I'm 40 years old and I'm getting a hernia repair,...

I'm 40 years old and I'm getting a hernia repair, tummy tuck, muscle repair and lip in exactly a week from today. I also hope they will remove a lot of scar tissue from a previous surgery I had 13 years ago. I posted a couple of other times about how my PS is not requiring any pre-op tests for me which really had me concerned. But after speaking with him Friday, I learned that many hospitals are no longer requiring such tests because they are irrelevant on a healthy patient. I still have some reservations but since he's certified, been around for years and operating in the best hospital in the area, I have to trust him.

Since I am still overweight, I am not under any expectations that this will make me skinny and I'm not using it for weight loss. I lost 40 lbs and hit a plateau. It's been kind of hard to keep my motivation knowing that my stomach will always be fat and hideous so my PS thought I would be a good candidate and even said my new stomach could be used as good motivation to keep going.

I am very excited to have this done, I have been wanting it for years. I have been reading a lot on here about what to expect, how to prepare etc and actually has the date gets closer I'm on these boards more and more. What a great support system. I'm looking forward to sharing my journey over the next several months!

I can't believe how calm I am. After the last...

I can't believe how calm I am. After the last couple of weeks of freaking out, I thought for sure i would be a mess but I'm not. I'm looking forward to having the surgery over and beginning to heal. I also was a fairly heavy smoker all this and my doctor said absolutely NO nicotine for a month before the surgery. So as soon as I got my date, I quit cold turkey and it was the hardest thing I've done in my life. I had hopes of losing more weight before my surgery but the no smoking has caused me to stay the same. Once I have a flat tummy I want to do everything I can to lose weight, be healthy and maintain my new body.

Today was my phone consultation which is really...

Today was my phone consultation which is really the only "pre-op" I'm getting. I told them about the tingling in my hands and the "pinched nerve" feeling in my left arm and they didnt' seem to think it was anything to reschedule for so I guess I'm set to go in 4 days! This weekend I was spend getting everything I need. I have a pretty good list going thanks to this site here, my latest item I added was a toilet seat riser. I plan on turning my livingroom in to my room at least for the first few days since going to my bedroom would require me to go up 13 stairs.

Did anyone NOT recover in a recliner? If so, was it a painful experience and do you wish you had gotten a recliner?

I've had family unexpectedly come in from out of...

I've had family unexpectedly come in from out of town this weekend so I haven't had much time to prepare for Tuesday's surgery. They are leaving tomorrow and then the real preparing can begin. The rest of my supplies, the groceries and I still need to do some cleaning since I won't be able to for a bit. Tonight I'm going to scour these messages and look for more things I might need.

My nerves got the best of me earlier but a friend of mine talked me off the ledge. I want to go in to the surgery with a positive attitude so much! It's hard not to be worried, and I know that most are. I hate that I think the worst and I am hoping that I can laugh about this in a few months.

Tomorrow is the big day. I'm trying to feel more...

Tomorrow is the big day. I'm trying to feel more excited than nervous. I have last minute preparations to make like grocery shopping, laundry etc. I'm getting my livingroom prepared since that's where I'll be staying although a friend of mine who had a full mommy makeover said that I should be able to walk upstairs right away, just slowly.

I'm still nervous that I didn't have to have any pre-op tests done and didn't get any kind of list of things I will need after my surgery. Thank goodness for this site or I would be so unprepared. I would have to have my dad go out and get everything for me and he probably would have complained. LOL

Anyway the next time I post, I will be on the flat side. Good luck to everyone today that's having it done. Keeping you in my thoughts. xo

My doctor's office called and CANCELLED this...

My doctor's office called and CANCELLED this morning. They said he's sick. I feel so disappointed and mentally screwed writh right now. All the time I took off work, all the extra money I spent on food, and cooking all day yesterday. I'm disappointed, mad, and exhausted right now. I took a month off of work too, and now I get to go in to work and face everyone and answer questions as to why I'm there.

Oh and he already paid himself too and I got my first bill for a surgery I didn't even have yet. I'm so not comfortable with any of this.

Today was an awful day. I ended up going to work...

Today was an awful day. I ended up going to work after my surgery was cancelled at 5AM this morning. I figured they would know today and talk about it anyway and so I might as well be there. That was a mistake....I started uncontrollably crying at work when someone asked me why I was there. I NEVER cry at work, let alone in front of anyone.

I am feeling much better hours later and I've come to realize a few things. First, I think I've been obsessing about this for the last month. I've been on the boards several times a day, and it has consumed just about every thought I've had. I've been looking up tips, tricks, happy stories, bad stories, cancellations, pre-op tests, etc. I've made plans, lists, went shopping, talked to people daily and I just am tired. I'm tired of having it consume my thoughts.

The other thing I realized is that for whatever reason, it was not meant to happen today. Maybe the doctor would have been just getting sick and not having symptoms and I could have gotten an infection. Or maybe the accident that slowed traffic this morning could have been me on my way there. Or whatever the reason it wasn't meant to happen. I also think that I already went through all of the stages of anxiety and worry and maybe this time around, I can just be excited for it to happen without making myself almost sick over it. Maybe I can enjoy my life for a little while before it going through this big surgery and then enjoy my body as it changes instead of thinking of all the bad things that *could* happen.

So my new date is 2/5. This time around I'll have to find someone else to take me since my dad is going on vacation for 3 weeks. I will have to find someone to look after me during the first few days. And so what? There are worse things in life. This time around, I will let me friends know my date of surgery, I will let work know of the new date and then I will shut up about it until the day before. Because whether it happens on 2/5 or is cancelled 10 more times, I don't ever want to have to go through this again or put my family and friends through the wait and wonder either. Good luck to everyone who is having an upcoming surgery, you'll be in my thoughts. Will update at some point before surgery. xo

I accidentally put this in my comments section......

I accidentally put this in my comments section....sorry for the double post! :)

This week was busy at work and next week should be too which is GREAT because it stops me from obsessing over my surgery date. I'm excited this time around!! I'm sure I'll be nervous next weekend but so far I'm just looking forward to seeing results. I do have a question though...how many post op appointments can I expect to have after the surgery in the first 2-3 weeks? I mean assuming everything is normal and I'm draining "normal" (whatever that is LOL). I ask because my dad was going to be the one caring for me and taking me to appointments but since they changed my surgery date I don't have that now since he goes away on vacation the day after my surgery. So now I need to plan for other rides to my appointments.

Up until a day or so I was doing well and keeping...

Up until a day or so I was doing well and keeping busy so that I don't obsess about my surgery on 2/5. But here I am again...from the minute I get home until almost bedtime I'm scouring the websites. Looking here, looking on the internet about the surgery, looking on Youtube at TT journey videos. I hate that I'm back to obsessing. Did anyone else do that? I have a few things I have to pick up this weekend, but other than that I would really like to get through the next 4 days without thinking about it so much!

I did my grocery shopping today so I'm set for a...

I did my grocery shopping today so I'm set for a couple of weeks. I need a couple of more things and then I'm done and ready for Tuesday. I'm adding a couple more pics. One is of my back (flanks?) which I'm having lipo on and the other is a pic of me in my "fat" skinny jeans. They are actually too big on me which is why I wear the belt. But I think they will be a good jean to compare to when I'm on the flat side. The other pairs I have are too snug and I probably won't be able to wear them for months!

After reading the advice on some great people...

After reading the advice on some great people here, I ended up renting an electric recliner. I didn't think they had them at my local Rent a Center but I found one and called them today. They can deliver it Wednesday so I will only have to suffer one night on the couch. I'm excited to have the chair. By what everyone says it will make my recovery that much easier and that's what is important. Plus it's pretty cheap at only $36/wk.

Tomorrow is the big day, can't believe it's finally here. It seems like months since they cancelled my last date but really it was only two weeks ago. I've managed tonight not to feel nervous, just excited to get it over and done with. I will make an update as soon as I can. Thank you everyone for the support and advice. See you on the flat side :)

I'm two days PO and I'm not gonna lie, it's been...

I'm two days PO and I'm not gonna lie, it's been painful! I thought I prepared for the worst its worse than that. But today is the first day where I feel well enough to get on the computer. The surgery was longer than expected. Apparently the hernia was way larger than they thought. It was the whole one side of my stomach. But my PS said everything looked great. Between the TT and the lipo he got rid of 16 lbs! I don't see him until Monday and I'm too afraid to look. I'm getting some leakage from one of the drain sites which is kind of annoying. At first I was really concerned at the amount coming out and I thought I split the incision open. But the PS said that it was liekly the drain site and I since I have hundreds of stitches both inside and out, it's very unlikely that I opened the incision. Oh and lastly I'm not really thrilled with my pain med. He gave me 5mg of Oxycodone and to me it feels like it's barely touching the pain. I have to call him in the morning. Anyway I'm glad that the surgery is over and I look forward to feeling better every day!

My recovery has been pretty standard. At some...

My recovery has been pretty standard. At some points I feel better than others but for the most part I'm pretty much on schedule. I'm draining like crazy. My next appointment isn't until next Thursday but I have a feeling I will still have my drains in but we'll see. I finally got the nerve to take off my CG and I'm in awe what my surgeon did. I'm very swollen but so flat I can almost imagine the results. Just looking at my before and after pics I don't think I will ever get those depressed feelings people talk about. I went from having a deformed stomach with a massive hernia to something that looks normal. I'm so happy. I look forward to progressing weekly, no matter how slow or how long it takes it's worth it.

I spoke too soon. Today is my worst feeling day...

I spoke too soon. Today is my worst feeling day yet I think and I am depressed. Not that I did this to myself but I thought I would feel better by now. I've had no BM, I keep draining all over myself so I sometimes avoid my drains so that I can stay dry, my compression garment is a mess and I can't remember reading whether or not its ok to take it off for a while so I can wash it. I have no appetite but I forced down some cereal because when I got up to do my drains I felt so weak and I look so pale. My tummy is grumbling like crazy, probably gas. I just feel awful. Crying on and off all morning, and feel stupid for doing so. I have gone longer without the pain med because I want to have a BM and not feel loopy. When will I start to feel better?

What a difference a day makes. I am feeling much...

What a difference a day makes. I am feeling much better emotionally every day and realize I will have some bad days here and there. I also expected way too much and have to remember I'm only a few days post op. So I improved my mood and I got proactive with the bowel movements. I had my son buy me prune juice and also Fiber One cereal. I drank two glasses of juice last night and also took 2 dulcolax in the middle of the night. I ended up having a small movement this morning. Yay!! It was more like water with all the stuff I took but I'll take something over nothing. I'll keep up with the juice and the cereal also and hopefully to keep me regular. Between sitting there and trying for the BM and then emptying the drains, etc, it took me an hour total and now I'm wiped out. I plan on napping for a little while before my next set of meds and hopefully later will take more pics. Thanks to everyone who talked me off the ledge yesterday :)

Here I am Post Op 6, tomorrow will be a week. It's...

Here I am Post Op 6, tomorrow will be a week. It's been a slow week! I have been wanting to update every day but sometimes I don't have the energy. Last night for the first time I slept more than 2 hours in row. I only woke up once at 3AM to do the bathroom event (event is what it is LOL!) and then back to bed and I didn't get up until after 9! Today I had absolutely no energy. I felt weak and out of it. I also spent most of the day without any pain meds. I'm trying to get off them so I can return to some normalcy. But around 4pm I took some and then suddenly got a burst of energy. So I washed up, and washed my hair and it felt so good!! My energy carried through a few hours and now I'm relaxing for the evening. I hope tomorrow I get some energy too. Today for the first day I barely soaked through my clothes with the drains. I hope this is a new trend, as this was the most bothersome. I did talk to my PS earlier because my drains weren't draining for a few hours, which he said was fine. And he moved my appointment to 2/21 which means a whole other week and 2 days with the drains :( But I'm going to take it for what it is and do what I have to do as long as it means I'm recovering nicely! Tomorrow I will try to take some 1 week pics and post. Happy recovering! xo

I have a garment question. Is your garment...

I have a garment question. Is your garment supposed to go over your hips? My hips are extremely swollen. I look like a can of biscuits and that my hips are popping out of the sides. LOL I wonder if part of that is because the garment isn't positioned over them and my hips are naturally bigger anyway. When the garment is on, it isn't over the scar on my hips. Should it be?

This morning I talked to the nurse in my PS office...

This morning I talked to the nurse in my PS office and she informed me that I didn't have my garment in the right spot, so I fixed it. In order for it to stay over my hips, I may need to keep adjusting it throughout the day. So the first time after that I took it off to adjust it, I noticed that my side was concaved inwards and I had a dent in my side. (see pics) I was mortified....it seems like disfigurement! So I called them and the nurse called me back and told me not to worry. It's just build up of fluid around the tissue. The garment is not going to disfigure me or "ruin" the surgery like I was thinking it was. Still, it looks and feels weird. So far, hours later it hasn't gotten any better. I sure hope it does!!

So I still have that dent in my side. I'm really...

So I still have that dent in my side. I'm really hoping that it either fills out or that the swelling on my hip goes down enough to make it even out. To touch it feels so weird. Like there was a chunk taken out of the inside of me, leaving a gaping hole. I hope I explain that right. Did anyone else have that? My other side is normal. I do not want to be lopsided or deformed :( My drainage has slowed down a lot since I moved my CG down too. I'm not due to see the dr for another 8 days either. I hope everything is ok. I can't wait to take a real shower, and to drive. That's about it.

Post Op day 9...still gradually getting better...

Post Op day 9...still gradually getting better every day. Today I decided that I spend far too long laying around all day on my recliner and I need to get up and do normal things, at least as much as I can. Today I made dinner for my son before he went to work, picked up around the house a little bit and for the first time since I got home, I went upstairs to my bedroom. It felt good to be getting around! I even took a couple pics in my bathroom which I'm posting. I do know that if I stand too long my upper back starts to hurt from hunching. Things do make me more tired than usual but one step at a time makes it better and better. I still can't wait for the drains to go and I wish I didn't have to wear this CG either :)

I don't know if my two trips upstairs and all the...

I don't know if my two trips upstairs and all the picture taking was too much but last night and this morning I feel super sore. Up until yesterday it was always in my back. Now I feel it in my incision too and even more tender in my back. Did anyone else feel ok on the incision and then have it suddenly hurt one day? I'm having a blah moment right now. I can't wait to feel back to normal again, and to not feel so bored and limited sitting around most of the day. Tomorrow I will be getting out of the house twice which I look forward to but I hope it doesn't add more pain. Happy healing everyone xo

I finally got out of the house twice yesterday. It...

I finally got out of the house twice yesterday. It felt so good to be out among humans. But I recognized quickly last night that I am definitely nowhere near being 100%. My lower back is so swollen that sitting in a car seat, booth and seat at the movie theater was no so comfortable at all! My lower back hit the sit and my upper back was nowhere close to it. Ouch! But I had fun and look forward to doing more as my body can handle it. I know that ultimately icing my swollen areas won't take it away forever and it has to go away on it's own. But do you think it's worth it to ice it now to take it down a little bit or just let it go away on it's own? Up until now I've just been healing "naturally" and not doing anything other than resting and getting plenty of fluids.

It was two weeks yesterday, so I guess today would...

It was two weeks yesterday, so I guess today would be Post Op day 14? My back continues to be extremely swollen and sore. My hips also continue to be really swollen which makes that "dent" in my side very prominent (attached pics) It hasn't really changed at all. I've done some icing on my back but it swells back up again so I haven't kept up with it. I get to see my PS tomorrow for the first time and I have a feeling that he will only take one drain out. My right drain has barely drained anything in 24 hrs but the left one is still over 50 per day. I also wonder about my CG because if I move it a few inches either up or down, the swelling shifts. I have so many questions about what I'm seeing....I'm really looking forward to my appointment tomorrow so I can get some answers. I attached Day 14 pics. Happy healing everyone :) xo

I had my first official post op appointment today...

I had my first official post op appointment today and neither drain was removed! He said that since I was still draining a little higher than I should be it's better to be completely safe and leave them in for TWO more weeks. He said he used to remove them sooner but half his patients would have to go back and get drained with a needle. His last 30 TT he did he removed them later and has not had to drain one. So I'll go with what he said. A little disappointing but it's not forever. He also put my mind at ease about my ugly dent. He said I will be pleased when all of the swelling finally goes down and the dent will go away. Also said I'm more than welcome to do the icing, drink lots of water etc but nothing is going to take the swelling down permanently except for time. He told me the hernia was in the entire top part of my tummy which was that huge protruding bulge which I kind of thought it was anyway, but I thought it was fat too. Yikes. He said that between lipo and the TT he took off 15-16 lbs and I will see that result eventually also. I'm glad I FINALLY got to see him and at least get some answers. It stinks that I will have to return to work with drains but I'll just keep picturing myself in tight little t-shirts and a bathing suit where I don't have to cover my belly and all will be forgotten :) Happy healing everyone xo

At my post op appointment the other day they gave...

At my post op appointment the other day they gave me a new binder. This one was smaller and has padding on the inside. When I wear it, it feels tighter although I can slip my hand inside a lot easier than I could with the other one. After a few hours of wearing it, my dent shifted. It appears as though the swelling came back to the dent area but made a new dent below it. I also have a lot more swelling in my hips and butt right below the garment. Personally I'm glad the dent is gone and I prefer this garment. But I'm wondering now how necessary it even is to wear the binder. I feel like all it's doing is pushing the swelling to other places. I've been reading up on CG's and a lot of them say they are important for the first 2-4 weeks but after they don't really do anything except make you feel secure. My own PS said there's nothing I can do to minimize my swelling permanently. The only thing that will get rid of it is time. That being said, did anyone here remove the binder/CG after 4 weeks and skip the Spanx, and if so do you think it took longer for your swelling to go down? Just curious.

My PS put steri strips from one end of my incision...

My PS put steri strips from one end of my incision to the other and they are finally starting to fall off. Now that my incision is exposed, what should I do with it? I forgot to ask him at my app't if I should be putting neosporin on them. For now I've been covering up with non-adhesive bandages because I fear infection. Should I put neosporin on them? Other than that things are going well. The dent is officially gone thanks to the second binder he gave me the other day. But it's too short and keeps rolling up on the ends so now I'm back to the first one. Today I have my follow up with the general surgeon who fixed my hernia. It will be interesting to get his take on the eggplant that was growing inside me. LOL. Happy healing xo

Yesterday was my three week update. I don't see a...

Yesterday was my three week update. I don't see a change in the swelling since Day 1 but I'm not going to worry about that. The strips are coming off and my scar is gross but healing. Thanks to recommendations here, I put a maxi pad in the front of my underwear so that it doesn't get irritated. I did a side by side picture of my back and what a huge difference! My back is still sore and so swollen especially on the bottom which I included a picture of. Monday I had the appointment with the hernia doctor. He milked my drains although when he did the left one he pulled it kind of hard and it hurt. It was sore the rest of the day. After he did that and I got home, I had dark red fluid in my bulb, the same color as it was right after my surgery. I looked it up and it sounds like old blood was in there. He put me on another round of antibiotics. I asked him if he thought I had infection and he said no, it was preventative. I have some pretty gross stuff in my drains the past few days. Sorry TMI but its white strips of yuckiness and my bulbs look so nasty with white stuff on the side. I assume this is normal since I read about that too. I can't wait to get them out!! Happy healing xo

I've developed this hard swollen area above my...

I've developed this hard swollen area above my incision which has left a ridge of overhang over my scar. Thankfully I've done enough reading to know that it will most likely flatten over time. But of course I still can't help but feel anxious about it since I feel like I've already been through so much with this surgery. I took a picture of it. Has anyone else gotten this and did it go away? If so, how long? Also there are parts of my incision in the front are so red, I think they are infected. Thankfully my hernia surgeon put me on more antibiotics for two weeks so that should take care of it.

Since my surgery I have done some walking at a...

Since my surgery I have done some walking at a fairly slow place but other than that I haven't done any real exercise. I've been dying to get back to zumba, although I know I'm not ready for the kind of exercise that I was used to before. As heavy as I was, I went hardcore. Jumping, high intensity and standing in the front of the class just to make sure I worked my hardest. I asked the instructor of the class who is also a friend of mine if I could come to class today if I promised to do very light impact.....meaning no jumping, no knee lifts and not even raising my arms. Just some movement along to the music. She reluctantly agreed and I have to say I felt GREAT! It was so much fun to move around with my peers to some great music and get some real exercise. I didn't move much from my spot so I didn't over do it. After class I went home and saw that it made me drain a decent amount which tells me that the exercise was a good thing. I can't wait to do it again. There's another class on Tuesday which has an easier instructor and I think I might try it out :)

I had my appointment on Thursday to get my drains...

I had my appointment on Thursday to get my drains removed and I didn't have them removed. My fluid levels were still at 80 for too many days and my PS wants to keep them in for another 11 days just to be safe. My next appointment is March 18th so that will be a total of 41 days with drains. UGH!! I was very positive at the appointment though. I told him that we do what we have to do for the best result I'll leave them in as long as he wants. He was surprised but pleased with my attitude and said that he just had to drain a woman that took her own drains out early and he was glad that I am open and willing to listen to him and not get impatient. I figured I paid good money for all this, why not follow instruction to get the best result. So here I am with drains and also the binder. His assistant said as long as I have the drains in to keep the binder on unless I can find something just as tight, which I haven't. Boy I think I'm going to throw myself a party when I can get rid of both of these things! :) Happy healing xo

Yesterday when I got home from work and changed...

Yesterday when I got home from work and changed clothes, I noticed that my left drain had started to come out. I would say about 2 inches total had slipped out. My appointment was scheduled for Monday but he saw me today and decided that even though I was at 60 cc's total for several days for both drains, that they both could come out. I was SO happy!!! Now that they are out, he wants me in a super tight compression for one week. He said the binder is important so that I don't get any fluid collection. He told me I need to wear it at all times except for when I take a QUICK shower. I asked him if I could wear spanx and the binder and he said it was a good idea. Since my fluid levels were still a little bit high, I will do whatever I have to not to have to get drained with the needle. I'm really happy they are out now...no more hiding under bulky sweaters and sweatshirts!!! I attached a pic from last night with a new bra and panties that I got. This is an end of the day pic where I'm at my most swollen. I'm way flatter in the mornings and can't wait until all of that settles down. Now the only "problem" I have is that my jeans have to be a little too loose in the waist in order to fit over my fat thighs and booty. But you know what? From where I was before this, I'll take it. I'm dieting and exercising in the meantime and hoping the weight comes off from those areas first! :) We'll see!

It's been a week since I got my drains out. My PS...

It's been a week since I got my drains out. My PS instructed me to do tight compression for a week to minimize the chance of fluid build up. I had my follow-up appointment today and pointed out that one side of my tummy was slightly more swollen than the other. He said it didn't look like a seroma but put a needle in it anyway. No fluid came out, thank goodness!! Then he saw some stitches popping through my scar so he began removing them. Most of them I didn't feel but one of them he was digging and digging at and it was pinching and hurt but I didn't say anything because I figure if I can get through the brutality of liposuction, I can deal with being picked at with tweezers! LOL I don't have to go back for two months. I got on the scale this morning and I'm down 15 pounds since two weeks after my surgery. Oh I also told my PS about "swell hell". He laughed and I told him that's what the people on the message boards call it and that's what I am going through right now. So I guess I taught him a little something new LOL I'm sure I will get varying answers but I wanted to find out what does everyone do for their scar care? I figure it's time to start now. I asked my PS but he doesn't believe any of it works. So far he's been right about everything he's said but I can't just not put anything on it. I'll feel later like I could have and should have done something to make my scar look better. I'm open to all recommendations. Thank you in advance!

I'm trying to take my own advice and think...

I'm trying to take my own advice and think logically and realize that I'm only at Week 7 and I have at least a few more months until I see what's even close to final results. My skin used to be firm, and I couldn't even pinch a small part between my fingers. But I have a fat roll now that is freaking me out. I know I have swelling, especially toward the end of the day, but I now am able to grab a roll of fat and pinch it, where I couldn't do that before. My PS says I will be a lot smaller when all is said and done and I do believe him. But the illogical part of me thinks what if there's still more skin that needs to be taken off? If I'm able to pinch fat now, what's going to happen later when I'm smaller? Did anyone else experience a fat roll, and did it eventually go away and did your skin get more firm? Please look at my pics and tell me what you think :(

The Good.....I can't believe it's been only 8...

The Good.....I can't believe it's been only 8 weeks. Time is going by fast but it seems like such a long time since my surgery. I love myself in clothes! The other night I cleaned my closet and have 6 garbage bags full of clothes (mostly tops) that are too big. I can also complete full zumba workouts (with my binder on) and I know what it's like to feel "normal" again. The other night I went out to see a band with some friends and we were dancing and for the first time in a long time I didn't feel like anyone was staring at me because of my huge stomach. Not that they ever were, but it was good to know that they now don't have a reason to, if that makes any sense! My flat tummy makes me want to continue my weight loss journey and so I'm doing my best to stay active and eat right. The Bad....I haven't had a full uninterrupted night of sleep since before my surgery! I used to sleep like a rock. Now I'm up several times a night every time I turn over. I feel restless and sore in my MR and in my back from the lipo. I can't wait to not feel anymore pain! I also have a hard time finding jeans that fit right. If I can get them up my thighs and big booty then they are usually too big in the waist. I have a couple pair that are ok....stretch jeans are my new BFF. LOL The Ugly......I still have the ridge over my scar and I haven't seen a reduction in swelling at all. My PS said in my last visit that we may do in office lipo at a later date but it was too early to tell. If the ridge doesn't go away I will definitely get either lipo or a modified tummy tuck depending on what is needed. I want so much to be completely flat! I've dreamed about that for years and I think I deserve it :) I also noticed last night that I have some hard bumps under an area of my scar which I'm reading could be sutures. They are clumped in one area and they are ugly and I hope they go away! So my pics are front, side, underwear to show how low my scar is and then the ugly bumps. Happy healing! xo

I don't have any new pics because I haven't seen...

I don't have any new pics because I haven't seen much change but I did want to offer an update. I went to the PS earlier this week to have him check the bumps that appeared under my scar. Actually the two bumps stopped feeling tender and turned into more of a big lump. When I went to see the PS, he said it was fatty neucrosis. He said it would either go away or when I've reached one year PO he would remove it and it wouldn't be a big deal. So I'm thinking in February is when I will have touch up lipo if I need it and to have the fatty removed also. I still have pain in my tummy from the MR and my back from the lipo. It's nothing that isn't manageable but I was wondering how long I should expect it to persist? Happy healing everyone xo

This weekend, I felt sore in one area of my tummy....

This weekend, I felt sore in one area of my tummy. It felt like a pulled muscle although I didn't do anything that would have resulted in a pulled muscle. The only thing I could have done was (sorry if this is TMI) was strained during my BM since I was having that problem this weekend. It made me worry a little bit but I thought I would wait a week and see if it went away. Yesterday when I was at work, I got this strange prickling sensation, like someone was in my tummy sticking me with needles. It would happen every time I walked a few feet. After a couple of hours, I went in to the bathroom and looked at my stomach and saw that the area that was having the prickling sensation very noticeably less swollen than it had been the day before. I wonder if it's coincidence or is that area just going through some healing? Anyway other than that nothing much has happened. Things are going well. I've been lax on my Bio Oil treatments the past three days and I need to get back on that. I really want to start doing some minor weight lifting and a spin class but I don't want to do anything because of my large hernia repair. I have a follow up with my general surgeon on 4/29 and hopefully he clears me then. Happy healing everyone! xo

I was PO 11 weeks yesterday and things are pretty...

I was PO 11 weeks yesterday and things are pretty much the same so I don't have a new pic. I do want to ask the "veterans" out there - did you have muscle repair (or a hernia repair) during your TT and if so was it still painful to you at 11 weeks? Whenever I sneeze or turn over in bed at night, I still get that painful feeling and now it's mostly in one general area. I am left wondering if that's my hernia repair. I have my follow-up appointment next week so I will ask but I'm just curious. My back and sides are still also very tender from the lipo. One of my friends came by and poked me in the side today and it hurt! I jumped and said "ouch, you poked me in my surgery" and that became the joke of the office for today. Haha. Anyway any insight if what I'm feeling is normal would be greatly appreciated! Happy healing xo

4 month update w/ pics

It's been 5 weeks since my last update...time sure does fly. I haven't really seen much change since last month although I just looked at the pics that I took and compared them to my 11 week pics and my tummy is slightly less swollen at the scar line. I'm not sure how much more changes I will see although my PS said last time I need to give it a year to see the full result. I haven't been using anything on my scar in the last month or so. My PS said that nothing really helps any better than time. I might start using the bio oil again although I didn't see any difference. But I don't want to have regrets later. I have a question for the "veterans"..... if you had MR in addition to your TT, is your stomach rock hard now? When standing, there's really only a little bit of skin to be grabbed and if I poke my tummy, it's rock hard all over. One would think I should have a six pack. LOL Is this just because my muscles were repaired or could it be layers of fat underneath? I had lipo in my tummy too so I'm hoping it's not fat.
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Hi there with regards to the six pack that was something I asked my surgeon before hand. He said it would be under there but I would have to work at it to get it to show. So that is what I am doing..(0= Except I am working on my entire physique I haven't blogged in a while but will try to do so next week some time.
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I'm a bit farther along then you are and I think you are feeling the muscle. I've been doing ab work and other strength training and find I can do things so much better then I could before surgery. The MR is amazing! Though no crunches since according to my surgeon, they separate the muscle and can hurt the repair, but leg lifts and pilates type moves are good. But that is my surgeon. I have a layer of "fat" or "swelling" over my tummy, I prefer to think it's swelling, but my eating hasn't been the greatest. Not really up in weight, so I think it may be swelling, I hope it is, but I still look 100 X's better then before, so I accept how I am! You are looking fantastic!
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Very normal! I'm just over 13 weeks and it still hurts to sneeze or cough too hard. But not horrible. And it's right at the MR line. I had minor lipo under my arms and that is still sore too, mostly to the touch, like if someone poked me, but not just moving around anymore. I'm able to roll around in bed,(that sounds bad, I mean toss and turn!), and I can do it with relatively no pain, but I get a twinge every now and then. So, you are healing completely normally I would say! Make sure you write down your questions for your PS, I never do and I always forget because I always feel better the day I go see him! LOL!
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LOL at rolling around in bed but I know exactly what you mean! I still hurt a little bit with that but not too bad. I will definitely ask my PS these things though I don't see him until June so I'm hoping it's resolved by then. Thank you for answering! :)
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In the pic you posted, you can tell the swelling is down a lot on the left side. I think the prickling sensation is from nerves regenerating. That is a good thing!!! I'm sure you are biting at the bit for the 29th and hopefully being cleared to work out again. I hope your recovery continues on the positive path!
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Thank you, I appreciate it! So far, so good....I really can't complain! I'll take the prickles if it means happy healing! :o)
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Wow I just read your story and thank you for being so detailed about your journey to recovery. God bless and be strong and welcome to the flat side it will definitely all get better ,we just have to give our bodies patience and let us heal the right way.We feel because we spend so much money we want results right away ,but we have to remember that we have to heal and it takes time.Gw8772, relax and all will fall into place .Good night
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Thank you so much! This site is so helpful to me during my decision process and journey that I only hope my details can help someone else. I agree about being patient, I tell myself that all the time! It's just a matter of listening to myself :)
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You are doing well! I too have some of those issues,,,Dr. Will do more lipo in the office at a later date as well. It still feels surreal at times!
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It's definitely surreal at times! Sometimes I can't get over how strong we all are to go through all this :)
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I'm 10 1/2 weeks and I got up this morning for the first time with no achiness at my lipo sites. I only had a bit, under my arms, but I would get up and it would ache and be sore. Not sure if it will last, but I was aware of it! Also, I still have the pain at my MR. I think that the body is just going to take awhile to heal around the sutures and get used to being where they are supposed to be. Though I can roll around in bed with no problem. I know I have always repositioned during the night, but earlier in recovery, I would wake up (more) when I did since it hurt, now it really doesn't, I can stretch out fully and rarely get any pains from moving. Sleep will come! You look fantastic! Take it slow and dwell on the positives!
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That is encouraging! I will take the lack of sleep over a good recovery so I am very happy. I just look forward to sleeping soundly, it will come! I keep telling myself while 8 weeks seems like a long time, in the recovery world it's definitely not. You look amazing too! :)
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You look great, take baby steps.
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Girl, my 7wk pic is almost identical to yours. I have the same roll. I know it is swelling but think just like you do that it is here to stay. I am almost never completely flat. I go for my 8 wk po appt Wednesday and will be asking about this as ithas me worried(for no reason I'm sure)
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I noticed we have a similar shape too. Let me know what your PS says about it! My PS said that depending on how much fat was up on the top area that he pulled down that may be what is needed for a little bit of lipo. I'm willing to do whatever. But either way WE look great :)
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Looking good girl.
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Thank you so much! :)
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Your so well swollen still without a doubt! Easy for me to say now but I was impatient to the hilt not to be. I reckon I was totally back to not being swollen at 4 months PO. Seems like forever but got to say the time has gone fast!
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How are you? Not seen you on here for a while I will be 10 weeks post op this Monday and swelling drives me nuts lol x x
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I'm glad you said that as i feel i'm still swollen at 9 and half weeks, so i guess this is normal?
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I just commented on your page. And yes I'm very impatient! LOL!! But trying not to be....I figure it is what it is and there's nothing I can do about it until my PS says so. LOL By the way, I love your User name!!!
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Just looked at your pictures and you look so much better. Yes you're having swelling (like everyone does) but it's amazing how good you look compared to your square stomach before. Hang in there.....I'm sure you're going to look wonderful when things settle back down.
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Thank you so much! :o) You are right, the before and after is such a big difference, I need to keep that in mind when I start getting impatient!!
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I've enjoyed your journey (so far) to the flatside. It sounds like you've done your homework and are doing what your PS tells you. I may be coming back & rereading your bio after my TT tomorrow. Thanks for keeping us up to date on your progress....I'm only 7 weeks behind you.
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Good luck tomorrow...you will do great. I look forward to seeing pics of you! I like to put everything here...the good and the bad so that people know what to look for. This site was amazing when I was waiting to have mine done!
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