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Hello I'm a 30 year old single mother of two. I...

Hello I'm a 30 year old single mother of two. I have an 11 year old son and an 8 year old daughter. Both of my children very large babies (9lbs and 10lbs) which stretched my stomach to the max. Leaving me with the ugliest belly. Before i had my two children had a body to die for.... flat belly, tiny waist, nice hips and thick thighs. I had my first child at 19 so I really never got a chance to enjoy my curves and flat stomach :(

I have been considering having my belly done since i gave birth to my daughter back in 2004. What made me realize how awful my stomach looked was when my 2 year old nephew took off screaming when he saw it. He was so afraid, he was shaking. From that point on my sister used my stomach as threat everytime he is misbehaving.

I scheduled my procedure date for August 13, 2012 with Dr. Saunders in Delaware. I'm beyond excited!!!! I can't wait wear a bikini. I cannot wait to not have to worry about my shirt flying up or my belly drooping out of my shirt. My Birthday is August 1st so this is my gift to myself. A NEW ME!!


Thank you. I am excited but nervous at same time.
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When is your surgery date?
Gift_to_me, Thank you so much! I wish you the best of luck as well... I can't wait! I know you can't either... See you on the flat side :)
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Went for my pre op appointment on Tuesday!!! I...

Went for my pre op appointment on Tuesday!!! I can't believe this is really about to happen! I've been waiting 10 years for this day to come and now it's finally on its way. My surgery and hospital fees are paid in full so now I'm just waiting for the big day to come.... At my pre op visit my Dr let me ask all of the questions that I may have had and took pictures of the gush aka my belly lol..He also gave me the prescription for my pain medicine and antibiotics. The only thing he didn't go over was how to prepare for the surgery. He didn't tell me to stop vitamins or not to eat before surgery. I have to call the office tomorrow.


How quickly were you able to schedule your appt? I called the office to talk to ps but was told he is away. Just hope he is accessible post-op. Did you contact them with remaining questions? If not, I can ask when I go next week.
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I scheduled both my pre op and surgery date at my consultation appointment... I was told back in April that he would be away for last week of July but will be returning the first full week of August... No I was not able to get my questions by the PS but when the nurse from the hospital called me for my pre admission screening she was able to answer them for me. But thank you anyway... Let me know how your pre op go! Btw you should write down all of your questions before you go so you will be sure to get them all answered. I wish I would have thought to do that before my pre op appointment :)
I'm sure like you, I am so nervous and anxious about this whole thing that I can't even wrap my head around questions. Any suggestions would be helpful.

Wow! One week until my surgery!!! I'm so excited!...

Wow! One week until my surgery!!! I'm so excited! I'm not nervous yet at all... Can't wait to be on the flat side :)


Hey Gift_to_me!! How did your pre op go?? My big day is Monday, I will be sure to let you know how everything goes and give you some suggestions... Ttyl

Monday is the big day!!! Can't believe this is...

Monday is the big day!!! Can't believe this is about to really happen... I'm not not nervous as of yet but Sunday I may have the jitters.


I have tried responding to you several times but for some reason, they haven't appeared. Anyhow, my pre-op went well. I'm nervous but ready for this to be over with. For the most part, I have everything prepared. I ordered a raised toilet seat, borrow a waller, got my pain meds, vitamins and scar cream. Reading all of these reviews can be helpful but it's also draining my pocketbook. At this point, I am just praying that God will give me the strength to see this all through. I will pray the same for you. Keep me posted on your progress to the extent that you can but get plenty of rest. Hopefully, you have an early appointment.
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Omg! Today is my day!!!! It's like I'm dreaming :)

Omg! Today is my day!!!! It's like I'm dreaming :)


Praying for you this morning!
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Hey... Today I am 1 day post op and feeling...

Hey... Today I am 1 day post op and feeling pretty good. My surgery was done yesterday at 2:00. Last night was kind of rough but once the nurses took me off the IV meds I and gave me Percocets, I was fine. I stayed in the hospital overnight which was a big help. The nurses were wonderful!! I woke up this morning great, I even washed myself up and dressed myself. I'm exhausted, about to take another nap. Sorry if this review sounds crazy it's because of these meds... Ttly


Can't wait to see your results! I'm praying that mine goes as well.
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I can't believe that you have showered already. How is your pain level and are you taking your meds regularly? I wish that I could be so lucky to only have 5 stretch marks remain. This will not be the case as I stretched quite a bit above my belly button. I can only imagine how great you ate going to look as you have that hour glass shape. So happy for you!
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Thank you so Gift-to-me! I mUst say dr sanders did a great job removing my stretch marks:.. I can't believe this is my belly; it's so pretty.... Your results are going to be awesome too. We have the best doctor :))

PO day 11... Hello Friends!! All i can say is...

PO day 11... Hello Friends!! All i can say is swell hell. My belly is uncomfortably swollen most of the time along with my hips and thighs. I do think that most of my swelling comes from moving around too much. i started driving at 7 days PO only because i didnt have anyone one to take me to my 1 week post op appointment. At that appointment i got one drained pulled thank God!!! i hate these damn drains with a passion. My next appointment with my PS is monday 8/27. I pray he pull this last drain. I can't wait to be normal again, i hate sitting on my a**! My Tush is going to be as flat as a pancake once i heal SMH.


DRAINLESS!!!!! I went for my 2 week post op...

DRAINLESS!!!!! I went for my 2 week post op appointment yesterday and my ps removed the last horrible drain. As soon as he removed it I instantly felt better. I even felt like I was walking straighter. I feel so good! I'm still swollen but I almost normal again! Thank God!


Hi ladies!!! I got an appointment with J Saunders for 8/25 for a consult. I will call tomorrow for C Saunders.. Hopefully soon I will be posting my journey like you..;)
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You will not be disappointed. He did an amazing job!
BTW - with J. Saunders, u can get a 5% discount if u pay cash.

Hello all! so far so good... i'm almost 3 weeks...

Hello all! so far so good... i'm almost 3 weeks post op and my only complaint is the swelling and the lump of what i think is fat on my right side. i'm not too worried because either its swelling or left behind, both of which my PS will have a solution for. I love my fat belly when swelling isnt present! i cant wait until this swell hell is a thing of the past. Other than the swelling Life Is Great! I'm truly blessed :). I updated my profile with new photos! check them out.


Hey can you please update your results. How is the swelling now?
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Yea it's like that with Dr. Saunders. He's always booked solid. I hear Dr. Chang is awesome too though
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How are you ladies making out???
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Hello! I haven't added a new post in awhile so...

Hello! I haven't added a new post in awhile so here it goes... For starters I am the happiest woman in the world with my new tummy!! Dr. Saunders is a savior! My belly is so freakin flat! It's beautiful... My confidence has sky rocketed since I've gotten my tummy tuck. Sometimes I look in the mirror and can't believe that it's my reflection I am staring at. I never looked this good in my life! My scar is still a little dark but is healing well. I would rather have this scar over the wrinkles lol. I can't wait to the summer to wear a bikini and halter tops :)


you look great
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Omg! You look great! my surgery is Thursday coming. I don't have anything but my scripts. Can you recommend anything that I might need that was not mentioned?
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Wow u look great!!! I hav a quick question for u... How long did u keep ur girgle/ binder on?? I'm 7 weeks post op.. I neeeed this thing off!! Lol
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11 months post op.... I loving my belly!!!

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11 months later :))

Don't have much to say but that I am a happy woman!! Still swell from time to time, but other than that I feel amazing!! My 32nd bday is Thursday and I can't wait to celebrate it with a beach party lol.


Hi I have a question, how much did the hospital that Dr Saunders use cost for the entire procedure & staying over night?
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You look amazing! Can't believe it's been over a year post op. I haven't been on here and just saw your results. How much did Dr. Saunders charge u for lipo fix? Have u been back for follow-up? With my schedule, I stopped after my six months.
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Hi gift to me!!! I didn't have to get anything fixed. It eventually fixed itself.... How are you feeling? I still have swelling from time to time, how about u?
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I Just love Dr. Saunders! He is such a wonderful doctor. I also fell in love with the nurses and PCA's at Wilmington Hospital.

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