I had big breasts as long as I could remember, on...

I had big breasts as long as I could remember, on a 5'0 frame, all you would see coming was my twins. After having my 2 girls (now 4 and 3), I became very unhappy with my body. Before my pregnancy, I was a 38DDD, after my 2nd girl my breasts went to a 38H.

So along with a Tummy Tuck, I received breast reduction via lipo. Unlike the breast surgery, I couldn't dictate the size, so I'm unsure what size I'm now. I'll have to wait until the swelling come down to really see.

I had realistic expectations going in, my Dr. was clear with explaining that not many women fit the profile for this type of procedure and said many Dr's don't do it. He said all it would give me is a smaller version of what my breasts look like before. Which is the same thing I found when I researched the breast lipo procedure and I was ok it.

So, since I was a good candidate for it, I went for it. Good thing though, is if I want to have a lift or standard reductino, I still can.

All I want to do is be able to buy a bra off the shelf with out special ordering it

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Just wanted to tell you I had this surgery on the18 th, I am sore and bruised but smaller which is what I wanted. He remover about 600 cc's from each breast which is about 1.3 lbs? I also had back and upper abs done with a total of 3000 cc in all
Thank you for the support, I made the decision easy.
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Great going, Dixie! That's a lot of stuff out! You'll feel so much better - once you're healed. Take it easy and don't do too much.
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If your ps is does not recommend it then that is because you have dense breast tissue. Lipo to the breast is tricky because you don't want sagging, many women experience some kind of lift as there is weight removed. The main thing is that the breast shape does not change and large reduction is not really possible with lipo, maybe 2 breast sizes. I will agree that drs prefer a classic kind of reduction/ lift since they have more comfort in the finished product.
I am 43 btw
My consult is SEP 12, I need to have another minor procedure done at the same time and am not sure if I will end up with lipo ( my preference) since all I want it to be a smaller me, or a different surgery. I want lipo on the back bra fat and upper abs. I will also ask for some touch up from my past lipo on my lower abs and flanks. I don't need much there, just a little fine running and if I were no going in again I would leave it alone.

I hope to schedule for Nov. 3. Not much going on here then, and I can take the time to recoup.

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Fantasia, lipo of the breast is not good for young women with dense tissue. And much better for women, peri and post menopause, who tend to have more fat in the breast. Since lipo removes fat these women are the better candidates. Good luck to you!
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Thanks, Dixie. I was told that lipo in post-menopausal women would leave you sagging w/o the lift if you have fatty breasts. Even though I am post menopausal my breast tissue is dense - I'll have to really delve into this. My PS wouldn't even consider lipo until I am at the 6 month mark - which is end of the year. In the meanwhile, I have to adjust to the reduction!
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I hope every thing goes well, I like to know how you make out.

Don't worry about what others say, since you can't "hide" it this time. You may find people are more accepting than you think. Its about you feeling good about yourself
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Lipo is mainly for younger women with dense breasts - I looked into it, but 3 PS told me to go with the reduction/lift, which I did. I may go back in 6 months for lipo as I don't think the PS took enough off. Hard to tell - I'm only 6 weeks post op so there may be some swelling. I'm happy you had success with the lipo!
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I am really happy for you! that is a big change!

I also appriciate your quick reply.

I have had lipo before, flanks an lower abs, it does take a while for the swelling to go down, the hot weather does not help at all. the hadrdest part was that clothing felt weird on my skin. I wore shapeware for 3 months 24/7, and 6 months in the day time, it was a compression tank top, but it was more comfortable than fabric rubbing. it took close to 9 months for the numbness to to away too.

I still have to see the PS to find out if I am a good canidate, but I can't imagine I am not. Last mamagram shows fatty breast which is in my favor for this surgery. The big question is how small can I go :-).

I was able to not tell anyone about the lipo surgery, just my besties and husband. this one will be more difficult to "hide".

Again, thank you so much for the help, Happy healing!
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Hi Dixi Chick,
I am very happy with the way things turned out! I ended up coming down 3 cup sizes. It took some time to see full results due to the swelling, so I wore sports bras most of the time. I just started wearing bras.

I went from a 40H to a 38DD (I actually measure 36 around bust, but 38 is a better fit).

The Dr removed 1L fat from each breast, which just made me a smaller version of what I looked like. Another way to put it...my breast look the same just smaller.

I did not have a lift, just lipo. I see and feel the difference

my recovery was not to bad. I had a tummy tuck too and I felt more pain at the lipo sites than at my incision site.

I'm not sore anymore. The swelling is what takes time, be patient

I Still have my moments, more around that time of the month

hope this helps
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I am so excited to see this posting. not much out there about Lipo breast reduction and I am not sure why.

I know it has been a few months since your procedure and I am wondering how the breast lipo has turned out.

how much of a reduction have you ended up with?

was the dr able to reduce as much as you wanted?

did you get a little "lift" out of the procedure due to less breast weight?

how in the end was the recovery? are you still numb?

I am looking to have this procedure done, I am in my mid 40's, I would like to go down 2-3 cup sizes (34DD-34B-C) along with some other lipo.

I hope you see this and can answer the questions.
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I'm glad to hear your winderful results. Is the price you have listed correct? You paid only $1,000?
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I posted new pics on this review and on my tummy tuck review
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Ssharrison88, The total for both TT w/ lipo and lipo of the breasts was $6500. I don't think the cost of what I got will be the same for everyone doing the same procedure, you'll just have to see...plus, not everyone is a candidate for lipo of the breasts, so you'll have to get a consultation to see if that will work for you.
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I have not had the procedure yet. The surgeon I consulted with charges around $6,000 and doesn't accept insurance. His office will file the paperwork for reimbursement in case you are eligible to be reimbursed by your insurance company. Some of their patients have been reimbursed and some have not. It depends on the insurance company guidelines and your own case.

Which means, it's really on you to research what your coverage entails and try to meet the criteria for them to pick up the bill.

I am trying to get prequalified with my insurance but I've heard that even that may not be ironclad and an insurance company can still refuse to pay in the end which makes me nervous.
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My reduction was combined with a Tummy Tuck and Lipo, so the charge to Lipo the breast was an additional $1K. I'm so happy I went this route too! Click on my doctor and it will give his info. My insurance didn't cover, Lipo is considered cosmetic... Stupid, right? You would think they would cover this method for its less invasive.
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how much was your procedure total?

i am an g and im 22 so i have really searching this procedure because the regular surgery just was not appealing to me
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Hi, I went to the dr. About a breast reduction too. I am a good candidate, but my insurance denied it.. So, Where did you get this procedure done for $1,000????


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That's good to hear, be sure to share your journey with us, there are many women that could benefit from learning about this procedure.
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Congrats to you! To be back at work and dreaming of a new wardrobe (at least from the waist-up) is wonderful.

I wanted to respond more about nipple position. Of course, with lipo, the nipples are not being surgically elevated but there may still be a slight improvement nonetheless. Like Kimmers25, I've been looking into this so long that I forgot where I originally read about it but was very lucky to find an even better source.

For any one on the list considering this, there is a physician who specializes in lipo breast reduction and teaches a course on it to other surgeons.

He ran a clinical trial where he performed lipo reductions on AA women and published his findings (along with some really great pictures) in an easy to read journal article.

In that study, he did find a very slight improvement in nipple position for some of the women and you can see it in the pictures. Like anything else, I guess it depends on the individual's skin elasticity and other factors.

I don't know the site policy about passing such information on so I will just try to give the link:


I am considering him for my own procedure though he is more expensive than your DE doc :-(

He said some of his patients have been successful being reimbursed by their insurance companies but, for course, it's a case-by-case thing.

I can't thank you enough for sharing your journey with us! I never would be back on the path if I had not read your post. It looks like I will be scheduled for early May unless I find someone else.
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I posted a few pics at 5wks post op. I am very pleased with how the girls are shaping up after the lipo.

Still don't know what my size is though, doc said they will shrink more and to continue to where the sports bra for another month. I know I am down more than half the size I was.

I had on a button-up top today that I was bursting out of a few months ago; today, I had plenty of room and it felt great... I think I heard the buttons applaud in relief:)
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I went shopping for a few tops for work and I can where a Large knit top and a Large light-weight cardigan (but that's with my TT binder on). For me that is HUGE, before, I was would pick up an XL everything. I can see myself wearing Mediums in the next several months (depending on brand/style, of course).

I still don't know what size I'm actually in yet, when I measureed myself a few weeks ago that was way to early. My Doc said don't worry about it for now and to just wear sports bras... so that's what I'm doing.

It's my first day back to work and I'm feeling great!
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Hi Nanadri,

How exciting you were able to do a little shopping.  I bet you had fun:)   Just keep doing what you are doing and all will be well.  You look great and I am pretty sure you feel good too.

So you survived your first day back to work which is awesome.  You will sleep well tonight.
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Hi Hyattsville, I didn't have any change in nipple position. I got liposuction, so it does not change the nipples, this procedure only madkes your breast a smaller version of what your breasts was before. So if your looking for a change in nipple position and want a reduction, you would have to go through standard reduction surgery. I'm still very swollen, so my actual results and size will not show for some weeks still... I'll keep you posted

As for the little ones, I'm back to handling them as before and its been very tiring, but I'm managing, thanks to the disney channel, nick jr and books:)
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Nanadri,glad to hear you're still doing well and happy with the result. I've had a little set back in my schedule but am still moving forward with it. What did your doctor say about nipple position? Will they come up any? How are you managing with two small children? Thanks so much for sharing your experience.
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Hi Kimmers, I'm doing great! Felling better, I went to dr today, he said my breasts look good, they are still swollen and very tender. I don't think my measurement I took last week will be my true size, he told me don't worry about the bras for now. He was also impressed about how well my TT for almost 3 weeks post-op. He told me get Epi-derm strips on my scar, said it works better than vitamin E oils and other stuff, so now I'm excited, still swollen though... I see a light at the end of the tunnel:)
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