Sick of Wearing Push Up Bras! Ready for a Change! 21 Years Old, 220cc. - New Zealand

I am a 32A (10A) looking to go to a medium-full B...

I am a 32A (10A) looking to go to a medium-full B cup. I have considered getting this done for the last few years, but always thought I was either too young or that I was being shallow and that I should have just been happy with what I had (which is barely anything). However, I have now made the decision to get a BA as this affects me negatively every single day, I constantly think about it every time I try to get dressed, and shopping always ends up depressing.
I mainly want it for practical reasons, as my choices of bras are very limited. I only wear the strapless versions of the super-boost add-2-cups bras. These give me the appearance that I have B cups, which is what I want. I only wear strapless because the regular shape gapes on me.
I have decided that I want them to still be small and athletic, just to the size that my push up bras make me, that way no one will notice a change except me!
Just looking for a supportive community to be a part of while I'm going through this process, so I can share my experience with others who understand :)
I have two consults to go to before I decide on my surgeon, one is Dr. Julian Lofts and the other is Dr. Murray Beagley, I will update after my appointments!
Best of luck! I just had mine a week ago.
So excited for you, and can totally relate! I am 1 month post op 255cc shaped silicone. Good luck!

Had my consults! Not sure which to pick!

So I have now been to both my consults, and I really like both of the surgeons! Ill give an overview of each consult.

Dr. Julian Lofts:
- Recommended polyurethane textured silicone "gummy bear" 245cc implants
- Partial sub-muscular
- Anatomical shape with moderate profile
- Inframmamary incision
- Having a Pain Buster for the first 48 hours after surgery.
- One nights stay in hospital after surgery

Dr. Murray Beagley:
- Recommended polyurethane textured 280cc - 310cc "gummy bear" silicone implants.
- Partial sub-muscular
- Anatomical shape with moderate profile
- Inframmamary incision
- Said its not necessary to have a nights stay in hospital

They were very similar as you can see! I felt really comfortable with both of them, and was interested when both recommended the "gummy bear" implants rather than saline, as I read in my research that saline were better, however both are very against using saline. I prefer the feel of the gummy bear anyway.

I was surprised at the variations in the sizes between the two consultations, because when I was trying on sizers I swear they looked like the same size but they were an extra 65cc! So a bit confused on which size to get now.

Does anyone have any thoughts on whether its a good idea to stay overnight in hospital? or is it not really necessary. I also want to find out a bit more about this pain buster thing, sounds scary! haha

Planning on regrettably putting up some photos soon!
Hi there, Have you decided which doctor? I am going with Dr Beagley also but I am really interested to know what the " pain buster" is all about!
I don't think a night stay in the hospital is necessary, just more out of pocket for you. As long as you have someone at home to help you on your meds, you should be fine. I had surgery 2 hours from home, slept all they way home and until around 8 p.m. (12 hours after surgery). Really no need to be in hospital, just a comfy bed. I always wore push ups as well. Wanted a full C. I got saline 375cc on the right and 350 on the left (something about the shape of my chest wall??). Anyway, I was super sad when I woke up because they weren't as big as I was expecting, but after my 12 hours, they finally filled out and stretched my chest more than I thought it could be. I've heard go bigger, no one complains about having more, but you will be upset if you have to go in a few years later for more. I say get more rather than less, but that is completely up to you. good luck!!
I was exactly the same as you. Had a 32a and alwats wore the most heavily padded bras just to make myself feel like more of a women. I decided to go for 240cc teardrop shape gummi bears that is surrounded with foam - this allows you to put the implant above the muscle and makes for a much quicker healing process and still looks super natural. I would def say stay over night! You want someone to help you for the first night with all the pain meds that you will be on. Its been 6weeks now and my breast are feeling soft im 100% healed and going back to dancing today.. You are going to be so happy!

Just a few before photos...urgh!

Finally managed to put some photos up. I just spontaneously booked my appointment for next week! eeek! So excited and nervous!
I did have a couple of questions, does anyone know how long it will take the gummy bears to feel natural? I know that I myself will always be able to feel the implant because I can feel it won't be a part of me, but will someone else be able to feel the difference?? ;)
Also, will there be more chance of infection with the pain buster?

Been thinking I might ceremoniously burn my every day add-2-cups bra after this! :D
I would definitely say go with silicone. The feel was so different. You may also want to check what manufacturer the gummy bear implants are from. I was against them because I heard from several women that they felt really hard, but apparently the Sientra ones feel much softer versus the Mentor or Allergan ones.
I am already 8 weeks post-op (255cc anatomical unders). I am back to normal, even my implants felt part of me from the beginning. Now it is hard to imagine what it was like being flat-chested, I have to look at pictures to remind myself. :-) The implants are slowly getting softer now. I don't know if it will ever feel as soft as the natural ones. And because I started out so flat, with almost no breast tissue (even though I breastfed for a long time), I can feel the borders of the implant on the sides. Of course I can feel it because I am specifically looking for it. Other people will hopefully not be inspecting and palpating you like that. :-) The other thing though, is the scar. My PS had warned me that the incision placement is not an exact science, but that they do their best to place it at the crease where they approximate where the implant will rest/fall. That being said, I am really hoping that my implants will drop some more because it is too visible. Either that, or I really need bigger implants because these are not big enough to cover the incisions/scar. Does that make sense? No matter how well the incisions heal, there will always be a scar. If you are lucky, it will be very faint. Saying all that, my point is, rather than concealing the fact that you had a BA, maybe you will eventually embrace the fact that you indeed have BA, so either other people will love you, or hate you, but they will have to deal with it, because it is a part of you. It is nothing to be ashamed of. But be proud that you are brave enough to change something about you that you are not happy with, because you can.
Regarding pain busters, speaking as a previous ICU nurse, don't worry about infection. It will be nicely bandaged up, and will be out within 24-48 hrs. The tiny catheter will be connected to a small pump though (smaller than a cellphone), and you will need to take care the catheter is not pulled out by mistake when you move. But don't worry too much about all this. Prepare as much as you can, but focus on the positive. After all, 94% of Real Self users rate this procedure as "Worth It". :-) Best of luck to you!

Operation is booked for a weeks time!!!

So its all booked! My operation is for the 28th of August! Sooooo soon!
I was very excited, but now I seem to have freaked myself out a bit...
I've been reading a lot of reviews on implant removal, and lots of girls seem to get them taken out because they feel wrong having these foreign objects in their bodies and want to just be their natural selves again and cherish what they have. I'm worried that could happen to me, and then i'd be where I am now except with a huge scar.
The scar is another thing that has been worrying me a lot. 5cm on each side seems like so much, and not only would I be worried about what a partner would think of that, but I would have to look at the scars every day for the rest of my life. How do you girls feel about your scars?
I don't want to be trading one set of insecurities for another haha. I understand that the scars will never disappear so I will see it every day and I don't want to hate it and feel crap about I too young to make this decision which will affect the rest of my life?

I really want to be excited like I was a few days ago, but I guess I just realise the reality of this procedure now. I still want it done because I don't want to go on the way I am, but I'm just scared and worried. Not to mention the surgery itself! Thats a whole other level of scared haha
Good luck with everything. I would go with the larger implants if you have a choice. loose size by going under and you don't want to spend the money to feel disappointed hugs shelly xoxo
You will be okay just think of all the nice tops and outfits you will be able to fill out. After the procedure you will wake up and realise you have boobies and be happy. Change your thoughts and make yourself believe that you are going to be look absolutely stunning! Keep us updated sweet xxx
Well, I have never read where someone feels like the implants are foreign and had them removed, but I'm sure they are out there. It seems your biggest concern in your scar. People that have previously had surgery-the scars either go away or fade to almost nothing. My scars are in the crease, so I have to raise my boob to see it good. It shouldn't be that noticeable. My DR told me to use Mederma. They have other creams as well that diminish the notice-ability of scars. But like I said, most reviews I've read and /or heard from say that the scars fade to almost nothing within a year. That should be the least of your worries ( in my opinion ). However, GOOD LUCK! You will love your new boobies!!

3 days to go! Feeling excited again!

Hi all!
I just thought Id update from my last one as I am feeling a lot more positive and excited again. Thank you so much for all the supportive comments, they really helped me get out of my mental funk. I am now so excited for my new boobies and to go out shopping and finally feel good about myself when I'm getting dressed everyday!
I know that I will still be s**ting myself on the day of my surgery, and will most likely have another freak out before I go in. But Ill just have to deal with that as it comes, I am quite a worrier haha.

I am feeling a lot better about the scarring, as I talked to the nurse the other day and she said my skin type is usually very good at healing and rarely has visible scars. So that makes me feel better, although I am still a little worried.

I am just going to try focus on all the good things I will be able to do after this surgery, I am aware of all the risks and complications but I don't think its any good worrying about them as that won't stop them from happening haha.

I will try update again before my surgery. I hope everyone is well and enjoying their boobies! :)
Hoping today went well for you and that you are recovering well! Can't wait for the updates :)
Thank you! It was actually nowhere near as bad as I thought it was going to be! Just about to update and maybe put some photos up! I had it done at St Marks, so it will be close to where you will be going if you are getting it done by Dr Beagley haha

It's done!! Feeling fine! :)

So had it done yesterday morning, was my first time with GA but everything happened so quick I didn't even have time to get nervous when I got into the operating theatre. All I really felt when I woke up in the recovery room was just tightness from the bandage they had put across me. I didn't end up getting the pain buster, and I'm happy I didn't because there was really not much pain, and I saved some money too! I probably got to a maximum of a 4 or 5/10 on the pain scale throughout all of my recovery yesterday and today.

I feel much better today even, I came home this morning and have just been sitting around watching TV all day!
I will say though that my nights sleep last night was rather terrible. I didn't sleep much at all because it became very tight and I was getting pain on the inner side of my left breast, plus I had a lot of upper back pain. But hopefully tonight will be better!

I'm really happy with how everything went, it was all so easy. I haven't really managed to get a full look at them yet, I actually think they are really big at the moment! Sort of hoping that they will go down a little, but I won't mind too much if they don't haha.

I ended up getting 220cc, I was more worried about being too big than being too small. So I'm really glad I went with that size.
But yeah, I'm feeling totally fine! Just feels like I went too hard at the gym right now haha

Here are a couple of photos, you guys are seeing as much as I have seen so far hahaha, too scared to take off the surgical bra just yet.
Hello. I'd be so interested to know how you are doing ! I have a consult with DR Beagley in 2 weeks time :)
I just had my ba with dr beagley. He is awesome! Best of luck x
Hey can I ask why you choose DR Murray over Julian? I'm getting mine done fro. Julian in December! Iv had a few consults with surgeons in Auckland and I hated them they made me feel put off but DR Julian has made me feel soooo at ease so yeh was just wanting to know why you choose your surgeon over Julian as having a consult with Murray could be in the cards :-)
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