Just Had TT with Minor Lipo of Flanks and Muscle Tightening - New York

Hello everyone. I have been lurking on this site...

Hello everyone. I have been lurking on this site for months now, reading reviews and concerns and looking at before and after pictures. Ok so here is some of my back story.

My name is Pete and I am 26 years old from NY. All of my life I have been very overweight. After years and years of attempted diets that failed after 4 days, I finally settles down and almost 3 years ago started eating healthy and exercising 5 times a week. After 2 years I lost close to 100 pounds. I always had this "gut" so to speak that was very discouraging despite being in amazing shape all around. Long story short, I was told it was extra skin and nothing could be done other than surgery.

So for about a year I went to consultation after consultation with surgeons in the NY area, all offering the procedure for about 9-10k. After reading online, and with the help of a close family friend who is a doctor, I found an excellent Fellows program in Manhattan. I had my surgery February 7th, just about 4 days ago. I had a full abdominalyplasty done with liposuction on the flanks and the tightening of my abdomen muscles. I stayed over night in an adjoining hotel with a private nurse and my surgeon checked on me the next morning before coming home. I go back in tomorrow for a post op check up and to hopefully remove the left drain as my right is still collecting a bit of fluid. Also to remove the medicine ball I have the drips lidocaine into the incision site.

I havent been in much pain. Just minor discomfort in my abs which the valium helps with and my back from sleeping propped up. If this is honestly the worst of it, I am very happy to have made this decision. I am still wrapped in dressings but can already tell a huge diff despite that and swelling. Just thought I would contribute as I have found a lot of helpful info on this site. My meds are starting to kick in and I am getting sleepy but if anyone has any questions or any details that I am sure I am leaving out, please feel free to comment and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.



Just out of curiosity, tomorrow with be 2 weeks post Op and most of the steri strips are still on. Is this normal? When should they come off? Do they come off naturally or should i be peeling away at them. I have no idea. I hear the longer they stay on the better for the scar but I kinda just want to see what the scar looks like and start using the mederma or silicone strips lol.

Dr Lawrence Draper (Attending Surgeon, Theodoreo Spero)

excellent price, friendly, and the job appears to be great. Will be updated once I see final results.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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hey does your doctor have a website?
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Thanks for this post. I'm scheduled to get surgery Sept. 29th, and it's helpful to read experiences of other men who have had the surgery after significant weight loss. How are you feeling these days now that you're about 6 months out from surgery?
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By the way you look awesome....
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haha thanks. That 2nd picture (skinnier me) is after the weight loss but pre surgery. Can't tell with the shirt on but my gut was all loose skin I have before tummy picks and have been taking recovery photos once a week, but have been slacking on uploading them. I really need to get around to that.
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Oh..I see..Thanks..I was getting worried and anxious at the same time but now that you've explained everything to me I feel a whole lot better. i'm getting a TT and lipo on my sides as well as my back (waist0 and I'm just ready for my new body; but you're absolutely right in regards to the price..that itself should assist me with my patience..and wow 10x better..so are the results drastic..I actually went shopping the other day and a girlfriend of mine told me that I should wait have waited until after the surgery because I would not be the same size after the procedure but i wanted to go shopping, and besides I thought well tummy tuck and lipo around the sides and waits, how drastic could it really be..but listening to you and your results makes me believe maybe I should have waited before I went shopping.
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I had a good amount of redundant skin for the weight loss. Otherwise, the rest of my body i was in very good shape and toned/border line muscular from the countless hours at the gym during my weight loss. He also lipo'd the flanks just to make everything nice and even.

I will say this though, Immediately after surgery, I was 7-8 pounds lighter, so that must have been how much they took off. Since then I have lost another 8-9 pounds just by eating super super healthy, especially since I can't exercise. But I can not fit into my pre surgery pants at all yet. The binder, on top of just the straight up swelling which is perfectly normal, makes it impossible. Be prepared to wear sweats/track pants or a or 2 bigger in jeans for a while. Once the swelling is done, I anticipate being back at my normal waist size if not smaller. I was always fine with my waist size, just not the flap of loose, extra skin that hung over it lol. It's crazy how I wake up perfectly flat, and my 2pm into the night I am so swollen and looks like i have a belly. But that skin is still gone, so even swollen it's still better. Looking forward to 5-6 month mark when I'll see the true finalized results.

And yea, basically anytime we talked, I made conversation with him and asked a ton of questions. So I'm sure had I not asked, I would not have known lots of those details. No need to be worried. He is a good surgeon, has one of the best surgeons in NY that will be with you in the OR and paying so much less.

Im sure some people would rather the traditional surgeon and their own private practice or whatnot, but for me, in my situation, I was never going to be able to afford/finance that. This was an excellent alternative with the same results. Just a few little quirks that seem out of the norm along the way due to it being a clinic during his rotations.
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His attendent, Theodoro Spero, has a private practice himself in the city. He charges about 10k for the procedure. He is Dr Drapers mentor so to say, so when booking at the clinic, Dr Draper needs to be able to secure the operating room at the hospital and have it line up with when Dr Spero is available as well. This happened with me as well. It just so happened that something opened up a week out so it was quick notice from when he got the official word, but I had already told work I would need to be out for surgery soon, just waiting for the date.

Just be be prepared. It may me a minor inconvenience (a week's notice at the very least) to not know exactly the date until maybe last minute or have to wait for a date, but saving over half off on the procedure was so worth it and I am a month out already and 10x better than before, and can see once the swelling goes down how good I will look. The scar is nice and low and healing very well. I expected it too look much worse when the steri strips finally came off last week.
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Thanks; I actually did recieve a call from Dr. Draper and he informed me that he was having some difficulties securing an attendant for the surgery dates which I chose ( the last 2wks of March) so what I did was offer some alternative dates..Do you have idea why it would be difficult to find an attendant.
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Congratulations on the weight loss and surgery. I myself have met with Dr. Draper and have taken my medical photographs over weeks ago however I am finding that it is very hard to get in contact with the doctor. Could you please tell me the next step one should take. I did however recieve an email from Dr. Draper on Friday stating that he would call me over the weekend and he has not, in all honestly it almost scares me to have the surgery done by them,,i mean if I can't get in touch with him now, what happens if I need him after my surgery.
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Hmm I've had no issues talking with Dr. Draper. I have corresponded with him through email however, with the occasional call. He does sometimes take a day or 2 to get back to me via email, but I havent had any pressing issues either, which I'm sure he'd be quicker to respond/call.

My next appointment with him is scheduled for March 30th, in which I should be cleared to resume normal activities. I can't believe it's been a month tomorrow since the surgery!
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Hey pete. Congrats!! So Dr Draper was the attending and Dr Spero was the fellow or resident? And who actually did the operation and who observed?

Thanks. I have my consultation on March 3 and would like all the information available.
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Opposite way around. Dr. Draper was the Fellow and Dr Spero was the attending. Dr. Draper did my consoltation and I met Dr Spero day of surgery as he has his own private practice. They are both very nice and comforting.

Dr Draper (Fellow from NYU Medical) performed the surgery and Dr Spero observed. Hope that helps and good luck with your consolation!

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Thanks for all the positive comments everyone! I will start taking recovery photo's myself tomorrow morning. That will be 11 days post op. Still a bit swollen in the tummy but i know obviously I wasn't that round before hand in the upper area so I cant wait till it's all settled. The bottom though where all the skin was even know I can tell is 100x better.

Once I get the profesional photographs in I will post those too. i don't know if I will get the befores when I take the afters at 6 months or if they will send them before hand. I know the surgeons needed em also.
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Congrats on losing 100 lbs to begin with! That's a huge accomplishment!

My surgery didn't cost me anything as my doctor referred me to the plastic surgeon and my health coverage paid the cost. However it took almost 2 years from the date of referral to actually get the procedure done.

Can't wait to see some recovery photos. I want to take weekly pictures so that i can see if there are any changes.
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Hi Pete,

Congratulations on your weight loss!  That is amazing and inspiring.   So how is your recovery going?  Swelling, pain, bruising etc?? 

Do you have before and after pictures that you would consider sharing?
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The recovery is going great. I virtually didn't have much pain. Just took the antibiotics, percocets and valium every 6-8 hours the first 2 days, and I've been fine. Still on the antibiotics of course. I feel the general tightness while still getting up but I can move very well walking.It also stings a bit to laugh or cough. I have to keep reminding myself to not let my mind get ahead of my body.

Got my drains taken out yesterday and there's definitely some swelling as expected but no bruising as I can see. I have these strips still over the scar that my doc told me would eventually start coming off on their own. Belly button looks fine also. Little red inside but otherwise good.

I would love to share before and after pics. I had professional ones taken before hand and go back at 6 months to the same photographer. I can find some pics of me in general before and after weight loss.

And maybe I should start taking pics of the healing process as well.
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That is wonderful you are doing so well!  Glad to hear it..

Definitely don't let your mind get ahead of your body or you will literally go nuts.  Even if you wake up feeling really good in the morning you need to go slow.  Your body has just been through hell and back so be good to it. 

Definitely post some pictures!  Also do take pics as you heal; it is amazing to see the changes every two weeks.   I did them every week for the first two months, then every two weeks for three months and monthly there after. 
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Ok I put up a before and after weight loss picture. Recovery pictures will start tomorrow!
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Wow you look like a completely different person...Good job!  I will watch for the after pictures.
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Just out of curiosity, tomorrow with be 2 weeks post Op and most of the steri strips are still on. Is this normal? When should they come off? Do they come off naturally or should i be peeling away at them. I have no idea. I hear the longer they stay on the better for the scar but I kinda just want to see what the scar looks like and start using the mederma or silicone strips lol.
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Those little buggers can hang on for a month if you let them.  Some were even getting rashes and irritated skin from them after being on long term. 

I had them on my breasts and not my tummy.  But at two weeks post op mine were all but hanging so I peeled them off when in the shower one morning. 

How are you feeling?
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I am feeling great. Almost forget that ive hard the surgery sometimes until I sit up or something. Gotta remind myself to take it slow no matter how good I feel. I go back to work tuesday unfortunately. I'd much rather me home in my reclining throne of pillows but oh well. I took a pic last tuesday of My stomach and will be taking another this tuesday, and every week to follow. I also had a pre surgery shirtless picture on my external hard drive. I just need to get up and upload them but too comfy right now :)

Also today is my last day of antibiotics! yay!
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Yay is right!  You are doing so well.  Going back to work is hard and the first two weeks back are the worst.  Go slow and try not to plan any after work activities for a while.  I was totally wiped out by 2:00 each afternoon. 

I am looking forward to the pictures :)
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Ah yes. I have started college at the age of 26 (little late, but hey better late than never) and my professors have been very cool and emailing me assignments. I usually have class right after work but luckily this week is a winter break, so I will have one week to just adjust to work, and then I'll be back to work then school.

I can't wait to start working out again and getting into tip tip shape for summer. (I work out very early before work as I don't have time too afterwards)

So as far as the strips, tomorrow is 2 weeks post op, you think I should slowly start peeling em off if they aren't by themselves within a week?
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Hey it's never to late to go to college!  If you have the desire and drive to do it then I say go for it!  That is cool that the professors have been so good about this.  That will definitely help the process.  Remember though to go slow :)

I went back to my workouts between 5-6 weeks.  I was so sore when I started back that I thought I would die.  I went really slow with no ab work for 6 months per doctors orders.  I am so glad that I was in excellent shape prior to the surgery.   I was back to full blown boot camps a little after my six month mark. 

I am now training for the Crazy Legs Marathon in April.  My knee has been acting up a little so that has been frustrating.   I hope that I am not heading to the OR for that repair...UGH!

Is your wound all closed and dry?  If so I would get those strips off so that your skin doesn't get irritated.  How long did the doc tell you to wear them? 

I had surgical glue over my incision and my doc told me that I could start peeling it off at two weeks.  It was a bit like peeling rubber cement off.  It came off in sheets and was really strange.  I found that under the glue was dried blood which was making the incision look worse than it really was.  What I found under mine was a nice fine white line. 

Once you get the strips off start massaging with the Palmer's Vitamin E Skin Therapy Oil.  You will be amazed at how it helps. 
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