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Still searching for a doc in Ny!

Hey realself ladies. I'm a 25 yrs old with two...

Hey realself ladies. I'm a 25 yrs old with two kids. They both did a number on my stomach especially the lower tummy. Don't want anymore kids and more than ready to feel sexy again. I have a consultation with Dr.saunders in Delaware nov.1. This is my second consult. My first consult was with dr.yager.


Hi Rebareds. I'm going with Dr.J Saunders he does the low thin scar and cute belly buttons plus he's patient. I already had a consult with dr.s thru email and he quoted me between 6-7 g's. Dr.yager quoted me 9,500 including lipo. He also does great work but his lipo is expensive.
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Which Dr. Saunders Christopher or Jonathan? I'm considering doing a consultation with both and one with Dr. Tattlbaum in Rockville,Md. How did your appointment go with the other Dr? I'm going to start make appointments next week. I would like have my surgery done before christmas. Please let me know how your consultation go.
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10-22-12 9 more days till my consult with Dr...

9 more days till my consult with Dr.Saunders! Im confident he's the doctor for me and thank you ladies for all the good comments about him.


Hello, How are you did your surgery go? How are you feeling so far?
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Good luck with whatever you do! I would suggest a tummy tuck rather than lipo because of the extra skin! Keep us posted and again good luck!
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hey contact my dr salami in mia for tummy :)
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Missed my consult in deleware thanks to sandy. Now...

Missed my consult in deleware thanks to sandy. Now I'm looking for a more local doctor. I'm ready to do this already! Y is it so hard to find a good affordable doctor in ny?!

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I had a consult with dr.shahine. Although he...

I had a consult with dr.shahine. Although he wasn't there I saw another lady who gave me a quote. She let me know my stomach will still be flat even with the stretch marks with the lipo only. She also let me know i can come by to meet the doctor :). Dr.shahine is triple board certified which is impressive. He does itty bitty waist. He does lipo on the whole stomach and back. He create nice hips and a round butt.Have any of you ladies heard of this new lipo tightening the skin? Also being awake is a relief but still a bit scary. I was up for a procedure(not cosmetic) and it wasn't bad at all.


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I had my procedure and I have the video and pictures to tell the story for all to see please J go ti my review and see my pictures and video
I had lipo in Feb. 2013. I was a size 4 with a nice body to start with, all I wanted was for him to clean up my flanks and little on my back. The results suck. He actually ruined my body, it looks bad, uneven and weird in the back. He does not respect patients' time, for my surgery I waited 13 hours from when it was scheduled. He does not provide a garment or even guidance regarding post op care. You need to get several garments, 3 days after the surgery you need to wear one at least 1 size larger because you will be quite swollen. Then you go through stages whereas you need to change the garment size. All he told me was buy a garment that's comfortable. Due to his lack of instruction I ended up buying 5 garments and paid about $700. He also told me the massages were 'optional'..OMG, without the massages you will develop lumps and swelling. I have spent over $1200 on massages (so factor that in). He does not have a file for his patient's so during each follow-up it's like he's seeing you for the first time with no information before him about what he did to you or your medical history..HUGE RED FLAG..The staff is beyond unprofessional and they are hustler's because they get a commission. By the way none of them are certified nurses and they assist the surgery..RED FLAG..To see him for a follow-up is almost impossible, he had me wait 5 hours once and 3 hours another time. I feel discouraged and I will have to go to another surgeon for revision. Do your research!! He is NOT Bd. certified, he is an OB/GYN. He takes the pictures right after surgery with your arms extended upwards to make it look at if your figure has clean lines, although there are bumps. For those getting fat transfer, the fat will be reabsorbed by your body, everyone in the waiting room was complaining about that. Visit several surgeons and do your research. Good Luck!! http://www.nydoctorprofile.com (click search at the bottom of page, put his name Ayman Shahine, and then click 'legal actions' at top of page.)
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