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I am 33 mother of 3 who has been thinking of...

I am 33 mother of 3 who has been thinking of having a breast augmentation for years, even before I had children. I decided to wait until after I was all done having children and they were of the age that I didn't have to pick them up and carry them around. Well, my youngest is almost 5, so I think it is time for me to stop talking about it and just go through with it. I am pretty sure my husband is tired of hearing about it every night and me doing nothing. I have told no one but my best friend and my husband. I think I am more fearful of people's reaction to my decision than the decision itself. I have been to 3 consultaions this past year and the third has been the charm. I feel so comfortable with this doctor and I know he undertands exactly what I want. My dilemma now is when. My husband would like to me to schedule in November around Thanksgiving, but I think I may want to get through the holiday season and go for January. We have an island vacation scheduled for March so I am hoping I am good to go by then. Any advice on the surgery itself and the months after would be greatly appreciated. My stats are I am 5'7, 125lbs. Going with 400cc moderate profile plus, silicone. Not one of the PS I saw was comfortable with saline because I do not have a lot of breast tissue left. I am currently a 34 barely A.


Angel1981, I don't know about you but I'm feeling nervous,excited, and overwhelmed all at the same time. I may have to push it back until the 9 th of January. My husband has to be at work now the week of the 3rd and he is my caretaker for after since we haven't really told anyone. I'm calling tomorrow to see if they still have that date available. I need to keep it sooner than later or I may lose my nerve! :)
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Oh...I'm also thinking about 400 mod+
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We are scheduled the same day. I too wanted to wait until after the holidays to get mine done. Look forward to sharing recovery stories and anything else along the way. Keep in touch :)
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I had to cancel my January 3rd date, due to my...

I had to cancel my January 3rd date, due to my husband not being able to take care of me afterwards. I am in the process of picking a new date, but I am struggling with this decision. I think I scared myself reading all the implant removal stories. Am I being vain??? Am I making the right decision? My husband is so supportive with either decision I make, but I think he may be tired of hearing me agonizing over it. I am just so confused and I have no one really to talk to about it. I normally talk to my mom about everything, but I have yet to tell her my decison (or lack there of one). I am too scared of judgement and her being mad. I am scheduled at the beginning of March to go away with my husband to a tropical island and I am debating whether to go for it before we go or wait until September when I have all 3 kids in full time school. Anyone else feel like this before surgery? I also am second guessing my size choice. I think going to a B will make me happy and that may be the happy medium in all of this indecision on my part. Sorry for rambling on, but I would love to hear from any of you that have felt like this. I didn't realize I would struggle this much with the decision after cancelling the first surgery date!


Thank you girls for the words of encouragement! This has made me really take a time and think about what I want. I am actually making an appointment with another surgeon today that will do saline for me. I am thinking of continuing my journey and scheduling for September when all 3 of my kids are in school full time and I don't have the crazy hectic schedule that I do know. I talked to my husband about it last night and since he has a lot of traveling coming up, it probably isn't in the cards before vacation anyway. We usually get to go away once a year through his company,so there is always next year to sport the new boobies! Please keep me updated on your journeys as that is what keeps me going on mine. I am going to try to post pictures soon. I just have to try to figure out how.
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That's good you are going to find someone who will give you what you want. Good luck and keep us update on your consultation.
I think we all struggle with decisions and other things when it comes to this surgery. Like you, I haven't told anyone but my husband and mom. They are. Both very supportive and I'm thankful for that. I think you just have to weigh out your options and schedule when it'll be most convenient for you. But I bet you will look amazing on vacation with your new boobs! :)
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Here I go again

I have been going back and forth again if I should just go through with my BA again. I really want to, but fear is holding me back. I think I have read too many of the explant stories. But I talked with my husband last night and he basically said there are a lot of what ifs with everything and I cannot let them hold me back. I have decided on 275-300 cc. Originally my PS said 400cc mod prof plus silicone. I think the size was part of my fear. I bought the rice sizes and like the 275 so if I go with silicone, I will prob go with the 300 cc. How did you gals decide between silicone and saline? I am going to try to upload before photos tonight. I know my PS says silicone, but I'm just not sure about it. I would love to hear how you gals made your decisions about it.

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