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4 Weeks to Surgery - New York

Good Morning everyone I'm new to the site....

Good Morning everyone I'm new to the site. I'm scheduled to have my surgery on Wednesday April 18, 2012. I'm excited and nervous. I'm 31 with a 7th old son. I'm getting a tummy tuck as a starter for a new body. Like most of u I like my curves but hate my kangaroo pouch. Pics coming soon and GOOD LUCK and CONGRATS to everyone.

Hey everyone woke up feeling good. Looking forward...

Hey everyone woke up feeling good. Looking forward to the 18th of April. Still a little nervous, but it's now or never. I'm just hope my holes r closed by the time I go to Myrtle Beach for Black Bike Week so I can at least get in the pool. Well have a good Palm Sunday and a blessed week. Still tryna upload pics they are coming people LoL

Good Morning ladies 10 days till my surgery...

Good Morning ladies 10 days till my surgery TT,lipo of the flanks n back. Blood work complete, prescriptions filled. Now I gotta start cleaning up and preparing mentally. Thank goodness forth creatorsbof this site u guys have helped me tremendously in dealing with my fears. I'm so excited.

Good Morning everyone 2more days and ill be on the...

Good Morning everyone 2more days and ill be on the flatside. Im anxious,nervous and excited i started getting the nervous shits already LOL. SHOUTOUT to all my TUMMYTUCK twins scheduled for the 18th.

Ok ladies 48hrs to surgery. I started taking my...

Ok ladies 48hrs to surgery. I started taking my Bromelain went out today and brought some Low Sodium Minestrone Soups, water, ginger ale, and veggies. I figured that should hold me over the first few days and then I should know what
Y appetite will like. I'll probably order a book to my nook tonite Also. Tomorrow I'm getting my hair done, gonna make my bed couch up and do some heavy praying. I'm about to eat some cornbread n jerk chicken lol. Tyyll

Good Morning Ladies Post Op 3 days and I'm feeling...

Good Morning Ladies Post Op 3 days and I'm feeling ok. I'm itchy because of the binder. Wondering can I take it off ton rub the itchy spots. Pain is level 3 but I'm still walking hunched over. Haven't really had an appetite but I've been eating greek yogurt and drinking lots of water. Been really tired and that's pretty much it.

Hey everyone, I'm up craving some Starburst Lol....

Hey everyone, I'm up craving some Starburst Lol. Overall I'm doing well extremely itchy and sleepy. I guess I'm draining ok and I've been drinking tons of fluid. I had a half bowl of chicken Caesar salad it was so delicious. I'm up watching The Kings of Comedy gonna try to get a pic in the am.

5 days PO, ok I'm up and moving around. Was sick...

5 days PO, ok I'm up and moving around. Was sick last nite with the runs went thru 2 pair of undies hot and cold flashes. Still swollen in my med section and hoping my PS takes the drains out today. I stop taking my pain meds because they where making me to drowsy n giving me headaches. My mom finally made it here this AM do I'm really happy. For those of u that had speedy recoveries congrats to the rest of us it's gonna get better. Have a good day everybody, I'll keep you all posted.

Hey ladies day 6 post op moving around really good...

Hey ladies day 6 post op moving around really good. My mom is here what a blessing. Saw the doctor today have to keep my drains until Wednesday. Before and after pics coming soon. Healing ok have a small bruise by my belly button but the doc said don't b alarm. Swell hell def in effect but overall I'm happy. Still gassy but it's coming out lol. Gonna try to eat some real food. U guys have a good week. God Bless to the Tucker's coming up and speedy recoveries

Good afternoon ladies 7 days post op DRAINS out...

Good afternoon ladies 7 days post op DRAINS out and I'm showered. Whoooooooooo. Still swollen so I'm a bit down, I guess I wanted quicker results so I'm trying tontell myself to b patient with my results. Overall I feel and look good. Just can't wait for the swelling to disappear.
Dr. Gary S Berger MD FACS

Dr. Berger and his staff so far have been very wonderful, I feel very comfortable and confident I made or am making the right decision.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Congrats on the new you! Post some more pics. I am getting a TT on 6/11/12
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looking good. happy healing.
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You look tiny! I hope the swelling has gone down some and that your feeling good!
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Wow, you look great girl. Looking foward to you progress & recovery. Iam having a MM in August & i cant wait. You think you can add more pictures of the supplies for your after care. Happy healing :)
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happy healing!
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u go girl! waiting for the pics, and i will continue to check on u!
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We made it girl! I was thinking about you. I'm feeling pretty much the same. Wish I could rip this binder off and get rid of all these drains!
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Hi Bella, congrats to u and happy healing girlie!
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U could take it off to itch. I hope the itching stops. Try wearing tank under binder
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Glad you are done! It really does get better! Keep us posted! Hope you start to feel better very quickly!
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I hope u r doing OK. The first day is the worst. It is about a 5 pain level. Everyday gets easier. Praying for you speedy recovery
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Hey Terri I'm feeling my pain in the MR the most. Other than that I'm doing ok I prefer to sit up that's when I most comfortable. Been draining ok and keeping notes.
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Bella, how are you feeling partner? Hope everything went well for you. I'm ok. Some things hurt more than others. My stomach is killing me and looks so big and swollen. I'm praying it will look different once everything settles. I'm sure it will. The Lipo and muscle repair is what I'm feeling the most. Illmcheckmon you tomorrow.
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Hey Bella, I hope and pray ur well! I read ur profile and its very funny! Keep us posted
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good luck today!
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Lady sending you some calming vibes before tt and good healing.
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Thank u @Armywife, I just don't want any gas the day of surgery I want to b empty lol.
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Poor thing...the nervous shits are never fun lol. Some of the girls are told to take a laxative a few days before the surgery. Good luck and I hope your results are amazing, can't wait to see!!!
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Good luck on ur surgery hun!!!
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Good luck bellanovember! You looked very prepared! Happy healing.
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Yeah Terri I can't wait, nerves r starting to kick in a bit. But it's whatever @ this point. I'm already thinking about all the outfits I want to wear LOL
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Bella, We are going to come out of this so much better!
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@pinkvegas we sure will b, I'm do excited still a lil nervous tho but I'm ready
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I'm scheduled on the 18th too. I had my bloodwork on Friday and got my hair done Saturday. I am nervous but ready. I will get my prescriptions filled tomorrow. I still have so many things to purchase. We will be on the flat side come Wednesday!!!!
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