasound, BOTH implants are ruptured, left is worst than the right. They are coming out in April, I cant wait. I also have been feeling sick with mysterious illnesses in the past 6 years. Please, have them check it again, sometimes Mammos cant detect ruptures.
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I'm sorry you got the PIPS! Argh! When does your six week school holiday start?

Please keep us posted on your surgery date. A lot of ladies are pleasantly surprised by how happy they are with their breasts after explant.

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