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I just turned 37 on November 27th and I am so...

I just turned 37 on November 27th and I am so ready to be rid of this gut! LOL I have gained about 20 pounds within the last year due to thyroid disease and i have not been happy with this. Prior to being diagnosed with the disease my weight would fluctuate but i always felt like i had a fat stomach. I'll post my now pics shortly. I have been contemplating getting a tummy tuck for years and years now like many of you here and it's time! I'm nervous as expected and I am scheduled for two consultations, one with Dr. Saunders in Delaware and the other with Dr. Bottger in Newtown Pa. I live in Philadelphia PA. Yes I have children but they are not the cause for this gut of mine. I have loss weight and been a cute size 8 way after the kids and my youngest is now 12! I don't want to go to a bunch of dosctors so i made the choice of going to these two and hoping anyone here can tell me if they have seen these doctors and what their opinions are of them.

I added upside down pics, not sure how or why that...

I added upside down pics, not sure how or why that happened.... Maybe because I did it from my phone. Anyways, I had to reschedule my consultations so now I go on 12/18 & 1/4! Can't wait!!

Welcome to RealSelf.  Yes it is important to go for 2-3 consults in order to find the perfect doctor for you.  Go to the appointments with questions in hand and keep your mind open.  Sometimes you just need to trust your gut.  

Let us know how the appointments go.

Hi Kimmers25! Thank you and I will keep everyone posted! Would u happen to know how I can flip my pics around? Lol

LOL I got you all flipped right side up again:)


So today is my first consultation with Dr....

So today is my first consultation with Dr. Saunders and I'm here a whole 30 minutes early! I just felt butterflies in my stomach. I hope I know all questions to ask. This was an hour drive for me so I need to make sure all my questions are answered. Ill update after my appointment.

Ok so appointment went very well!!! My surgery...

Ok so appointment went very well!!! My surgery date is 3/22/13! I'm so excited and nervous!!! Omg can't believe I'm doing this! Cost isn't bad at all, actually a little under $6,000 which is great!
congrats girl. please let me know how everything goes... i am considering using him because of good ratings and price, but his front desk staff has been a nightmare every time i call.
Thanks Nicole and wow they are so nice when you go in. I never had a problem when I called but I saw them very very busy today. It was packed in that office because I believe there are other doctors there on certain days so it gets pretty busy and it's only two ladies at that front desk.
thank you so much for the reply. i currently use a PS in doylestown who i LOVE but the drive is a pain so I wanted to try something a little closer to me. I am use to their excellent customer service and warmth and was totally turned off by the service I got from Christiana. I really appreciate you replying and honestly that makes me feel a lot better and think I will give them another shot. Thank you and good luck with everything.

Merry Christmas everyone! I'm up on Christmas...

Merry Christmas everyone! I'm up on Christmas morning having feelings about my upcoming surgery. I'm sure everyone goes thru it. Like my daughter is graduating high school in June and we're trying to send her to college and I'm thinking why am I having this tummy tuck when I will need this money for things for her than I snap back to reality by thinking there will always be something you need money for and this is something I've been wanting to do for myself for so long so im doing it! lol I just hope I don't punk out! Lol I have the support of my kids and my man and that's a good feeling because girlfriends and family are really funny and you can just tell when they are not happy with your decision to get a tummy tuck. I only told one friend and she was just like ooook if that's what you want. She wasn't happy for me and didn't sound too supportive so I quickly changed the subject! People get on my nerves! Lol
Hi Phillygirl1127, I'm also have my TT and Lipo Suction of the outter thighs with Dr Saunders. My surgery is schedule on January 28, 2013. I did not have a problem with his staff everyone was very nice. I'm very excited and nervous at the same time.
Hi Rebareds! Congratulations! You have to let me know how it all goes! Best wishes! ;)

So although I'm scheduled with Dr. Saunders for my...

So although I'm scheduled with Dr. Saunders for my tummy tuck and lipo, I still went for a consultation with Dr. Bottger whom I must say is very welcoming and he had me sold when he walked in the room. He actually had me undress and told me what I needed. Dr. Saunders didn't really do that, he had me lift my shirt up and then quickly told me what would happen. It was a very quick meeting so I appreciated Dr. Bottger taking the time and really looking at my body and making suggestions. With Dr. Saunders I felt more like my body was the same as others and that is far from the truth. I just know from others that Dr. Saunders is in fact am awesome surgeon and that's why I went to him and scheduled but now I'm torn. Dr. Bottger is a little over double the price of what Dr. Saunders is charging but I kind of felt more comfortable with Dr. Bottger! Dr. Saunders didn't talk to me about my back fat which needs some lipo so I am going to call his office about that to see if he will do that as well. I don't want a tummy tuck and still have back fat and love handles so that kind of bothered me that he didn't really give me that suggestion. I will give the office a call tomorrow.
I have a consult with dr saunders on the 25th. Im soo excited. I wish that i didnt waste that money on the lipo. Im
Oh good! Let me know if you decide to go w him. I hear he's an awesome surgeon!
I sure will. My husband is upset. How about the lipo was the same amount. I will never recommend that. Did the dr say you would have to stay the night in delaware for overnight observation.

I'm so dissapointed trying to find another way to...

I'm so dissapointed trying to find another way to fund my surgery! As it stands now I am having to cancel my April 12th date. So mad but It is what it is. I guess I'll just schedule it for June or July. Give me some more time to save up the cash! Good luck to Everyone who's having their surgery before me!
Is your surgery scheduled for March22!
Hello to be lili you do have to stay over night in what ever hospital you get your surgery done at for observation Dr Saunders is doing my surgery on March 22 at Wilmington Hospital I'm too excited cant wait to wake up to a flat stomach! When are you planning on having your surgery? I can't even sleep I can't wait till Friday Ive been wanting this for too long!!
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A friend of mine referred me to Dr. Saunders, she loves her results!

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