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I am a mother of six beautiful children three boys...

I am a mother of six beautiful children three boys and three girls aged 9 down to 1. I am scheduled for the procedure on June 6, 2012 along with having my tubes tied. I have never liked the look of my tummy, even before I had kids. I am 5'4 and weigh 148lbs. now which is better than what I was after I had my fifth child weighing in at 190. I worked my tush off getting back down to a decent weight, but no matter what I do this belly is going nowhere. I wear a size 6 now, and on a good day can squeeze into a 4, but have the horrible ha my tt, and I am getting very nervous, my biggest fear is not making it through the surgery and leaving my kiddos behind, I know sounds a bit obserd howeverng over on my pants. It's getting close now to getting I'm the person whom always thinks the worse. I just cannot wait until its done and over with, I know I will be sore and I can deal with that no problem, having six kids all natural, I just am so nervous about the procedure itself. Also does anyone know how long until I will be able to be up and moving? My daughter graduates kindergarden a week after the tt and I so badly want to and need to make it to that.

Try to stay positive. A lot of people view abdominoplasty as a cosmetic procedure that women want to have done to "get skinny". That is so far from the truth! Until you've experience the disappointment of exercising and dieting, but have I wanted to cry. But, we have to remain positive and trust that the surgery will be fine and we'll be healthier and happier! As far as you attending your daughter's graduation, I'd asked my doctor what is his expectancy regarding how soon you'll be able to move around. From reading other posts, you can move around in moderation, immediately but you'll have to walk bent over. So, you may be able to see your baby graduate. I'd just confirm that with my doctor, first. Good luck!
I've got some major typos! My daughter keeps grabbing the computer! Until you're experienced the disappointment of exercising and dieting, but you still look 8 months pregnant, no one knows how you feel. A lady asked me when was my baby due and I wanted to cry.
Hi, I was just wondering your age and what doctor you have chosen. I too always think worst possible scenario. Then again I just always think way too much. Try and relax.

I have no idea what happened with my last post,...

I have no idea what happened with my last post, however I do reassure you all I do know how to spell and I did graduate college, LOL. I somehow must have hit enter while in the middle of writing two thoughts. I am now 8 days before surgery. I went for my pre-op a week ago and everything went well. I orginally thought of doing a tt and breast lift, however have decided on just the tt as I thought doing the three procedures, tt, tubes tied, and breast lift, might be too much for my body to handle so I stuck with what was the most bothersome to me, my tummy. I now and thinking I might regret the decision I made and should have just gone all the way and got everything done at once. All my fees are paid and I dont think I can add the lift on now. I don't know if I am being naieve, but I am imagining the post op to not be that bad. The only thing I have to base this on is the fact that I had my last daughter all natural, went home the next day, took care of five other children, and ran back and forth to and from the NICU for two weeks straight after she was born. I really am hoping I didnt make the wrong decision doing this at the beginning of summer when the kids start summer break two weeks after my surgery. We also are thinking of taking a road trip a three and a half weeks after my tt, we will be driving 8 hours and dont know if this is a good idea or not, what is everyone thinking? Please leave me some feedback as to what I should realistically be able to do with six kids on my own two weeks post op.
I know, from seeing all these post I must say I thought, "Hey I dont look that bad", and than I saw the PS before pics and holy crap.
I am going to be 30 this coming summer, and I am using Dr. Giacobbe. I have heard he the best around.

One week to go, and the no sleep has also begun. ...

One week to go, and the no sleep has also begun. I just cant wait till I'm writing I'm in the post-op stage.

5 days away, I will get pics up soon. I dont know...

5 days away, I will get pics up soon. I dont know if I am at my "ideal weight" right now, I mean if I really tried hard I think I may be able to shed another 10 pounds but I've been working my tush off and at 148 is where I seem to fit. I am a size 6 now, however would love to get into my 4's that are just sitting in my closet. What I can't wait to see gone is the hangover on everything I wear, its awful, I hate sitting down in front of people because the gut just pushes itself out. I can't wait till Im sitting comfortably. I dont know what I should get for after surgery? My bedroom is upstairs and would really love to veg out in my recliner in my room for the first few days, however dont know if I will be able to get up the stairs. It's been about 4 days now with no sleep, i am just so anxious, I JUST WANT THIS OVER WITH!!!!

Two more days away, getting very nervous!!!! So...

Two more days away, getting very nervous!!!! So worried I'm going to die, sounds silly but still scared crapless. As soon as I find my cell phone I will get pics up. I feel like I want to tell so many people about this, however know I cannot because whom ever I have told so far it seems the only feedback I am getting is negative. However I will say my hubby is very supportive. One thing that does bother me is my 9 year old heard me talking on the phone about my surgery and has said to me, "Please mommy dont get the surgery, I dont want you to die." I feel so selfish about this, and at the same time like it is very well deserved, I mean I did squeeze out six kids in 8 years and than lost 50 lbs. Well I am going to try to sleep now, havent fallen asleep earlier than 1 am in about 10 days now hopefully tonight will be better. Please any words of encouragement are greatly appreciated.

OMG 12 hours and I will be under the knife. I am...

OMG 12 hours and I will be under the knife. I am freaking out, rethinking this whole procedure. The thing that is scaring me the most is getting put under. I dont like the idea of not having control over my body. Also I am having my procedure at a surgery center instead of a hospital, which is also scaring the crap out of me. I mean what if something was to go wrong? I just cant wait until I am writing tomorrow and everything is over.
Thanks so much, Im still awake here its 12:30, and I am just freaking myself out. At this point the internet is the devil, I just keep reading horrible stories about how the pain is just so bad.
You'll be fine! Hey, if you don't post anything tomorrow, I'll know you're heavily sedated. Post when you can. Lots of luck to you.

I've made it to the other side. I would be lying...

I've made it to the other side. I would be lying if I said I didnt feel like I wanted to die. The pain is at times horrible, however I think it is bearable. What is bothering me the most is having a tubal ligation they fill you up with air, and well the pain in my shoulders and chest is terrible. Ive been doing really well tring to get up and walk to the bathroom, but no joke Im not walking around a little hunched over, I am almost completely bendt over. Need to sleep now, anyone else who have their surgery today good luck, and those whom have upcoming surgeries my advice dont read all the horror stories online, thats what made this journey so scary for me.
Happy to hear that you're alright. Go rest and get well soon!
I hear ya! It sucks, my abdominal muscles are sooo stretched out. I have that "pregnant look" going on as well. TT is the only way to repair it.

Well I am day 1 po, and in some of the worst pain...

Well I am day 1 po, and in some of the worst pain imaginable. Dont want to scare anyone out there but this is no joke. I went to see my PS today to get my dressings changed and found out I needed a cathetar in because I could not control my bladder, and it was not empting. All I got to say if anyone has the option to spend the night in a hospital take it, this is hard.

Today is the end of post op day 2, and to be...

Today is the end of post op day 2, and to be completely honest Im wondering what the hell I did this for!!! Everything is still so stinkin painful, the cathetar is still in and will be for another 3 days, which is just a whole other bummer. I got to see my new belly yesterday for a brief minute while the bandages were being changed, and well it didnt look all that good to me I am hoping it is just all the swelling going on, or the fact that I was high on pain meds, lol. The sites where the drains are in "Oh my god" they are the worst if you even touch them at all, instant stinging pain. I found out I will get my drains out, one at one week, the other at two weeks. Maybe its that I was so active prior to surgery and the sun is shiny out that I want to be able to get out of this recliner and move. I want so badly to hold my baby (she is almost one), I tried and she started moving around so my hubby had to take her, it was too painful for me. I really am just wishing the next week away so very quickly, and I hope by then I am back to some form of normal activites. At that point maybe I can say it was all worth it.
Ha! You said it! Not too long ago, an old man at Denny's said to me "so when's your baby due!?". I wanted to pummel him, then laugh. Instead I said "uh, I'm not.....". It was awkward to say the least!

Here I am 6 days post op and numb as hell, it...

Here I am 6 days post op and numb as hell, it seemed I was really doing great day 4 I was up moving around and doing things. Now the swelling and numbness has set in and Im back down for the count. I actually hit the breaking point yesterday when my husband was changing my bandages and broke down in tears. The thing that is getting to me the most, becuase I can deal with the pain, and i knew I wasnt going to look great for the first few weeks so Im ok with that too, its the inability to care for my children, especially my one year old special needs child. Her and I were inseperable and now she acts like she doesnt even know me. I want to pick her up so badly and i actually tried the one day and had to but her down immediatly, and I could tell it broke her little heart. That is my goal here is to able to hold my daughter without excruciating pain within the next week..............thats all I want!!!

Well today I am 12 days PO and had my second drain...

Well today I am 12 days PO and had my second drain removed. I AM A FREE WOMAN!!!! Finally I am able to shower in the morning something I have not done in almost two weeks, which you dont realize is something required to feel human. However on the down side I was instructed to stay low for another week and continue with very minimal activity, what was he crazy I was free of course I was going to go crazy. Not a good idea, I feel like my, incision is bursting open and the spot where they removed the drain today, OMG. So my advice to everyone, dont think because you are feeling ok for a moment you can do everything use were used to before your tt because I can reasure you today after 3 tylenol I still am paying for it. But than again I did wear a fitting shirt today and there was no belly, I am in love!!!!!
Irgaec have you already start walking straight because i haven't and I'm almost 3weeks post op I'm scare to walk straight.
Hi I just read your review I hope you are feeling better now :)
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