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Good Results So Far - New York

I have had nearly 18 treatments on my upper under...

I have had nearly 18 treatments on my upper under arm area as well as my love handle and tummy. I'm in good shape and not overweight but have mild bat wings on upper arms and small fat deposits in the other areas that sometimes bulge a bit when I gain a few pounds. I have had some tightening in the arms and significant reduction and smoothing of fat in the other areas.

I got my first bunch of treatments on a coupon and continued with that discount for more treatments. the cons are I had significant bruising on my arms and for me it is quite painful at times. using lidocaine gel helped and as it heats up the pain goes down for me. I wish I had a machine at home to do the maintenance myself. I have been loosing weight and exercising more also and I drink tons of water. I would say that my arms did not have as dramatic and effect and I may consider regular lipo and then more velashape for them, but I will continue with exercise for a while first probably as velashape seems to make the exercise more efffective for me. I had done tons of exercise and had no results for my arms.

Wow, 18 treatments?! I can't say that I know what the standard number of treatments are, but 18 seems like a lot to me. I'm so glad you saw good results in your tummy though. Did you only spend $800 total for all 18 treatments?

Also, good job on being diligent with your exercise routine!! That takes a lot of self discipline, so you should be very proud of yourself!! :)

Megan, Sometimes there are great deals on some sites, you should sign up and when someone posts a deal, buy it. I live in Canada. I am here to find out if that is worth as even spending $79 Can per 3 sessions 30 minutes looks like a lot if that doesn't work. I can buy up to 5 vouchers, so 15 treatments (30 min each) would cost me $450... if I buy 5 vouchers during a few next days... I am trying to find out how many treatments I would need... Anyway, it can be much cheaper than usual price if to be a bit patient and check up the deals in your area
Ouch! 80x5=400 ;) But anyway, $400 + tax on the amount + tips will be more than $450
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