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Cosmelan Worked for Me! - New Zealand

I had terrible melasma on 80% of my face. After...

I had terrible melasma on 80% of my face. After trying azelaic acid, Obagi, liquorice and differin and Retin A (none worked) I bought cosmelan 1 and 2 off ebay.I bought the new formula NOT the MD version. My Cosmelan had no hydroquinone. I followed the instructions and applied C1 for 10 hours on my Fitzpatrick IV skin. Day 1 and 2 after my face was red, hot, tight, burnt. Day 3 - 5 my face peeled like crazy and it hurt. I used C2 three times a day from day 2 after the peel. I stayed inside the whole time (i.e. for 5 days). On day 6 my melasma had disappeared by 85%.On day 7 I tried to buy a bottle of wine (to celebrate my new skin) from the supermarket and I got asked for ID (!!! they wouldn't sell it to me as I looked underage and I am 40 years old!!). I looked awful before cosmelan. I am still using cosmelan 2 twice a day (I did the peel 2 weeks ago) and my skin has not looked this good for years. All I can say is cosemelan saved me. I will keep on using it - I've already bought 2 more pots of C2 to keep as back ups so I can feel secure I can have clear skin. I love this stuff. It changed my life. PLEASE NOTE THOUGH... If you want to try it DO YOUR HOMEWORK first, read all the reviews you can find (I did this) and also try a test patch of C1 on your face and wait two weeks before you do the whole face just incase it does not work for you. I did this to make sure Cosmelan would not make my skin worse. For some people it does make their skin worse so you must test it first.


Promise, I'm thinking of buying the cosmelan pack from ebay and applying it after the summer ... I notice that some sellers on ebay sell two types of formula - the 'regular' and the 'strong', both of which are hydroquinone free. The former says there will be no downtime, while the latter says there will be 2 weeks of downtine. Any idea which of the two you used? Are your results still good after a year?
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Cosemelan 1 peel and 2 cream worked great for me too. I didn't have the dramatic results you did however I do see major lightening of melasma. I'm an esthetician in NC and have dermal melasma from sun exposure and laser treatments (they do make skin worse!). I've tried everything on my face, and that's a lot since I have full access to all the latest and greatest. Cosmelan was the only product that worked and continues to work. It's a bit harsh, burning, 1 wk downtime, irritation. Sunscreen and wide brim hat is a MUST! Do not do this procedure in the summer or spring. Fall and Winter is best. I did another peel one month later after a mini-microderm. The results were great! Using plastic wrap on the face after applying a thin layer of cosmelan 1 worked much better than applying the whole jar and sitting around while this stuff crusts off. I left the mask on for 8 hours. Followed the next day with cosmelan 2 morning and night. By day 3 my face was peeling layers especially around the chin and mouth (most sensitive areas). My face broke out with red bumps (normal), looked tight and wierd. Then the peeling began. DO NOT pick or scratch as this will cause scarring. Using a warm soft wash cloth helps, also 1/2% hydrocortisone cream during the 1st week. The company states putting cosemelan 2 on 3x a day after the mask, I think that's too much. Twice a day for the first 3-4 days, wait a week and use only k cream and hydrocortisone, then try cosemelan 2 about 9-10 days later 2x a day. MUST use sunscreen at all times hat to keep the skin out of the sun. Pigmentation always comes back. It's a BIG MYTH that this condition disappears forever. Using the cosemelan 2 at night after 3 months will help prevent reoccurrence (or other products like Cosmedix Simply Brilliant work too). I can't stress the sunscreen enough!! After about 6 months the skin should look 100% better. Skin lightening takes time however cosmelan will jump start the process nicely. I've read blogs and comments on this product for years! Old formula vs new formula, blah, blah, blah... The new formula is fine, may not be the same peel your skin off until it's raw but that's a GOOD thing. Too much trauma to the skin only causes more damage. Be gentle, take it easy, have patience :)

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I am thinking about doing on my own, but I am not sure how long should I leave the mask on? Also,which strength you used? there are regular and strong, which seller did you use? please help.

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E bay

This worked for me. I love it. I did not have a Dr though I bought it from E bay.

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