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My Sculptra Experience - Filling in Lost Volume

I had been considering other treatments to fill in...

I had been considering other treatments to fill in lost volume over the years but decided that sculptra would be the most beneficial and appropriate becuase of how long it lasts.

Even with the numbing cream I did feel some discomfort but it was tolerable. The results really exceeded my expectations and I was very very pleased with the choice.


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thinking of having Sculptra done on my face. I have lost lots of weight and face has got very old. would you recommend it ?
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did you get bumps and granular pieces on the face. what did you look like after the treatment, how long swollen, bruised or red? i want it around lips and lower chin, does it work thanks
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Manhattan Facial Plastic Surgeon

He was patient with my questions, skilled with the procedure and honest in his assessment.

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