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All of my life I've been teased for having a cleft...

All of my life I've been teased for having a cleft chin. My family and friends would constantly poke fun of me for it. This make me very self-conscious, especially since it is considered a masculine trait. Once I saved enough money, I had a radiesse injection to reduce the cleft. I had the procedure done by a reputable board-certified plastic surgeon and thought it would be a harmless procedure.

It has been roughly 4 months since the procedure and I've developed a spasm in my chin region. It happens every time I'm startled, or I drop something out of my hand. This occurs 10-20 times a day, and I'm afraid it may be permanent, since there is no sign of it getting better as of yet. When I flex the muscles in my chin, I can see the radiesse, and I'm thinking the spasm has resulted from a superficial injection of the product, and is putting pressure on a nerve or damaged a muscle?

I went back to my injector a few weeks ago and told him my situation, and he looked at me like I was crazy and that he's never heard of such a thing. He then proceeded to tell me it's because I show signs of having a lot of anxiety, and the spasms in my chin are a result of this. Then, he proceeded to prescribe me anxiety medication for this condition. In the beginning, I thought this may be the case, but the medication did nothing to help my condition.

The spasm in my chin has caused me lots of depression and anxiety. It truly is ruining my life. I've developed severe bruxism since my injection because it is stressing me out so much. The constant spasm is so aggravating, and I would do anything to get rid of it. If it occurred once a day that would be fine, but it occurs constantly throughout the day. It is driving me crazy! I don't know what to do anymore. I guess this is the price I pay for being so vain. I never thought I would miss the cleft in my chin so badly. I'm afraid this may be permanent. I would do anything to go back to my pre-op state.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you in advance. I'll keep you all updated on my progress in the next 3 months.

Forgot to mention

I Forgot to mention that the appearance of my chin looks horrible. I look way overfilled & look like I have a jay Leno chin. My wedding is in 16 months & as of now I dont want any engagement pictures taken or a photographer at my wedding :(
It is possible the Radiesse is pressing on a nerve, causing the twitching effect. This may decrease or even cease as the Radiesse dissipates. An injection of Normal Saline followed by manual manipulation at the site of treatment may hast the decreased pressure on the nerve, by decreasing the viscosity of the Dermal Filler; therefore decreasing firm pressure. Nerve endings can regenerate quite rapidly in the face. I have experienced this myself post facelift. As far as your statement of disfigurement of an enlarged chin; the saline injection with manipulation may also assist in softening the present appearance. Hope this may be of some help. Wishing you well.
Thank you for your support. I have looked into the saline injections & will definitely see a different plastic surgeon about it. I'm praying that the twitching decreases or creases soon. I have read many reviews on Radiesse, and others say that it has never went away! This is my biggest fear. I really appreciate your help on the matter. Well wishes to you during this new year
P.P.S. I'm a psycho-therapist, and I treat a lot of people with anxiety. I haven't heard of muscle spasms as a typical symptom (now I'm not a medical doctor so I may not be aware)- but this isn't as common as the typical things I hear like muscle tightness in back/neck, chest pain, shortness of breath, increased heartrate, stuff like that. Not this kind of spasm. I really don't think a cosmetic doctor is in any position to properly evaluate yoru anxiety, you should see a psychiatrist for that (and please not yoru PCP, they are terrible with stuff like that). Anti-anxiety medicine is typically habit-forming, with rapid tolerance and dependency. Behavioral therapy or CBT is a much better routine to go, and if you thin you need additional rx perhaps talk to a board-certified psychiatrist for anti-depressant rx for daily use (such as Lexapro)- they are perscribing it now for anxiety also. Anxiety medicine should be your last resort, like for an acute panic attack. Deep breathing and meditation excercises can help you calm your body at home. Also there is a dietary supplement known as Schizandra Dreams sold by Health Concerns that I like a lot, it is calming without the dependency issues. I would suggest seeking a psychotherapist with anxiety specialty and body image specialty, as they will be able to help with a lot of techniques to help you let go of focusing on one area of your body, as this is surprisingly common (for example, someone with OCD may pick at their pores for hours, or someone with anorexia will focus on one pocket of fat even though overall they are thin). I help clients with this stuff but have also worked through a lot of my own anxiety issues so I totally see it from both sides of the fence. I hope you feel better soon!!!

Radiesse Update

My condition is pretty much the same since my last post back in December. I am still suffering from depression and anxiety and have lost all hope.

I went to go see a different doctor to get another recommendation and he refused to help me. He said that it will go away and to be patient. I pointed out the white blotches on my chin and he proceeded to say that he didn't see anything. I was so furious! The muscle spasms are still happening and I don't see them ever going away.

I will update again soon. Take care everyone.
I pray that you are doing better and that this poison called "Radiesse" would somehow leave your body. Yes the white you see on your chin is the Radiesse. I have started treatment with alternative medicine and I feel better. Blessings to you.
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