4 days po healing under way....UNDER CONSTRUCTION on 6/6/12

I decided in February after taking a weekend...

I decided in February after taking a weekend getaway with my family to a resort that had an indoor pool that it was really time for me to do something about my tummy. I'm tired of walking around sucking in my gut...it's just exhausting. Plus I was more worried about the dimples on my saddle bags. I have no idea how to suck them in!! I just covered them up with a pair of bathing shorts. Not happy at all.

I'm 39, 5'5" and weigh anywhere between 140-150. Right now I’m at my highest because I'm enjoying my last couple of weeks and eating/drinking whatever I like. I use to be very disciplined. I was a U.S. Marine in my younger years and stayed rather active up until about 4 years ago when I gave birth to my last child. I don't know if it’s my age or premenopausal or BOTH! but, I can't lose the wait like I use too and I certainly don't look or feel the way I use too.

I'm very excited to share my journey with everyone!! I will post some before pictures soon before the big day.

Well here are my before pics. These were taking on...

Well here are my before pics. These were taking on May 1st. I'm going to post more before the the big day.

I'm so excited but the anxiety of the "what ifs" are killing me. I'm really scared of the surgery itself. I'm fine with the post part...the pain and the healing...because it will all pass. just can't get the being put to sleep part out of my mind. Very scared!!!

Yes, I have been eating everything. There is no holds bar right now when it comes to my food intake. Thankfully, I have a great husband that does not allow alot of junk food in the house. Usually everything is organic in my house or pretty close to it. No artificial stuff, No fructose corn syrup, DEF NO SODA's in my house (although I had one at lunch yesterday - husband does not know I went to Taco Bell), All of the juices the kids drink have to be 100% fruit juice. Are kids are very healthy and seldom get sick. So I KNOW that this will be it for me (eating bad), when I get home my husband will make sure of it :)

So everyone that I have told (which is basically everyone I talk too - because I'm just too excited to keep it in) is very excited for me. I have found out that 85% of my friends have been contemplating the same procedure. So I have had a lot of support from my friends. Family on the other hand - not so supportive and I do not mean that in a bad way. My dad really wants me to think about it. When I told him that its paid for and scheduled, you could tell that he was upset. My dad is very natural person too. He is 65 and still works out. He also eats very healthy. My mom really hasn't said to much except why, your skinny now. So, I'm not sure her take. My sister who will be 30 this year didn't show any excitement for me, so not sure about her either. My brother who lives out in Vegas who fought in the UFC and WAS married to a women who had alot done to her said "Great you two can join each other" in a very sarcastic way. So not sure how to read him either. My lil sis who is 27 seems to be happy she said she wishes she could get boobs. She also said if I need anyone to come over and help out she would so that was nice.

All in all I'm excited and can't wait to show off the new me when its all done. ttys.

I'm reading a lot of reviews and I feel a little...

I'm reading a lot of reviews and I feel a little left out. Example vitamin c....My ps didn't say anything to me about taking vitamin c. I'm taking it is for infection? And nothing about stool softener either. Maybe it will be discussed when they call me to tell me what time to be there on the sixth.

Learning so much from reading everyone's reviews....Really happy I found realself!

I decided to start eating healthy again since...

I decided to start eating healthy again since there is only 2 weeks left. Had a cup of coffee, bowl of Special K and a protein shake for breakfast. I'm about to have my morning snack which is a granola bar..I love dipping them into my coffee. So, another cup of coffee will be consumed (not sure if that is to healthy).

Looking forward to the Holiday weekend. The family is heading to the beach. Not looking forward to putting a bathing suit on :(. Woudl you want to see the below bod in a bathing suit. I'm really flabby. I'm hoping after the surgery to get back into the Gym 24/7 and be obsessed once again with my body and keeping it is shape.

So ready for 6/6.. I don't think it can get here fast enough.

I love reading everyone's story on here. It really...

I love reading everyone's story on here. It really helps you get through to the big day.

Things that I have learned:
1. bring bucket for the car ride home;
2. have lots of saltine crackers in home;
3. Take Vitamin C
4. Rest ***do not over do it while recovering***; and last but most important
5. I'm going to look AMAZING!!! lol.

Stil eating pretty healthy. Out of Milk this morning so I didn't get to have a bowl of Special K (mmmm). Just a cup of protein shake. I'll have my coffee and granola bar shortly. Not sure what to do for lunch since I left it on the kitchen table. It was salad. Maybe go down stairs to the cafeteria and pay for a salad. So trying to save my money though...uuugggg.

OMG...I did not sleep well at all last night. My...

OMG...I did not sleep well at all last night. My dreams were horrible....H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E!!!!

I was late getting to my surgery! I had left my toenail polish on (was totally flipped out about this) and I forgot my meds. HOLY CANOLI!!!

My upcoming surgery is really playing a number on my mind. But GREAT NEWS...my sister and brother-in-law are letting me use their recliner. So my hubby and BIL will bring it over next weekend. Very pleased with this and happy that I will be some what comfy.

Looking forward to the Holiday W/E!!! Not looking forward to putting a bathing suit on this weekend. Hope to take more pics and post after the weekend. To everyone Pre and Post.....HAVE A HAPPY AND SAFE MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND. GOD BLESS

What a fabulous weekend we had down state in...

What a fabulous weekend we had down state in Delaware. I had a relaxing time with the my family. I even braved it and wore a bikini to the beach on Sunday. I felt yucky in it with the all the other girls around me with their flat tummies. I could not stop thinking of how great I'm going to look next time I put a bathing suit on (hopefully July 4th). I haven't been eating overboard like I had been but I have started taking vitamin C. I actually need to call the ps office today and find out what type of stockings I'm suppose to get again. I have one more week till the big day....so excited!!!!

I am obsessed with this website. I can't stop...

I am obsessed with this website. I can't stop reading everyone's journey :)

OMGsh!!! I can't believe one more week. It's...

OMGsh!!! I can't believe one more week. It's insane how bad I want it to get here. It's all I think about, talk about. Just have to make it through my son's bday party on Friday night then I can totally concentrate on the big day.

Lots of preparing. Need to get the recliner to the house from my sisters. Need to buy a shower curtain for underneath of me so I don't ruin anything..need to get stockings and have my hubby find some old towels. I'm not worried about a clean house because everyone has certain chores and my oldest will pick up the slack along with my hubby. DId I ever mention that I have the greatest kids ever!!!! Especially my 10 year old. She is an old soul, who is the second mom in the house. If I am unable to do something she takes the initiative and just does it. She is amazing and I thank god for her and her brother everyday :)

I stare in the mirror at my tub of jelly and think to myself...self, I think I'm SEXY, but after I'LL KNOW I'M SEXY!!!!! lol. Nothing wrong with having a big head, right?? I'm paying for it!!! Happy Humpday everyone!!

My time for surgery is in......11:30 am, I am to...

My time for surgery is in......11:30 am, I am to report to the surgery center. Yeah baby!! I'm really feeling the anxiety. My heart is doing flips waiting for the day.

Bought my compression stockings last night $38.99. Nurse told me to get medium compression, so I did :) I'm going to have to call her back and ask a few more questions though. 1. pain blocker questions. 2. drainage questions 3. catheder questions and 4. when can I start taking my anxiety pills (hehehe). Next week this time...I'll be on the flat side!!

Spoke to the nurse today and found out the...

spoke to the nurse today and found out the following 1. yes I will have a pain blocer for up to about 72 hrs. I will remove when finished. 2. yes I wil have drains. 3. yes i will come home with a catheder so I won't have to keep getting up and down to go potty. Also found out I will remove this too and 4. I can start taking my anxiety pills...what a relief that is to hear. Just can't take them after midnight before my surgery. woo hoo...its almost time ladies!!!!

HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!!! My last Friday as a fatty...

HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!!! My last Friday as a fatty....lol! I took one of my anxiety pills last night...I passed out. I guess that is good. To bad I can't take them at work. I have so much anxiety I feel like I am going to puke. I think I'm ready for this! I just have to buy some grany panties and a shower curtain to protect my sister's recliner she is letting me borrow. They are suppose to bring it over this weekend.

If anyone has any other suggestions.........PLEASE LET ME KNOW!! thanks!

2 more nights of sleep then surgery. I can't...

2 more nights of sleep then surgery. I can't begin to tell you how wacked out I am about having the surgery. So ScArEd!!!! My chest hurts all the time so I try not to think about it. It is what it is.

So Tomorrow it is!!!! I took an anxiety pill last...

so Tomorrow it is!!!! I took an anxiety pill last night before bed...IT HELP!! But I am so yucky this morning....just in a horrible mood! The house just seemed to get on my nerves this morning. Nothing was right and the hubby was not helpful. I woke up and the house just looked a mess. So, I know tonight I will be cleaning and not relaxing like I wanted too. My MIL will be spending the night because she has to go to the airport in the moring so my hubs is taking her. Let me tell you how blessed I am to have a MIL like her. She is one amazing women!!! She can do EVERYTHING. (sew, cook, bake - I know that is a short list, but anything artsy she is great at)

Anyway, back to my surgery tomorrow....This day just can't get over fast enough...please hurry. now I must get back to work and grab another cup of coffee. One that preferrably does not have yucky floaters in it. I should have went to DD thismorning.

Well ladies....this is it! I have to be at the...

Well ladies....this is it! I have to be at the surgery cntr at 11:30. I'm calm. My biggest idk is what to wear to surgery. Lol. I do have a headache...no caffiene. The no eating isn't bothering me at all.

Good luck to everyone today. I'll see ya on the flat side :)

God bless!!!

I'm doing grea no problems just a little groggy...

I'm doing grea no problems just a little groggy from the medicine. okay a lot of groggy.

Still doing well. Im kicking mysel for wottying so...

Still doing well. Im kicking mysel for wottying so much.

I m home and resting. Myhushand is wonderful. Only...

I m home and resting. Myhushand is wonderful. Only taking tylonel Percs make me to sick. Write more tomorrow when I hope to have more energy

All I want to do.is rest. I feel great today. Jut...

All I want to do.is rest. I feel great today. Jut not over doing it. Love to all

Today is shower day! Honestly this whole...

Today is shower day! Honestly this whole expierence has been not so bad. On a scale 1-10 (10 being great) I would rate this an 8. 1 point lost for the Percs that make u terribly ill and another point just because I feel helpless, depending on my hubby for everything. He has been a godsend. Boobs feel great and the lipo really does not hurt. I'm doing wonderful and I think the reason is I listened to everything the ps told me. I haven't looked at anything yet. I've been waiting for my shower today which I'll I have my hubby take pics. CANT WAIT. Btw my catheter fell out last night (which was due to come out today anyway) round 9 pm so I've been bothering the hubby to help me more with the potty. No bm yet, but I haven't really eaten anything - I've been taken the stool softeners. My pain blocker will be coming out also today. I have not once said to myself "why did I do this" happy really happy. Btw dr visit at 4 on monday

Today was really a long day. Hubby got most of my...

Today was really a long day. Hubby got most of my garment off along with gauze and all of a sudden I start feeling like i m going to faint. I got so sweaty. I think it might have been seeing my tummy and bb. It's all bruised. And the bb is just one big scab. I have picS, I just can't figure out how to download from the I pad. Very tired and just want to rest. Ill ask hubby to help tomorrow with pics. Xoxoxox

So I feel good. Emotionally I'm drained because I...

So I feel good. Emotionally I'm drained because I can't do anything for myself. I don't like that. This am I got up and scooted to the kitchen and made my own cup of coffee. But that is it for me today. Thinking bout riding to my moms with the family so kids can swim. Shower was so good yesterday. I want another one. I am a big true blood fan so can't wait to watch that tonight.

I hope everyone is doing well

I'm really enjoying the relaxing. I'm def not over...

I'm really enjoying the relaxing. I'm def not over doing it. Saw the ps today and everything is good. Need to start walking straighter/taller, massaging the new boobs. The drains will come out Friday and I should go back to work monday. Need the beauty sleep...ttys
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How are you doing today?
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So glad you are doing so good! You will find each day easier than the day before. Be very careful not to over do it at work. Bet you look wonderful!
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can't wait to see some pics!
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I'm sure it's hard needing help - I have a terrible time letting people help me ...but it's only for a short time, really, and you'll have your independence back! Besides, we know the family owes you some caretaking. I have to remember that it's good for them to help me. People like to feel needed just like we do:) I hope you get to enjoy taking the kids for a swim, & maybe a shower for you! Looking fwd to hearing about your Dr. visit Monday.
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Continue on the road to recovery. Take good care of yourself.
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I agree with you about this MM journey being about an 8 (with 10 being great). I would totally recommend this MM stuff to everyone. The pain isn't that bad and the results are awesome! So glad that your healing well! Have a beautiful weekend! :)
PS...Enjoy that shower! :)
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Thanks everyone. The support on realself has been amazing. I'm truly blessed to have all of you. God bless u all!
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Happy shower day! Good luck with the potty bizness ;) So glad you're doing well!
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So glad to hear you're doing so well! Keep resting!
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I am so glad our doing great!!!
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Glad you are doing well. Rest and relax!! Healthy and happy healing.
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Hope things are well and your are having a good recovery day! Can't wait to hear from you! :)
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Hope you are comfortable, resting, & healing well - looking fwd to hearing how you're doing!
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Thinking of you and hoping you're doing well!
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How are you feeling today?
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best of luck, and hope all is well
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Hope you are doing well, can't wait to hear your story!
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Thinking of you! Hope all went well!
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My heart and thoughts are with you! do everything the doc says and please let us know how you are doing! Best of luck! You'll be fine!
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Best wishes to you today. I hope everythings goes smoothly! :)
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Amen, unique! Prayers your way, DesertRat.
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Saying a prayer for you and your surgeon
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Thanks everyone. Today has been crazy.mlots of anxiety, lots of making sure all things were good at work before I leave for 11 days. And crazy at the house trying to clean and make sure I have everything.

There is so much going on in my mind/brain..that I don't feel like typing anything. I guess I'm emotionally drained. Sorry. I'm not scheduled to be ther until 11:30. So I have a lot of time still. Immgoing to do the normal morning routine with the kids, do some laundry and then pack and hopefully leave. Nothing to drink or eat after midnight tonight...that is going to be my only grip tomorrow. No morning cup of coffee.

To all the other ladies scheduled tomorrow. God bless and happy healing!!!
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