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Could Have Died!! - New York, NY

I received the Zerona Treatment and was told I...

I received the Zerona Treatment and was told I must take the CURVA supplements twice a day with food. I had one allergic reaction to the pills, where I turned bright red on my arms. It went undiagnosed at the spa...I was told I was having "an allergic reaction to something." About a week later, still undergoing the treatments, I took the pills one morning, with a light breakfast,. and started burning up. I went to the bathroom to cool myself off with cold water...and delirious got on my knees thinking I would get relief if I filled the bathtub with cold water. I passed out, waking to find my head had hit the bottom of the
bathtub....and there were large drops of blood dripping from my forehead.

I was terrified. I FOUND OUT I SHOULD NEVER HAVE TAKEN THE PILLS BECAUSE THEY ARE NIACIN...and dangerous to anyone with low blood pressure.. which I had told the spa I had in my intake. I spent that night in the ER...where it was confirmed that was what caused me to faint. I could have died from the fall.

I have been contactted by the people who regulate...

I have been contactted by the people who regulate the Curva and they claim they are investigating the pills . They have asked me for my medical records.

If you have had any problems with Curva too...I would like to know.

I took the Curva supplements along with the Zerona...

I took the Curva supplements along with the Zerona treatments. I am a very healthy woman who only needed to lose about 10- 15 pounds at most and do a little firming.
I had one allergic reaction to the Curva that went undiagnosed by the staff... they said I was having an allergic reaction to "something"...not equating it with the pills.

My second allergic reaction was terrifying. I was at home alone. I got so hot it was painful, bright red all over especially my face. Then went to the bathroom to put water on my face.. While leaning over the bathtub I blacked out... waking to find large drops of blood dripping from my forehead onto the bottom of the bathtub, the shower curtain on my head, and not knowing how I got there. While unconscious, I had defecated in my clothes! I was horrified. I spent that night in the emergency room where it was confirmed by two doctors that the Curva supplement had
caused me to pass out. I have slightly low blood pressure to begin with and it was very dangerous for me to take it. I had not been warned of this by the spa I had gone to.

I called the Curva manufacturers ( in Texas)... they took lots of notes on the phone and told me a doctor would call me "tomorrow" I never heard back from them. I assume people are still being given the supplement. If someone has the reaction I had while driving, for example, it could prove deadly.

I am in the process of filing a complaint with the a FDA. If you have had the same or a similar experience taking Curva please feel free to contact me. Any lawyers who are already involved in cases related to this supplement I would also love to hear from. I would be eager to join a class action suit.

The Curva is still being given out, despite the...

The Curva is still being given out, despite the dangers to other people. . I am initiating a lawsuit...
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Zerona recommends the supplement and I would like the FDA to know how dangerous they are for ANYONE with low blood pressure. I am a very healthy woman...the low blood pressure I am told is actually good, not a problem. This was such irresponsible recommendation. All I had to do was go on WebMD to see people with low blood pressure should NOT take it. Why didn't the spa kinow this? I could have had a serous concussion or even drowned ( I was told). I WAS TERRIFIED when I woke up... not know how I got there, the shower curtain on my head and blood dripping everythwere!Updated on 12 Jul 2012:The people at the facility I went to were very nice... but obviously not informed about the dangers of the Curva. If they were informed, then they were negligible.

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Hi! I actually did Zerona about a year ago. I didn't follow the instructions very well except I did take the Curva supplements. I thought about trying Zerona again although I didn't have results but I thought it was me. I also have low blood pressure and was taking Curva. The first or second day I became bright red and felt like I was having hot flashes- I am 26 and never experienced hot flashes before. The last day of treatment a couple of weeks in, I was checking out of the office and my eyes went completely dark and I couldn't see for a min or so. I felt like I was going to pass out. I went to the Dr. who told me to go to an eye specialist why I couldn't see for a min (I thought it might have something to do from the Zerona) The eye Dr. told me I likely blacked out but managed to stay conscious the entire time. It was very scary but after reading your review the Curva makes sense.
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I wanted to add that i did zerona and had a bad experience. Once i added the niacin i had a blurry left eye. This has been at least eight weeks ago and it has not cleared up yet. Eye dr. says my eyes look fine and cannot figure out what caused this. After reading this, i believe it was the niacin and zerona combined. :( Any one else end up with eye issues?
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I am currently doing the Zerona treatment as well.. I did 1 week of Zerona [3 days] then find out I am suppose to be taking Curva with it. I asked them if it would affect me since I am currently on Adderall XR 20mg, they told me I should be fine!! Day 1 which was Monday I took one with my breakfast {same time I take my adderall) and the second one on my lunch break..I felt fine. Day 2: I took one with breakfast and adderall again and felt fine, lunch time I took my second one and that is when it started...My chest tightened up, my left shoulder feels like I am being stabbed, my arm and shoulder is numb, I feel light-headed, and I can not lift my arm all the way up without being in tears...I was told Niacin makes your body ache, but this is not aches..this is pain and concerning. I go to my Zerona treatment last night feeling like this to get answers, but they told me I was fine and I was THE FIRST ONE TO EXPERIENCE this..i did hours of research on this product and got no where until I came across this website. All i was told by the lady doing my Zerona is to take 1 a day now. So here it is Day 3 on Curva, I ate breakfast and took adderall, but no curva...I then go to lunch and take the curva..these symtoms came back, except now it hurts to inhale and exhale. Could anbybody please tell me why I am experiencing this. I drink cold water, I do not drink alcohol, sodas, or anything else but water. I am dieting and exercising. If anybody has answers please let me know, do i need to go to a minor ER or something??
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Thank you so much for posting that. I had a fall recently due to low blood pressure. It could have been serious. I have a small child. This is not the right treatment for me and wow thank you for that.
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Niacin is a B vitamin that helps increase red blood cell production. Its in every piece of real bread and meat you eat. Flushing is normal and I have had severe flushing and redness and then minor flushing and redness. Its not an allergy because taking an antihistamine for it would be pointless. I could see where some people may be more sensitive to a concentrated dose. If this was the reactive ingredient in Curva- the FDA won't do anything about it because it is an essential vitamin. Is there a possibility you were dehydrated? So glad you weren't more seriously injured- Head injuries can be BAD.
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That's terrible! I know of people who have allergic reactions to many different types of vitamins and supplements, usually vitamins & herbs aren't FDA regulated. The place I went to was excellent. They offered me a blood test which checked for sensitivities to certain foods, herbs and even chemicals before I had the Zerona treatments. They did this to see if I should take Curva, but also because if I had sensitivities to certain foods, it might inhibit me from losing weight. I had a food sensitivity to Ginsing, so they suggested a different supplement instead of Curva. They also suggested I get my thyroid checked with my dr. first because I tried everything to lose weight and nothing seemed to take off the extra weight. My thyroid levels came back normal, and I went on a special diet avoiding the foods I was allergic to. I personally am glad I spend the extra money on getting everything else checked out before starting the Zerona. I had awesome results with my Zerona treatments. I had 9 sessions and I've lost 9 inches and 10 lbs of body fat. That was 6 months ago and it hasn't come back. Plus I now know what I can eat and what I should avoid. You should really find a test like that if you're allergic to Niacin because you might have the same reaction if you take other supplements or eat foods that contain Niacin like chicken, fish, eggs, sweet potatoes, carrots, etc. So many foods contain Niacin- Normal foods that are FDA regulated! Be careful & Good Luck!!!
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Glad that you are alive,thank you for sharing your story.
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Well, the one (only) benefit I did get from going to an actual medical doctor for this was that we had a full disclosure discussion on what was in those pills.  I didn't buy any because I had niacin of my own at home, and I'm not hypersensitive. 


Your experience is just more proof that nobody is getting any sort of medical screening at all for this - any warm body walking in the door is a "good candidate."  Thanks for sharing.
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Hi there Susan, Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I'm so sorry you had such a bad reaction and had to go through all of that.

The allergic reaction aside, have you had any results yet from the zerona treatment?

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As soon as I went back to eating normally I think I gained back all weight and inches...
Sad to say.

I also plan to contact the FDA and report the reation I had. Even though the pills are
unregulated, Zerona is supposedly FDA approved.
I did contact Zerona dirctly in Texas, explained my reaction in detail, and they took
the message and said their doctor would call me the next day. I never heard from
their doctor. So now I will go to the FDA to let them know.
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