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Looking forward to the new me!

I am a 39 yr old mother of 1 child (who is an...

I am a 39 yr old mother of 1 child (who is an adult now). As far as I can think back.. I have been insecure about my body. After I had my son, I had become rediculious insecure. I would not get undressed in front of ANYONE! Guy, girl, family..no one! I've lost a couple of boyfriends thruout my life because I wouldn't let them see me naked. I know.. ridiculous right? For the first time in my life.. I finally let 1 guy see my body.. my husband. My husband is so in love with me and everything about me. I think that God hid in his eyes from really seeing my terrible body for what it really is.
Enough about my sad story. I'm looking to get a tummy tuck and liposuction. I originally wanted a bbl because it involves lipo from the stomach, flanks and back (everywhere I need it)... but it's costly!
I scheduled a consultation with Dr J Saunders in Newark for August 4th. My main concern is the cost. I had originally contacted a bbl surgeon in Baltimore Md.. and the cost is ridiculous! It was comparable to buying a small car. We'll see I guess.
I just had mine done in Wilmington, DE. I used Dr. Danyo. He was incredible. TT, lipo and muscle repair. He charged $6,740. That covered one night in hospital, pain killers, antibiotics and binder and all doctors visits. Well worth it. I just had it done on July 9th and was back to work in 6 days. Not sure if you were looking for another opinion. You do look great and I had that extra skin also. What a difference it makes. Good luck with your decision. Do something for you.
I agree with the others.. You look great right now. You're only lacking self confidence. From the pics your body looks nice and tight. The surgery may fix the extra skin and fat but won't fix how you feel on the inside. The more confident you are with your body the sexier you are. Best of luck on your decision.
Yes.. I do need to work on my self confidence. It does start with the inside.. That's what my husband keeps telling me. But.. Thank you:)


Had my first consultation today with Dr J Saunders. It went great! I was glad to see the Holy Bible on the table in the waiting room:). It prompt me to pray. I prayed that everything would go smooth with the Dr and also that the price range would be doable for my husband and I. Dr Saunders is awesome! He was polite, honest and down to earth! I had a list of questions, but he answered all of them (and more) before I could even ask! ???? I did my research with the doctors in my area. I researched their history, read reviews and viewed their before and after photos. All in all.. I was impressed with Dr Saunders work! So glad God lead me to him! We have decided to go with this Dr. The price was within the price we were looking for!???? now I need to pick a date...????
Thank you for the info tjrjake.

Getting closer!

Got my date..and I can't wait!! November 10th!
I lay in my bed and I praise God for getting me this close to finally be free of my insecurity! Praise The Lord! Thank you Jesus:):)

26 days!!

Leave approved, blood work done, surgery paid in full and 15 days till my pre op appointment! Can't believe I'm almost there! I'm feeling anxious and nervous at the same time.
Right now I'm looking to buy a recliner, but not sure if I will really need one. I've seen on the internet the Back Max Bed and the Bed Lounger. Does anyone recommend any of the two? Or will a bunch of pillows propped up do?
I wish you the very best. It is going to feel so good to be able to pose in front of the mirror and think "Yes!!!!" instead of hiding. I just got my new body. It is terribly swollen but I already know a much happier, free life is ahead of me.
Thanks Matea2! I can't wait! The closer I get the more I imagine how free I will feel (inside and out). Again, you look amazing! I will keep you posted:)
You are getting close! I bought the Bed Lounger. Honestly, it was too small for me. It's just too confining. My friend who is smaller loved it when taking care of me. The leg part is too hard and high. I never used it. I think the recliner is your best bet. I could not sleep in bed for a month. The recliner was the only thing I was comfortable in. Getting in and out of bed is difficult enough without having to maneuver pillows, foam shapes, etc.
Dr. Jonathan Saunders

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