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No the skin does not just "snap back" with excersize...

Anyone get a TT and lipo to remove saddlebags? My...

Anyone get a TT and lipo to remove saddlebags? My surgery is scheduled for September 20th. My PS had me scheduled for Aug 26 but wants to work with Dr. Xipoleas (was a fellow last year) as her attending doc, so my date was pushed to end of September while he waits for paperwork to go through so that he can work at NYEE.

I'm excited but nervous at the same time. I wanted my date for 8/26. But I want my PS to be happy with who she works with.

Reviews in Dr.X anyone? Also my fellow will be Dr. Polavarapu. She is so nice!

Anyone scheduled for next month?

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After so many false starts...a dream come true...

Finally this day is here! I can't tell you how long of a road this was for me. This goes back to 6 years ago when I got off to a start, had a date set, then chickened out because I read too many recovery stories. I don't think I was mentally ready and at that time my second child was only a toddler. Then after lamenting enough for not going "through with it" I dragged my dear hubby to a few appointments only to get scared off again. Honestly, I don't think I was ready if I could constantly get pushed away. Last summer i had yet a THIRD consultation (after googling so many docs) but sitting in the waiting room for over an hour made me so upset that i got dressed and walked out on the surgeon when he finally DID arrive to examine me.

Hubby came with me to the appointment I made this past early June. It was a great appointment, felt right, love the doc. Hubby was on board with me and seemed to ask a lot more questions than I did! At one point the doc I think was sizing him up/checking him out to make sure I was there for ME and not for HIM. ha!

I had my "Fitness for surgery" work up just this past Thursday. BP, Bloodwork, EKG, Urine taken etc..test for pregnancy...yada yada. This is my clearance forms. Now my pre-op is this Tuesday afternoon. I can't wait! I'm really thrilled. It's REALLY happening.

My Doc is always available by email or telephone if I have any questions and so far that is great. It puts me at ease. She reccomended a higher caliber compression garment post-op since I said i would spring for it. You basically give them your measurements and they suggest (over the phone, very helpful) the size you should order.
129lbs (give or take a bad day or two add a few elbeez..) and 5'3"
Pre-op measurements:
Waist: 29 inches
Hip: 39 inches (widest part)
Thigh: 23 inches (again widest part)

I am currently a size medium in the FBS Stage 1 Marena post-op garment.


Doc says that my 2nd stage garments come after 2 week check-up of wearing these and re take of sizes. Looking forward to all of that. My doc said that I have an umbilical hernia, severe diastasis and saddlebags. All of which she will repair!

Until then I am preparing the house and myself for next weekend by shopping for all of my supplies so that I am all set when I'm home a week from today and recovering. I'm working up until surgery day so I only have this weekend to prepare.

I think I will work from home the last week I am recovering. Only taking off two/half weeks. My job is not physically challenging, however there is a lot of commuting and running around that goes with it. So I am hoping to eat healthy and well up until and during so as to assure a good healing both physically and mentally. I've seen great post op stories and really bad ones. Finally NOT getting scared away.

Before signing off- please note that my highest weight after the birth of my children was 180lbs. Crazy! One thing I have never been able to get rid of is the saggy belly or as I like to call the 'jowels of a dog'. I have been trying to get as fit as possible realistically (since i hate excersizing really) before this surgery. I think i have done ok. The rest is up to my surgeon!

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Last day of the weekend..what am I missing?

My coffee maker broke! So I need a new one...HA. I will also hit up Target for some comfy furry pjs and granny panties and Bio Oil. What else am I missing. I am working up until my surgery date (9/20) and the time of my surgery is 3:00pm. Why so late? Does anyone know what goes down on the day of the surgery? My hubby will not be coming with me to the hospital but taking days off after surgery (trying to utilize him where I need him most) to be home with me. He'll come to the hospital after work (which makes sense anyway bc my surg starts at 3pm).
I'm spacing out..what did you ladies eat the first few hours after surgery and days after? What should my grocery list look like?

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Food Suggestions that I have seen:

Eat Right

*As salt (sodium) can worsen swelling, avoid foods and drinks containing salt during recovery.

*Eat leaf lettuce, eggs, and yogurt, which are excellent sources of Vitamin K, another possible remedy to swelling.

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Pre Op appt tomorrow

Tomorrow afternoon at 12:30pm EDT is my pre-op. I'm so excited because this is when it feels like things will really happen.

Of course I just got my period. UGH...why...it seems light this month and I'm not too crampy but gee thanks... LOL. I guess better now than after the surgery. It should be light if not done by Friday. I'm usually a 4 day kinda girl. But it's like..REALLY AUNT FLO?!! You had to show up with your bags at my door step NOW?

I had a big pasta dish and choco dessert. Figure I had better enjoy now..

Was thinking about recovery days. By the time I go back to work it will be Day 19. Most likely I will be looking forward to the social aspect and getting out of the house (at least I really hope i am). How did everyone else feel at day 19. That is me starting in the middle of the week. Three days left to go..my job is not draining. If i want i can sit at my desk all day. I'm usually really active at work but because I like to be. I am PMSing and my husband is playing the Star Wars theme song over and over and its driving me crazy. I want to kill him. He's trying to make a ringtone for my son. Still..get headphones! I can't say anything bc he's going to be my bellhop pretty soon. So gotta keep all my evil thoughts in my head and keep my PMS'y self on good behavior. Oh there goes the theme song again!! GAHHHHH

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On my way to pre op appt! Why do I feel like this might be taken away?

So worried that I've got all my ducks in a row and the date will change or something will fall thru. I'm so paranoid. And so excited.

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Pre-Op went well! Things are all set, wheelz in motion. Surgery time moved up to early AM.

The doc was running behind so i was in the waiting room for an hour before getting to see her, but I did chat with her assistant or medical coordinator who was giving me the low down on everything - so that was fun! She made me aware that my surgery was moved up to 7:30am EDT! I have to be in by 6am and so this means I have no meandering on Thursday. I don't have much skin to play with because I am as doc put it "thin on top" so she's not sure when she goes in what is going to happen but she thinks she is going to do a floating belly button. What is everyone's thoughts on that. It will be lower..My girlfriend at work joked that it will be down by my "HOO HA" lol...Oh doc wrote me a script for vicodin and something else. She joked with me not to start taking them now..save for after the procedure. LOL> I was prescribed 30 pills. is that going to be enough? She also prescribed Keflex. I asked for an anti nausea med and she said i wouldn't need? Was anyone prescribed an anti nausea med? if so what and how much? I may go back to her and insist just in case...

All in all i feel great. I really did a lot of listening since she was explaining the lipo on my "Funt" (aka "fat hoo-ha") among other areas. She explained where there would be scars from the lipo and pointed out everything. She said she wasn't going to mark me up the day of surgery bc she feels that it is hard to remove and permanent and i'll be messy enough. Hey -as long as she knows what she's doing and needs to do and does it!!!

I will stay overnight, be in my Marena CG. Doc suggested I get another one so that I can swap into a clean one since I need to live in it. She said not to buy a size smaller until we take my measurements at my check up appt. She said "you may be wasting your money and need an XS" yeah right. LOL> i am not seeing that..I mostly have loose skin and saddle bags more than anything so if i can get into a small, i'll take it. Right now the medium is tight/fitted. She said it will be tighter bc of swelling after surgery. Off to order second garment. She mentioned how one doc advises his patients to shower in them (ICK) bc they are so hard to get off, but since these garments have zippers on them and hooks and closures they are not so bad. She said she thinks I am ok to remove and would never suggest her patients shower in them and dry. ICK.

off to but that second garment and in BLACK. Didnt realize i bought it in beige. Its gng to show blood and gook...gross!!

Feeling really good. I'm so happy after today. Work is busy but I'm not gng to stress. I am so excited. I couldn't stop dancing around or get the big grin off of my face.

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Prescriptions were filled, second CG ordered for delivery tmrw!

Today was all about clearing the work off of my desk today, getting things done. It was stressful imagining on Monday getting to the point that I am at today. Now that I am at the end of Wednesday, more of my recovery items come in the mail (Rx filled, dandelion root tea for digestion, arnica gel, turmeric and bromelain supplements, etc etc) and will continue to mostly likely until I am home. I am grateful that my hubby has been running around setting up my "recovery suite" (chair and supplies in livingroom) as he likes to call it, as well as receive all of my packages, open them up and set them out for me. I have two separate tables, one where food will be and water. The other where electronics and my other doodads will hang.

I ordered a 2nd CG from the same company since I already knew how their sizes run, but this time in the black. I had them overnight it because i thought, i dont want to see blood and stuff and on the garment (gross but hey that's life) if i can help it most of the time - i want a dark color. Did dinner with the family. I'm tired, have been running around at work a lot today but not stressed out. If anything I feel happier. Not as worried about work and leaving it behind as I did in the earlier days when i first submitted my FMLA leave paperwork. I'm tired today and feel like my thoughts are weightless for a change; it's like I'm in a place where I'm not impatient anymore nor am i anxious waiting for the next step trying to find out more details. I have stopped "sucking in the gut" as I've done for so many years holding it in. I know I can only do that because it's going to be gone soon. For this to be the first time in years that I am not sucking my gut in, feels good. It's going to be gone soon and I'm not going to have to think about how to fit into my clothes so as to strategically hide it while also sucking it in. Happy days are here again...

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My house needs a good cleaning but I'm too tired!

There's no time! Does anyone feel like this? Should I care? Gahhhhh

My other worry is the Vicodin. What if I need more than the three day supply I was given? How much supply of pain pills did y'all get?

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Thank you ladies for all of your comments with suggestions and overall being a "cheering section". Needed it!!

I caught up with co workers, said very long goodbyes. Have nice bosses who wished me well. Some coworkers that Ive worked with the past three years dont even say hello (there's been a re-orging so now that they don't need me..LOL) so they don't know I won't be around. Heck with them. In general just felt like i was cramming to get things done. I had yogurt for breakfast - didn't do my shake bc it has a lot of vitamins, namely E which I was told to to avoid before surgery. half a cup of dry cheerios, yogurt again for snack, then chicken noodle soup. I really didn't eat much today and mostly light if anything because I was so busy at work and then once I got home - it was "Meet the teacher night" for the kids.. family returning back in town from overseas so my husband was collecting them from JFK airport. dinner with them. Kids in bed. My brain is DRAINED.
I'm definitely ready for bed. I didn't even pack an overnight back yet but i should have. I mean, i have the pjs ready and my garment but I am not sure if i should be taking colace now or pack it and take it at the hospital..
BAH..i have all these supplies and i feel like i dont know what to do first..
I guess i can figure it out when i get home! lol
I'll check in tomorrow AM before I submit to ..THE FLAT SIDE. Yay!!!

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Just hours away..

I'm in the car and on my way. Not worried, very happy feeling. Hubby is with me so I feel even better as that wasn't the original plan. And my period is done. Phew.

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Extremely happy even through the pain!

Day went very smoothly. Check in, got marked up, wheeled in OR, fell asleep, woke up in recovery to my smiling hubby. Is it hard to walk- you betcha. Hard to get comfy in bed bc of what feels like severe soreness. The morphine is taking the edge off of that and when I sleep, I don't knkw a thing. I went pee twice, both times very exhsusting. Been drained a few times but its not a lot. My doc wants to see me on Monday already! Geez Louise! I have stairs to maneuver to get in/out of the house! Oh well!
I am officially on the flat side! The premiere new club. Love my membership! Gng to go to sleep for now.

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Ok off to snooze town

It's tiring chatting on the cell!

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Slept a little

But I think that's just me. Got up third time to pee. This time I did most of the navigating on my own with some nurse help getting me off bed. I'm the hunchback of Notre Dame right now. Noticed I wasn't as lightheaded at the end of the process and did not pour out sweat like the first trip (was tough!) or second trip (less tough but still hard).
Drinking water no problem. My lips and mouth are no longer dry as cardboard and I just had some jello.

Back to napping. There is a nurse shift change soon and they will want to take my vitals as well as empty my bulbous little drains. I have two. One fills less than the other. Hmm!

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Slept a good solid couple hours

They check on me here every two hours but if I'm sleeping, they just peep. I happened to just wake when they peeped in, so they greeted me and checked on my drains. They say my drains are good and that I'm not draining tons. One nurse said maybe they would get taken out on my Monday check up. Wow that sounds dang early but I'd take it!!

In my sleep I often jump or startle. Well I did tonight and whoa. I just slowly released myself. I guess it is a good thing I'm on Morphine bc it wasn't so bad. Just like irritating my gut after a the worlds best workout or something. Also, I noticed when they "squeegee" the tubing to my drains, when I'm not on Morphine it feels like little knives stabbing me. When I am, it's like a dull swipe and didn't bother me.

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Me in a dress before

Will post an after when u can. Just glad that pouch is gone!!!

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The bumpy ride home

Be prepared for that and get lots more meds pumped into your system before hitting the road. I managed it - there were some deep breaths needed to get through it though at some intersections home.
My doc wants to me walk every time i sleep. She was like "you sleep, then you walk" she wants me to be mobile. How is everyone. I feel like I have a lumbar rolling under my gut. I guess bc everything is so tight. Here is me on the flat side..happy to be here. I can't shower until I see my doc on Monday for a check up of the stitches. She will then give me the Yay or Nay. Went home with two drains. She thinks the left one (which didn't fill much while i was in the hospital) will start to fill more now that I'm home as she expects I will be more mobile.

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5pm the day after surgery

I slept a bit, walked a bit, ate a bit. Thankful for the toilet riser, it is easier to pee here than it was at the hospital. I have ludens cherry cough drops to nurse on when my throat feels dry after waking up. I'm always drinking water. A family friend loaned me their walker that has a seat and is on wheels. That walker is a God send! I love it. If you can get one of those, you must!!!!

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Jealous of people who get pain pumps with their TTs!!!

I'm just sayin!!

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Good nights sleep = super swollen feet!

Doctor's orders are to elevate above the heart and to walk to relieve these bricks that I now call feet.

My fluids look like grease now mixed with drops of kool-aid. Hubby is pleased with the output. :)

I washed my face, brushed my hair and teeth. Had some Roasted Dandelion Root Tea as soon as I woke up so that my throat and sinuses cleared easily. Still taking my meds round the clock. I slept in a bit so was overdue but it wasn't too bad getting up sans pain reliever. I was just extremely stiff and my feet and legs swollen. I want to walk more but I'm tired. Back to resting again. How much walking am I realistically supposed to be doing 2 days post op? Hubby is going to go out and grab me an egg white wrap with swiss. I am not hungry but I know i need protein and energy. So I'm trying to eat regardless. I'm gassy and my body toots a bit here and there. Sometimes I'm positioned in such a way that I can't toot, so when i go pee, its like YAY. I'm not uncomfortable bc of it, thankfully. Hard to believe my doc wants to see me tomorrow already.

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Some hospital pics.


Congrats!!! Nice flat tummy :).
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Your doing good.napping is a must... Lol
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Rest is what I do Best!

I just woke up from a glorious nap. Going to eat dinner. I will say, that my drains are turning more clear and putting out less (what doc calls cirrus?). It feels itchy under my CG. Unless that is just my reaction to the meds. Hubby thinks that is a good sign of the TT healing. My face is not as pale as I was the first day I came home but yet my feet are swelling more. :(
I was able to sleep last night until this AM a straight 6 1/2 hrs before taking my Vicodin. That's a good sign that I wasn't having so much pain that it would wake me up. Otherwise I've been consistent with them, ever 4 hours. Hubby strips the tubes and I apply pressure to the area so that the air going back in doesn't bother me so much. He likes what he sees as far as output. I think he's turning into a home nurse. LOLL.

My sisters visited today along with my bouncy toddler niece. It was nice to see them, have the windows open, get fresh air from outside. They all didn't stay too long. Maybe a few hours and I conked out on them towards the end of their visit. No formalities here, please. I haven't passed a bowel movement yet but I'm not feeling like I need to or that I am backed up. I'm about to have a nice meaty broth with pastina. Overall I feel better at this point than I thought I would. And I like napping a lot. That's a plus. :)


Doing good, girlie!! Love your smile!!! I'm so happy to hear your chipper voice this morning ! Sounds like we eat about the same stuff, one girl at work said I didn't have to worry about anyone stealing my lunch. Lol. But makes you feel so wonderful :)Heal quickly and big (((((hugs))))).
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Omg what a short incision! You look great!
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Thanks! I go for a check up on Monday. Hoping I feel better enough to get more photos bc I know my doc will unzip me and I'll get another peek!!

Tired and Tingly

It feels like there are fire spiders under my compression garment. Time for my meds again! My hubby is worried about me experiencing bouts of depression bc of the Vicodin. What day did everyone stop taking their pain meds? Was it emotionally tough for you?
I don't foresee any issues but I think when you take into account all of the trauma my body is experiencing there's bound to be a tough day or two. Though I'm hoping not.


I'm 5 days post op & now just taking Advil for pain during the day & 1 Vicodin before bed. I had a lot of muscle repair & I was taking 2 vicodin at a time for the first 2 days! I haven't had any problems or side effects from cutting down . The constipation it gave me was worse than my pain so I'm only going to take what I have left at night only & then manage with Advil or Tylenol if needed after that. My back pain is rough though, I will probably bring dealing with that for a bit. Happy healing to you , you look great !
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Sounds like ur doing great! I too had the swollen feet for the first day. Much better today. Happy healing! I'm just taking Advil and soma mostly, little Tylenol. I really hate to the was narcotics make me feel.
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Thanks for sharing. I'm on day 3 as of tomorrow. I will see abt weaning off now.


My last dose of Vicodin was at 8:30pm EDT last night. It has been 10 hours without. When I woke up at 2:30am, I took two Extra Strength Tylenol instead. Up to go pee and walk around, it's 6am. I took my antibiotic.
I'm going back to sleep. Debating if I am being too hasty in my decision to cut back on Vicodin. We'll see.

I have had a great deal of muscle repair done too and lipo on the back as well as sides and flanks and "down there" lol
Doc appt/check up to get ready for in a few hours.

What is Soma and shld I buy that as well as extra strength Advil? How often are you taking Tylenol/Advil?

Should I not be attempting this so early in? Helpo...


I was prescribed Oxycodone. I took 1pill last night at 9pm. Got up around 4 for the potty. My back is so sore. That is bothering more than anything else.
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I went back to taking my Vicodin after eating an egg white wrap. Much more manageable. Not ready to wean off yet!!
Thanks for sharing!! How many Vicodin were you prescribed? Mine gave me 30 to start and I too, am taking them 2 at a time but every four hours. I only just now took a break from them but not sure I'm making the right call since it is so soon?

Doc appt follow up this morning

I'm changed and in the car. Depending on today's assessment she will give me go ahead to take all the vitamins I have purchased for bruising/overall health. I'm not allowed to take anything otherwise. Plus shower. Although I don't feel gross at all. So I'm ok right now going another day without. Been using wipes and wash cloths. I have dry shampoo spray and that keeps me not looking to greaser-y ish. Lol
I was 126lbs pre surgery on Docs scale.. At home I checked was 131 yesterday and 130 today. Not that I care just curious how the swelling is.
I'm car on way to Doc's.


I was prescribed valium and percs....I quit within the 1st week because they gave me nightmares. I also just hated feeling so numb mentally...now I take advil and tylenol when needed. It's almost as if u get adjusted to the discomfort and it becomes tolerable. The pain started to subside by that second week. Now its just a little burning/stinging here and there. I'm sure u could handle it, u sound headstrong like me :)
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my goodness the nightmares i have been having AND how!! I mean, violent and awful. Danger. I don't even like violent movies because I'm all about NO THANKS no need to see that crap, life too short. and here i am front row, center seating! Doc said to start weaning off. That I must realize my vicodin HAS tylenol in it so if i chase it with tylenol to wait four hours first, then wait another four hours. So Vicodin, Tylenol, Vicodin. She said its easy to overdose and not realize. I was like OYSH, yes..
I had a coughing fit and had to take the pain pill. I was only prescribed 15 pills which seems can of cruel but only 1 so far today

Doc follow up visit

The pressure change had me feeling nauseous. Hubby swears I turned white bc mentally he can tell i was getting queasy. That I forget to breathe. No definitely the pressure of my CG coming off threw me. I had to sit and breathe a while.
TOok pics but need to really block out some parts before I share. LOL.
Doc is very happy with all that was done. I am very swollen. According to her scale I am still at 126lbs which means i'm gng to be even smaller she says, bc that means i'm 126 swollen. We discussed boobies!! UH OH. TROUBLE. Hubby not pleased when I tried on some gorgeous Ds that seemed to set off my figure PERFECTLY. LOLL.


The last and final nightmare I had was about my dad. Unfortunately he passed away last year and it's been pretty hard to accept...but in general I have been doing well. It was towards the end of the first week and I woke up sobbing and screaming. My poor hubby was like wake up..wake up! Once I finally came about, I felt so overwhelmed by the nightmare of my fathers death etc. it was awful. I decided right then and there I was done. I never have taken these types of mess ever before this surgery and I was fine with ditching them. Yes, the physical pain was hard into this 2nd week but it's tolerable. Actually I've hit two weeks today. Anyhow, that was my biggest reason for ditching them. So overdosing sounds very scary...I would slowly wean if u can and see how u feel. Over the days it does get easier. I'm sure soon u will feel like u don't even need ur Vicodin. :)
Oh that coughing fit. I had that virus or whatever that was back in the first weeks of august. I can't imagine having it now. I'm trying hard not to laugh this week. Feeling better soreness wise. I have to say. I can't even believe it.
We all manage pain differently :) Do what's best for you!

Drains don't come out until October 3rd. Doc is erring more on conservative side. :P

Forgot to mention this. So I've got two drains until NEXT thursday.


I'm glad things are going pretty well for you. Wishing you a speedy recovery. When will you get your boobies?
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I don't know if/when it will ever happen. The doc got me so excited when I asked her about the cost and we tried on the appropriate size for me and it looked SO great. Hubby was just biting his lip. He doesn't want me to fix them. LOLL. So I don't know...this doc would be perfect since she worked on my tummy and she's around until July. So I might try to see if I can convince hubby i need to fix just this "one last thing" (HA!) and that is all.
Happy healing!! Yes you look great even swollen. Make sure you pray those bad dreamz away if they come your way...Muah xoxo
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So far Tylenol since 7am this morning although i think I pulled an arm muscle.

Doc wanted me to move into a smaller garment and I did order it yesterday. It should be here by tomorrow night. So I'm thinking my first shower will be tomorrow evening before I squeeze into the small CG. She thinks the Medium was too easy to pull off, it's not supposed to be. So that's why it's "too small" now.

Gas isn't too bothersome. My middle feels mildly burning and my back and sides feel swollen are bruised and are tender to the touch. My middle/tummy is actually really tender and my doc couldn't touch it. She didn't understand why. Neither do I, but i told her its this extreme sensitivity and i wouldn't let her touch it. LOL. Too bad. That sh#t is uncomfortable, makes me heave when you touch it. So don't!
Still haven't passed a BM. Waiting on that. Been drinking a LOT of water, eating good. Have a good appetite back. Not sure what the hold up is. Taking Colace and drink lots of water with it..so what the heck. Just ate a whole bunch of applesauce. Maybe that will help too?

Been cycling two tylenol extra strengths every four hours since I woke up at 7am this morning. Last vicodin was at 1am. Prior to that it was hours before and I had a horrendous nightmare..its just sleep was uncomfortable so I'm still sort of taking them. But I figured if i can manage the day with just tylenol - I'll give it a shot. So far so good. Now, I am not gng to be a hero, if i need the heavy stuff I will pull it back out and use it, i have enough left for two more days, but I feel like I have already turned a corner w/o them so far. I think the pain is manageable. HOWEVER, I also think I pulled something in my right underarm area when trying to compensate for not being able to walk. If I reach over to scratch my neck or back ZING! POW! Stars in my eyes. A stab of pain in my underarm. WOW. how did that happen? Guess I pulled something.


Had my tt the same day as you. I have an appointment to remove the drain the 30th. I was given lortabs 5/325 for pain. Never touched them.my daughter will take them so they just stayed lock up until they went in the toilet this morning. Advil / Tylenol and muscle relaxer worked fine for me.. The dreams are just evil! Hope they stop soon! I had bad dreams for a while and set a cross out in my room. Seemed to help.
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OMG..right? Ok thought it was me - i was just crazy..but I'm reading it is serious stuff..I am not interested in taking them anymore. I actually counted that I had 5 left. And all day today I have been fine with Tylenol and Advil so I'm grateful that helps. What kind of muscle relaxer do you use? Or is that the Advil? Was the muscle relaxer prescribed?
Its soma. They work great. I had flexeril for my back and it knock me smooth out. The soma works and I can stay awake if I want. I really like them! It was super for the long car ride home. I was just chill..lol! I wonder if a warm compress would help your belly? Maybe your nerves are crazy and some normal pleasant sensation would help them adjust. My binders not tight. Doc said snug and I can adjust it as desired.

Just texted my doc to ask for a muscle relaxer - Soma

She responded to start Advil. Guess I'm not getting it.


My surgeon doesn't believe on refill either! Believe it or not its a huge favor. I only had 20 percocets they went so fast I asked for more and he said you don't need them take XS Tylenol and it worked!
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Wait, so Advil does the same as a muscle relaxer?
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Yes. Doc doesn't feel Soma is necessary as I'm already through my first week and I looked OK at my check up. She doesn't feel need to be on narcotics anymore. Hubby agrees.

Fine 4th day on Tylenol and Advil

I'm just queasy when it comes to the tubes getting stripped before being emptied. In 6 hrs the left drain put out 15cc and the Right output was 7.5

Ok off to sleep now. Attached a pic where I hid the tubes under my tank top and clipped drains to the back. Covered with a sweater. Didn't want to scare my child's tutor when I spoke to her today. Lol. I think I hid it well.


Thanks for the reassurance! I know I am fine w/o just a little wussy. I was upset when she said to take Advil versus writing me a script just bc I wanted one. I should let my body heal itself. My body was pumped with more than plenty anesthesia, morphine, Vicodin and Percosets the first 3 days. Time to stop da madness!!

Drain tube on my left side...

...Feels like a box is sitting on my hip bone. Hard to ignore so that I can try to sleep. Boo hiss.


Looking fabulous chick! :) so little!!! I didn't take my meds- had toms left over, I was using Tylenol at POd 3. Really felt better without the other. So.. I threw away 21 lortab 10, ambien, 20 Valium- I kept the promethezine incase a stomach bug rolls around this winter lol. Happy healing! Looking wonderful in your little "small" size now :) (((((hugs)))))
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You will be fine on advil...ur body will adjust and u will heal even faster not being on all that dopey stuff. Btw I was a total wuss w/my drains. I mean I don't know how i went thru with my planned homebirths like a champ, but then 9yrs later not b able to handle my dang drains!? But its just an irritaring pain that isn't like a natural process such as childbirth. Luckily, u r decreasing on the fluid amount. They will b out in no time!
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I hear ya girl ..you will be fine!

Day 5 - I slept great! but there was a hitch at first! ha.

Hubby is still home/taking care of me yet I still feel bad about waking him up when i get up multiple times to pee at night. So I don't. He's worried I'll fall. For me it's just a matter of getting comfy again on my recliner with all my pillows and blankies in the correct position since I can do pretty much everything else by myself. So I thought.

Bear Trap: I tossed and turned a bit. Had a hard time getting comfy. Decided to get up and sleep in my regular bed. BIG MISTAKE. It wasn't as comfortable for long as I thought it would have been and I couldn't get myself up. Note that I pulled something in my RH arm (the arm i use to do everything!) which is like a burning pain everytime I lift it above my head to even just stretch and lay with my hands behind my head. I forget so easily until the stabbing burn reminds me. So, it was interesting laying flat. My doctor felt I could start sleeping in my regular bed by now. I'm not ready. Its a weird tugging feeling and its almost like a work out if I were to continue laying there all night. I couldn't sleep through it. I lifted my legs and had my knees up but then that caused a diff sensation. At this point my little dog followed me and got comfortable in a little ball RIGHT by my neck. So now I feel like I can't get up (help!) as well as laughing bc there is a little furball literally sleeping at my neck oblivious to my plight. Thanks, Dog! I called out to my husband but he was sleeping unawares on the couch in the livingroom. I turned on the lamp next to the bed thinking that would alert him, but it was no warning. I tried to get up on my own but i was afraid and really felt like I couldn't. Plus I'm trying not to use my right hand arm bc that is the one with the painful pulled muscle. It was just laughable. Eventually I found just the right pathetic "shimmy" that got me out of the bed and on my feet. The dog seemed bothered when I had to wake her up. Thanks. And the bed was too high so I had to help HER off of it too.

Narcotic free: This one has been my doozy as you all know for a good bit. I cycled between feeling like my doc under prescribed me on painkillers (#30 Vicodin and allowing me nothing else) and overall had higher expectations on my recovery than I did. In the end, she was right. It's been one full day off of them and today starts the second day off of them. I didn't think I could make it through so early on just "Tylenol and Advil" but I am. In fact, I am learning that so many of you out there were prescribed so many more things for comfort while healing but chose not to even use them past day 2 post op! Wow. The reassurance that it is the right thing not to be on narcotics at this point from everyone on this board has been a strong boost to my confidence and mental well being that I COULD do it! Thanks. Of course if you ask my doc she'll tell you she knows I didn't need anything either but gosh, I felt like I did! still do when I practically sneezed! AHH

My first sneeze: That was today. I tried to avoid it but it was like a punch to my gut even though it was half interrupted. Not sure how to avoid those. Anyone know? Hubby said to pinch my nose but that was after he saw it happen. He saw me breathing deeply going "oh my gosh oh my gosh nooooo" and then a stab to my middle with a half hearted sneeze (thankfully it wasn't a full force one). Oh please no more sneezes. That was hard.

BM: Had my first bowel movement after my morning coffee and despite the fact that I've been taking Colace faithfully, drinking my Dandelion tea, hydrating well (my many bathroom trips do not deny that fact!), it got real in there! It was a hard experience. We're talking five days I have not had to go! Damn anesthesia!! I ate light/next to nothing the day before my surgery and still, i had to sh#t out a brick. It got real in my bathroom this morning. My dog followed of course and was all up in my business, at times she was curled up in a ball on my sweater that I peeled off and threw on the floor.

Sleep: Difficult my first evening without a sleep aid but I did it and I slept GREAT when I finally got comfy and fell asleep. I didn't even know the kids were up getting ready for school. I slept long and hard/woke up when my hubby was already back from dropping them off. I also never had a nightmare.

Straightening: It's tough work but day by day I try and I feel really good. I'm standing straight, my back is sore at times but never painfully so. It's honestly mild and depending on my activity level for the day (more walking/stairs), it can make falling asleep tough (like last night) at first.

I wish I hadn't pulled that muscle in the weird spot in my underarm. Other than that - I feel like now I can just deal/manage these drain tubes until Oct 3rd! My niece turns 1 soon and her bday party is October 5th, so I'm just glad I will have my first real social outing with this new belly WITHOUT tubes for her bday party!


Lol! I have to grab the head board and pull myself up. I read on review where a gal tied a rope to the foot board and used it. Sorry no muscle relaxer, boo. I have those spiders under my skin, kinda give me chills and itch. Im gonna unbind today and and indulge in a nice slow itch. Congrats on the bm! I went from constipation to diarrhea the first day.
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Congrats to us..off the pain Rx and had our 1st BM. Happy to hear you are doing better with each day.
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Milestones for us! Yippee!!

Bad girl...sodium noshing..

My appetite is truly back and I wanted French fries with melted American cheese and gravy and by golly that's what I got! Hubby took me for a ride, picked it up from a diner near us and I not only enjoyed the food, but enjoyed the fresh air and sunshine out. It was great!!

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Thanks, Dog!

For always following me but never really offering a paw to help! Loll

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Showered and into smaller (next size down) Marena compression garment

It is soooo tight! Hubby says that will help me continue to drain efficiently again. I swear he is turning into a home nurse! I was worried abt squeezing into the next size down but I feel secure in it and like I am more mobile/able to do things in it. Weird? The shower was tedious and exhausting. As you know I have the weirdness with my tummy area and I get queasy so very easily so I'm not the one prancing around modeling even tho I'm super excited abt what's been done. I was breathing my way through it and pacing myself and my hubby asked if I wanted to look at the pics and in my usual fashion "no thanks, later" was the answer. Hair washed, body clean and refreshed without getting tubes or drains wet.

I feel really good and am even forgetting to take my Tylenol/Advils on time.

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Pic of front

I had lipo on the flanks (saddlebags?) but somehow I feel like there is still some saddlebag there. :(


Congrats, looking great!!! Your still swollen so will take time for you to see lipo results..,
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Ok, thanks! I'm in this smaller garment and feel snug as a bug in a rug now. I'm kinda feelin' great, dare I say!
I think u look awesome!
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Hubby had to go to work today but will be home with me tomorrow, the weekend and then next Thursday when the drains are to be removed. Functioning without my "security blankie" makes me sad. He took such good care of me.

Dog is here on my chest (she found a way to get to me on this recliner...for a small thing she sure can jump or find me in my wheresbouts...chupacabra!) but it's not the same. I took my own Motrin dose at 4:30am this morning and wrote it down (he keeps meticulous notes of all my intake and drainage), woke up for hot water (to stop an itchy cough fest about to begin) twice on my own. He wasn't on the couch bc he slept in out bedroom. He deserves a good nights sleep. What else that was sad happened to me without him noticing? I got up to pee twice in the middle of the night. Changed locations to the couch to sleep flat (not so bad but I'm not ready mostly bc it's hard to get up quick with my bum arm). Moving blankies n stuff alone. Tucking myself in. I am stripping my own drain tubing.

He's gone. Left for work in a hurry but tucked me in cozy and made sure to put out fresh kibble and water for Dog before he left.

#alone #sad


You look really good
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You look great! Least your dog doesn't tease you with attention like my arrogant cat does. She's such a tease. I think I'm wiped for the day, laundry including the bedding, and a little sweeping, ran my daughter across town to drop her off. Fell like a nap. I'm not straight yet so everything takes forever and I have to stop and do the angry cat stretch..
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You look great.. its a long healing process with good days mixed in. I'm 5 mo PO tummy tuck and lipo to remove saddle bags. The lipo took so long to heal from but glad to say my saddle bags are gone!! You are lucky you don't have stretch marks.. mine were too high to get removed.. but still so happy. Just wanted to say good luck with healing.. rest and eat well and you'll do fine.
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No rest for the weary today

My sister came over so there was a lot of buzzing about with her and her baby. I admit I felt good so I was picking her up and I am not supposed to. OMG. I was being cautious but RUT ROH. Bad me. I need to stop bending over and crouching. Just rest and BE.
I haven't had enough water today either. My surgeon called to check in on me and we were talking. Figured out that my tubes/drains should not be wired up in my CG against my skin because necrosis can happen to the skin in just 20 minutes! OY. So I moved the holes in my garment and pulled out any slack.

I'm tired. And this "next size down" feels like a sausage casing today. I can't wait to be a week out from now. Today feels like it was a bad day. I feel blah. I think my sisters visit just exhausted me. The baby cried non stop and was fussy non stop. She seemed stressed out by it. I feel like we both suffered and tried to enjoy eachothers company thru the chaos. I was glad when she left after lunch, sadly. Kids then came home from school so the noise continued on.

I managed to take notes on my drainage. Doc says she likes it to be consistently 15cc and under every day. Although regardless if output is nothing as of tomorrow til forever guaranteed on paper -she's taking them out no sooner than Thursday, the 3rd. Along with my stitches. I'm happy to follow her marching orders and trust her. Very happy with my doc.

Saturday - 9/21
1:30pm- 15cc (R) 15cc (L)
8:05pm - 7.5cc (R) 12cc (L)

Sunday - 9/22
3:00am- 12cc (R) 10cc (L)
9:30am- 12cc (R) 7.5cc (L)
1:30pm- 11cc (R) 5cc (L)
9:15pm- 15cc (R) 7.5cc (L)

Monday - 9/23
9:15am- 30cc (R) 5cc (L)
8:30pm- 20cc (R) 30cc (L)

Tuesday - 9/24
8:30am- 15cc (R) 15cc (L)
3:00pm- 7.5cc (R) 7.5cc (L)
9:15pm- 7.5cc (R) 15cc (L)

Wednesday - 9/25
11:00am- 7.5cc (R) 10cc (L)
6:00pm- 7.5cc (R) 15cc (L)

Thursday - 9/26
7:15am 8cc (R) 10cc (L)
3:15pm- 7.5cc (R) 10cc (L)


You look absolutely brill so flat :) xxx
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You look great..
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Thank kewww! That made me smile as today was my bad day. I forgot to take my tylenol with my sister being here and the house just being so busy after her departure. so no wonder I'm achy. Didn't drink enough water, so I must be retaining/swelling. Dinner over, kids in bed. I just want to go to sleep and end this day.

Feeling good

Went to bed at 10pm thoroughly exhausted and uncomfortable all day. Slept until 1:30am. Went pee. Took next round of Tylenol. Dog is sleeping on a pillow that is on my chest. I can't get a break from her (note: she's 4lbs of fluff). While I'm reclining in my chair trying to get back to sleep in comfy position, she's already hopping into my lap uninvited and watching the show. I had to kick her off, tell her to be patient, rinse, repeat of my "settling back into the recliner scenario" (sit back gingerly, grab blankets, pillow, recline to snooze position) and still she's hopped up onto a foot rest that somehow was near my chair and again jumps up into my lap thinking "I'm not missing THIS boat". Sigh. I get comfy well after she does (as always) only to feel a coughing fit approach and me try to avoid it bc it will be painful if I get into it!

For the record, trying to avoid coughing fits is the new arch nemesis of this game at this early stage. It crops up at inopportune times and sometimes I hurt myself more elsewhere on my body (arm pain!) just trying to get up out of my comfy zone and prevent it from happening.

A cup of hot tea was made in the end and I'm sipping on it. But at first I was pinching my nostrils, doing breathing excersizes, and just plain scurrying back into upright position so that I could get hot water to drink (which always helps easily).

While I am just fine being mobile without the pain of Days 1-3, this is still an issue: avoiding sneezes, coughs and laughing with gusto.

My body (I can tell) wants to have a nice hearty sneeze soo badly. It keeps creeping up and I keep saying "no too early".

I feel like I was so comfy in my sleep until I woke up having to pee. Oh well, I'm exhausted and and about to fall right back to sleep. Guess its not "uninterrupted sleep night" for me tonight.

One thing to note: regarding my CG. It has latches and then a zipper. I decided, after a day and half latched and fully zipped, to unzip it halfway and release a little. It is still the next size down and squeezing me in tight but fully zipped is too much. It's plenty snug. And I slept better on "night two" this way.

Going to try to fall back asleep!


Hi! Thank you. I feel like I am now phasing into the "I ejected to put myself thru this pain, am I nuts this is hard" but those moments are fleeting and I remember how happy I am with the results and that every day only gets better.
*elected not "ejected"! Ooops!
You're right. What was i thinking. Hubby has to work tomorrow as well. cant take off (can't! He tried) anymore days until the day my stitches, tubes come out next week. He told me no more company without him around so he can help me manage/enjoy it. So sweet.

The scale in my bathroom..

Said 124lbs. It used to say 129 or 130. I had lost a few pounds before the surgery - was at 134 few months prior. Anyhoo. I have never seen 124...that I ever freakin' recall. OMG CRAZY.


Ugh, my daughters cat is just as persistent. Its like he wants to share his magic kitty healing powers by laying on my belly, no matter how hard I push him away, donkus. Had to put a pillow on me so he just couldn't lay on me. I'm down about 3lbs too ~127 from before surgery. That's great esp. if I've any swelling that will abate!
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Girl, you are now a skinnie minnie. Wow! Look at you!
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Yep, last time was worse for me. I remember crying so much. I told my husband why did I do this. I shouldn't have done the boobs and the tummy at the same time. This is too much. wah wah wah. But this time I'm doing alot better. Not as much pain, cuz flanks were done last year. But every now and then I get stuck and can't seem to make myself roll off the bed or couch cuz I'm afraid its gonna hurt. This morning I was like ok, scoot a little to the edge, ok that was alright. Wait a minute, scoot some more. Then trying to decide how to get off the bed. Its really funny. Then I finally get out of bed and it didn't even hurt. I was just thinking it was gonna hurt and stressed about that.

I wonder how much tubing is in my belly?

I can't stand it! So uncomfortable I want these drains out. Gotta desk until next thurs. :(


Blah! That sounds like something out of "the thing". Thanks for the info!
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Think I saw the tube was 6-8 inches but then heard it was feet? So if anyone knows, I'd like to know too!
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Itchy Throat

Does anyone cough? My doc said if I had to sneeze or cough to hold a pillow to my stomache. I keep trying to avoid it and its so hard. I think also allergies are bothering me so I'm finding my throat is super itchy and so far have prevented about 5 coughing fits so far. I dont think if allowed myself to cough (which is painful still to do) it will clear my throat. I drink hot water to make the urge calm down/go away but I wonder if its my throat trying to clear bc of the tubes down it from the surgery. Anyhoo. I'm so afraid to cough and bust something.


Ya I was told to try to cough on the hour and do 10 slow deep breaths to prevent fluid building up/ pneumonia. Im using cough drops to help. Cuz man it really pulls the Mr at the top! The pillow didn't help me at all, I've been pressing my hand against my stomach, fingers spread wide to distribute the support. Taking an antihistamine too.
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AHH ok. I just started taking an allergy pill as of yesterday maybe it needs to get into my system. :( Will try to cough hourly and the deep breath.

Next month this day

My best friend passed away from cancer five years ago. I'm feeling sad (he passed away 10/28/08) and making his photo montage with photos. I used to make one every year on the anniversary of his death but after 3 years I think I just got bogged down emotionally with the undertow that comes with making them as well as finding the right photos and songs. The first year I found peppy songs bc I didn't want to depress everyone. the next two years I was ok with bringing emotion out with songs along with the photos. I couldn't be a part of the yearly trip we all take in his memory (this year the group chose philadephia and historical sightseeing) and just to spend time together because of the surgery on the day they all went. His bday is October 28th and I remember the 1st anniversary of his death bringing a bday cake to his dad's house. Ever since then we all get together and sing happy bday to him. I had a dream about him last night (i've never dreamed abt him but def feel like I get signs from him) where we are all together as a group all of the friends and he walks in the door and I run over to him and hug and kiss him practically for forever and almost making him fall over. Then I woke up. :(
So..after hearing a song that has made me inspired, gonna spend my vegging time making another photo montage for everyone again...I have no idea why but I heard George Michaels "Praying for Time" and i just started thinking about him again...and now here I am committing to at least 24 hours worth of work digging for photos and tunes to make another photo montage for all when his 5th anniversary rolls around.....ugh..sorry for rambling....guess all this couch potato-ness can serve a purpose after all...

"just when i thought I was out..they pull me back in"


Looking great!!!!! It Gets better by the day :)
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Thank you. I'm planning to empty the drains/bulbs, shower and take any new pics but I feel like until the dang tubing comes out from under my abdomen it is futile.

Compression Garment

I swapped back to my medium size. I was extremely uncomfortable in the small. Someone please tell me that I did the right thing. I still feel "held together" but it's not cutting into my rib cage and everywhere else at the edges. I couldn't breathe in it either. Felt like I was living in the 1800s.


Ya you did good! Need blood flow sister!
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I agree my PS says that a very thight girdle will only give u hemorrhoid s and heartburn but isn't going to improve the shape or swelling
OH THANK YOU. Seriously I think my PS overestimated me. The small was snug but in reality, I couldn't function in it when I really got to it. I'm leaving this Medium size on until I get the drains out. I slept SO well last night!!!!

Finished my antibiotics

That's it, my Cephalexin is all finished up. I still take Tylenol and Motrin. Should I stop? I feel like it helps with the nagging pain left from lipo...curious when others who had TT and lipo were OK as far as not taking any more pain relievers. I slept GREAT last night, no coughing fits, no bad dreamz! My appetite is good and that's scary! ha!

Still charting my output as far as drainage:
Friday - 9/27 (keep in mind last draining was Thursday at 10pm):
2:30pm- 10cc (R) 7.5cc (L)
11:45pmpm- 6cc (R) 7.5cc (L)

Saturday - 9/28:
4:30pm- 10cc (R) 10cc (L)

Sunday - 9/29:
7:30am- 12cc (R) 10cc (L)

My bowel movements are back to being regular and pain-free as a of a few days ago. If you recall, my first BM was on Day 5 and it was AWFUL. Then I didn't have my second one until Day 7 and that was a little better. Day 8 and now Day 9 we're back on track!!

I haven't used Arnica lotion or the supplements that I had purchased. I figured my first week just relax. I am def bruised still. Is anyone using this stuff already without any issues? My doc didn't want me using or taking anything without checking with her and honestly I didn't want to peel my CG off if I didn't have to to rub lotion around. With these tubes in its really irritating. I told hubby I feel like a character out of the Spider Man movie! He's been so helpful and doing so much..I just really feel for him. His FitBit Flex called him an "Over Achiever" yesterday as he did 13k steps just around the house! My FitBit isn't on me and basically said i was uncharted. Off the map. I haven't worn it since surgery.


You look great!! I did not use the arnica until about 3 weeks out but I did not feel like I needed it then. I have and still take on Turmeric a day for swelling and think it is a miracle supplement. Glad to hear you are poopin good again. I did not go for 5 days either and it took me an hour to go the first time. I am a very regular person so I was miserable. I know for some people it is normal to only go once every 5 days but that is not me. happy healing.
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Thanks!! You know what I'm going to start taking the turmeric/bromelain supplement! Oh no, I listen to Dr. Oz - i need to poop once a day! I make sure i do it before I leave the house bc if i dont I have to do it at work during the day. LOL i hate using "outside" bathrooms for a poop..lol
you look great :) you'll feel brand new once those annoying drains come out. Looks like they're ready!!! Everything changes after that :) Time will fly too! :) Happy healing! Looking forward to your updates.
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I can't believe it's 10 Days post op!

For one, I have let BAD eating habits get the best of me as I am out of routine due to this surgery and I am a huggge routine girl. My kids are on a routine, got my hubby on a routine..my dogs are on a routine...

For two, I am the queen of routines to be completely off of one while everyone else around me functions..YIKES.

Today I am alone but hubby gets home shortly after the kids are home from school. I have energy but with these damn tubes attached to my hips I am so paranoid to get them hinged on something as I bounce about (and they have) and get yanked on. So I feel limited really in my movement.

Just hating on the drains today...

Lastly, I can not lie flat in bed yet. I've tried . I'd like to think I am standing straight when i walk (maybe I am not) but maybe lying flat on a bed 9 days post op is too soon? It felt like a constant work out and was not restful at all. So had to wake hubby up and ask him to please help me up so that I could get situated back on my recliner where I slept a good solid 7 hrs sleep. I will keep trying though!

Being in PJs kind of sucks. They are clean and I am showering. I noticed when i last showered that around my belly button was completely numb but everywhere else on my tummy was extremely sensitive to touch. Better than day one where my muscles underneath would contract involuntarily at the touch and cause me excruciating pain. Have the itchy spider under my skin feeling but its not at all unbearable, there is no pain, just soreness and my not wanting to test any limits right now by wondering where my pain level is (compared to that of day 1). I am able to move around sit up straight.

I feel a lot of sensations in my upper abdomen (where the skin was pulled up way high to repair muscle) and hubby says that is everything reconnecting and healing. He's been amazing.

I don't take tylenol or advil around the clock like I used to. The soreness is a reminder that I am healing more each day that passes, so i kind of look forward to seeing how much it alleviates day by day rather than put a bandaid of meds over it. :)


I still lay with pillows under my knees or between my legs and I never did that before the surgery but I got used to it and now prefer it.
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You look great. .. you are so tiny! Your postings are too cute and had me gigglin!! I'm so thankful I'm having a drainless TT and I will have a pain pump!
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YOU LUCKY LADY loll I sent my PS a pic of my drain sites just to make sure they aren't infected (im sure they are not..just being a nuisance).

Hastag Humiliation

I got dressed and went out to Target with hubby. I think I hid the drains well. Hubby wouldn't let me walk through the store, made me get on the a motorized vehicle. People really stared me down as if I didn't belong on it. They seemed to have question marks on their faces. On the surface I LOOK fine. But hubby did not want me holding him back by walking too slow so he made me get on that thing (plus i think he just cares about me). I guess me complaining that "I can just feel the tubes/drains making the holes in my body bigger as I walk" wasn't really a joke to hubby. So, yeah I did crash on an aisle making a turn that was too tight. People snickered behind me and joked "watch for those turns!" instead of helping me. That's fine....I used the reverse lever (still couldn't clear the turn) took a third try and no matter how hard I pushed the lever didn't go anymore than 1mph so I even though I moved forward at this point I couldn't peel out or even make that look better or cool in any way. Good times..
I'm not going out unless I am allowed to walk through the stores or maybe just sit in the car with the windows down and just wait.

Anyhooz, nothing new to report except drains..

Monday - 9/30 (noting that last draining was 7:30am on Sunday):
8:00am- 15cc (R) 7.5cc (L)
5:00pm- 7.5cc (R) 7.5cc (L)

I downloaded some books so I'll read those tomorrow so that I can avoid being stuck on E! tv and those reality shows.

My husband is watching SNL (Saturday Night Live) and I am trying hard not to laugh. I hate him! I told him to save it so that I can watch it and laugh properly next week.

Still trying to avoid coughing and sneezing. It sucks.

Feeling bruised and tender in the lipo areas. Being careful not to get banged around by the kids when they float around the house or breeze by.

Wondering how I will feel when I go back to work? Will I feel exhausted by my commute? I have a docile desk job but some days can get hectic. Lots of movement more or less/as much as I want to..I am wondering if my commute will exhaust me. Hubby thinks it will. I have clearance to stay out 2 1/2 weeks but I am kind of excited to return a few days earlier. Am I crazy?

OH! I emailed my doc pics of the tube sites asking if they were infected looking and she told me they looked fine, to stop freaking out (she was using my word. LOL) and that she'll see me thurs morning.


That is actually really comfy. Thanks for the suggestion. Gonna sleep that way tonite! Pillows under my knees!

Lipo on Saddlebags

A pic. Sorry I didn't think to take a pic in these pants Before so that they could match the After.


You had me cracking up!! (Thanks...I did have a muscle repair)First, the star wars theme song, next-your dog in the bedroom and bathroom and not to mention you snd your first sneeze!. You and I both will be doing Happy dances on Thursday! Happy healing!
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I'm so excited! My doc called to check in on me and my output levels. I'm a pain and I am dramatic (i know!) so prolly more annoying than any or most of her patients. I only think of questions AFTER we've met up and I don't miss a chance to be paranoid about anything that happens to me.
Thanks goodness my hubby didn't try to get me on a motor cart. I did just sit in the car, sometimes he grumpy pants any how. He'll walk slower or stop and wait when I need to catch up. His ex was in a wheelchair most the time so I think he'd rather not have the association. I think you'll be fine going back to work. I'm going in Friday, sure I'll make it.
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Feeling good! Can't remember when I last took Tylenol or Advil. No need, don't care to take them.

The countdown to the tubes and drains coming out is on. I can honestly say (except for that motorized vehicle ride yesterday) I have never felt any bouts of depression or worry about why did I ever do this to myself. The pain levels are worst in the first few days and really that is probably when you will need your doc most bc you will be paranoid, have lots of questions.

Looking back, I can honestly say that having someone to help you and be around as much as possible since you can not do anything yourself the first week and only slightly more the second, is paramount. How anyone wakes up alone in the hospital without the smiling faces of those they love after such a surgery as this, or even without so much as their own doc walking in and checking in on them - is beyond me. Don't do it alone and especially not with a Doctor with whom you do not absolutely 100% do not feel will be there for you.

I do not regret buying a recliner even tho it seems weird and ostentatious. I have been living on it since day 1 and still do. Do i repeatedly attempt to sleep/lay flat on and off? You bet I do. I'm stubborn, I'm an Aries. There is really no other way to be in my book. Try, try again.

Dogs. I don't think I covered enough how important it is to have a lazy pet follow you around. One that is adorable and helpless looking, has a cute little yap but will never ever offer to pick up the remote control that just fell. Will steal your cough drops when you turn your back....these things provide just enough humor to get you through the day when you are alone bc Hubby must return to work and kids must go to school.

Compression Garments: Spend the money and get a really good one, Your doc will tell you what the best ones are. Don't do it with spanx. I think if you google it, you will find they don't prohibit the growth of bacteria, etc and they stretch or give over time where a medical compression garment will not.

My doc wants me to try and get in the size small and I'm super bummed she found out that I was in a medium. I think she just knows...I don't know how but she does. BLAH. Ok..vacation is over. I'll try the small CG again. It is a few days later..She feels it will really help with the draining and I have another days worth to go before el tubo's come out. So I'm going to give it a shot.


Looking wonderful (singing voice!) one thing that helped me in my smaller CG was I worked it up as far as it could go- then I stuck my arms down the legs and stretched them wide and sort of lifted the material over my skin. I so didn't want it pulling on my new surgical areas :( then after a couple weeks the tenderness was gone and the garment a stretched a tad making it easier. You look great!!! Enjoy :) ((((((hugs)))))
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You look great! Glad to hear you are in good spirits! I am day 3 post op and as you say it gets easier!
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Yes, it gets easier and keep your spirits up. The excitement that I am so happy that I had this done really just helped my recovery curve. I also learned a few tricks that at this point seemed to work well for me. I avoid sneezing and coughing fits by breathing in rapid deep breaths and as well drinking hot water (never any time to make tea) or sucking on cherry flavored lozenges. Good luck to you, the ladies here are amazing. Because of them I realized that I could wean off of my "Vikez" (vicodin) much earlier than I thought I could. Yay..

Last photo of tubes in my hips

They come out at my 10am appt today. I can not express how uncomfortable my abdomen feels. Cramp feelings non stop. I'm sure once these are out it will stop. I took two Motrin. Hoping it doesn't hurt too much getting pulled out.

I'm ready to be done with these bc now they are actually really making me miserable.


So jealous!!! But excited for You to rid of those naggy things!!!!!!
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Yea! No drains! I'm Aries too, I understand how dug in we can get, I married one too. Which cg did you decide on. My ps said it didn't matter, don't spend a lot of money, get something with ample compression that you'll wear.
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Woohoo, goodbye drains! Life will be wonderful after
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It's a Wonderful Life! Part two of the recovery now that drains are out!

I obviously have anxiety because I over thought the whole "drains coming out" process. Hubby calls me the "Impatient Patient" also. It was great, easy. It wasn't painful at all.

I'm not allowed to lift anything heavy and when I return in two weeks for a check up, doc will show me how to massage my scar so that I get/keep bloodflow there and that the scarring is minimal.

I am not allowed to shower just for one day, tomorrow I can. Just need to let these holes close up, which they should within 24 hrs.

All is fantastic.

Oh, I need to order an XS so going yet another size down. I didn't believe Doc when she said this all would happen but she's right. She says she thinks if I say I'm a size 6 now, I'll be a size 2 in the end. I don't believe her but I should know better at this point. hahah!

I am allowed to go back to excersizing! I'll do that by starting off walking and then I'll get to running next week. :)

I hope by sharing SO much and as much as I did, that I helped make you feel comfortable with this process. A good positive outlook (despite my anxieties about pain throughout it which was actually not as bad as I thought) will really be what pulls you through. Be cheerful, be positive and do as your Doc advises!

Ok, off to eat dinner and on to hopefully not too much Swell Hell down my path... LOL..See you ladies in a bit.



Glad your drains are out and that you are feeling good
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Thanks!!! The smaller garment came in today and it looks like it can fit my 8 year old daughter. I'm freakin' out. LOL.
Yayyyyyy drains out I cant wait ..Your posts give me life!
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Crap! The XS Mirena garment came in.

I'm skeert to put this thing on but I can fit an arm in this medium and I'm not supposed to be able to..Hubby said to relax and wait for him to help me.

On another note - today I finally went into my closet to try on clothes and even swollen I am super happy and thrilled. I had bought a dress that was on sale over the summer without trying it on and it turned out to NOT fit on my hips and over my thighs. I was super bummed and just relegated it back to the closet in the hopes that I MIGHT be able to get into post surg. YES, score! Its FABULOUS.
I learned that things that I thought I couldn't wait to "fit in better' actually arent' as attractive now on me. They are shapeless. So BUH BIE!!! Donation bin! Im not going to wear anything anymore that I absolutely don't love on myself! It was so much fun!!


I feel you!! My doc clearly has more insight into how small i am supposed to get than I do..This is crazy. I'm skeert!!!! This is the weight I like to be at however my boobies take a bad hit at this weight BOO hiss. Need a boobie job, stat!!!
Lol! I'll settle for a high dollar bra! Well, for now :D

Ooh.. link on Compression Garments


Since I'm just googling on swelling and stuffs. Sharing in the event it helps anyone. :)


Thanks for the link!! So goid t o be drain free! I totally get it about the clothes in your closet. I will be donating some as well! You look great!
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Oh nice! I found a cute fitted shirt pre TT, no way I'd wear it pre! Its super cute now.. So excited to be able to wear more than t's!
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ME TOO!! I can't wait until i can stop wearing these compression garments so that I can just wear my clothes without them.


from my breast to my belly button i am ridiculously flat. From my belly button to my private parts i bellow out a bit. Depends. This must be the swelling they all speak of! well, I'm doing all I can being in a smaller CG and drinking lots of water.

I can't push time any more forward than I have! Just gotta be patient.

The Impatient Patient


Looking fabulous!!!!
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Yes, it so is!! It feels better and the wounds have closed up already and I don't feel any nagging pain from tugging tubes! It's great!!
Ugh I'm thinking I am gng to wait a bit since my commute requires a lot of running around as it is and I need to get back in that routine saddle and something tells me I will feel tired first week back..PLUS i hate taking of the compression garment (and I have to work out in it, YIPES) right now. so...im gng to try getting used to goung to work in a compression garment first before sweating in it..

The scale in my bathroom (part deux)

15 days post (half way marker to a month--can ya tell I can't wait to get this healing process over and done with??!) and woke up this morning along with starting to hydrate with a tall glass of water and rubbing the sleep out of my eyes-- I stepped on the scale. It said 123lbs. Wow. That is the first time I've seen that number!!

Plus the swelling looks slim to none right now. No bellowing out of the lower belly (after the incision line). Yesterday was bounced around between 125 (earlier in the day) to 127.2.

I'm curious about this all because I just am trying get a handle on my "swell times" of the day and to see when it's at it's worst and when it starts to get better/go away for good. So I'll probably get used to hopping on the scale randomly.

This garment is super tight but I'm sure I'll break it in and it will not be such a pain in the arse. I did get sleep in it so that's a sign I'm getting used to them. I ordered a second one because I am going back to work next week and I will need to swap off to clean ones after showering yada yada

Please join RealSelf or sign in.



Trying on my wrap dress which I used to have to wear spanx with to smooth out my belly situation and that didn't always work anyhoo. Here I am swollen and I still love what I see.


You look amazing!! I threw my scale away, well first I hit is with a hammer then I threw it away. After a TT it will go up and down up and down up and down because of the swelling I was getting dizzy. Then when I started working out after 9 weeks I had lost muscle so then when I started working out hard core I got muscle back, lost inches but the scale kept going up. Finally I was like F-this and it was bye bye scale. Now I live by the tape measure and the mirror. Busting that scale and tossing it in the garbage felt so freeing, that damn thing was running my life.
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I hear ya. I think my scale is about to die anyway, it's digital and you tap it and it runs zero's across the screen until they stop and wait for you to step on - so i step on and i get "E"s. I figure i use it until it dies. Really I know this is what I'm up against, the awful swelling etc. I am just curious about the swell time and I see now I'm less swollen when i first wake up and at the end of the day I'm most swollen. Yet I took a break from my CG, took a nice hot shower and then slipped back in CG and I dropped two pounds. LOL. It's funny. I'm not taking any of it personal. I can clearly see I'm swollen too. I ate soo bad today too. and had a full glass of white wine..I'm trying to hydrate tho all day long so very much unlike me, i drank water in between wine sips. NO FUN AT ALL> loll.
Your PS did a great job! Looking good, girl! :)
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Arnica gel and Turmeric and Bromelain supplements

I'm starting to use them regularly bc I do have lipo bruising, plus I'm wondering if the bottle of Turmeric/Bromelain will actually help.

We shall see!


you look teeny tiny!!!!! so awesome :)
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You look great girly!!
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Definetely take the arnica and bromelain. I highly recommend it. It worked so good for me. I healed so quickly while taking them. Also, I will recommend buying pineapple juice and drinking at least 4 oz per day. That also is known to help for healing. Good luck and hope you continue to have a smooth recovery. Btw, how did your nieces bday party go?
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Compression garment going just above the knee

Does anyone go out of their way to hide it? I think I can try, its just there are some clothes/skirts that I have where it would be obvious as I walk. So I think if there is any reason I would be TIRED of wearing the compression garment it would not be bc of my waist being constricted (feels good) it would be that this thing goes down to my knees. I am a dress/skirt wearing girl. This is hard. Gonna have to find loose pants on the leg but fitted on top-sies!

Please join RealSelf or sign in.


P.S. the XS compression garment fits good now. I think we break them in after too long

I am afraid my doc will say to move into the 2XS. Then I will feel like I am in a vice grip and die a slow and painful death.


I was a coach too , I stunk at it lol I can't figure out how some people do so well with it!!? I spent more $ with BB than I made. A lot more ! :(

Pics - Morning of the 16th day post op

Hydrating, wearing my compression garment and today is Sunday dinner. BIG BOWLZ of pasta on tap for later!!


I just read how your surgeon used your old belly button! That is so neat! You are guaranteed to have a cute one! I don't know what I will wind up with! Lol
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Yeah, the more i think about it the more I am so amazed! I tried to figure it out in my pain killer haze but all i saw was one mole on my tummy was missing and it was just too much math for me so I went back to sleep and asked her a week later. LOL
I wore a sun dress yesterday...87 degrees in Mayland. Crazy in Oct! That CG was gripping my thighs. Every now and then you would catch a peep. I wouldn't worry too much about it. You are fabulous! Own that CG!
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Second try at sleep in own bed

I'm sure I'm behind the curve on this one as I think I've read some peeps are in their beds already. Hubby enjoyed having the bed all to himself for a while too. lol. Whenever I tell him I'm going to try he's like "really?" haha. Because the first try I sort of decided off the cuff, he had to help set me up and then within an hour I couldn't do it, he had to wake up and help me back off..

Last night I was very comfortable from 10pm until 1:30am. That's when my back started to hurt/get uncomfortable and I couldn't get comfy again so I shifted to the recliner and it was somewhat better. I just decided to crash there regardless. Dog that flies (one doesn't fly) jumped from couch to recliner (to get to me) so while i was settled in and started snoozing - my face was hit with a puff ball. Not that it hurt, i was just startled so i smacked her off. She bounced right to the floor. I felt so bad I put my arm out to scoop her up so she could take her rightful place snuggled somewhere near me where I had maybe an inch of room to stretch - that's where she settled and fell asleep.

First day back to work tomorrow. I elected to return a few days earlier than I planned to bc at this point I'm just looking for food to eat in my spare time - which is A LOT. loll..so now that I'm feeling good - looking forward to jumping back into routine. as being home at this point only creates more non-routine.

Does anyone else have back acheyness when sleeping too long? Meanwhile I used to sleep until 6am no prob now I can't make it to 2am without waking up achey and I guess maybe needing to walk around. It could be the garment - my body wants a break BUT I don't want to not wear it to sleep.

I wear it 24/7 taking it off only to shower and lotion up.


Wow back to work, it seems like it was just yesterday that u had surgery. I hope you get a good nights sleep and have a great day back at work tomorrow.
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I wake up several times a night achy, just like you. I hate it. I try to get up and go pee just to move around. I'm sleeping in bed with pillows under my knees still, toss and turn from back to side often.
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Ah ok, thanks. I am so glad to hear/read this because I'm gng to do that now. I'm going get up walk around...and just DEAL with it. and not be worried that I'm messing something up. I'm sure this all too, shall pass..sigh. THANKS!

Swelling tidbits. Pulled this from Real Self actually.



The swelling after a tummy tuck will last at least a good 3 months. The degree of swelling will vary depending on:

the extent of the surgery
the inclusion of liposuction
the amount of physical activity you engage in post surgery
your diet (salt content for example)
and how often you wore your abdominal girdle / pressure garment.

There will be visible improvements during these 3 months. The swelling will also persist beyond this time frame but will be much less evident and will eventually


Lol...too funny, poopin after surgery seems life a big deal
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Thanks! I could stay at home but at this point I'm just over sitting on the couch watching tv. i feel like my body needs to get back into routine (poop, food and movement) now.
Oops, LIKE a big deal. ;-)


129lbs - and 5'3"
Pre-op measurements:
Waist: 29 inches
Hip: 39 inches (widest part)
Thigh: 23 inches (again widest part)

I lost an inch on my Hips and my thighs and my waist is swollen so I can't really measure it, it's weird! lol. poppin out n stuff.

My weight also fluctuates wildly from 123 - 128.


Loved reading your review! Made me laugh cuz i can relate to so much now. You look wonderful as well! Im sure ur results will be amazing longterm!
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Thank-kew!!! After so many clothes changes last night (hubby wanted to take me to dinner) I went from trying to be cute to oversized sweatshirt and the best pants that fit (I gave up on trying not to let the bunching on my thighs from compression garment show thru clothes) half buttoned up!! I am resigning myself to this process!! I was sawed in half like a Houdini magic trick! I am gng to swell until I'm completely healed. As long as I rest and my movement doesn't cause me pain (movement = healing) I'm headed in the right direction!
Ok. So I've decided I have homework. Ready your entire review and learning from it. As well as being completely amused at the same time. You crack me up.
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Love feels good and I think facilitates healing

Hubby and kids are very concerned about my first day back to work and are reminding me to take it easy. my 8 year old daughter told me to leave work early! lol

The dogs seem concerned too. They woke me up with this morning little "clucks" every 60 seconds just at 530am until i surfaced. If you know Pomeranians, you know they are yappy barkers. Which these two are. In fact they are so good at it, I'm running a special "two for price of none"!!

But seriously, today is my first day back. I was so exhausted i went to bed at 9:30pm last night. Woke up a few times but stayed resting in bed (yes! survived a night in my own bed!) until 6am. As for getting myself together this morning? I was unorganized and ran more circles around the house than I needed to (more steps on the FitBit, yay!) but in the end made it out the door unscathed. I brought pineapple juice, a pear and my turmeric and bromelain capsules with me. If I can I'm going to try and get out for a green smoothie as recommended by someone on this board. It's key ingredients were: fresh pineapple, cucumber, pear, spinach and kale. someone on this board does this and said that they can tell on days that they don't drink this smoothie!

I'll pop in before bedtime to let you know how the day went!!


Thanks for mentioning the smoothie! I sit here unprepared for lunch, not wanting fast food & gave in to oatmeal ( no sugar no butter). I could have had a smoothie! Tomorrow! I've "lost" 3-4 pounds too, have no idea how? I'm always hungry...
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Hope you have a fabulous first day.
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Good luck! The smoothie sounds yummy!
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Note to self: Leave Super Girl cape HOME today.

Let me start this off by saying I was too tired to post last night so i went to bed after much ado.

Came home to the usual evening routine but add to the mix my daughter has the Chicken Pox. She's almost 8 in less than month, has had 1 of two Vaccines for it, so should not be so bad (as was told by doc over phone to hubby). She has first doc appt tomorrow morning so we'll know more. We sent her to bed with calamine lotion on the "itchy mosquito bites on my body" (per she..poor baby) and the appropriate dosage of Benadryl (per doc). I went to bed with my throat feeling like SHITE last nite and then paranoid for some reason. Hopefully everyone in the house is okay and none of us suffer anything (I'm so paranoid abt shingles to the adults in the house). Add to this the fact that my younger sis (who is a new mom and flies off the handle about every little thing) is upset now bc she thinks my daughter gave Chicken Pox to every kid at her party on Saturday. I replied with "hey thanks for asking how she (daughter) feels". PS my sis doesnt believe in vaccinations or rather her ped doesn't..so she is on a delayed vacc schedule with her daughter. Pretty sure my niece hasn't had the chicken pox vacc yet and or others that she may normally have had by now at 12 months. Oysh....Thoughts here on that?? I love my sis but that is when we clash. When she overreacts and dramatizes and acts insensitive. Call me crazy!

Ok, that all said!! I had a busy but great first day back to work. I kind of expected it would be busy. Today and tomorrow should be calm as well as Friday. Today had added pressure of some travel looming for my peeps, and now that I'm back I took the reigns again. My co workers took very good care of everything while I was away so I didn't walk into anything undone or piled up. So so nice. Great girlz.

THAT BEING SAID; I may have slightly underestimated my energy and/or ability to move. Because I did a lot of walking during the day in addition to my commute which has a bit of 'hoofing it' by foot. And so you know, I don't know how to "hoof it" slowly. Despite the fact that I am still "under construction" you would think I would walk slower. No. This ARIES does not know how to slow down. I'm still running for buses, crossing busy large intersections in big leaps (as if I would expire on the curb waiting for the next traffic light to allow me the right of way) and moving at the same pace as I did pre-surgery. Oh I fell back into my routine alright. And I was so raw and tender at the end of the day because of the compression garment friction. I had to take it off and just not be in it for over an hour. It was weird not being in it.

I think I read somewhere on here that girls were wearing tank tops under their CGs. Well now I'm going to.

I'm also going to take it easy and walk slower and LESS. Leave my Super Girl cape home for a bit. Be fragile. Take it easy. Proceed with caution (sans caution tape although I can get my hands on some).

I thought I would hit the gym today but I'm not doing that. My commute is enough for now. Yeah, I don't want to piss off the CG gods and stir up this friction situation. It was so uncomfortable. Plus being super exhausted when I got home but NOT going to bed early (stubborn). Well, it is what it is.

My FitBit says:
6,952 out of 10,000 steps were taken yesterday
2.9 distance out of 5.0 miles done yesterday
that i was very active for 24 mins yesterday
and that i burned 1,759 calories yesterday (this is good considering I consumed them all back. see picture of halloween candy and munchkins that hubby went out to get late last night).

I think I went to bed by 10pm although I was tired well before. I just felt I need to detox an hour or two after getting kids in bed. It happens.

I picked up MY version of the "smoothie" and it comes in a jar from Organic avenue. I am not stuck on this but for now. I really didn't feel too terrible as my day wore on (and trust me i was busy) swelling wise even tho I could see it the pic attached of my first day back doesn't seem to show it too much. I snacked and had my pineapple juice and a pear and for lunch had a nice hot split pea soup. Unfortunately that kept coming back to me. Possible the size large was not a smart idea. REALLY acid reflux for hours. AWFUL. My co worker joked that I should just yack it back up. LOL. I guess i kept complaining abt it..it really burned my throat hours after eating it... lol...

I love being back. I had a lot of fun with my girls. I definitely underestimated my activity level. Never was there a time I was in pain. I just felt it once I was home for good and my day was done. Here is the kicker - i had emailed my doc asking I needed to switch to stage 2 garments or should i get into the 2XS bc this one seemed comfy now (and for some reason I like torture and there isn't enough anymore?). She replied to wait until she saw me for our follow up appt. I'm glad she did because I def think this size is correct and provides enough torture. What was I thinking?

I did not shower last nite, was way too tired. I should have. A nice hot shower would have soothed me. Have to now do all of that this morning before work.

All in all, I did a lot and functioned under the guise of being my usual self which had some drawbacks as if I didn't think it would. HA. So pulling the reigns in today..will put more REST into my home routine for right after work including hot shower.

This bear has been sleeping in her bed - DAY 2! Not too shabbz. I forgot to take my turmeric/bromelain capsules yesterday. Not even sure they are helping..but i will try to remember them today. So in summary, a small revise of my activity level is in order. Will pace myself, move a little more gingerly, not vigorously.

Hubby was very concerned that I went back to early and kept wagging his finger at me that I am pushing myself too much..but I told him that this is who I am. I yam what I yam.

love, Popeye.


I'll be going back to work on day 18 as well. I'm just hoping it's enough. But I have a desk job so it should be fine. One can hope. Love the dress by the way. So cute!
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avoid the chafing! just say no to chafing!! I sent my doc an email regarding my compression garment chafing me. Wonder if i can take a break from it??
Well, Least the kids are exposed to chicken pox now rather thanks as an older kids or adult. My youngest son had the vaccination and had 2 mild cases of chicken pox. In fact, all 3 my kids had it after the vaccination. My cg is rubbing my skin raw too. Were same po, so I'm hoping its a sign everythings healing. I feel like I should be able to do everything, but keep reminding myself that there's a reason were not allowed to do too much...
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Just say no to chafing! Compression Garment - the newest nuisance with them once you break them in enough to breath!


Do i need to slather vaseline on myself before putting this thing on? how gross..

What to do? I still feel it and its getting more uncomfortable...Is not living in your CG for a few days the worst thing ever? What would happen if I took a break from it.

being a big ol baby.


U look amazing girl!!!! Sessy in that dress!!! I go tomorrow for my 2 week check up so I guess I will see if I get a CG or have to buy one .... ;)
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hahaha! thanks! congrats on your two week check up! my next one is end of next week. I snuck into my size small CG which also happens to be a diff style. Hoping that helps with some of the chafing.
Get rid of that thing. It will just get worse.

I slipped into my size up (small) CG which is a diff style and will take a break that way for tonight

I'l see abt slipping back into the XS tomorrow. Boo hiss..


You looked great before the surgery and you look greater after!
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Haha! I Moved to a larger size today too. I must be wearing the binder too tight because twice now I've gotten light headed and had to sit with my feet up. Was a little scary, but sure I need to let that thing go! Its so over stretched and I just keep making it tighter. Ive been sleeping in the binder, just call me Linus.
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Hey! Well I'm still in my larger size and planning to stay in it until Tuesday. at least we are still wearing the CGs! The chafing was making me miserable although hubby said its possible you are having bad days. I don't know. I returned the extra CG that had actually JUST come in mail (was going to swap off..wash wear clean while other was washing) for a diff style of CG. Plus my doc said i could move on to a 2nd stage garment. What is the difference? bc they look the same when I went to order it. LOL

3 week Tummy-versary!

Slipped into bigger CG garment two days ago. The chafing is not an issue anymore but I've also STOPPED doing too much. I really shouldn't have hooofed it around town so much my first and second day back into routine..

The hamster in my brain is also back on the wheel and starting to move as far as work stuff is concerned. That's a good thing. Work has been good. Nothing too crazy past two days like first day back. If there was work I could put off, I did. Just to give my mind the mental space right now to ease in to everything.

I'm going to see if i can slip into a pair of pants today and button them up in front. Otherwise back to dresses and stockings.

Got the flu shot yesterday on LH arm. Doc said it was totally ok to do so. What the heck, why not make yet another body part sore on me? LOL. If you recall both flanks are sore from lipo..and my RH arm was the one I pulled a muscle in (its healing well) right after surgery from overuse/overcompensating when i could barely walk.

I've been really bad the past few days. As much as I am glad I am back on routine, there is always the backdraft - i have been emotionally eating when i get home (Halloween candy) because i think i am just exhausted and trying to process the routine again. OR maybe my period is due soon. Hmm. Forgot about that..when it is that time of the month i'm like a raccoon tipping over garbage can lids eating everything in sight..totally didn't think of that..LOL

Not sure when I'll go back to gym but not concerned. When I feel good and ready I will. Busy healing, don't need the added pressure even tho' doc said I was OK to go back a week ago.

Moral of the story: Be kind to yourself and be patient when you DO return back to work no matter the time frame after surgery.


You look awesome!! I know that trash can scene well. Lol!! Good for you listening to your body. Better to be ready than not when you go back to the gym. That was no small time surgery you had.
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Thanks sunnysidenc!! Agreed. I'm not gng to beat myself up over not going to the gym. I'll do it on my time frame. What I CAN do is eat right and keep hydrated in the meantime!
I was just checking,it's so great to see your healing and feeling so well. You look awesome... Isn't the reflection in the mirror a wonderful sight. I still have a bit of bruising from Lipo and swelling throughout the day, at 60 I have to say, I would never thought it possible especially when I weighted over 210 to be where I am today ...weighing in at 148 this morning. It's been healing,helpful, and fun walking these roads during this chapter of life with all you girls..thanks (((Hugs)))
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Feeling good! Belly is itchy.

I don't have the holiday today off from work but I'm sure traffic will be light. Having my coffee quick before I get the day going.

I am going to be obsessed with getting back on track food-wise. I was soo bad the past week when work started and then the weekend. Hitting the reboot button!

I am scouring for ideas and am thinking of purchasing a juicer soon. Just really trying to get into the habit of drinking more juices!!


I snipped excess clear stitch rope (what would you call it)? sticking out of my belly. LOL. and as well from my belly button. Maintenance.

I have a doc's appt this thursday and she said she will teach me massage methods. I hope we discuss boobs as well since I'm really thinking I want to complete the mommy make over. I'm nervous too when I think abt it. Will I get used to larger? How will fit in all my tops? Should I just stay how I am? I never once second guessed the TT but as excited as I get about the BA, I also too, second guess it and wonder if I should just leave myself alone. I would be getting the "gummy bear" implants. Not silicone or saline. The Gummy bear ones were widely used in Europe before finally being FDA approved here a decade ago..

Alright just me babbling. Feeling good. I like wearing my CG as much as it is a love hate relationship bc when I take it off I feel weird right now. Although I really hate wearing it under clothes. I feel like I have to put a lot more thought into my wardrobe bc of it.

ok. it's monday. While I wish I had today off to lounge around..I def don't. Gotta get hoppin!!
Have a great week everyone.


You are looking great!!!! Love ur flat tummy and tiny waist :)
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Looking great !! Nice and flat ;)!
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Wow!! Great results girl your looking smokin Hot!!!!
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A quick pic. 4 weeks tomorrow

Docs appt this afternoon. Feeling good, no complaints. Got my period so if I feel lousy it's that. Still not hitting gym yet but I'm planning to get back into something soon...


It was so nice to see you in person today you look amazing the pics dont do you any justice !
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NEW BEST FRIEND FOR LIFE!!!!! What a pleasant surprise and total kismet that our appointments were scheduled together. You look great, another fantastic Tummy by Dr. Polavarapu! We'll be hittin the beach in our bikinis this Summer, girl!!! See you offline!
Looking great!!! :)
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Feeling fab-sterz!

So many new habits to create…

Nothing new going on. Feel good. Energry still has not returned to a level I am used to, but I also just got my period last nite so that make me tired too. I just come home, do dinner with the family and want to do so much around the house not having any energy to do it with.

Kids Halloween costumes are ordered. I’ve never instituted the “creative, let’s make them” so of course when I was on Pinterest last night – nothing I tried could appeal to them. So many cute homemade costumes. Anyway, the kids are not havin that so it's Star Wars theme for both. He wants to be a Wing pilot fighter from the movie and she wants to be Padme in her desert get up (some all white pant suit with a cape and a lil' tough chick gun!).

I’m in my Stage 2 compression garment and boy was it hard to get on over my hips n thighs..LOL.. It’s comfy now that its on, it’s just there are no zippers or hooks. Which is a relief, that makes it more comfy, but until I truly “break it in” for a few days, I don’t see myself trying to peel this thing off. For you see – I have hips. That were lipo’d. Which made it a wee painful to roll this tight thing over them. GAH. There is, as some have surmised, an extra panel on the tummy. It's a size XS but I have 2 new ones on the way in that are size: 2XS in stage 2. These service two purposes - to get me into the smaller (doc insists i can..dag nabbit she always knows) and it's the coverage i need from thighs to my boobs bc of lipo not just TT - but i have a second garment that is just abdomen so i can have more freedom on days I need to wear pants that are too tight and don't allow me to wear the CG with leg coverage. I like being in the CG otherwise. Nice n snug. Weird how that works out at this point....

I bought more “Medicinal Green” from Organic Avenue and I like how I feel when I am "juicing". Someone mentioned getting the nutri bullet, that it makes for a great juicer and it's not expensive. I just need to get in the habit of buying the fresh greens and figuring how THAT works. That is on my to-do list…to get into that habit at some point this year.

I love fresh pineapple with a spritz of lime on it.

Docs scale said 122 the other day. Last visit two weeks prior it said 126. That is so foreign to me. I am not abt the numbers. They mean nothing now that I've achieved the TT. I am just amazed at all that this surgery took care of..I was 130 when I first started seeing the doc to schedule all of this back in June. I've come such a long way..And I feel like a different person now too and it feels great!!

Attaching some pics just so you can get an idea of how much the TT and lipo have slimmed me down. Promise to post better pics over the weekend. Just had such a crazy week with deadlines and so I haven't been getting my good pics in like I want to. More over the weekend!

Have a fantastic weekend ladies and treat your inner self well!

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Pics: Lipo

Went to a party yesterday and all of my friends were complimentary! Everyone telling me I looked great even some who had no clue I had work done. Some friends were OVER complimentary saying "oh you looked the same!" and while I appreciate that because they are saying I look great regardless, it's not true. I can tell the difference and I def think that if you want to get something done bc it makes you feel great about yourself - definitely do it. :) My thighs always made me AS if not more self-concious about my looks as my tummy. I couldn't hide them well in pants. I loved wearing dresses because of this fact. Now i can love pants JUST as much again! Hooray.

I told hubby: My problem now is not "What do I wear??" it's "What DON'T I wear?!!" because I can not stop playing in my clothes closet like a kid in a candy store now! hehehee.
Here is a nice comparison of what getting lipo on my saddlebags has done for me. I think Dr. Polavarapu has done an amazing job. I can't even figure out where the lipo scars are on my thighs!


Wow you look great and you will continue to shrink. Soo happy for you!! I'm 13 weeks post op now and starting to really see a difference with my clothing.
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Thanks so much for the encouragement :)
Get out, you think? Omg i love my results so far even if I swell and have bad days. I can't imagine being 13 weeks out. That seems so far away to me! Lucky you. Thanks!!

Pics part deux: Lipo

Hi- just sharing some notes on my lipo and where it was done. Also, my comparisons on the backside from first week to fourth week. Sorry, I do not have a backside shot from pre lipo. I did not even think to do that! :(

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Pics: last onez - Lipo on backside

Forgot to add these 'nudie coolie' shotz.


Looking Fabulous!!!! There is a big difference with the lipo on thighs. Gotta love lipo :))))))!!
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Thank you!! Yes I'm starting to realize and feel it now more and more! Totaly worth it!!
Yep lookin' hotter all the time!
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5 Week Tummyversary!

I'm wearing my 2nd Stage compression garment 24/7 and it feels fine. I started ScarAway last week. I know I'm swelling, I'm never completely flat (only when I wake up in the AM for an hour) but anything is better than the tummy I had on September 19th and prior! ha. I'll be really happy when this swelling stops but it's part of sawing myself in half like a Houdini trick. I feel great about myself though. That's something I didn't foresee; I feel really confident and happy. No regrets here despite how tough this recovery process is.

Only 5 weeks in and can't wait until I'm way past that but patience is a virtue so they say..


You look fantastic! Love ur sense of humour ;))
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You look amazing!!
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We had our surgery the same day :) , what are you using for scar treatment ?
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Ye Olde Befores...

I found this old photo of me from January of this year and compared it to a photo taken yesterday where I am dressed similarly. I think I was carrying an extra few el-beez (pounds/lbs) but I love not just the results of the surgery but how it has motivated me just prior to eat healthy and now even more so!

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Dang! Jealous of ur backside! I have some flank fat to loose! Even in the heavy coat you can see a change!
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Wow looking amazing happy healing x
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So worth the result you got!
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Hello! I have been bad, doing a bit of partying (or something like that? shall we say? Is that what we'll call regular wine consumption with meals, now?) and then Halloween candy just seems to fall into my lap alot..

Nonetheless, I am planning to get onto a routine of excersize next week as the soreness from Lipo is all gone and my steps on my FitBit seem to be increasing. My energy is good too!

It's not all roses...I am not happy with the scar treatment, I see others results and think "gee i really suck at this, mine is red and nasty looking still".... I will ask my doc when I see her next if I am doing it right. lol.

Boobs are still the plan. I'm thinking very full C, silicone to a small D. So I need to figure out my date with her on that.

Regardless, I am not a strudel model (super model). I'm a working mom. I'm almost 40. I beat my body up. I don't excersize enough (if at all) and I sure as hell don't eat as good as I should. I try, though.

I think I am not in a slump but just a fog! Is there such a thing as anesthesia brain 6 weeks post op? My hubby swears there is. I can't remember passwords to things anymore. I'm forgetting stuff he says he JUST told me moments ago..LOL.

Oh whatever..

Pics attached. Regardless of how shite I have been eating/behaving I will say I love my arse for the first time since the day I started not liking it. Which was a decade ago!

I'm realistic. That's what this all boils down to. I'm thrilled with my results thus far. :) Want to fix the saggy "girls" and then I'll be 'good to go' for sure.

I hope everyone is doing good. I can not believe its November. Ugh....the holidays..more parties and food and wine!!! ARGGHH. I'll just have a plate of oxygen, please...


You're lookin so good girl, and look at that bootay!! Lol. I think a lil wine every day is good for the heart and soul ;-)
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THanks! Planning to have some tonight! 7 weeks post op.
You look great!! Amazing results. I just think I need to just eat all this Halloween candy then it will be gone and out of my life till next year.
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Pics - 7 weeks post op!

Hi ladies!

Hard to believe its been 7 weeks since I stepped foot in the hospital that morning wondering what my day would be like. Now I am just moving about like as if nothing has changed. There is still some numbness on my thighs where lipo was done and on my back but minimal...

I have the silicone strips but I feel like at 7 weeks, my scar is still purty bright. Ick.

I have had a lot of family events and work events to attend so can't say I have been behaving really well food wise. Excersize? Whuh's dat?

I have a follow up appointment with my Doc this Tuesday and will plan on setting a date for my BA. Speaking of needing a BA - figured I just include those droopy dolls in the photos for today.


You look great!
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Hi Patee360! thank you! i feel great! :)
U look great n I want boobs too in February. My friends scar barely shows n it's been a year for her so it will fade just keep it moistened up w every kinda cream you can
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Shake What Your Doctor Gave Ya!!!

Had a quick update with Dr. Polavarapu today. Doing good, I need to massage my scar better, I've been very lax at that and she can tell. She showed me how to massage my belly button as well and gave me a breast exam. Yay! I'm free & clear.

We discussed BA and sizes etc. It was a great apppointment. We have a date tentatively set but I need for her to confirm. Hubby was like a KID in a candy store I kid you not. Talking about "when I squeeze these, it feels like I'm touching the boobs of an 18 year old!" I was dying inside, he is sooo hilarious; who knew he had so many opinions about breast implants??

Here is what we concluded after many trials and deductions by my fabulous, patient doctor:

265 cc Silicone Naturelle Moderate Profile Plus
Sub muscular
IMF incision

Date to be confirmed by doc. I will share that with you when we are all set. It is much earlier than hubby wanted me to do it but he's such a doll and loves me so that he eventually sees it my way..hehhee.. :)



It was nice to read your story. How's your daughter with the whole chicken pox thing? How long did it last? Did your sis daughter get it also? It's funny how you described your sister as over reacting and dramatic. My sis is the same way. Lol your tummy is so flat. You look so beautiful. N you're getting a ba as well? How exciting. Remember you will loose size if they place them under muscle so I really recommend maybe going a size up to get the size you want. I wish I did. Hope your recovery continues to be a smooth one.
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Lol the card... I love it!
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thanks!! It's so true, ain't it?! LOLerSk8tes!

This cracked me up!!



Hi! THanks, I need to update with a new blog for the completion of 8th week along with pics. I created a profile with BA Dec2013 (sometimes I'm logged into it and I'm writing ppl back and i don't realize it) just for my bewbs! I didn't want to take away from the TT community since I never started in "mommy makeover" or anything. Maybe I should have just linked them. The TT community is so amazing and supportive. I maybe saw one person on their page refer to a "jagged line versus smooth" when advising someone on spending the "extra money" and knew she was talking abt my scar line, but that's ok. This is my journey and I'm happy and my scar will disappear, just right now its not like everyone elses. AH so that all aside...an update to my daughter - so it turned out she did not have the pox, it was just a virus. Which was weird bc it was itchy for her but mild. spots showed up on her trunk but not dark and nowhere else..but we took her to the docs and they said Nope, not pox, just a rash from a virus she's going thru. So that week went better than it started, and I remember it was exhausting bc it was my first day back to work... My sis calmed down and her daughter never ever got sick, nothing happened at all..so she just never brought it up again even tho she acted a little dicky abt it..loll... THank you so much for your compliments. I feel great and I'm not nervouse to go thru another op so soon. I didn't think I would get a BA but hubby is giving his blessing for it..so i'm going full steam ahead on that. Super duper thrilled!!! Now that you mention this "going up a size" i need to rethink my numbers. My doc has to confirm my date on her schedule bc I am going earlier than I originally told her. She's trying to fit me in for Dec 5. That is literally the only week that works for me. Otherwise I'm picking sometime in Jan. Which she can def accomodate but I threw hubby a nice little curve ball and begged pretty please now? pretty please...LOL haaha.. I feel like my TT story is now boring bc nothing is happening of any real substance. Just recovering. Swelling , garments and scar massaging...ZZzzz

Pics: 8 weeks post op

Hey ya'll! I am at the end of my 8th week. The weight on my scale is 125lbs but my docs scale says 122lbs! I haven't started an excersize routine (bad girl!). Why am I being so lazy....

I'm tired this morning so I'm not super witty...But i do have some pics to share of me at my 8th week..

I feel great, still experience swelling at the end of the day. I still wear my CG (in the pics you'll see the CG marks..lol). Hubby is amazingly supportive and now more so with my foray into the BA realm. Hoping for doing my BA the first week of December and my mommy make over will be complete. I'm happy with my TT. Haven't done any binkini shopping yet but have been in my skinny jeans and I LOVE it...tucking my shirts in and someone I know commented (that didn't know I had a TT) "your stomache is so FLAT!!" and I was in school for my kids for parent-teacher night, was caught off guard and couldn't tell her "Oh yeah, I had this thing called a Tummy Tuck!" right there in the bustling, busy hallway..I was just like "oh hey thanks!"

I love my results, do not regret the pain of the first two weeks, would totally go thru it again (but am glad I don't have to) because this was SO worth it.

Hubby had some errands to do this morning and I wanted to share, so I totally had my 8 year old daughter snap these pics for me (no shyness between girls!).


Super flat! Perfection!
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aww shucks, cut it out!!! no way...(as i eat mc donalds, zut alor).
You look awesome! Super flat! :)
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We went ice skating today. Wow my abs are sore. HA!

On the ice with the kids (which is exhausting bc my son was constantly falling and my daughter a nervous nelly at first) for hours just being a helicopter parent teaching them to balance themselves and be confident. It's funny, we haven't been on the ice in years i guess. For me it comes back easily. Anyhoo - by the time we left they were doing spins n turns..
I'm exhausted.


Great review & results!! Happy healing :)
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Your review is amazing!!! You can so do crossfit. Try it once and you will never look back. You can do it at home too. Search at home crossfit work outs. One of the crossfit athletes posted this recently “As strong as our bodies are, our minds are even more powerful. Once we have set our mind to do something, our bodies will find a way to achieve it." - Tiffany Hendrickson I love that you thought about this surgery forever! I dreamed about mine for years and rescheduled once. When it's the right time it's definitely the right time! Good luck and happy healing. Looking forward to reading more of your posts!
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Thank you so much. I really appreciate that. Its weird how I always wanted a TT never really cared for a BA..and now I'm like.."yeah. I so want this too and I will NOT wait any longer bc I feel great again and I love it!" I just quoted myself. LOL>

Pics for sh#ts 'n' giggles

Mawnin' ladies!!

I was running around nekked getting ready for work and I think the swelling has gone down quite a bit on my back that I see a fantastic dip. I used to have a Spongebonlb Squarepants backside. I am massaging it bc it's still bruised feeling. My abs when I cough are sore but I actually did a lot of massaging this morning of the scar tissue plus busy weekend of activity. Finally for a change I seem to be burning a calorie

Have a fantastic day. I'm gng to schedule my fitness test for the BA just I'm case the 12/5 date sticks. Waiting to hear from my doc. :D. That means 2 weeks n change away..

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Backside pics @ 8 weeks


I'm booking my BA after my TT too. Going with 325cc and 375 ccc. Not going under the muscle as I need upper pole fullness. It looks like u may need that too. Apparently when u go under the muscle in some cases it will leave you with a "snoopy effect." It's worth Googling. You look awesome btw.
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You look amazing!!
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THANKS! I must admit i have not started excersizing. I walk alot and i'm active..will start soon (so i keep telling myself lol).

Pics: 9 weeks post op

I can't believe its been 9 weeks since my TT. I almost feel remiss for the experience (akin to childbirth) and sorta wish I had that time to myself back. LOL..I must be nuts or maybe that's what I'll do for a klondike bar (time off from work) perhaps!

Things are going well, I love my flat tummy. Right now there is the BA coming up. Details to be revealed. Pre-Op on 12/2. Will know more about whats going to happen to my Flat Stanley's! There is so much to think about and do. Bloodwork, EKG and all of that done (again!). Surgery date proposed: 12/5. And I need to get a Mammo ASAP.


You look so good!
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Thanks!! Gonna go ice skating today for a few hours- there's some excersize!!
You look so tiny !!
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Breast Lift w/Implants?

Does anyone know the recovery time involved with a Breast Lift w/Implants? Can I do it in just four days off? I'm freakin' here...

Please direct me to any reviews you think may help me...


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A few more pics

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Spending the weekend to think about if I want BL/BA at all...

This whole process has actually been stressful..

I'm going to spend the weekend really thinking about if I really want it or if I should table it and be happy with my TT alone.


I had a lift with a BA behind the muscle years ago and it was nothing compared to the TT. I waited tables at the time and was back to work in 2 days.
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Really? Hmm. I have to scurry and get a mammo right quick .. Frustrating. Did you get one before ur procedure? Hoping doc will wrote up the script so that's less docs I need to see..
Here I go with my 2 cents again .... Your boobs could be mine, lol. Except the opposite one is the largest. I def wouldn't go under the muscle. My doc discussed all the pros and cons. There was no pros in my case. Silicone is better for me also. If you go with 265 cc's in both breast you will still be asymmetrical. There's a water test you can do. It's the most accurate test to see what your size difference is. Mine is 95cc's different. I don't need a lift cause my implants are larger. In your case you could do a lift and love it. It depends if you want perky or full. I want full.
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I changed my screen name to reflect surgery dates abs my profile pic to show my new BB!

Need to get sleep. Obviously i have spent lots of time thinking and reading!! Having the comedy channel on in the background doesn't hurt! Lol.


I think a BA will complement your new tummy. I think you will look amazing!!!
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Your doctor did a really good job! You look fantastic !
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Just a pic of me in skinny jeantz that I would never have been able to fit in before.


You look great. I did a ba/bl together 3 yrs ago. I had complications & had to have one removed & redone 3 months later. ( ( I was so unhappy with thar surgeon) But , I think it's a much easier recovery than the TT for sure !
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Is that review in here? Is love to see em!! Lol Only on RealSelf and with RealFriends is that kind of talk really appropriate.
I posted a pic & question for the Drs on here. I had a horrible experience with that surgeon. And because I was worried I posted a question. I have been meaning to do a review on then because I feel girls need to really do the research in choosing the right Dr! I googled that Dr & found bad reviews yet went to him because he was $3k cheaper than the other consult I had . Live & learn! I would have loved to have them redone but my stomach was priority !

I'm bored so I'm just gng to post pics every day..LOL

My tummy feels tight. My body is sore from ice skating this weekend but not my abs or anything.

Sometimes my back is itchy. Parts of my tummy (around BB) is numb still. Feeling is coming back to my vajay-jay area. Lipo on flanks soreness non-existant. there is a small area that feels a little numb on my right flank (saddle bag lipo'd off) but that's it.

Feel good. Wish I could go back to the first week where I had no appetite. HA.

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Back side shows how awesome "contouring" really is when getting a TT . :) I never had this girlish figure prior.


looking good
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Wow chica.. look at your sexy body! Hot momma
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You look great girl, when are u gonna get your boobs
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Pics: 9 1/2 weeks

Because I'm antsy abt my upcoming BA, will focus on my tummy. LOLL

Feeling good. Eating light and clean today. Getting ready for tomorrow - Thanksgiving.

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More Pics for sh#ts N gigglez.


How are your muscles feeling these days? I had my TT in early August and mine are still tender some times :-(
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Muscles are great. I had some SERIOUS muscle repair too. I walk and am very active. Not sure if its an individual thing but my muscle doesn't ache at all. I am tender skin-wise above the BB area but its not painful. I just imagine it is the area where nerves are reconnecting and starting to "feel" again. My mon pubis skin area is not numb anymore.
You're so lucky. I started exercising at 3 month PO and it killed about 2 days later. I think I started off too hard and fast so I waited for the pain to go and started again but slower. It was such a long recovery! Basically my whole tummy is numb and hate it being touched, but my scar is starting to fade away so that's a plus!

Oh my belly feels raw today...

I think I spoke to soon recently when I was like "Oh i feel great!". My belly feels a bit raw. That said I have been cleaning the house from top to bottom and literally on hands and knees scrubbing floors at one point (mop broke) lolz.

Breast Lift and implants in a few days...I almost do not believe it...sort of like with the TT...

The pomeranians are fighting over a stuffed toy that they stole from my son's room. Must go intervene. The fluffy barky little annoying thieves...anyone want a pom for free? loll...they have been very barky the past few days...my eardrums..

I think I am just tired bc the kids seem overly chatty to me too...Hmm...

Calgon take me away!!! I need to relax, i think i have been doing way too much. Funny since I haven't excersized. Wonder how ppl who actually excersize feel.


I go in for my BL/BA and TT with lipo on the 13th! I will be following your posts to see what I have to look forward to. Good luck!
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Congrats! I know how exciting that is. I have friends who want to do this, but do not want to undergo surgery. It's no small feat what we put ourselves through, believe that. Well worth it. We are trooperz for sure!!!
yay!!! New boobies soon too thats so exciting. YOu look amazing already I am sure you are just so stoked to finish the BA and be done!! Good luck!!
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PICS: 11 weeks :)

Apologies for totally skipping my 10 week update, but here I am! So far I'm 11 weeks in and feeling great except for having my period now right before my Breast lift w/Sientra implants (wanting gummy bear implants at 350cc) and being totally bloated! of course!!

I haven't excersized yet but I am busy in my day-today routine and I eat right. I def want to get back on the treadmill and pump up the cardio but now with the BL tomorrow, I'm going to be kicked back. Totally worth it though!

My tummy feels raw around my belly button still but not in a painful way at all. It also feels tight. I wear my scar strips and as well am doing my best to pinch my scar daily and smooth out my belly button like my doctor is prodding me to!

Really the only news to report is that I have a case of 'dogears' and they are getting removed tomorrow.

My boss joked "wow, you've had a busy year..." when I told him I'd be out of office for two days because now I'm getting my boobs done. He asked me if I was going to have anymore surgeries and I joked that after this I will try to grow old gracefully...

Feeling spoiled through this journey because Dr. Polavarapu has been on it with me since Day 1.


You look terrific!!!
  • Reply
Thank you! I'm feeling good and ready to move on from my two surgeries now to healing and living!!! :) AH finally done. TT and BA! #happymamma
I look forward to my surgeries being completed next year. It is time for me to move on!

Dog ears revision

These were revised while I was under for my BA. The area is sore but it doesn't bother me much.


Hope ur healing well! Finally confirmed my date with dr. P, jan 14th tummy tuck. I think I may start a review to share my journey... Still thinking about it. Can't wait for an update on your healing! :)
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Awesome!! Your TT is coming up. Make sure you block off lots of time to heal and recover. The TT is the biotch. My BA was easy-peasy compared!
Looking good! Thanks for sharing about the dog ears!
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A Tale of 2 Belly Buttons

What a difference a few months makes! All Hail the belly button!!


Loved reading your story and your recovery is amazing! U look great!
  • Reply
Hey, thanks! Appreciate that. I have not been a good girl. time to get back on that hamster wheel and start working out...
looking good
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Dog ear revision: 3 weeks post op!

The dog ear area on right side is a bit itchy but overall I'm good and feel fine!
Feeling is semi-numb in the mid section/around belly button area. It still hasn't returned completely yet. Saddle bags where lipo was done is a touch bruised/numb still, but I have to rub it really well to discover that sensation. Doesn't bother me otherwise. Had lipo on backside but that doesn't feel bruised or numb anymore even as I rub it a while I can't tell where lipo may have been done; Feels normal there.

Will update with doc pics when I get in for a follow up. Hers are the best to show the changes. Plus I feel fat, want to lose a few pounds before I post more pics. Loll. Holiday indulging no doubt!

Happy New You, I mean, Year!

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Sorry, tired! Meant to say Dog ear revisionsare 4 weeks post op

I shouldn't do this by iPhone...


Looking great!!!
  • Reply
Thank you!!Happy New Year!
Can't wait to see BA pics!! Congrats!!!
  • Reply


What a year! I can not believe I am 4 months post op and I've added a breast lift with implants to the mix. Starting tomorrow going to hit the gym. I have no well-thought out plan since I am not a gym rat per se (wish I was disciplined enough) but after all of this recovery the past couple months I do not want to lose my results. The summer will be here before too long!


  • Reply
Thank you countryredhead13!
Congrats on such awesome results! I just made an appt at nyee today, but I am scheduled to see a Dr. Watts. Just curious if you dealt with him at all?
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21 week update

Hey Ladies,
Feeling good. Gotta be honest, havent worked out (lazy butt) but feeling great and I behave overall with my food.
Wanted to add bikini shots.


You look smoking hot in your bikini!
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Girl, you are smokin! I'm so happy for you.
  • Reply
Wow! Really jealous you look so great and haven't hit the gym! Lucky girl!
  • Reply

25 weeks post TT & Lipo & 14 weeks post BA w/lift!

Hey ladies! I feel great. My boobs still sometimes bother me after a long day in a bra 34DD (i got those over a month ago or so..I maybe should resize or look for diff style). My bralette is even uncomfortable. I think the girls have dropped more.

I'm thrilled to say I am very happy with my size and have no regrets. It's funny. When I'm home and hanging out in my tank topz and just kicking back all sassy and down home, I feel like they are too small. When I'm at work, I feel conservative and like they are enough. LMAO. I know I'm perfect and right in the middle. hahah.

I'm actually very comfy sleeping without a bra and I sleep sideways again. Have been for a while.

I have been eating healthy but i noticed i put on some weight. I'm at 131. I think i'd be happiest at 128 max. So I'd like to get into a Zumba class and work those few el-beez off. I know I can do it, I just need to focus and find the class.

Too many dinners/vino/nights out (like, lots of them) lately. Can't be livin like that without paying for it dearly in the gym. :)

I hope everyone is feeling great. Summer is here in a few months. I want to see bikini bodz. I will work out and then show off mine. Who's with me?! We're gonna bust our butts and work out hard!


I'm with you on that. You are looking great.
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Love the grey top and you look fantastic!!!
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Girlie you are smokin hot!! So glad to see an update from you!!
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For those that do not know..

I was spammed and it was not comfortable for me to participate any longer with all of my photos..

I had been an active member since 9/2013 on two sep boards before that with plenty of before photos. :( thanks for understanding why I removed my photos. I prefer to share with text now.


We definitely missed you but also understand. Glad your doing well. Xoxoxo :-)
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You look great! I have to schedule my last follow up with dr. p, I've been so busy/side tracked that I haven't made time for it! I love my bewbs and my flat belly.
hi, you look great. question.. did you have to get a ekg done or chest x-ray along woth the lab work or just lab work?
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32 weeks (8 months) post-op BA w/Lift and 43 weeks (10 1/2 months) post-op on TT :D

Hi fellow mommies who have gotten their Mommy Makeover as I have (Started with the TT and followed soon after with the Breast Aug w/lift).
I am a 34DD. I've flip flopped back and forth on my weight and I'm trying to get back on track and eat healthy again and be more active. One (well, I did) definitely becomes complacent when looking good comes (sort of) easily. ha.

I'm thrilled with my results however, the scar does not please me. I would not like to revise it although that was an option proposed to me. I'm looking into a stomach tattoo cover up so that I do not have to wear my pants uber high to cover the scar marks.

I hope everyone is feeling good. I am still THRILLED with my decision to do what I did. There ARE times i wonder if i went too big and should have done 34C not double D. No matter I always love my breast size. It's only 8 months post op and I am still 'wearing' them so to speak.
Tummy in lower area (below belly button ) is still a touch numb. Tingles when its touched. Feeling still coming back. Same with nipples.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me. It's amazing feeling so thrilled.


You look great! I'm curious if you still swell and if not, when it stopped? I am three months post op TT and I still swell pretty bad. I was hoping it would be gone by now. Just curious about your experience. Thanks!
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Thanks Lindzee! I don't swell anymore, but I believe at the stage you are at now, I did on and off. So hang in there. As far as now --I actually stopped paying attention to that stuff like I did the first few weeks. I became more focused on how healthy I was treating my insides rather than if I had a few pounds on the outside. I hope you are doing well. Thanks for stoppin' by! :)
You look amazing as always!! Good to see an update!!
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Throwbacks! Before and Afters

Some throwback photos as I reminisce on ye olde times. I am definitely happy with how far I've come and do not regret getting this done one bit. It has changed the way I take care of myself for the better. Good luck to anyone who is about to get this done and happy healing to those already in the surgical garments and post op!!



Came by to vist! :-) xo
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hey girl i had to do major research to find u in my comments lol.. as i was looking for the girl who got her dog ears snipped lol... do u think it was worth snipping them, i have an appointment tommorow and im nervous, how long were you bruised, swollen or in pain after having them snipped, and if you have a before snip and after snip pic, post it please.. im sort of last minute so if you could help by answering my questions asap, tonite lol u would be a lifesaver... or at least be helping calm me down a little.
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I know, that is the only part of the recovery I really miss.
Dr. Kiran Polavarapu and Dr. Laurence Kirwan

Updated: Dr. Kiran Polavarapu, MD (sorry for typo of other doc in title but this website will not let me amend it) with Dr. Laurence Kirwan (based in NYC, CT and the UK as well) as her attending surgeon here at the NYEE. This has been an amazing experience. I never once was nervous and had complete confidence. Dr. Polavarapu and Dr. Kirwan were complete professionals from start to finish. Dr. Polavarapu: I knew what to expect because she would explain everything in great detail, was always reachable when I had a question (which was usually never during my actual appointments with her!) and I never felt pressured. She has an eye for and is an expert at her craft. I love my results and I know I'm not even done healing. I walk away amazed and in awe of the care I received and I am looking forward to returning to her for my Breast Augmentation. Dr. Laurence Kirwan: Affable, easy to talk to, a bit of a super star. He is all over the map. I was so excited to find out he was the attending surgeon.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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