This Total Timeline Tornado - Newark, DE

This total timeline tornado just hit me today. I...

This total timeline tornado just hit me today. I have been a closet "Real Self" reader and I see how much it's helping me so I wanted to pay it forward. So here it goes....

I have been denied in the past for a breast reduction. It was discouraging but I never really minded my big girls. They went with the rest of me....curvy. Things changed somewhere between age 29 and 36 and the timeline tornado began to whirl. This year, thanks to technology I feel like my eyes opened and I suddenly saw my boobs as everyone else has seen them for years...MASSIVE. (We now have video conferences for meetings and good Lord were my girls huge.) "is that me, are they really that huge", I asked. My boss (she is awesome) responds "uhm yes, they are and yes it is you".

That's it!!!! I decided to go see the ps and get the ball rolling. It took me three months to collect all the letters from my various docs ( gyn, physical therapist and pcp). All of the form were submitted the week of Christmas, approval came this past week on Friday Jan 17th and my surgery is set for Feb 3. Apparently there was a cancellation at the OR and they can get me in NEXT WEEK!!!!! I have been waiting (I think) for this for years and here I am...reading all of your posts, biting my nails and making a to do list. Wait slow down I'm not in Kansas. And ToTo too?!

I am a 38K heading down to the D territory. Didn't think measurements went that high did ya ... but you girls know better than that!

Posting a before pic while thinking now how I need to get more focused on my weight loss goals. Before this planned reduction, my girls bypassed my tummy and (like I have seen some of you write) when I wake up I will see my belly button but not because I and smaller because my tummy is bigger. YIKES! How long before I can get back to working out. Lol
Oh my you feel like i did. For me what happend was i was approved in under two weks and i was like oh my god i am having this the day after christmas something i wanted for almost 15 years then all the sudden i wanted it. I was a 34g if not bigger. She said one of the worst cases she had seen in along time. I am so glad that i got this done. One of my best choices was getting the carnation instant breakfast drinks so that i could take those with my pain meds. Since I was alreay on pain meds for two years for other injuries i also have a torn labrum ect they also gave me a pain pump which was my saving grace. I did go back to work to soon walking the dogs way to many sits and i slipped fell on ice and bruised my rib. My concern was that i needed the money to pay for my insurance since i am self employed i needed to be able to make money and i already had three weeks off and no savings since i did not know this was going to happen so soon... so i ended up hurting myself even more. One side is not healing the way it should but we also think that it is due to stress financial and from loosing my uncle to cancer on the tenth of this month.. so i am trying to relax now.... i have lost almost ten pounds since the surgery between the swelling going down and how much they took off. I enjoy being able to not have my bra digging in my shoulders and already have releif. I wish I could have had this done sooner. Feel free to look at my page and the best of luck. If you have any questions please ask!
I researched for 2 years and finally found this site. I have not published a profile nor my journey, YET, but explanting was one of my best life decisions. I wish I had found it sooner, but soon enough. TAKE YOUR TIME, ASK QUESTIONS. I wish I had the info provided by "Reduction with internal bra + Hall Findlay Method + Anchor-Scar - US 36DDD/UK 36E/EU 80G Aim: 36 C Cup", but I have no regret. It was 3 wks. yesterday. Been taking pics, I will eventually post it. Had 500ccs silicone remove and then my own breast tissue used in lift, shaped. I am aware that the skin will thin and will not look like implants as they do now. Fine with me, and hubby. Educate yourself, there is lots of information on this site.
Can't post a link, but look up this woman's post. "Reduction with internal bra + Hall Findlay Method + Anchor-Scar - US 36DDD/UK 36E/EU 80G Aim: 36 C Cup" She has a lot of information regarding techniques and questions to ask the surgeon. May be helpful to you.

Pre-Op Call Today .. 6 days pre

So today I received the call from the hospital. They asked me all of these questions to which I had to laugh. Do you get motion sickness, can you open your mouth wide, do you take aspirin.... All I am thinking is am I going to an amusement park or to have surgery. Open my mouth what the heck am I screaming !?? I then thought maybe it's for the breathing tube but ya think they would say why they are asking. Anyway I'm 6 days pre and have loads of laundry an empty fridge messy house and a host of friends offering to help me after the surgery. I'm thinking any takers wanting to help me get my house in order before d day???
Not to mention I just spent three hours helping my daughter fill out a application for a summer leader program. How did any of you single mommies make time for all the prep work and families too?!

Getting excited but in denial about it being right around the corner. No time to worry too much to do!
K - wow that is quite a burden. You are going to be so happy - I was H and it has made so much difference. My doc did not use a breathing tube but sometimes they put a device to keep the airway open. An anti nausea before surgery worked well for me - try and get one. Have a quick clean up and then get your friends to bring you meals. I did not do too much prep but was glad my room and kitchen were clean and tidy so I could relax, Good luck - look forward to your updates.
so excited for you, a long wait coming to an end.
My doctor had me wear prescription knee high stockings the day of my surgery, continuing until after a week post surgery. I just turned healthy 63 Sunday, but he was very specific with avoiding blood clots, in spite of my high risk health history. I did not have drains. Ask surgeon about internal/external stitches. Post-op 3 wks and Advised to remove surgical tape yesterday, begin to apply mender a for scars. Return in 1 wk for check up.

Well it's 36 hours pre

Well it's 36 hours pre and I have no feeling. I got my mile long to do list done and now I am just finishing up paper work and tidying my house. I am not sure how or what I am supposed to feel. No nerves, no jitters. It's almost like its a normal Monday for me.
Had an awesome TaTa Bon voyage dinner with my girls yesterday. It was Amazing being surrounded in joy and warm wishes.

Anyone else have no feeling so close to the day of their surgery?!
Good luck with your surgery. I will be thinking positive thoughts for you. Hopefully my review will inspire you. I am 5 weeks post-op and it seems like yesterday. I was not that much smaller than you pre-op. Keep us updated when you can. Can't wait to see you on the other side :)
I was surprisingly calm on the outside and quite proud of myself until I looked in the mirror and saw the hives on my face. Enjoy the ride, you will be so happy. Best of luck to you
Thank you. No hives but waiting on my numbness to go away and panic to set it. If not then this is great!!! I can DO ANYTHING!!!

This is the last time I (fill in blank) with big boobies

Good morning boosem buddies. All day and night I have been saying... This is the last time I brush my teeth with big boobs or can't sleep on my tummy or wear a $100 bra because no other bra fits me.

Heading to hospital. Have to be there by 9. Still not nervous just excited. Thanks to all of you for kind words and helpful hints. I'm having mom take pics so I have lots to share when I get home tomorrow.

Whooot whoot and a yahooooo for me.... Let's do this!

Measurement before

Forgot to add this pic
52 inches - that's a lot of boob! Hope surgery goes well today.
Good luck, hope it goes well for you.
I wish you the best of luck! You will be so happy!! I was so nervous the day before and of but slept the night before. I also only had a week toprepare. Insurance approved fast keep us postes

Did you say NINE POUNDS

So it's post op day one. I have so much to share. Where to begin. Overall everything went smoothly. Surgery took just under 6 hours. My ps said she removed a total of nine pounds. Uhmm that is a full term newborn I was carrying around in my boobs.
Pain level- on a scale of 1 to 10 I have been comfortably sitting at a 4. Maybe once or twice did I hit a 8 but that was in the recovery room.
Size - all I can say is that they are so round and tight my nurse this morning asked me if I got implants... They look that good.... I asked myself!?!?
Appetite- it comes and goes. I have only been able to swallow applesauce and pudding, mainly because the cold feels great on my throat. Thanks to all for telling me to prepare for the sore throat. I took some hard candies with me!!!
Meds- ps prescribed percocets. Made me sick at first but much better now. While the directions say take two I have been able to maintain a pain tolerance with just one.
Stinging - yes there is a stinging slash burning sensation on the sides but not unbearable. Ice packs are helping. I think it's my skin stretching and healing.
Sleepy- yep that too mainly from meds but I had thee worse roommate ever. She had the tv blaring all night, called the nurse at least 40 times from midnight to 6 and whined allll nightttt longggg. I asked to go home early because if I didn't I surely would have made a scene
Now that I'm home- loving my comfy chair been napping off and on and I am so grateful for all the love I have been giving. Thanks to my girls,boss and family!!

I will post better pics in the morn when I change my bandages. Here is one showing the same measurement 56 inches
Excellent - congratulations. Glad you are feeling well and relaxing.
Congrats! Sounds like you are doing well. 9 pounds - wow! I thought removing 5 1/2 lbs was a lot. You will feel amazing and so much better. Get some rest and I hope our recovery goes well. :)
Thanks and I know. I am still in shock. But very happy

Feeling Human Again

Last night was my first night at home. I was a little nervous but it went smoothly. I took one and a half percocets at 9 then one more after midnight. It was a restful night, some pain, still stinging and burning. I can tell that I'm swollen but every day it's gets better.

Few more revaluations:
Headaches - yikes they are excruciating. Only on one side if my head...odd
Cough- my mom kept telling me that i needed to cough up the junk that accrued in my chest. I had no idea what she mean until this morning. Uhm yuck and ouch.
Comfy chair - still so thankful for buying this chair five years ago .lol. It's the only way I can sleep and move around.
Drains - I didn't get drains but had some light draining on my right side. Mom helped me change my dressings this morning. I washed up in the sink and feel sorta clean. 7 days and I can get a real shower.
Nipple graft- so far keeping them dry and counting down till I can see them!!

Talk more later.
AMAZING!!! I'm Going to add you to my wish pic collage. You look very good! How does it feel with the weight of the world off your shoulders?
Thanks!!!! I don't know yet. Lol I am just getting used to being upright and now have full range of motion in my arms so I'm hoping today I can see what it's really like to not be so top heavy.
Looks like your surgeon did a remarkable job. Many of the reductions that have so much removed do not end up with that lovely rounded shape - you choose really well - that is skill. Keep resting!

No more prescription meds

Hi All,

Home now for three days and I am off my prescribed meds. I have so much more range of motion in my arms. The pain is minimal and bearable. For the past few days I had the most painful migraines to which I fought this morning with a large iced coffee... Surprisingly it worked the pain faded and I can finally lift my head off the pillow and take off these shades. Lol

My left boob has no more drainage in the bandages and the right is slim to none. I do feel these weird zinger type pains that shoot around my boobs and around the incisions. They are painful but pass quickly. It kinda feels like and electric shock or someone twisting your nipple or boob then letting go.

I have switched from ice packs to heating compresses they give me lots of relief. The microwave ones are awesome...aroma and warmth all in one!!!

Sitting home is making me a little cabin feverish. If I see one more commercial about becoming a medical assistant or one more attorney asking if I had an accident from a slip and fall...I'm sure I will scream. Lol. Thank you Lord for allowing me to be employed because..(fill in blank)
I had my surgery on 2/5 and was told not to use ice because doctor wants area warm for circulation, especially around nipples.
Thanks for sharing. I didn't use near my nipples only the sides and where my chest is stretching. I will use warm from now on. I had been doing that too!!! Thanks again!!!!
It is interesting how Our surgeons each have different suggestions post-op, but my surgeon also said no ice after surgery for the same reason regarding circulation around the nipples. I believe it was after my 1st post-op appt and my nipples looked good he said I could use ice. I did once, but then my nipples starts becoming so sensitive to more ice for me.

Who is this person staring at me.....

So for the last week I have been walking past the mirror looking, turning, looking harder, sucking it in, looking again, poking out my chest looking some more. I have no idea who the person is looking back at me. I have wanted this for so long I didn't know that it came with a total identity transformation. I actually hate my body now. I am more determined than ever to lose weight and get fit. I don't want to be a model but I also don't want to look like I am five months pregnant now that my boobs are flatter.

My incisions are still healing and some light drainage. I know I overdid it the past two days because I had a bit more in my bandages. I made myself sit and rest and stop trying to be superwoman. I have two more weeks before I go back to work so I plan to make the most of it and rest up.

Tuesday I get my nipple bandages off and my check up. Looking forward to TAKING A REAL SHOWER AND WASHING MY HAIR when these nip whips come off.
I felt the same, it is just normal that we have to adjust to the new look ! I feel totally different too but i am sure i will get over it because i like the new boobs definitly more than my old ones. I just don't like my tummy too. ( Please don't search for it in the pictures, i am not pushing it out. : )
the determination to lose weight and tone my tummy is a gift from my BR. So my body will get better by stages, so exciting. just remember the tummy was there before the BR, you just could not see it!!!!!
Just keep your head up sweetie... you look fabulous! Your body looks great....just know that all the pain your " tatas" have caused you in the past will no longer hinder you. After your recovery you can focus on the little things you want to fix about yourself. You've just made a life altering change emotionally & physically... now nothing can stand in your way. Stay beautiful and stay have only begun to blossum!!

Yeah ... Shower here I come

Today I had my post op appt. I was so happy to see my doc and she was happy to see me. I told her how the nurse thought I got implants. She laughed and was happy with her awesome work. I told her how pleased I was overall. She removed the little "whipped cream" looking things covering my nipples. I was so nervous I was thinking of all kinds of painful things to come...from her removing the stitches to having to use alcohol to freshly clean the wounds. It was a breeze. She was gentle and gave the shower go ahead. The incisions look great and the stitches are dissolvable (huge sigh of relief). My nipples are completely black and she said they will shed that layer and the new layer will come in lighter or darker depending on how I scar.
After seeing so many of you women who were as large as I was I wondered why I needed the graft...just hoping my color and some sensation comes back!! I feel something just not sure which is real and which is not.

I can't tell you how great this site has been for me and how awesome you all have been. A huge thank you to you all. Will take a new pic tomorrow to show the scary nipples!
great milestone, be gentle with them, best to wash with your hands and give a gentle massage.

Okay so what's this feeling

So heading into week three. I have the weirdest pains not quite
Zingers but feels like chills just in my boobs but I'm not cold. I have this weird pain where my bra used to stick me. I'm wondering if I got bruised badly during surgery because I can barely sit without feeling this nudging pain. Weird. Lastly I have horrid stomach issues. Like in full and swollen but didn't eat. Guess it's a good thing. Will escalate to my primary if it continues past next week. Anyway feeling way better as time progresses. Getting used it my body. Coloring my hair, loosing these grays and still watching what I eat. Will be ready for the gym very soon. This gradualweightloss is making me eager to do more!!! Next up new bra!!! Have to post pics but nervous. It's not pretty. Lol. Will do soon
I had my BR 2 days after yours. I know about those zinger sharp pains that come and go. I have enjoyed reading your story. The girls look fabulous. It is weird now that the girls are where they are supposed to be we see more of our abdomen than before. I need to tight that area up with some crunches when I heal up. Had my first postop appointment yesterday and doc tried to aspirate fluid on the side edge by arm pit. That hurt like =@/!. He did not get any fluid. Today my gals are more swollen all over. You can see indentions from bra. I definately am not looking forward to calling doc on Monday. Has this happened to anyone else? I have read some reviews that doc had people wearing tight support bras. Mine wants me to wear loose fitting bras. If anyone has had boob aspirated, is it possible to inject some novacaine or lidocane? Looking forward to hearing your ongoing story and feel a kinship because we are only 2 days apart. It sure looks like you are healing very well and again they look so good. I was a DD before and probably will be C or B. Its hard to tell right now because of swelling. My neck already feels so much better because I am not lifting two jugs anymore. I have gained some confidence too and walked out into kitchen without bra to show hubby the swelling. I wouldn't have done that before from no confidence, even though been married 30 years!
I'm sorry you had to go through that. I don't think I would have made it. The sheer thought makes me want to pass out and run screaming for you. Hoping you feel better!! I agree it's awesome to have someone going through it with you Thanks to you as well!

Updated pics

I am hoping that I do not gain weight during this recovery and everyone else wants to loose more. I better step it up and get with the program so my middle sections look good with my new boobies. I had my surgery on 2/5 and I think as the swelling goes down the pain goes up. When you are swollen they feel kind of numb but now I am having the zingers and cramping like my period is going to start even though I am menopausal now. You look great and healing looks good. I got my first real look at my incisions yesterday because they were all steristriped up. Got mederma and bio oil today. No open areas but is going to take time and patience to heal!!
Looks like you are healing beautifully. And your new girls have great shape. You must be so thrilled!

Ugh. Some healing still to do

So it's been a few weeks, I'm back to work and happily getting my life back to something like normal. I am having some light oozing from small areas. It frustrating but doc says it's okay. The part that's frustrating is that the friggin gauze sticks and peeling it off is painful and causes the wound to open and re-heal. Ugh. Not trying to rush but just hate the morning bandage routine.

Anyone else have/had small areas of open wound and can relate?
Talk to your doctor about what she prefers after a free nipple graft. Some like ointment, others not. Some are fine with panty lines, others prefer telfa (you can get nonstick gauze at Walmart)
the oozing is fat necrosis, melting dead fat cells, think of how you don't want that inside your body. lots of people find the panty liner thing works well
You are definitely not alone. I had a couple times when I developed small open sores from spitting stitches. Nothing to be concerned about unless they get infected. I just kept antibiotic ointment on the sores and kept a panty liner over the sore. This seem to stick less and healed pretty quickly. At the time it was frustrating. I just wanted things to go perfectly. But it was only a small bump in the recovery, and now all is good. I did post some pics on my profile. Hoping you are feeling better with going back to work.

Thanks ladies

I figured I would thank you all for the awesome feedback and comments in a post. After reading a few of your posts I felt so much better about my healing and minor setbacks. I told a friend today that if it were not for this blog and you awesome ladies I would have called my doctor at least 75 times, finished my 30 percocets by day seven and cried 90% of the time I was out healing. So THANK YOU!!!!!

At my last visit my ps said to use Vaseline in between the antibiotic ointment. She said over time some people get a rash when constantly using ointment. The Vaseline is helping with the dryness, chafing and forces me to massage my bubbies and nippies daily -and its more for less!!!
Some of my nipple color is already coming back. I was excited to see it happen already. The raised part of my know that small round part that milk would come out of .... It hasn't yet shed the skin layer from the graft , so just adding more ointment and moisture there.

She said I can get back to gym for low intensity work out which means treadmill and elliptical. So excited.

Will post some pics in a day or so.
Glad you are doing better. Can't wait to see your new pictures. It great to know we have each other through this recovery process. Stay positive and hope things continue to go smoothly.
Thanks. I totally agree. Staying positive even when it rains on my healing progress :)
Your boobs look awesome. Mine was about the same scope of reduction. Isn't it just the most transformative thing!

Photo update

Today I am walking around without any dressing or bra on. I feel like my girls just want to air out.
Yesterday I spent forty....yes forty dollars on bandages that will likely last me a week and a half. So today I am letting them loose and to dry and heal without being smothered. Lol

Here are a few pics.
Wow! Your breast look amazing! They are so perky looking! I'm having a really hard time deciding on docs for my BR. I had a TT by Dr. Saunders and I'm continuing with my moony makeover but Idk if I should just stay with him because u trust him or go to Dr. MacCrae because of the what I've seen here on real self. They are in the same office.... Idk wat to do!
I like the silicone bra petals. They help reduce scars and are not gummy like Vaseline! Looking good!
Reading through your posts, I went through similar feelings when looking in the mirror... Who's this person with the gut that used to be balanced by bigger boobs?? Boy we are hard on ourselves... As for airing your wounds, I'm so curious why my doc has me bandageless and braless since my first week. So far, I've not had any bleeding...
Julia MacCrea

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