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I am a mother of three grown kids. I put myself...

I am a mother of three grown kids. I put myself aside for a long time, always taking care of them first. I raised them as a single mother put myself through college and I am a Registered Nurse. In march on the 22nd I had a breast Augmentation done. My new breast changed my world. After breast feeding three kids it took a lot away from my natural breast appearance. I am a 32 D and loving it . I was a 32 B prior but looked deflated. I loved my PS during a follow up visit I discussed TT. I had C- sections horizontal ugh.. i work out 5 days a week and that tummy was never gonna be what i wanted. muscle went in and some stretch marks on each side , not bad but made me self conscious. I am 5' 6 and 105 lbs. Well on may 14 ,9 days ago i had my TT . words cant describe how happy I am.. Jubilant is good place to start. I feel great , one drain is out , tomorrow another is coming out and my tummy if flat and all those sit ups i did everyday, well with the swelling and all . My cubes are showing ladies. I have no pain, well sometimes but tylenol does the trick. not a stretch mark in site , ols c-section scar is Gone, as so is that low self esteem..lol im over the top !!! im gonna post some pics so stay tuned. God Bless you all ...

Yesterday had the rest of my little friends...

yesterday had the rest of my little friends removed.. No more drains , no more sutures.. 11 days post op and feeling great... I have to keep my binder on 24/7 but I soak them in the the sink with Downey fabric softener and they are comfy. I am so thrilled with this procedure and really expected it to be a lot worse as far as pain and recovery. I really want to hit the beach its memorial day weekend !!!! Hope everyone eho had TT done is recovering well and those of you who are going to get it done, all I can say is You will NOT regret it!!! its not that bad as far as pain... If you had children , labor or c sections are 100 times worse... lol I am gonna get some picks up now.

Okay i think i figured this out gonna try one...

okay i think i figured this out gonna try one photo for now , today is 14 days post op. areas of the suture line is healing already so my incision looks un even in this pic but dont look like that in person. im laying down in this pic im gonna stand up and take the pc next if im successful getting it uploaded also had breast augmentation done so i will take a full shot... let me know what you guys think.. today was a bad day i am in the middle of moving so this is the first time im off my feet in 9 hours ...ugh... when it rains it pours...

15 days post op.Today was a better day kept myself...

15 days post op.Today was a better day kept myself resting more and cg in place all day. i started using scar Fx silicone strips on incision at night and in the day i use the silicone based scar fx cream several times a day. I see improvement , Day 1.. wow I believe these products are excellent . I will post pics next week so the comparison will be enough to determine if it is worth it to spend the little extra.. i will write soon. also the incision site under breast from Breast Augmentation done march 22 approx 9 weeks ago are barely visible due to the use of these products. . my husband says he cant see them at all ..under breast in crease. wow im satisfied and want to hit the beach ...woooot wooot kids are grown and im hiding my bikinis from them ...lol.. you gotta love it!!!

Okay so as i said Im posting some more pics of how...

okay so as i said Im posting some more pics of how the healing process is going. everyday gets better and better. TT 18 days post op. and Ba 8 weeks post op. I took the photos myself so i dont know if they are angled right but i really am being to see all my muscles that were hidden under my horizontal c -section scar.lol life is good... so so good..

Its been a while , and feeling great 9wks post op....

Its been a while , and feeling great 9wks post op.. enjoying my summer and loving myself so very much.I still encounter pain and numbness in certain areas below my belly button. i really only have increased swelling and numbness during my menstrul cycle.. i m going to post new pics this week. I have to say it was a long road to recovery but worth every minute... i would do it again , if i had to.. To everyone recovering and everyone with a procedure upcoming, may you all Be Blessed with happiness and health..xo

Okay so here i am 10 weeks post op back to working...

Okay so here i am 10 weeks post op back to working out, 4 days per week , life is normal, still numbness a little under the BB.. i love my body and i have never been happier... i am putting up a few pic.. Ba done March 22 and TT May 14th... Life is Good.. Its like I got another chance to do it , kids are grown and tee shirts r too , sext outfits and living la vita loca... xoxoxo

Kay so im just about 7 months post op . Results...

kay so im just about 7 months post op . Results are incredible. I could not be happier. I love my tummy and it was worth all the drains and pain and ups and downs. I still experience numbness which is normal . tummy is flat abs are defined , i do 300 sit ups a day. My daughters love the results and told me i look like i never had babies. im really pleased. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season . for all of you who are going to have TT done in the future, all i can say is it really does change your life for the better....God Bless ..... I will post updated pics this week...

7 months post op and so content and confident. I...

7 months post op and so content and confident. I love my tummy and still working out . The abs look great nice and tone sexy not manly. I stll wear these sexy garment compression panties ,helps feel good and keeps swelling down when im on my feet al day. plus it helps fell good holding everything tight . it takes a while to heal and scar therapy started right after drains were out and no open skin. You can barley see a scar, You really have to look up close .. greatest thing i ever did fo myself... happy healing everyone.... Read 50 shades of grey all three books if you didnt already , keeps you busy while your resting and so Empowering for women... Love it...
New York Plastic Surgeon

Dr is fantastic , treats his patients with such respect , staff is wonderful, also his office is a spa so when your finished with surgery and go for follow up visits he has you go upstairs to the pa where they place you under special heating lamps for healing. you can get facials as well... after care is included so u don't pay extra. only if you want facials , skin peels ect.. but its unbelievable experience. I am an RN and truly never seen this kind of care.. Dr is highly skilled and his work speaks for itself.. i will post pics ...

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looking amazing! so you went to dr cutolo for your BA as well? i have a consult with him this month for the same thing and im already freaking out!! lol
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You look fantastic! Thanks for sharing your journey!
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Thank you for your continued follow up. I often wonder if women continue to be happy with this decision. I'm 6 days away from my TT and excited / nervous!
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Ill be thinking of you marykay, I'm one day behind you:)
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Sounds good - I will try to post the evening I get home if I'm not too sleepy ;)
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Lmao re 50 Shades advice. Is there a woman alive that hasn't read them yet??!
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lol lol i loved it.... i have my christian Grey....
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the best books ever... i really got bored laying around and those books were so fantastic , i love the way the it made me feel so empowered as a woman.. just loved it.. my husband said at work the woman are fighting with their husbands because they want them to be more like christian Grey, all the men are freaking out , my husband is hysterical. Happy healing sweetheart , hope everything is going great for you..
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What type/brand of garment are you using now? At what point did you start? When did you start back to you abdominal work? You look great, great for us newbies to be inspired!
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i strated working out easy by about the 6th week post op. i wear these very sexy u would not believe they are garment compression panties made by vedette 338 post surgery compression garment thong or full recover garment...Just write that on ebay it will come right up... i love the way the thong ones look with leggings and the have eyelet running up the front .so nice under tee shirts anything. I wear them to work and with dress clothes, most of all keeps me from swelling i stated wearing them day 4 post op and never stopped.. good luck with recovery , and keep in touch...
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Thank you for your update! I am only 2.5 weeks out and hating the swollen look..freaking myself out that I wont ever be able to see my abs again. I love to see your progression and how the difference in bloating looks. You look amazing in the bikini! When did you start scar therapy? Also, do you see a difference in your abs after working them out?
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Also, did you have MR>?
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Thank you for your update. I have some really good days followed by some even worst bad days. Your encouragement gives me hope. I will be 6 weeks PO this Tuesday (12/11/12). Tonight I'm laying in bed swollen and in pain wishing I had never done this to myself. Tomorrow will be better:-)
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HI christina, so happy for you . It will be over before you know it .. I used New gel scar gel in the day and the strips also by same company.. Web site is Newgel.com .. Best product ever.. I am a registered Nurse and I have never seen a product work so well.. my Ba scars are barely visable and TT scar was red and now its a fine line and so light .. I had a long scar from c section going vertical from belly button down.? i never knew why the Dr did that but it was so bad .. i should of did this so many years ago.. wow my daughters cant believe it.they are asking me to borrow MY bathing suits lol.... love it!!!! Chris my prayers are with you i will be thinking about you and write me if u have any questions.. please fell free , this site helped me and i love helping others.. God Bless enjoy your weekend and keep me posted xoxoxox ps get everything you need in the house prior to surgery so this way u can just relax when u get home and dont have to worry about anything...
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Hey Louie! You look amazing! So glad it went well and that you look so beautiful and healthy. I'm having my tt/bl/lipo on 7/31. Almost there! Could you please tell me the name of the scar strips and scar products you used and were I can get them? Please and thank you.
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hi christina just wondering how your doing . i use the new gel cream in the day and the silicone strips at night , i purchased online at Contour,com. my scars are gone. hoe r you... i just posted new pics.. Take a look ... hope all is well have a happy holiday season...
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Hi Louie, so good to hear you are doing so well, you also look amazing. Grabbing your life my the horns lets say and enjoying it is exactly why I am doing this as well. I'm tired of making decision about should I go here or should I wear this based on this stupid gut. Only a few days left and it's my turn ! Enjoy,
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Thank you... Im So excited for you , and please keep me posted on your progress. I am always here to talk to ,any questions u may have .. Good Luck Angel , and your doing the right thing... Congrats and a prayer for speedy recovery!!!!!!!
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hey sue , how are you doing?tell me if you decided to do it , i swear it was the best thing i ever did. I just posted some new pics things are great...
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Thank you so much for all the info!! I can't tell you how much I appreciate it...I have been putting it off for so long and every summer I ask myself the "why" ?. I just keep imagining myself getting to the O. R. n running out! LOL I know that it will be soooo worth it in the end though. Can you tell me how your getting around, pain wise, mobility? I have 2 kids, there 6 & 7, not babies and my husband is great, (he really liked Dr. C too) but Im so used to doing everything myself...Thx again :)
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Ohh, and can you tell me how long you had to wait, once you scheduled? Sorry about all the ?'s, my minds all over the place, tummy tuck consumes my thoughts most days, just wish someone would knock me out n drag me into surgery already! lol
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Its good to ask a lot of questions you are trying to make a very big decision. I did exactly the same thing when i decided to have surgery. I didnt have to wit long because I didnt want to wait long. you can decide when you want to have the surgery and Dr C has a wonderful staff and repoire with the hospital he is affiliated with. For example with my BA , i wanted to have the surgery around third week of march B/C i had time off of work . I spent a lot of time searching for the PS i felt most comfortable and sure would be most experienced. i started looking in December. well I didnt really find anyone i was impressed with. from long island to manhattan to brooklyn to NJ.. well here it was march 2 and had a consult with Dr C. I knew that moment I found my Perfect PS... I scheduled that day , expressed to Linda his office manager that I wanted to have the surgery on a thursday so i can take off fri and mon and have the W/E to rest.. well she called me two days later gave me a date to have my pre-op done, and I was in surgery on thursday march 22... love the way they make things go so smoothly with all our anxiety we have enough to worry about.. Also in april during a follow up visit and spa services upstairs under the Led lights (include in the price) i talked to Dr C about a TT . he took a look and re scheduled me for another visit to do a thorough exam and talk about the procedure from bgnning to end. I wanted to do it in may B/C i was going on vacation, I wanted the second week in May. well I was scheduled for May 14.. Eveything went great as Dr. C said , h is honest about everything , upfront stand up..u can call him dozens of times he will answer every question and never make u feel as if ur questions are irrelevant. I just find this to be a great quality in a Doctor.. Being a nurse I really met some of the worst of the worst .... he is a GEM... if you do decide , im sure you will be satisfied..
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HI Ipmaris, I know exactly what you mean when you talk about anxiety. I ws a wreck in march when i was getting thee breast augmentation, Dr C was wonderful . Everyone in the hospital was wonderful. I had it done at Staten Island university. The Anesthesiologist was fantastic. He was kind and sincere soft spoken. Highly recommended by many ppl , nurse i work with ect He knew I was a wreck and told me he would get DR C and give me something to calm me down. Dr C came right over I had first surgery at 730 am and had to be there at 615 am. Dr C came in the room where the nurses were doing my vitals before you go in the OR.. he smiled at me with two thumbs up and said "ITs a piece of cake" They game mre "Happy Juice in my IV " thats what i call it.. I felt great. I went in the OR Dr C never left my side talking to me while i was getting ready by the Rn's . I am also an RN . next thing i was talking to Dr C about puerto Rico cause i was going on vacation in may 4 . the next thing i knew He was waking me uo with his big smile.. it was over . that was breast augmentation. ! and a half hours i was done . went to recovery my husband came in i ws al ittle groggy and the nurses were great . I was home by 1130 am. in my bed Breasts came out so beautiful.. I will post pics of that too. During my follow up and under the led lights to promote healing , I scheduled a TT cause i had c sections and my tummy just never was the same even though Im thin athletic frame .. I loved him and his work so much I was not scared any longer. I had the TT done on may 14 i feel great . it took 2 and 1 half hours i was home by 1200 noon in my bed . Dr C called me that night to see how I was doing and He was kidding around and such a joy. I seen many PS 's before i decided to do this and just knew he was the one. I adore him , his staff. even my husband loves them... I can tell you the way Dr C does things , you really forget all about your fears and you are in great hnds. you will not regret it and i really can say enough good things. I put this off for 20 years and should of done this a long time ago, but my fears and anxiety prevented me from my dream.. so happy i did it now its never to late. please dont ever let fears , anxiety ect prevent you from doing things in your life that you really want. you will always wonder the "why" didnt i just do it... I can tell you this sweetheart Dr C is a great man with lots of experience and knows what he is doing.. also the happy juice is the best part...lol ...really as a nurse myself, all I can say is it is worth it and recovery is not at all what i expected . real nice and easy.. write me for anything... every question is important...ps since my surgery several nurses i work with are preparing to get procedures done by Dr C.. many have fears but realize it is all worth it..talk soon...
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Hi Louiebabezz,

You really do look awesome! Congratulations! Your story is SO inspiring as I've been on 2 consults with Dr. Cutolo in 2 years and just when I think I'm ready my nerves get the best of me! He is such a nice Dr. and from your results he def knows what he's doing, I think it's just the unexpected that I'm afraid of. Could you give me some info on what to expect, day of, like surgery time, how long it took to get things going (don't wanna wait to long, cause of my damn anxiety..LOL), I know he said the anesthesiologist will give me something to help me relax, but did it take long to get it! Any info would be greatly appreciated!! I have read countless stories on Realself and everyone story is a little different, hearing from a person who went to the same doctor I'd be going to would be awesome, ... I have been wanting this for almost 7 yrs, since my last child, and I really can't wait to share that same smile...Congratulations again and Happy Healing!!
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