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Today is day three post-op. Up until I was on the...

Today is day three post-op. Up until I was on the operating table, I wasn't sure it was actually going to happen. I've had large breasts since I was a teenager. When I became pregnant at 21, they grew. Breastfeeding almost didn't happen. After a second pregnancy (12 months later) they grew some more. I looked forward to seeing them diminish, which so many people assured me they would following breast feeding. Huh! Not! They just sagged. Then I lost some weight and they sagged some more.
I'm an active person and have found it difficult doing some activities. I like to kayak, mountain bike, ride horses, run, and many other activities with my family. I always feel so self conscious about my breasts. A friend (who has the same size breasts) and I have always joked about going on a plastic surgery holiday and getting our breasts done.

Last year I changed my contraception from depo shots to a Jadelle insert. This caused my breasts to swell and become heavy and tender. Last straw. I googled plastic surgeons and e-mailed a local one who looked good. He e-mailed me back, I made an appointment, and it was all go. We have a very different health system in NZ, and that means I have to pay for it - $13,650 NZD (around 10K US). Once I was booked in, I felt bad for my daughter who is/was bigger than me. So I asked her if she wanted to have the same procedure - yes please. Just as well my mortgage wasn't big to begin with.

So, she had her op on June 29th and is recovering beautifully. She looks fantastic. Much more in proportion. I had mine on Tuesday the 4th and three days later am finally getting over the anaesthesia and other drugs. Like the look of my new boobs and have already bought a bikini online. I've never worn a bikini before. Exciting!

Now I'm just focusing on getting better. I'm hoping to be back at work on the 16th. I'm also looking forward to getting back to the gym and toning up. Can't wait to go shopping, but after reading so many comments about ladies who went shopping and were worn out afterwards, I've decided to wait until I feel well.

Thanks to everyone who's shared their stories. I found them all so helpful and inspiring.

Day four This morning I washed my hair (or at...

Day four
This morning I washed my hair (or at least my husband did) and put on real clothes. Ooh, that looked good. I was worried that I wasn't small enough, but I think I look really good. I'm having trouble sleeping on my back and the revolting taste in my mouth from the anaesthetic and drugs isn't helping either. Am only taking paracetamol now. I'm really glad I read others' reviews about the different sensations in the breasts following surgery. Last night there was a fullness and some strange shooting almost-but-not-quite pains. My left nipple has sensation but my right one doesn't - it has more bruising. I expect it will come right in its own time. The outside of each breast is quite yellow from bruising and there is also some bruising under my arms. Nothing drastic.
I'm just working hard at doing nothing and hoping I heal in good time.

Day ten Even though I'd read about it in so many...

Day ten
Even though I'd read about it in so many other reviews, I still went and overdid it yesterday - just a little - and was a bit sore last night. I did some work at school and then did the grocery shopping with my daughter who had the op four days ahead of me. Carrying stuff wears you out - even if it's not that heavy. I found it difficult to get stuff off the shelves (I even stood on the side of the refrigerators to reach something) and shutting the boot (trunk for Americans) was something I couldn't do; just as well my daughter could. Despite that, I'm off pain meds. I'm not even taking paracetamol now. Oh, but I can drive. My auto is at the panelbeaters (paint shop) because I rear-ended someone the night before surgery - oops - other things on my mind maybe, so I'm having to drive my daughter's manual (stick shift). Making do :-)

My right side is really bruised. Hubby puts arnica on it every evening for me, and he says it looks like raw meat. Attractive - not! Because of the greater bruising on one side, I think they are healing at different rates and so the right is slightly more swollen (bigger) than the left. Under my left breast there are a couple of folds. I can't see them from the top (from the top, everything looks ideal) but when I look in the mirror they concern me a little. I'll see the PS on Monday and discuss it then. I'm not going to panic because I think as they heal and drop a little, everything will be fine.

I'll take and upload some photos over the next day or so.

Day 13 Today I went back to work. Wasn't a big...

Day 13
Today I went back to work. Wasn't a big deal really. I even managed to write on the whiteboard - just not too high.
We (daughter and I) saw the PS this arvo and had our tape changed again. He was happy with it, and he explained how the puckering would sort itself out as the swelling subsided and gravity does its thing. He was surprised at the amount of bruising I have. We're going back to see him in a fortnight.
Having said that, I am tired now, and so I'm off to bed early. Oh, and one bonus - last night I mostly slept on my side - yahoo!

Just popping up some photos... breasts are feeling...

Just popping up some photos... breasts are feeling really good, but there's still a ton of bruising.

Two and a bit years on...

Excuse the grainy picture quality. I tried loading these a few months back and they wouldn't upload.
So glad I did this. No regrets whatsoever!
Charles Davis

I found him on the internet. During my consultation he was sensitive and compassionate and non-judgemental.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Great to hear another kiwi's story and your results are awesome! I had my bilateral reduction 8 days ago in Hamilton...not sure what the average time it takes but mine took 7 hours...apparently very dense breasts. Wanted to go to a c/d cup (was a G)...rested in hospital for 4 days post op doing nothing and then came home and have found I have been able to sleep on my side since day 5 - thinking/hoping my body will tell me if I am overdoing it as I have a 3 and 4 year old boys to look after too. Stopped taking pain medication on day 6 and I looked in the mirror this morning and it almost looks like the left side has grown hence making me look all lopsided and it is bigger than I want it to be...not sure if this is normal or not or heaven forbid I have done too much as have been doing basic house stuff and groceries etc since day 5 and resting when I get tired or sore?!
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great result!
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Sorry dates wrong on previous post, I mean 23/10/14 !!!!!
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Sounds good to hear a local experience, im booked for gillies hospital on 23/08/14 at a slightly higher price of $16500 but guess prices between surgeons and increased rate of inflation is the main reason for a price increase!
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Hi NZgirls, I had my surgery four days ago in Remuera, Auckland where I live. Doing pretty well but have only looked 'down there' twice. I went from a 12F/14E to I think a large C/small D. I had the surgery to help alleviate neck and shoulder pain as, although not massive, mine were tissue-dense and very heavy. Nice to see a local experience on this site. Not too sure how I feel about it all yet. I am not at all interested in looking at them. Seems like someone else's body. Did you feel a sort of disconnect for a little while after surgery? It all seems a bit surreal to me right now.
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Who was your surgeon jody? I also live in auckland am concerned I am paying too much, if u don't mind me asking how much did u pay? Guess u were at the surgical centre on marks road! Hope u have a speedy recovery and looking forward to hearing your progress, will be in your shoes next month and am doubting myself already as to whether I made the right decision as worried I will look pregnant once breast size gone down as I have quite large build!!
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Hi Chocoholic1, My primary surgeon is Mrs Belinda Scott at Breast Associates (and a colleague surgeon, Ruth... surname not sure assisted). My anaesthetist was Dr Fiona Russell. Yes, I was at AK Surgical Centre. I went private and the total cost will be around $16,000 (and I have taken a week's unpaid leave from work as I have only been there 4 months). My insurer is contributing $6,000. So around $10k (not including the lost income). I am also of a large build. I'm 5' 10" with broad shoulders and a belly! So I understand how you feel. I am happy to chat on the phone if you need to. Just let me know.
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Hi Rockinrob, totally missed that post. Glad you messaged me. I've posted photos which I just snapped in terrible light, but you'll get the idea.
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You look fantastic, what size were you pre op? Do you recommend your doctor?
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Hi LC, no feeling yet. It's weird though, because it is touch sensitive. It stands to attention when touched. I'm hoping it's just bruising affecting the sensation.. time will tell for us both. Good luck. :-)
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Hey NZ,

Did you regain feeling in your right nipple? I cannot feel mine, and am hoping this is temporary.

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Pictures look great!
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Thanks - do you think the bruising is excessive? Did you have much?
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You do have quite a bit of bruising, but I don't neccesarily think it is excessive. I'm not one to bruise very much and I had quite a bit too, and for some odd reason I had this on big spot of it on the top of one of my breasts. There is a lot of trauma to the tissues and this is just part of the healing process. Did you have lipo at all? I know that lipo is very aggressive and that causes a lot of trauma to the surrounding tissue, so that could be some of it too. You should start noticing it all changing to a very interesting display of colors over the next couple of weeks. But then you will start to get back to normal and then those little girls will be soooo pretty!
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No lipo thankfully, imagine the bruising otherwise :). Thanks for your support. I love being able to check in with those who have been there already.
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Thanks ladies :-)
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Thanks for sharing your story! So happy to hear you are doing well! Wishing you continued happy healing to you and your daughter!
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Glad that you are doing so well!
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I had ridges and crinkles in my skin under the breasts and at the sides, but after a couple of months they all smoothed out.
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Thanks Iowa, that's reassuring. My daughter is a bit worried because her right breast is bigger than her left. He took more off the right so it doesn't make sense. Swelling? We see the PS on Monday.
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I would say it could be more swelling. If he took off more from that side, that means he probably did more work and adjusting of the tissues. Good luck at your appointment.
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They look amazing!!! Take it easy... One day at the time. Happy recovery;)
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Thanks islander... hope you're doing ok too. What size did you end up? Do you know?
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Hi!! Yesterday, I saw them for the first time. But the pain medication and antibiotic made me so sick that I couldnt enjoy them. Th PS stopped all the medication and I am feeling better. I will post pic later on today.
I'm not sure about the size, is hard to tell since they are perky and round:) I believe I will be a C or full B...

Do u have any sensation?

Hope you are feeling FANTASTIC!!
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Aren't meds awful on the system. I know exactly what you mean. I was so pleased I'd done this but my first look wasn't a great experience. My PS says I'll be a full B or small C too, but like you say it's kinda hard to tell while they're sitting so high and pert. My left breast has good sensation but my right, which has more bruising, isn't so great. I think it's coming back though.

Glad you're feeling better. Hope you keep on improving and enjoy your new look. :)"
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