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Thermage, Chin Lipo = new Improved Me - Newburgh, NY

To see results, it takes about 2 months, but as...

To see results, it takes about 2 months, but as the one side of my face was done I could see results!


Thanks so much for the post! Would you mind giving a bit more detail on your experience, down time, pain, recovery, etc? Thank you, for letting our readers know approximately how long before they see results, always important :)


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Manhattan Facial Plastic Surgeon

His office and procedure rooms are JCAH accredited. If you work in the health feild, you'd know how hard that is to maintain. Dr.'s skill and ability to project the result is a amazing. I look like me, only better. His staff is more than accomidating. I feel great about myself and the way I look.

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