Mother of two kids ages 3 and 6. For as long as I...

Mother of two kids ages 3 and 6. For as long as I can remember I have had this bump/protrusion from my belly above my belly button. I have always been self conscious of it. When I was pregnant with both of my kids it was still there. I never had this nice round pregnant belly like most women. After both pregnancy it Left me with an even BIGGER bump and lots of sagging skin. I do weigh 212 lbs although I don't feel like I weigh that. That number still surprises me when I see it. My weight has been steady since my last pregnancy. I do exercise regularly by walking. I have always been self conscious of my body and I have gained confidence over the years and grew so much as a woman that I feel like this is the last step. I am scheduled for a tummy tuck LIpo of my outer thighs on March 9, 2012 and am so excited but VERY nervous about the recovery.

Well delivered the news to my job yesterday that I...

Well delivered the news to my job yesterday that I will need the time off for my surgery. It went pretty well and I feel such a relief knowing that I'm not gonna have to try to rush back to work after surgery. Looking forward to a new exciting chapter oh and a pair of low rise jeans for the first time in ten years. LOL

Well we will all help you celebrate getting rid of the BUMP!   Say bye bye to that:)

Keep up the good work with the walking and just focus on being healthy right now.   I know you are nervous but you will find that it's all worth it in the end.  Soon you will be on the road to recovery and loving the new tummy.

Keep posting!


I keep checking back on here daily just to snoop...

I keep checking back on here daily just to snoop around and see who looks like me. LOL. I know you all know what I'm talking about. I look at all the before pictures and think well am I gonna look like that "after" picture?? March 9th cannot come soon enough. I am just so excited I can't even stand it. I am coming to grips with the amount of pain I am going to be in. It used to completely scare me but I just know that in the end it will all be worth it. I keep looking at clothes hanging in my closet and thinking well I hope I won't see them in there's this time next year. I am definatly keeping myself in check. I know I am not gonna be a super model and that's ok with me but I do feel like I will be normal at the very least. And that's ok with me. 50 more days. That is 49 more "sleeps"- and then I wake up and it's the big day. The excitement sort of reminds me of being scheduled for my inductions with my pregnancies. It's a bit over whleming but in a good way. Except that day a new me will be born. signing off for now. Off to check up on some other people and also look to see if there are anymore before and after pictures of me on here. LOL
You will do great! He just did mine earlier this month.
You are in great hands! Dr. Saunders is wonderful.

As of next week I can go for my pre-op testing....

As of next week I can go for my pre-op testing. Can't wait. It's one step closer for me. Ready to do this and get the show on the road!!!!!
Hi.....You are a week ahead of me for surgery.... I am 3-15. I too...am NOT a tiny girl....I have lost a lot of weight, but the apron has to go!! Keep me posted and stay in touch. Best wishes on your journey.....we are gonna love the results...... Hoping to get down to a size 12 jeans...can wear size 12 dresses and m/l tops....but the bottom of me needs help!!!!
I decided to use dr saunders because he actually did a TT for my dad. Very thorough. Honest. I liked his demeanor. And I have to be honest. I looked at his before an after pics on his website. His personal website not the groups website. Let me know what you decide. Good Luck
What made you decide to pick him??? I can't decide between him and Dr. Chang, I really would like a TT but bc of time I can't do it, so now I'm left with Lipo and BBL for now (lol)....I consider my self to have about the same stomach shape like you, I weigh 179 lb but like you said, I dont look like it.... Will super excited for you..

It's getting closer!!! I can go the end of this...

It's getting closer!!! I can go the end of this week to do my blood tests that i need to have done before surgery. And next week is my pre-op appt. Any suggestions on things I need to talk to the dr about before my appt?? I am getting sooo excited I can't even stand it!! I had a breast reduction about 11 years ago and the scariest thing for me is remembering when I woke up from the GA after that surgery and the pain was so bad! I am wondering if it was just the way they did things then, was it the surgeon, have things changed since then? That was the worst pain I had been in throughout that entire process, recovery and all. So it's scary for me to think about THAT particular part. All of the other parts I feel I can handle! Guess that can be a question on my list for the dr next week?? Anyhow... checking out for now. Next time you hear from me it will be even closer!
TT- We are very similiar, I am 5'10 and lost 150 pounds and I am now at 205 or so but I exercise like a nut and am carrying a lot of muscle, I am wearing size 12 jeans but all the skin comes out the top, I have to get my belly pics posted, you go a week after me I am scheduled for 3/2. I diet, exericse I have not lost any virgin pounds in 5 months, I am really hopeful that not only will this improe the apron of skin but also maybe help get the weight loss going. Will be watching closely and let you know when I get pics posted, it is helpful to find people of similar build, like all these little tiny girls, they look so good, and me being such an amazon I wonder how I will look???

If when you wake up you feel pain just tell them right away.  They can push more meds in your IV an make you more comfortable.  You will do great:)   The pain is all temporary so try to remember that.


Pre-Op blood work today. Woohoo!!!

Pre-Op blood work today. Woohoo!!!
I am scheduled for a TT and lipo of outter thighs with Dr.Saunders Mar. 28. Excited by a little scared.
You are going to look fabulous!

So yesterday afternoon I took all of my...

So yesterday afternoon I took all of my measurements. This is so hard for me to post because i never disclose my sizes. i wont shop with my husband or friends becuase its embarassing . i have felt like this my whole life. I was never as small as my closest friends but i was never comfortable with myself until the last couple of years. In the end, like I Have said before, I am not looking to be a size 6 just comfortable in my own skin. To have a normal shaped belly and clothes that fit properly. I want to keep tracknof the flucuations throughout the process although i prob wont post everytime the exact inches i will post the grand total. I think it will be nice for people to see that the flucuation is normal. So here goes..

Pants: Size 18, XL/1X depending on the brand

Shirts: XL/1X, hard time fitting the bottom of my shirt around my belly for non stretchy shirts.

Bra:40D (after breast reduction 12 yrs ago)

Both thighs: 28" each

Under Boobs: 39.5"

@ Ribcage: 40"

Waist right at belly button: 42.5"

Hips at thickest part of apron: 52" (I almost cried when I saw that #)

Belly at my "bump": 44.5"

Legs together through thighs: 48.5"

Butt through to around the pubic area: 49.5"

Grand Total: 372.5"

And there you have it America!!! It's out there now. Only because I know this is all about to change!!!!
TT_ great idea about the measurements, do not feel bad, look at how far you have come, I can so relate to you,I know exactly how you feel, like I wish I weighed 150 pounds but I just dont see that happening for me, and being where I am at is OK with me, I Can run a 5K, I can do 100 men's push ups, I can bench press 100 pounds I am focused on my physical goals cause the number on the scale is so depressing, I will follow you and post my measurements too so you dont feel alone!!! We have lost a ton of weight and I get what you say about feeling comfortable in your own skin, like I dont want to be a size 0, a good 10 will make me happy and that is only one size away at this point!!!
Thanks Kathe. I SO hope your right!!!!
@TT - You already have the shape. After your TT, you're going to look fantastic!

PreOp appt tomorrow with my doc. Can't wait. I...

PreOp appt tomorrow with my doc. Can't wait. I have to admit I have a fear and I'm curious to know if anyone else has had the same fear. I am just so worried I am going to come out of this looking no different. I am scared I might come out of this being the same size. I have said it before and I truly mean it I don't need to be a size 2. I would be happy in a 14 or so. I feel like I have had this "bump" for as long as I can remember and I just cannot imagine NOT having it. The last time in my life I remember having a normal flat stomach was prob around the age of 7. That was 22 years ago. It's not cold feet because there is no way I'm backing out. I think the fear that I have comes from working really hard and losing weight but never changing pants sizes due to my stomach. Pants sizes mostly due to that nasty flap/apron and even losing in the middle of my stomach i still have that darn bump in my mid section. Just frustration and nervous that even after I go through all of this..... I have that fear that I am gonna wake up and it still be there. The thought of it being gone literally brings tears to my eyes. I have despised it for so long the excitement of it just being GONE makes me so happy Just curious..... Does anyone else have these fears or is just me?????

Deep breath....you are going through all of the normal emotions but this will be fine.  

You can do it!!  I will be anxious to hear how the appt goes tomorrow.


Alright ladies. PreOp appt went well. He seemed...

Alright ladies. PreOp appt went well. He seemed confident that my results will be good. He said the apron will be completely gone and where my bump is. That skin will be down by my pubic area. That's a far stretch. I hope one day I'll be able to stand up straight. LoL. Have to get my pain pill script filled. He said that thy will give me everything I need as far as binder and any gauze/tape/steri strips etc that I will need. He showed me exactly where he is going to lipo. My sides, above
My butt, outer thighs. Paid in full and ready to get this party started!!!!!!
TT- we are getting closer 2 weeks for me, 3 for you!!! I will post picture and measurements this weekend for you!
Thanks all. SUPER excited. @Galena he gave me Percocet!!
You're going to look great! Getting closer. What meds did he give you?

Just got a call.... they wanna move my surgery!!...

Just got a call.... they wanna move my surgery!! My heart dropped. I was thinking oh no! How long are they having to move it out?? Good news.... they are moving it from the 9th to the 7th! Something with the dr's schedule. Woke up today thinking one day closer and I'm 3 days closer. WooHoo!!! I had the whole childcare thing figured out and now I have to re-figure, that's ok. I'll take it!!
Thanks Galena will check those out, make me heal is another good site too
Hi. I found this web site which looks very interesting. http://tummytucktalk.com/ and http://www.tuckthattummy.com/abdominoplasty_message_board.htm
A girl on youtube mentioned the first site, she was talking about scar therapy.She said you can order anything you need for a TT. I glanced at it, looks like some great info. Will check it out later when I have more time.
Suzanne I am in the same boat, I go on 3/2, so all us tall glamazons can go through this together!!! LOL

11 days and it'll be done. Can't wait!!!

11 days and it'll be done. Can't wait!!!
Hi everyone, I live in SC and am also getting a full TT this month hopefully because my date has changed so many times due to them saying I have to have a BMI of 34 or 35. I am 5'5 212lbs black girl and I was wanting to know about your surgeon because I am very fustrated with where I am going. I mean I never even spoke with my Dr. for consult only the staff nutri that just came a month or so ago. I have been going there since 10/11 for weight loss or HCG and B 12 to help get me to the BMI. Anyway it seems your surgeon listens and talks to his patients. May I have his info please
Congrats! Very few people on the site from DE. I had a consult with Dr. Saunders. He is so nice. I believe you will have excellent results. Keep us updated.

One week from now I should be on my way from the...

One week from now I should be on my way from the hospital. CANNOT WAIT!! I have started my cleaning spree. Moving furniture wiping baseboards, etc. if I have to sit and look at the inside of my house for the next couple of weeks it's gotta be clean. If not I might have a panic attack!!! Getting so excited. Trying to focus on the outcome and not on the slicing and poking and stitching.....
Best of luck to you! I know you have to be excited. I was weak when I read your post about looking at other people's photos looking for some that looked like yours, because I do the exact same thing! I can relate to so many things that you said. One of my major concerns was the doctor telling me I am still too fat for a tummy tuck. I can hardly wait for the new me! Congrats on the new you! :)

Wednesday is the BIG day. I am getting more...

Wednesday is the BIG day. I am getting more nervous. Trusting that in the end it is all going to be worth it. I am beginning to think more about the things I am NOT going to be able to enjoy for a little while. #1: sleeping on my side or my belly. #2: Getting a bath at the end of my day. I enjoy my quiet bath times :-( But.... In the end after all the discomfort I trust it will be a good thing!!!!!
Seeing that hunk of meat on the table was good riddance for me and let me tell you it will make me never eat junk again!!!
TT- I am routing for you, you know my recovery was bad the first 48 hours but even with all that I would do it again, it is so worth it!! Enjoy your baths and sleeps and know it will be worth it in the end!!! I can say that even now when I am in pain! When I see how flat my tummy is I would go through it all again
Thank you so much for the encouragement. I keep telling myself that and then sometimes I think oh my goodness what am I getting myself into. I guess I have loved with this bulge for so long and this flappy apron for the last 7 years that I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT imagine it ever going away. And THAT is whata kea me second guess because I felt like its always on a be a part of me. Don't get me wrong I certainly will NOT be mourning it when it's gone. I am so glad that you have gotten such a good outcome. You deserve it!!

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, it's only a day away!!!

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, it's only a day away!!!
I have been following your story a couple of times and realized your happy day is tomorrow. I know all will go great but I want to wish you a happy and quick recovery any way. All will be AWESOME!!!!
Thank you so much!!!
One day one day, you are almost there! Good luck! keep us posted.

Its 7:15am. I am a body if nerves and I'm hungry...

Its 7:15am. I am a body if nerves and I'm hungry already. LET'S DO THIS!
Congratulations!!!!!!!! Yeh!!!! Im so happy for you! Cant wait to see your after pictures!!!
I hope you are doing well! Congrats!
Sending you good vibes........you are gonna love the new you.

So surgery was yesterday. Came out of anesthesia...

So surgery was yesterday. Came out of anesthesia pretty comfortably. Last night was up every two hours. Peeing and walking the halls. Getting in and out of bed is no fun. I have two binders on. One girdle thing down to my knees that goes up to mid stomach/ under my boobs. Then another normal binder on. I have to keep my girdle on til either Friday or Saturday. That means no shower til then. That stinks. I haven't shed any years as of yet so that's a good thing. Pain meds last night through an IV switched to Pecocet this AM. Keeping me comfortable. Walking actually feels good to me once I get moving. Wait to leave now. Scared about the ride home. I can already tell I am swollen just from feeling above my binder Have had no peek at my tummy yet. I guess not til the girdle comes off. Little nervous but looking forward to scoping it out. I am surprised at my outer highs. Not that I can actually see them but lookiwng down at them they look much smaller. And one disappointment I don't have an exact weight on the skin removed. He thought it was about 7lbs. I'll keep u all posted
Wishing a speedy recovery for you and dying to see some pics!!
Glad to hear your doing good. Thanks for the update and I hope the ride home goes smoothly. I will send good thoughts.
@TT: You're back! I'm so glad.

In a few weeks/months, the difference in your body is going to be so spectacular, you're not going to believe it's you.

Day 2 PO. Night went fairly smooth. Up every two...

Day 2 PO. Night went fairly smooth. Up every two hours. Stopped the Percocet at 9 last night and have been sticking with Tylenol. Nausea was terrible. Still have issues with it every now and again. Cannot wait to get a shower tomorrow. Draining quite a bit in one drain and hardly anything in the other. Not a very good appetite at all. Nothin looks good to me. Although I did have a chicken sandwich today with some lettuce and peppers. I ate about 1/3 of it. It stayed down ok. This mornin I was dry heaving like I had to throw up but nothin came up. I have not been drinking nearly enough but I feel he more I drink the more sloshing I have going on in my stomach which makes me feel even sicker. I can tell I am swollen. I'm trying not to let it bother me. My husband has been FANTASTIC
Glad you are doing as well as you are. I can't believe you are off the Percocet! May want to call the on call Dr. and have them call some Compazine in to the pharmacy for the nausea and maybe a different narcotic. Hope you are feeling better soon. Try to drink plenty of h2o. Remember staying hydrated will help prevent the constipation and blood clots. Try and stay positive :)
So glad to hear things went well for you! Hoping for a speedy recovery for you! Can't wait to see some pictures of the new you!
TT- You made it hun!! Thinking of you! I think they do have to weigh it so ask at your post op visit he might be able to tell you! Just dont weigh, LOL I am still mad at the scale it will be some time I suspect until I see a lower number from all this swelling!

My night went really well. Only taking extra...

My night went really well. Only taking extra strength Tylenol. Nausea has seemed to subside. Thank goodness. I am up already had slow cereal and drinking some coffee. That always gets things moving. Shower day today. WooHoo. I am moving around more on my onw able to get myself in bed on my own. Still hard to go from laying to up on my own. My back is bothering me more the anything. I am a little nervous to shower. I only know being bound up so tight I'm a little scared to let loose if you know what I mean. Today my biggest concentration is eating and drinking as much water as I can. I haven't been an,e to because I felt like my who.e stomach was liquid and more water just added to the nausea so that's my goal today. To ouch the water and be u
And out of bed more. I have been walking but I mean up and sitting today. Hope everyone is doing well. I will try to get some pics up if I can!!!

Hang in there!  You are doing just fine and all of the weird little feelings you are having are part of the process.  Keep ding what you are doing and stay strong.

Hi TT, glad to see things are getting better. You will see that as each day passes you will feel stronger. Just take it one day at a time. Happy Healing!
Hey TT just checking on on you man you are tough off the pain meds that soon!!! If yo dont have pain that is good, or try a different one. Keep drinking I swear the only thing that helps is drinking tons of water to flush all this crap out! My PS said one drain would push out a lot more than the other one goes up through my tummy the other low around the bottom, tomorrow will be day 10 when I go and those things better go I am so sick of dealing with them!!! Get better thinking of you!!!

Ok so one of my worst nightmares has come true. My...

Ok so one of my worst nightmares has come true. My #1 Nurse, my husband now has the stomach bug. NOT a good thing. I have summoned him to an upstairs bedroom and told him he can't come near me or the kids until he was better. I HATED doing that but I CANNOT catch it. He has fever and throwing up. Shakes. The whole nine yards. I feel as though I am progressing ok and I just do not want that set back. I am pretty sure he understands. Anyways.... Other then that I am doing pretty good. Sat outside for most of the day yesterday and enjoyed the warmth and sunshine. I was walking great and feeling so good and out of no where it hit me. Poop Pains! I thought I was in the clear. I had a small BM yesterday morning. I was like hmmm, that wasn't so bad. I'm good. WRONG!! Then it let loose and it was loose so I was thankful for that. Then I laid in bed with chills cause I had pains. All I wanted to do was lay on my side curled in a ball and of course I couldn't. But I went again after about an hour and I was good after that.

Now that the TMI section is over with. I do have a question. What is normal drainage? Like how much should I be putting out and at what point is it not much at all? AND a sleeping question? Are you guys laying somewhat flat in bed or are you pretty elevated? I was pretty elevated in the beginning and I was ok but didn't sleep as well and it hurt my back more. I feel as though I am resting better now that I am laying more flat.... But I am not draining as much. I know, lots of questions. Anyways, hope everyone has a good day. I am gonna enjoy the nice weather again today and I am looking forward to my post op tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully I can find out some dates as far as drains coming out and this wonderful girdle situation. I think I am looking forward to some spanx!
OMG TT your husband with the flu, OMG you do not want to barf, cough or sneeze it is brutal!! I got one drain out tonight, day 10!!! My other is still kicking, my doc will remove when less than 30 cc in a 24 hour period, I was kicking out close to 300 cc for the first few days. I sleep with a wedge pillow and two pillow sort of sitting upright a bit and then 2 big pillows under my knees and I have slept well every night, I got used to sleeping on my back like that last year when I had my arms done, although I am a belly sleeper. I am way more confy in bed than the recliner. I find that while sitting upright in a chair feels good it makes me swell more than laying out in the recliner and propping my legs, all my swelling is tummy hips and butt, OMG they are huge and I didnt have lipo it is where the 10 plus pounds of fluid is collecting! I will pray you do not get sick!!
Day 7 and swelling like mad. Was told today that I should drink loads of water.
No kidding that burning sucked!! I am still really sore internally, I guess its the muscles today is day 10 PO, I am praying for the one drain to come out, Gosh they are ticking me off, I am so ready!!! That burning did go away, after the third day, so hopefully it does for you too!!!

So this AM I feel a little better. It seems to be...

So this AM I feel a little better. It seems to be a little better each day. Yesterday I got on the scale. I said I wasn't gonna do that but I did. Needless to say I almost hit the floor. I was down 14lbs since the day of surgery. I got off and back on the scale 3 times to check it. Then I moved it to a different part of the floor. Lol. It said the same thing every time. Now I realize that this is not a normal occurrence and haven't read anything like this on here so don't anyone get frustrated. Today is my post op with the dr. My husband STILL has the stomach bug and my mom had to take him to the dr this morning. I am hoping they don't want to admit him.

I did get out of the house yesterday. Put on some normal, stretchy clothes of course, and went to lunch. It was nice to get out of the house and move around a bit. Sat outside with my mom for a few hours enjoying the sunshine. Now today it's dreary and rainy so I guess the hi lite of my day will be my shower and a trip to the dr's.

Shout out to my nurse from last week! Last week she was taking care of me and today she is getting a TT with the same Dr I had. Wishing her well and a quick recovery!!!!

Post op went well. They removed stitches in my...

Post op went well. They removed stitches in my belly button. Doc says everything looks great. He said drains will come out next week. Girdle 2 more weeks and binder 5 more weeks. I can live with all those predictions. Went to lunch with my mom afterwards and took the kids for ice cream. And now I believe I have swelled quite a bit. Can't wait for bed. Don't normally say that. I dread bedtime just because I never know if I'm gonna sleep well or not. But I say when I wake up I'm one mor Esau further out so that's good. Hubby is in the mends. He saw the dr this morning and they have him nausea meds via shot and IV fluids. It was pretty bad but so glad he is soon better. Thank goodness for my mom. She has been a nurse to both of us for the last 2 days and taking care of my ornery 3yo and 6yo. Couldn't have made it they the last two days without her that's for sure. I PROMISE TOMORROW I WILL POST SOME POST OP PICS. I don't Tink I'll get to it tonight but I'll try. Happy healing RS friends
Hi TT, wow.....looking good girl!
You look beautiful, can't wait to see more pics as you go along... :)
OMG...you look wonderful!

Did too much yesterday. Paying for it today....

Did too much yesterday. Paying for it today. Swollen and my back is killing me.
Awesome results! You look great. 2 more weeks until my surgery. Pre-op appt tomorrow. After seeing your pics, I am very excited to get it done. Hope you have a better day tomorrow and take it easy.
You look fantastic! I can't wait to start taking pics of my results.
Wow...you look great. Hang in there!

7 days post op and I now know what you guys are...

7 days post op and I now know what you guys are going through with swelling. Haven't had much swelling but some until yesterday. Today a little better but I def paid for my day out the other day. Yesterday in artless low grade fever and terrible headache today no fever but I feel as though the headache is just starting so not sure what that's all about. Husband is FIANLLY feeling better as of last night. resting again today. Doing a whole lot of nothing and getting up to walk around every hour or so!!
I wonder if the warm weather isnt helping us either with the swelling?

Taylor when is surgery???
Let me just say this, You look Amazing!so very happy for you and your recovery. Enjoy your beautiful new shape! I am still several weeks away from my procedure but I am excited! Happy Healing to you all!
I am built just like you and bejewelme. I love reading your posts and comments because I feel exactly the same way. Thanks for inspiring me!!

Well today is MY day to feel the blues. Like all...

Well today is MY day to feel the blues. Like all of you have had at some
Point. Fever for me off and on this will be day 3. Migraines. Today I got my shower and noticed one of my drains was very red around it and pussy so I called the de and he called in antibiotic. Hopefully that will take any infection away and the fever. Didn't sleep well last night at all. Both of my kids are sick now and my husband is taking them to the dr today. It kills me to feel helpless and not do my motherly duties and take care of my house the way I am used to. Although my mom is on top of t all I feel bad she is spending her day adoring everything I should be doing. Hopefully tomorrow is a better day and we will all be medicated and in the mends.
U look great. Sorry about your infection. It is boring being home and also being helpless. I remember that feeling after my csections. Cabin fever. I think as women we are so used to doingevrything itshardto take a step or should I say a hundred steps. Praying for your. Speedy recovery
U look great. Sorry about your infection. It is boring being home and also being helpless. I remember that feeling after my csections. Cabin fever. I think as women we are so used to doingevrything itshardto take a step or should I say a hundred steps. Praying for your. Speedy recovery
I hope any infection clears very quickly!

EMOTIONAL WRECK! There are no other ways to...

EMOTIONAL WRECK! There are no other ways to explain myself right now. I'm just a mess. Worried about my drains and what their draining. Scared they won't be coming out on Tuesday. Frustrated with my husbands dr, that's a whole other story. Just feeling terrible emotionally. I don't handle not being in control or self sufficient very well.
First never second guess calling the DR. Your doctor would rather you call and get help then you end up back in the hospital with a really bad infection. Second do not worry about having to keep the drains in longer. Maybe the PS will want to take them out sooner to get the infection cleared up. The kiddies and your mom are going to be OK, no worries. Stress is going to delay your healing. Think about it this way, for the next few weeks you are going to be healing and then after that you are going to be in super spirits about how you look and you are going to be feeling sensational! SO take this time for you, everyone will be ok, and you will be back on track shortly. Sleep as much as you can!
Oh Honey....I hope your day gets better. It is so hard to sit and relax when you want to be helpful in the home. I hope you family is feeling well soon... Make sure to take the antibotic.....and don't overdo
Oh hun I hope the antibiotic clears it up, not good having a fever. And the migraine, I had to take my son to the doctors this morning sounds like he had TB or somethnig he coughed so hard all night, they said just a cold, I am trying so hard not to catch it! Ughghg then that germy waiting room, I feel like spraying with lysol, LOL

Still fighting my fever at random times yesterday...

Still fighting my fever at random times yesterday went all day without one and it kicked into high gear at supper time yesterday. Lasted all night. Reaching 103. Today got up got my shower normally I am good for a little while today, nope right back to bed. Fever was kicking til about 2 then went down. Who knows what tonight will bring. I will say that when my fever is down I feel pretty good. Swelling is down and I am walking straighter. I think the ticket to reworking your back to go straight is laying flat on your pillow as normal but really elevate your legs. With two or even three pillows depending on their size. That is where I have gotten my back relief. I find if i am sitting it just makes it worse AND I think the laying down has helped my swelling too. PRAYING Tuesday is the daymy drains come out. My drain site that was infected is looking pretty good. One drain puts out just under 25cc and the other under 10cc in a 24 hr period. Keeping up on my antibiotics and tylenolas needed. Occasional Percocet.
TT- the fever sucks!!! I hope you get that kicked, I agree about sleeping I prop my knees with 2 big pillows and I am laying pretty flat at the top now and feel good sleeping like that!!

kathe- I have 4 weeks, I used 2 so far so technically I can take 2 more it will use all my time if needed but if I need it I need it!
@Be - you use as much as you can. I'm glad you have time left. Judging from the way you are as a person, you must kick some ass at work, so I'm sure they love you there and will be glad when you're back, but won't hold it against you the need to be out because of the surgery.
I hope that you feel better soon:(

Dr first thing in the AM. CANNOT WAIT FOR THAT...

Dr first thing in the AM. CANNOT WAIT FOR THAT APPT. I'm hoping it's the last night these drains and I are gonna spend together. the next thing I can't wait to get rid of is this darn girdle. It cuts me in the weirdest places and it's hot. While I'm complaining here's a list of simple things I miss making my bed just right so when I crawl into at night it feels like a piece of heaven. Folding my own laundry. Vacuuming (which I do on a daily basis). Gardening/flower beds. Pushing my kids on the swings. Driving. sleeping in the most weirdest positions that I actually find comfortable. Oh and I can't forget about this set of balls I've had. AKA my drains I feel bad for men that they have those things attached to their body for life.

Now that I have listed all of the things I miss that have made me somewhat cranky the last two weeks here's the positives. I love my new belly. I can't wait to shop for...
Bathing suits
And some fun bedroom attire

I can't wait to sleep naked in bed on a hot summer night and feel good in my skin. I can't wait for my husbands arms to wrap around me and not feel lumpy and frumpy. I can't wait to dress up for the 4 weddings we have coming up this year. I can't wait to play whiffle ball with friends this summer and not feeling like I have stuff bouncin everywhere when I run the bases. Last but not least I can't wait to SKINNY DIP INSTEAD OF CHUNKY DUNK!!!!

Girl.....I love your list of F U N ........They all sound wonderful and fun..... Starting checking them off as you do them... Congrats and have a blast.......

Well short dr appt today. Had to see Dr S...

Well short dr appt today. Had to see Dr S associate. She took out 1 of my drains. Of course I was hopin for both. She said the drainage is not as clear as she would like to see and bein as though I did have an infection she thought it would be best to leave it in a few more days. Well the dr schedule didn't allow an appt in "a few more days" so next Monday it is :( I was ok with a few days but another week?! Needless to say I shed a few tears of sadness and frustration.

The best way to describe the drain coming out was yes it felt like a big ball of tubing unraveling and being pulled out. It was uncomfortable but quick. Didn't cry it was more like WHOA!! I didn't realize that a big section of the end of the drain is this wide flexible plastic thing. Probably best i didn't know. It kind of freaks me out.

After my appt and my frustration I had to stop at Macy's to pick up a bridal shower gift for Sunday. I saw lots of fun clothes I actually am looking forward to going back and doing some shopping in the next couple of months. That little trip made me feel a little better about this drain being in for another week!!!

That's it for today folks!
Look at that shapely waistline! You look great!!!!
TT, so glad you were able to have one of your drains removed today. I am scheduled to have one removed tomorrow and I'm very nervous...I wanted the to take them both because my CC count is below the 20 for days in a row but they will only remove one at a time. I have been in stretchy clothes since surgery and can't wait to try my jeans or shorts on. I'm ready to get out of this velcro wrap and into some type of compression panty!!!
I'm anxious to see updated pictures.
No it was not fun trying on clothes I bought some dresses 10, 12 and 14 I am only down a few pounds since surgery and he removed almost 8, I am so swollen and you are too you may not realize it just yet how swollen you are. My hips went up 7" I was never hippy so trying on clothes with these huge hips is a nightmare, LOL I am not going to freak I just wan to look nice for Saturday! The tight garment is really helping though I feel a ton better, my drain hole is completely closed today and I would rather have that! WOW your dad must look great!!!!

Well was feeling like today was a pretty good day....

Well was feeling like today was a pretty good day. Feeling better and progressing nicely. Decided I would take another shower this evening which I have been showering once a day and it's been in the mornings. I took my girdle off and my drain site hurt immediately. I looked down and blood was running down my leg and here the drain site opened up and the stitch holdin my drain in place was hanging on by a thread. Now this is the same drain site that I believe had an infection. WONDERFUL!! (can you hear the sarcasm in my voice?) So upsetting. I called the dr and she alled me back (Dr S is out of town) and she didnt seem to think it was a big deal. Wait to see Dr S on Monday. That is 5 days away. I just can't see how this thing being open and a drain still being in there is not opening up opportunity for infection yet again. I asked her is there anything I should really be concerned with any precautions I should take? Anything I should look out for or be concerned with? And there was silence. Like what she said? I dunno. You tell me that's what I'm asking. No not really. That's all I got. She said some drains fall out some don't but since she didn't so the surgery she doesnt know if my drains are the type that could fall our or not.

Just frustrated about the whole thing.
And I have a question.... In my drainage ball I am getting a lot of chunks. Lots of long stringy chunks. Does anyone know what that stuff is and how muh is normal?
Hope things get better...sooner than later!!!
The end of the drain is probably is probably hitting a tender area. It you can tolerate it, and you don't have any new symptoms of infection, I would wait and see the Dr. in the AM rather than waiting in the ER for 4 or 5 hrs. That would probably wipe you out. I am sure you must be frustrated! Maybe take one of your Percocet and try to get some rest.

The stringy chunks are all normal.  Make sure to bleed the drain so that it doesn't get plugged up.  

How frustrating for you to have to go through all of this.  Is there not someone in the doctors office who is covering for him?   My goodness..


Feeling on this morning. Thank you ladies for all...

Feeling on this morning. Thank you ladies for all the concerns. I have not taken my Girdle off to look at my drain site yet today. I'm scared to do so. If I'm feeling ok the last thing I wanna do is sneak a peek. I know at some point I will have to do it tho.

Drain hole looks about the same. Still waiting for...

Drain hole looks about the same. Still waiting for Monday
My last one was leaking the 2nd day and then it closed up I put a tight bandaid on to pull it together with some bacatracin and it is all closed up now.
TT- yes I had nasty ole chunks of stuff it grossed me out, hubby had to always keep stripping them and I hates that, he would wipe the hole with alcohol and then hold the alcohol wipe on his finger as he stripped them! I am amzed how the holes close up in a day after the drain is removed, I find that amazing
Yea my other drain site where they took the other one out looks great. This other one I am PRAYING closes up just as good.

Worked last night for a few hours. We have a...

Worked last night for a few hours. We have a family business. Ice cream and Italian ices shop. I did ok. I could tell i was swollen for sure when I came home. Went to bed not feeling too bad other then the swelling. Slept pretty good. Could actually turn on my side a little. Boy does that feel different. Not as much cushion. Anyway this morning when I woke up I felt like my face and chest were sunburnt. I sit up in bed and look at my legs and my knees had a rash. Upon further inspection..... I have a rash from head to toe. With the exception of my belly. My face is on fire. My chest is on fire. I am getting the chills. Itching like crazy. Long story short. I think we have narrowed it down to me being allergic to the Bactrim/antibiotic I was on. Looked it up online and symptoms people listed were this.... Headaches, which I have been complaining about for the last almost 2 weeks. Increased fever, which after starting the mess my fever went from 99 to 103+. And betweens days 8 and 10 people break out in untolerale rashes that itch and make you feel as though you have sunburn by your skin feels as though it's on fire. HELLLLLOOOOOO? All of these symptoms are what I've had. Other symptoms were nausea, lack of appetite, didn't have those problems, thanks goodness. So in guess I found out that I am allergic to Sulfa Drugs. So today I was supposed to go to a bridal shower. Very disappointed I couldn't go. Instead I am home drugged up on Benadryl and shivering under the covers :( on the up side...... Dr appt tomorrow. Woohoo drains coming out!!!!! It better be anyway. I am going on day 19 tomorrow!!! I'm ready to put on a pair of clothes and it not look like I have a ball sack tucked in my pants. LOL
I'm keeping my fingers crossed you get the drain pulled tomorrow and you will be FREE!!!! Good luck!
I'm sorry to hear about your rash, I sure hope the doctor pulls your drain out. I think you will feel so much better. Take care and keep your chin up, it gets better!
So sorry to hear about your rash. That really stinks!! At least now you know what you are allergic to. It sucks to find out this way.

As for the drains, my last one came out when I was 18 days post op. So don't feel bad. I have seen others getting them out at 6 days. Unfortunately, we haven't been that lucky.

You are brave trying to sleep on your side. I am actually a side sleeper and haven't been able to sleep on my side since this surgery. I hope you feel better soon. Let's pray those drains come out tomorrow. :-)

Tonight made it all worth it. Drain free! I can...

Tonight made it all worth it. Drain free! I can finally look in the mirror and totally see my results. No more girdle. He said to wear my binder or something like it. I found a great replacement in the intimate
Section which is more comfortable and effective. He said I look fantastic. My swelling is not too bad. It's just as he would expect and my results are fantastic. So excited at this moment. Rash and all :)
How are you doing?
I can't wait to see our results, our bodies seems to be similar. It's almost been a year for me and I have no regrets. My lifestyle has totally changed for the better :) best of luck!
Yeah no drains, although now I wish mine were in cause I started filling up like a beach ball!! LOL I am so over this surgery!!!!

Well.... Doing ok. I am springing leaks in my...

Well.... Doing ok. I am springing leaks in my incision. My one drain hole from the latest drain pulled 8 days ago does not seem to be healing very fast. That is also the one that was infected. So I am leaking fluid from that hole. Then i started leaking from a new tiny opeing in front of that i started leaking fluid from my other drain hole which looked pretty good. It's not too bad looking now but I think this leaking is causing it to heal a lot slower. Then last night I found a pinhole where I was leaking. And today I found another pinhole where I am leaking fluid. It's so frustrating. Like ok I know I'm swollen but really is it necessary to start leaking. I feel like it is going to delay my healing. Actually I know it's delaying my healing. The dr said its normal, without seeing me, but it's not something I see a lot of people on here are experiencing. I don't know if I'm doing too much too soon or what. And the top part of my pubic area just under the incision feels funny. Like its sore to touch. I don't know. Just frustrated. AGAIN. I'm over it already!
I am sorry you are struggling with your drain remains. I don't know if it will help, but I showered with Hibiclens, an antibiotic liquid soap; and then laid down after my shower unwrapped and let everything air dry. Its only been two days and it seems to really help. I will keep my fingers crossed that no matter what you try it will all resolve itself soon for you. Your looking awesome and remember that old saying.... keep your eyes on the prize. Your already looking fabulous so it can only get better!
Hang in there, I can imagine you are worried about leaking I can assure you it will get better, make sure you insist on talking to the doc. I am not sure if your doc is close by? Take pics and email to his office a pic always gets their attention!
Hang in there. Sorry you are having issues with your drain holes. That must be real annoying. Try and take it easy at home and get lots of rest.

Week 5 is approaching as of Wednesday. I am...

Week 5 is approaching as of Wednesday. I am feeling better. I have six, YES, six small openings in my incision. It's depressing but they are looking much better. I think the leaking has helped some with my swelling although if I go without my binder for more then two hours i'm swelled up. And at the end of the day of course binder/no binder in swelled. But in the morning it looks good. I am STILL in my pre-op clothing. I was hoping to go down a size but I dunno. Is anyone else having this problem. Either way I can't complain because I look completely different in the clothes I am wearing.

I feel like I can't really enjoy the new me yet until these holes close up. I'm leaking and so I'm back in my granny panties not those pretty cute
little ones I got the day my drains came out :( I want to start exercising and get these arms and legs in shape and start toning my belly but until the holes close up I'm scared it will rip them open more. I see the dr on Wednesday and I'm hoping to get the clearance to start walking Atleast. Anyways.... Take care ladies. Hope you all have a good week.
Your tummy looks awesome!! Hope those holes close quickly for you!!
Hey girlie! First off, you look AMAZING. Second, you are an inspiration for me. I've had a surgeon and in my life imply that I was too big for a TT. My bottom muffin top looks similar to how yours did...and it is inspiring to see that you got amazing results...even when you are a fuller figured woman. I weight 186 and don't feel it at time either. Thank you for your pictures and story...you really have made me feel better about pursuing my decision in a TT.
Awwww. You are so sweet. I have had a few setbacks but I totally am glad I did it. Like I said in my latest post if my pant size stays the same I'm ok with that because I look completely different with clothes on and even more different naked ;-) good luck with your pursuit. I am looking forward to following your journey!!!

Alright so I have been wanting to do my...

Alright so I have been wanting to do my measurements but haven't thought to do them in the morning. I was up extra early this morning much to my dismay and decided to take them. Although I am ecstatic with the difference I know I am still swollen. And I feel more swollen this morning then I have other mornings. So here it is...

Left Thigh: 27.5"

Right Thigh: 27"

Under Boobs: 38"

Rib cage: 37.5"

Waist right @ belly button: 41"

Belly @ where bump used to be approx 1.5" above belly button: 39.5"

Legs/thighs together at thickest part: 45.5"

Butt around to pubic area: 46.5"

Hips where apron was: 46.5"

Grand Total: 337.5 "

Difference of 35 inches!!!!

I'll take it..... For now ;-)

I'll get some pdated pics soon!!
You look awesome. I can't wait to see more pics.
congrats!!! You look great
I read your entire journey , I am scheduled for lipoabdominplasty on the 20th of april, we are of similiar weight, i was just wondering if you had a traditional tummy tuck or the Avelar tuck??

Turned the corner I feel. Finally on the road to...

Turned the corner I feel. Finally on the road to recovery. Holes are all closing up and drainage is close to nothing from only one hole. So as soon as they are all healed up I think the fun will begin. IE shopping and sexy undies. Woot woot.
Nice flat and gorgeous!!!
Awesome results!! You look great!
be sure to update us wit more pix, but yea i am able 2 c how sexi it is already getting, so bless u r now,keep up the good healing chica, we are here for u.and i might hav 2 go to ur surgeon i am SO SERIOUS. But, i already did schedule mi surgery but again i m goin to maybe postpone it not sure,as i was also just approve for extra-financing so i do not have to RUSH and use all mi cash$ i waz not expectin approval but i was just approve,and started a thread on this for OTHERS who want to get finance,as NO ONE should have to walk around being /feeing/uncomfy, in clothing,and or hide our bellies,or not confident,i am in my PROFILE pix 6 to 7 years ago that FLAT,curvy and i will get the way i was again,and i again wish u well he did GREAT work chica, really did, wowl

12 weeks out. Feeling awesome!! Swelling is up and...

12 weeks out. Feeling awesome!! Swelling is up and down depending on the days activities. So glad I did it. I am not a size 2 and actually haven't moved in size but things fit me completely differently!!! 20lbs down since day of surgery!! STILL worth it!!! Now I wanna get moving to improve myself even more!!
Just would love to know how tall you are.???
I am 5'4"
Thank you. You look Gorgeous!!! 8 days left. WOOO HOOOO!!!
Newark Plastic Surgeon

Dr Saunders is great. He did an awesome job. Very happy with my results so far. I would recommend him to anyone in the TriState area. Even the nurses in the hospital said they have seen it all and Dr Saunders does TOP NOTCH work!! Dr Saunders is a really sweet man. I have to say that the staff there is just ok. There is a nurse in particular that just is NOT friendly at all. I called with a problem I couldn't even get all I needed to say out and she repeatedly said my name to cut me off. Just felt like I was treated like a child when I know she is younger than I am. It makes me scared to call and ask questions.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
2 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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