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Tummy Tuck Scheduled W/Dr. J. Saunders! – Newark, DE

I have never written a blog before but I feel it...

I have never written a blog before but I feel it is necessary because so many your reviews on this site has been so helpful! I have been contemplating a tummy tuck over the past several months. I am 5'0 & approximately 180 lbs. I have one child, a teen, & I have lost weight before in the past, getting down to 126 lbs. However, even then I still had a slight belly. Now my weight has gotten way out of control & I need to take my life back! In my research I came across this wonderful site & pored over doctor reviews of surgeons in the area & pictures, I kept being drawn to Dr. Jonathan Saunders especially after reading BIEE's & other reviews of his patients. So I set up 2 consults, one with Dr. Saunders, the other with another surgeon in the Newark area for the next week. Dr. Saunders bedside manner, his pleasant disposition & how immediately comfortable I felt with him instantly sealed the deal! He explained the procedure to me in detail & didn't rush. I don't even feel it necessary to even keep my other appointment with the other surgeon! His office staff are very friendly & informative! Another thing that stuck out to me was a painting in his exam room that was of a surgeon praying before operating on someone. I loved that! I am a Christian & I pray ALL the time. I felt it was a sign! LOL! So based on all of this I scheduled my surgery for a tummy tuck & lipo on my flanks for July 14, 2014. I cannot wait!! Dr. Saunders recommended that I lose at least 20 lbs prior to surgery but I would like to lose at least 30 because I have such a short torso the amount of visceral fat I have is causing my organs to really protrude. I know that I really need to put in some work in order for the doctor's work to be really effective, so after work it's off to the gym I go! Take care everyone! P.S. I'll add pics of Hector (my belly) soon. Lol...
I'm happy for you :)) the weight loss will put you in a much better position to achieve better results and the ability to keep it off after :) Best of luck for both!
Thanks so much Lisalicious!

Before pictures


I breathe realself morning & night! I find myself poring over pics & reviews, especially of those who have similar tummy shapes. While I am working to lose weight, I'm still worried that because Hector (my tummy) seems so large, that I won't look as good as others with the same tummy type. I'll just keep plugging away. Hoping these next 4 months fly by so I too can be on the flat side! :)
I lost 10 pounds prior to surgery so I went from 177 to 167 in about one month by doing Curves & curves meal plan. Just keep moving and watch your meal intake & the weight will fall off
Congrats on making the decision to do a TT. It's a huge step but it's well worth it. As you've already planned, just try to lose as much weight as you can up until surgery and you r result will be great. Im loving my result as my doctor is an artist and sculptor..
Thanks Triana! I'm changing my eating habits and going to incorporate cardio as well. My PS told me to shoot for 15-20 but if I could do 25-30 I'd be ecstatic.

Might move my date up

I've been contemplating moving my date up from July 14th to June 23. I'll have to make my final decision soon because I would like to have my surgery first thing in the morning. But I also need to allow myself enough time to shed some of this weight off...

New Date!! June 23rd!

Hello All! I decided to move my date up to June 23rd! This will give me more time to heal before I go back to my full time job since I have off during the summer. It also shortens my time that I need to lose weight, but it's all good. I gotta do what I gotta do to have the best results for me!
Less than two months away from the flat side! Congrats and happy healing!
Girl you dont look to heavy or over weight but moat surgeons want ppl to loose as much as possible to get the look u want. My surgeon suggested i loose 10 pounds before surgery for the same reason i thought anout it and tried a bit but then i said to myself if loosing weight n gettibg in shape was easy for me i would be paying thousands of dollars for someone to help me do it. At pre op I was 194 at post op I was 180 and im still going down and so is the swelling. I had a hige belly with a hernia and i an so happy with my tummy tuck reaults and how much smalller i look as a whole so dont beat urself up bout loosing weight do ur best give it all you got eat healthier n walk n drink water thats all u will do great

Weight loss

I have been reading reviews everyday, & it is even more apparent that I get this extra weight off! One review I read where the person developed necrosis & had to get a wound vac! No way do I want that to happen to me! Some of the very informative posts I've read state how important it is to lose the weight in order to maximize your results. Because I have a small torso, it's easy for any extra weight to show immediately in my tummy. My torso is small, I don't have a lot of extra skin, it's more intra-abdominal fat. I'm hoping over the next 7 weeks with eating right & exercising, I will reduce my tummy fat so I have more skin than fat. Resulting in a better surgery outcome. I don't want to pay thousands if dollars & not be happy! No ma'am!

Surgery date update

I went from my initial date of July 14 to June 23 back to July 23. I got overly excited & pushed my surgery date up without thinking it thru. I wouldn't have the adequate amount of time to lose at least 15 lbs prior to surgery unless I starved myself. So I pushed it back to July 23. Once I get out of work for the summer I will be able to hit the gym for as king as I want during the day. Right now after work I'm way to tired. However, I've been upping my water intake & eating more lean protein & green veggies & fruits. I feel like I've lost inches & I lost one whole whopping pound. Lol...put I'm going to keep going! :)
Gm sis , how did your surgery went , just checking on you , hope you are healing great , keep us updated and have a safe and bless day .... Happy healing !!!
Newark Plastic Surgeon

Warm, friendly, down to earth. He was detailed and ensured that I understood what the process was all about. I would highly recommend him to anyone! Office staff was great!

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