10 month update with pics

Mid thirties, married with 1 kid... I'm in...

Mid thirties, married with 1 kid... I'm in pretty good shape, work out with hubby every other day. Just get get rid of the extra skin and fat after having a child. I'm always giving and doing for others, but I have decided to do for me... May 15, I will join you beautiful ladies in the world of recovery and beauty all at once.

This site has inspired me and sometimes scared me at the same time, but it is all good. I will post some before pics as soon as I figure out how. Look forward to sharing my journey with you. Happy anticipation to all preop and happy healing to all postop.

So here me now...Happy anticipation to all preop...

So here me now...Happy anticipation to all preop and happy healing to all postop
Best wishes for a successful surgery and speedy recovery!
I AM SURE IN TIME IS IT GOIN 2 LOOK WAY BETTER THAN IN THIS PIX.BE SURE TO UPDATE US as it gets better! some heal/get better fast,some do not,so hang in there and Congratz chica!

*sexi flat stomach*
Thank you, Meagan... Look forward to sharing my journey.

So, I receive a text from hubby. mark your...

So, I receive a text from hubby. mark your calender 05/26 we have a wedding to attend.
Follow up conversation hours later... and "I hope it is day wedding, because Sunday I want to try and take in a day party... being Menorial day weekend and all.
I don't think he has a clue what I'm getting my self in or may be he thinks I will recover quickly and he can show me off... I don't know... what I do know is, I don't think so... love him but let me get to the post up phase first not sure why we are making plans so soon.
Has anyone was able to party 2 weeks later?
This is the one I watched last night, the scar is way too high http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1oYsrM0PIeA
Good you send me the link to the videos you were watching?
Good that makes me feel better. This girls I saw I the video had the scar so close to their belly button and one of them had a vertical scar. I will bring the tiniest "tanga" I can find lol. I still keep coming up with questions I didn't ask. I going to start taking note of them then I forget, so lucky we have all the people on this community to ask questions.

Hello all.... Thanks to your input my hubby and. I...

Hello all.... Thanks to your input my hubby and. I are on the same page....
The question of sex came up, he wanted to know how long after come we do it... Dr. Told me 2 weeks so I told him 4 four because it can be crazy at time so did't want to make any statement I can be held to.
This waiting is not easy at all... All I do is think of my new and improve core.
Happy anticipation to all preop and happy healing to all postop
I was just reading your post and completely understand your worries and concerns, Dr. Capek will make sure your scar is low, she was great at marking mine and you saw how low mine was. You are going to be so happy you did this, I will tell you the same thing I told Nena6 I was a lot fatter than you and am so happy with Dr. Capek. I am sure you will be too. Good luck and happy easy recovery.
Thank-you, windy45!!!
You will have a really good result!!! Once it's all said and Done{•_•}goodluck on ur journey!

Question... When you decided to this... Did you...

Question... When you decided to this... Did you find that you ate more because you know you are going to do this?
I hear you Taylors, thank you and I will try to remain focus on the final outcome.
Hey BeautifulME! In answer to your question about eating more: No. I didn't and as a result, I ate less afterwords and now I've lost over 25 pounds! As my PS put it: if you listen to your body after your surgery, you'll notice that your stomach is satisfied faster and you eat less.
So, get a jump start and don't eat more now.
Thank you Denell... Checked out ur results... Amazing and beautiful. Like the tat. Have 3 off my own..

Hello Beauteaful Peeps, so I decided to sign up...

Hello Beauteaful Peeps, so I decided to sign up for an all women fit boot camp. Not sure what I was thinking... I think my thoughts were let me get into high gear with the workout now, bcus I won't be able to do this for a couple of months... boot camp is crazy, hoping it this helps with my recovery. Started drinking lots of water and high fiber foods, snacking on fruits and nuts.... let just say currently my system is working.
Have a wonderful day! Happy anticipation to all preop and happy healing to all postop
I have been reading to and I have so many questions now I been writing them down to ask her but you need to stop reAding about the negative and focus in the positive. Btw it seems for what I read here swelling and soreness could last for long time... Some things we are going to go trough. My preop is June 28. Let me know how your preop goes. :) you will be flat soooooon
Hey Beatiful your date is coming soon. Time is going quick I can't wait. Best wishes :)
Hey nena6, preop is next week.
I pretty excited and nervous, I have been reading a seeing some scary situations on the site.

Appt with doctor and preop today. Oh yeahhhhh! ...

Appt with doctor and preop today.
Oh yeahhhhh!
Happy anticipation to all preop and happy healing to all postop.

Met with doctor, and completing preop testing. It...

Met with doctor, and completing preop testing. It was quick and simple..
With Dr. Completed all necessary paper/consents. Answered by questions, she promised me scar will be low as possible and confirmed I will not have a vertical scar.
At preop testing, 3 different people ask the same 20 question and I had to feel out a questionaire with the same dame questions... Thought I was being interrogated and they were trying to see if I would answer the question differently to trip me up.
Bloodwork down, physical down, balance paid, waiting continues.
So what I learned... I will need to cut the vit. E out of my diet... From now... No multi vitamins... Vitamin E thins out your blood.
I need to add to my list of things to get is the big old school maxi pad to help soak the liquid that will be leaking from the lipo and drain...I was told to get a lot
Thanks to you for all the info girl ;)
Time is going really quick. Vertical scars is one of my questions too lol I don't think I will do it if I need a vertical scar. Does she make I really low scar. I have seen some ladies here with a super low scar that's what I would like for me. Almost fifteen more days to go for you. I will be thinking about you ;) another thing does she use a pain pump? I think she said something about it when I talked to her but I don't quite remember...
I know to countdown truly begins... So she is friends with the pain pump...lol so we are good there.
I just needed to confirm for myself that there is no chance having a vertical scar... I starting thinking what if I dont have enough skin... I was told not to worry there will be no vs.
Incision will be extremely low she promised me... It will be right below the line where my pubic area starts if you can picture that.
Thank you so much for the support... And I will help and provide as much info as I can...

If your surgery is coming up soon and you have a...

If your surgery is coming up soon and you have a event coming then obviously drinking is a no no..but you don't want people at the event thinking pregnant nexus you are not drinking... Here is your excuse ... No thanks, I'm taking medication.
good luck on your surgery!! =D
Thank you, lesley...looking forward to a new tummy..
I'm sure I will need ur support:()

Purchased the follow... Prescription...

Purchased the follow...
Prescription filled
Plastic ear plugs pink color...lol
Palmers skin treatment oil .. for dry tummy
Polysporin ointment
Baby wipes
Extra scrub

Still to get
Arnica forte tablets

Things to get post TT
Stool softner and tyenol .. if needed

Days are flying... Difficult not be able to talk about this as I'm not telling anyone.
Hi- I just read your blog and am do excited for you! I am 10 days post op today and today has been the best day do far. No pain, just tightness. I saw you have a wedding 2 weeks post- I have a big party to go to tomorrow and am a little worried- 11 days post op. I think we will go for a few hours and it will be fine. I'm excited about the cute little outfit I can wear! Good luck with everything and update soon!
Thank you and Congrats to you... Are you going to wear the CG under your dress?

Day 2 I am on the flat side.... Yeah. Pain...

Day 2
I am on the flat side.... Yeah.
Pain currently not too bad.
Got up to go to the bathroom 3 times.
My Dr. and hospital staff are wonderful.
When Dr marked me up, I put on my underwear and she mark me below my pantyline.
I have not seen results, but I'm feeling so far about my decision...

Hello ladies, so I'm home. I went home with...

Hello ladies, so I'm home. I went home with something call a pain buster. It is a numbing medication to help ease the pain for the first couple of days. It is working wonders. I'm draining little, hoping this means both will come out at next appointment.
Hubby is great. When i go to the bathroom, it takes a lot out of me, get tired quickly.
I did get a peek a the tummy, swollen but look great. I took the arnika forte tablet the night before procedure (Nene6, our doc sells it in her office, suggest you get it before procedure)
I believe this is helping me with my recovery, had lipo but no signs of bruising and swelling is not bad.
Will post pics once I can get up and down the stairs with no issue.
Happy healing and happy anticipation...
Hi. Are you in Albany? Is your doc Lucy Capek? I'm in the process of setting up consultations. Thanks for your help, good luck in your journey.
I can't beleive you are on the flat side now. I'm glad to hear you are good. At what time was your surgery. Please keep us posted and take pics when you feel up to it. The results of my biopsy were good soo back to think about my surgery in July. I'll keep checking on u. So excited for you :)
I'm so glad to hear that your biopsy results were good. Yes now you can focus on your dream. I was scheduled last, she tend to schedule the most fit patient last. I home and feel great just some pain when getting up and down. The experience was better then I expected. I will post more in my blog... I did take pic when I was being taught how to take care of my bb.

Day 3 Omg, I have a annoying cough I can't get...

Day 3
Omg, I have a annoying cough I can't get rid of... My stomach hurts like crazy when I try to cough or hold it in.
Not sure what to do right now... I'm nervous about this... Any suggestions to suppress this..
Hi beautiful I just read your whole may 16 post. I thought i had read it all but i missed a whole paragraph im mostly on my phone so I must have thought I read it all.... What is the arnica forte for. I'm glad to hear you are not having too much pain and not swollen yet. How have you been sleeping. I know some people get recliners and walkers. Knowing me Im not going to be getting any of that. Do you think is necessary. If you Are sleeping in your bed are u comfortable so far? Gosh I want my day to come soon... Lol
Hi Nene, Capek will give u a tip sheet to help with bruising. Arika was on the tip sheet, I also heard ladies commenting on the tablet on this site. The tablet helps with pain bruising, swelling... I'm still swollen but not that bad, no brusing from the lipo. Little pain. I'm sleeping in a rocking chair, sleep okay butt starts to hurt around 3 in the morning. I tried the bed, unless you have a bed full of pillows the bed did not work for me, I felt like I was trapped. If you can get something to recline do it... I forgot about a rocking chair I had.
Did you try some cough suppressant or allergy medicine. That may help with the cough.

Day 5 Hi ladies, Couple of things, I removed the...

Day 5
Hi ladies,
Couple of things, I removed the pain buster myself..it did not hurt I did not feel anything.
One less object in the way.
I developed a yeast infection because of the antibiotics... Not cool, just beware that there is this possiblity.
Took a shower for the first time, one word draining. I was so tired when I was done. Hubby ball me of course but it was a lot of work. Still swollen but not much pain, I did take a pain killer before taking the shower. Glad I did
I wean myself of the loritabs, only take it at night. I have pain at night on my sides due the lipo.
Drain once a day... Think these balls are ready to be removed.
Post op is Tuesday. Otherwise hubby and baby girl is helping be out whenever possible.
GC is annoying but, understand it is part of the process... I'm bored as heck, again part of the process...
Hey could u plz tell me how to down load some photos I can't figure it out for the life of me
Hey, if you are trying to do it from ur phone you can't.
If you took pics with phone. Send it it to your email and the save to computer... And to download, under your profile on this site browse for your pic on computer where you saved it and then download... Hope this helps.

Day 6 Back is killing, ladies still waiting for...

Day 6
Back is killing, ladies still waiting for their day... Prepare for the back pain, wooow.
Every now and again random Sharp pains will go through my ab, waist and incision. I good only take it as a sign of healing.
Appetite, is mild... Not eating much, need to change that, drinking lots of water.
No pain in drain area. Infection, still annoying the s@*$ out of me.
Overall, feeling pretty good. Still bored, oh well.
Took another look at the tummy, not bad at all... Even though I'm swollen, I'm not swollen like a napkin, like many. ladies on this site
Girl we are strong women. Time goes quick remember the first two weeks are crucial. Where did u get lipo. I'm getting waist, back and bra fat. Hope you feel better as time goes. Hang in there :)

8 day Post OP. First post appointment was...

8 day Post OP.

First post appointment was yesterday. Both drains came out! (the most painful part about removing the drains was removing the little stitch to hold in drain, it was not bad for me, note I took a pain killer before going to the dr:)
You won't believe that my Dr. told me that I healing very good and looking good that I don't need to wear the GC anymore I can transition to spanx... YES 8 days after post op and I'm wearing spanx and I'm comfortable. I've never read on this site wear someone transitioned to spanx one week post op. I did the happy dance.
You know hubby went out and got me the spanx with the quickness, because that GC was not sexy at all...ANY HOO
I did ask the Dr. "what about the plan for wearing the GC fr six weeks etc. She said that the the info provide before surgery is a general post op plan and everyone... everyone heals differently and the plan can change for the best or the worst or remaine status quo depending on the patient.

I contribute my wonderful recovery to four things.
1. Being fit to begin with, Worked out, eat healthy, never smoked
2. Arinka Forte; not sure what situation I would be in I did not take the tablets-but I can say that it worked for me as the brouchure indicated.
3. The Dr. and hospital staff, staying in the hospital helping understand what I needed to do to take care of myself and i was moble as possible while I had the clical support to identify any possible issues.
4. Last, but most import is the hubby, emotional and physical support is crucial he is doing everything with out a complaint.

Again, I can't believe I sitting hear typing this 8 days later with spanx on and I feel great.
I'm no longer takeing the pain killers, drinking lot of water and eating (normal appetite).

In regards to the incision, I really can't see it ( meaning is it thin or not) because it is covered with clue. It will be a couple of week before the clue starts fallin off.

Still bored, but feel pretty good. Here are some updated pics from today (one from day 2 post op)
Please if you have any questions ask away.
Happy healing to all and happy anticpation to those with up coming procedure.

Ready to say WORTH IT!
happy healing hun.
Thank you for your post, hoping I get the great results most people get in this site. It has been almost fifteen days for you. How have you been feeling?
I am 5 weeks week post and yes i see alot of improvement in my incision. It is healling real good.

So I'm almost 8months post up and I'm feel good...

So I'm almost 8months post up and I'm feel good.
I'm actively working out (including abs),
Stomach still numb (normal)
Incision healing nicely and getting lighter - it is a raised a little in the front, enough for only me to notice it.
Feeling sexy, all the time. Sex has gotten more frequent and better with the man of my life.
He thinks I'm the hottest thing:)
I still swell, for example after a work out or all day on my feet, again enough that I'm the only one who can notice it.
No issues really, I'm glad I did it and hope everyone have or continue to heal with little to no issue.
Life changing, yes. Worth it see pics for yourself:)
Happy healing, eat healthly, be safe this holiday season.
So did you ever make it to the wedding? lol Also, are you using anythin on your scar? Your results look great..how do you feel?
Lol, I did not go to the wedding... only thing I'm using Palmers skin therapy oil, I'm planning on ordering the scar away gel strips. Feeling great, well worth the time and pain. You look good as well loving the hour glass shape and the boobies
you look fabulous

Hey everyone, just ordering the strips and gel....

Hey everyone, just ordering the strips and gel. Have anyone used it if so was it worth it. I'm hoping to get wonderful results. Currently, my scar seems to be lighten but I would like the process a tad bit quicker. I will attempt to keep you posted on the status of my scar therapy. Is it worth it? We will see.
Hey funny you are updating about new gel I just ordered it yesterday. My scar is lighter but I want to see if there is any difference by using the strips. Plus my bellybuttom scar is a little raised and capek said to try the strips they are supposed to be good. I saw her last week btw. Let's see if they really work;)
Purchased it on Friday as well ( from Amazon). We will see, my bb is fine, actual bettter than b4. I will keep you posted on results.

10 month update: My tummy is still numb (whiich is...

10 month update: My tummy is still numb (whiich is normal)
I still swell, but only enough that I can tell.
I starting using silcone gel 3 weeks ago. I so seeing a difference, posted pic of scar. prior to the use of the gel the scar was still dark with little improvement. Now, I see great improvement.
Also, showing off a two piece swim suit, can't tell you the last time I wore a two piece bathing suit. Increased ab work out/cardio, stop when my body tells me... so i happy with results, would I do it again...ummmm....YUP
I am about 6 weeks PostOp and have been using BioCorneum gel for about 2 weeks. Haven't seen too much change as of yet but I am still in the early stages of healing. I am getting married about the 11 month PostOp mark and hope to look as great as you do at 8 months! Thanks for the post.
I use the Palmers Oil to massage my swollen belly. Also feels good all over my skin after a shower. Great stuff.
Hey beautiful , you look great , just want to tell you i bought the scar strips , two sets , 10 months post op. I was using new gel silicone cream and palmers is so good for your skin, after doing my own research with scars , I also am a Nurse Practitioner , i do a lot of wound care, Nothing works better fo scars rhen silcone strips. so here is my method for the past 5 months. I have two sets right, I were one to go to bed and bought the compression underware, then in the morning while i am getting ready for work I wash out the ones i wore through the night and put on the other set , . this i repeat in the evening vice versa.. thsy last about 4 months so i got my moneys worth, Most of all , My Husband cant believe it , u Really cant see i had scars it so light u really have to look close.. i had a BA also and those scars are completely Gone . its amazing , i walk around naked in the house and u cart see any scars . I bought the silcone strips from contour.com.. ok i will post pics tomorrow i worked all day this weekend im working im too tied but tomorrow i will show you what i mean... your going to agree this was a great. idea... Ps i get to walk around naked cause all the kids are gone out on their own ,college and jobs their own apt , now im really enjoying my life. my husband and i lin our forties and i love it. I actually am happy im older i get to be selfish , it was always about them kids. now they call me like 8 times a day , sometimes i dort answer , shhhhhhh lol lol lol...hey i gotta a lot of catching up to do , who cares what they think its my time. I was great when i was bending over backwards for all of them , now that i am busy having a life i see they are griping..lmao i am Not losing sleep over it ..hahaha hope i made everyone smile who is reading this...
Latham Plastic Surgeon

Dr. and staff were great. Feel comfortable with Dr. she take take to answer questions.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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