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I am 25 yrs. with two c-section and do not want...

I am 25 yrs. with two c-section and do not want more children. I have gain and lost pounds in the last 3 yrs. The lowest weight I have had is 135 lbs and my current weight is 180 lbs and am 5'4. I have weighed that for almost a year now, so I feel that this is going to be my weight and I am ready for a tummy tuck and brazilian butt lift. I have research for a year now on which Doctor I would love and it is between Dr. Lawrance Chang or Dr. Jonathan Saunders. I have seen Dr. Chang and I am going for my next appt. on the 17 of February and I can't see Dr. Saunders until March 8th. Both Doctors told me that they would NOT do both procedures at the same time, which made me upset because I have seen on realself that both procedures can be done at the same time. So now I'm stuck deciding what should be done first and what each Doctor suggest. I want my clothing to look great on me. I would love to have an hour glass figure with a nice big butt, hoping that Dr. Saunder will say he is willing to do 1200 cc in each butt cheek since I am truely flat, because Dr. Chang says he will only do 500 cc on each butt cheek, which will probly be my tie breaker. Hate the fact that I have to go back in for the second time to get either one done, and pay more money, but I want things done right. I am realistic so I know what I can look like from comparing to others, which for me they look awsome!! I'm hoping that once I decide which one it will be, I can get booked by the second week of April, because my best friend is getting married on May 19, and hopefully that would give me some space to be less swollen. I guess all I can do for now is wait........ But definitly will keep updating my journey! I'm so excited for the new me!!!

So today I attempted to see Dr. Chang, but...

So today I attempted to see Dr. Chang, but apparently my appt. was at 2:35 and not at 2:45, so the girl says. Apparently she said I reschedule the appt. which wasn't true, I told her she must have gotten confuse, but I know For sure the appt was at 2:45, I had even called them and ask if I could bring a friend who wanted to see Dr. Chang for a consultation 2 weeks ago and never got a call back. I told her I had been waiting for this appt almost a month and there was no way I would have gotten the time wrong. And all she did was get smart with me, had NO customer service at all. All she said was Dr. Chang will not see you in a rude way. I told her Dr. Chang has all ready saw me in the newark office and I have Been emailing back and forth with Amy who Is his assistant, but all she said was she could reschedule me. I took a new appt at the Newark location because I did not want to deal with the rudeness of this lady. When I left, I sent his assistant an email thanking for her help but if she could cancel my new appt. That after the rudeness of this person and apparently Dr. Chang not wanting to see me, made me feel that I wasn't important nor was my business. His assistant was one of the reasons I wanted Dr. Chang to operate on me because she is down to her, always answer my emails in te same day, made me feel super comfortable, and after all of this, I felt so down. So I guess Dr. Saunders it is. Looking forward to his appt on March 8th.
Hello, I'm so sorry to hear that they don't want your business but the good thing is that there are other doctor's out there that probably would do a better job anyway. I also live in Newark, De. and found out my better choice would be with Dr. S in Florida. My time is coming between late this year or early next year. Wishing I was ready now so we could experience this together. Please keep us informed about your journey. I'm also in need of a TT and a BBL.

Hi there, thanks for sharing your journey with us. I'm sorry you had such a hard time with your consultation. Hopefully the next one will go better!


So tommorow Is my appt. with Dr.Saunders, I'm...

So tommorow Is my appt. with Dr.Saunders, I'm so excited!!!
Thank you so much, Im so Excited for today, will definitly post my experience with him today:)

Good luck with your appointment, keep us updated!


Ok, so everything went so well with Dr. Saunders....

Ok, so everything went so well with Dr. Saunders. He is willing to do 1000 cc on each butt cheek, which is what I wanted!!! I'm so happy! The price was even 800 cheaper then Dr. Chang. I should have gone with him from the beginning. So now I'm just waiting on a phone call back to see if I can get schedule next month.... So now I wait patiently lol.... Finally I feel much better to know that I found someone who I feel comfortable and understands what I want:)

So I got the call today, Im schedule for June...

So I got the call today, Im schedule for June 8th!!! I wanted sooner but unfortanetly the hospital and the Dr. are booked :(..... But I am on a cancelation list :)..... So now I wait patiently and mean while I'll see everyone's update and pictures to keep me excited!
hey i go see dr saunders next month for conslu keep me posted becuz if he can giv u 1000cc which i want maybe he can do the same for me too...
Lmfao.... Gurl did you PhotoShop your pics. You look good
Lol, yeah its my dream picture, and also my motivation:)

Im so sad, today Dr. S office called me to...

Im so sad, today Dr. S office called me to reschedule my surgery, it's now June 25, two more weeks, it's seem like an eternity...... But she has me on a cancellation list, so who knows, maybe someone will cancel and I can take their spot :(

Did u get your bbl done with Saunders? I am thinking of choosing him for a t.t.
does he have experience because his website doesnt list he does the procedure nor does he have any b&a pictures. Id be afraid the fat cells will die and go away. his experience is very little.
Dr. Jonathan Saunders

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