Tummy tuck with rectus diastasis repair no lipo-Manhattan, NY

I'm 35 with 3 kids just had my TT and I'm 15 days...

I'm 35 with 3 kids just had my TT and I'm 15 days PO. My first 10 days PO i was pretty flat then my swelling/ bulges started to become a lot more noticeable... I’m starting to have some doubting/regretting feelings. When I sit down my stomach is bulging and have folds.

I can’t stop thinking that maybe my surgeon should’ve take off at least another ¾ to 1 inch. I really hope the final results won’t have any rolls or excess skin when I sit down because I have it now! I still have good an amount of stretch marks, really not happy about that! I am kind of concern with the inside of the belly button. I see 3 balls of lump that looks pretty nasty… hope it will subside. The old belly button looks wrinkly...hope that will stretch out. The only thing I am very happy about is the scar. Its ever so thin and fine … looks really good. I really hope I will heal well and no keloids.

Damn there's so much to worry about! I am paranoid that the swelling will stretch my skin right back out. I am 2 weeks post op and am in a depressed state, not fully convinced it was worth it yet. I understand it will be a long healing process i guess i really need to be more patience. I need some instant gratification dammit!!!

Surgery Expenses for Full Abdominoplasty with...

Surgery Expenses for Full Abdominoplasty with muscle repair no Liposuction
Operating room: 4hours $3,553.29
Anesthesia 4hours $2,450.00
PS surgical fee $7,500.00 from 2 ½ hours surgery end up to be 4hours surgery
Private duty nurse $1,560
Over night stay on hospital $1,200

7/20/12 Day of Surgery: woke up 6 am got to the hospital at 6:34 filled out paperwork, met with plastic surgeon for mark up, met anesthesiologist.
went into operating room 7:50 am anesthesiologist injected IV and did not see the clock after 7:50 am. Woke up at approx 12:30 and saw hubby at recovery room. Came out of surgery with no nauseated, had urinary catheter, only have drain, had leg compressor on, IV fluids through out the whole night till the next morning, antibiotics IV.
Staying overnight at hospital was definitely a luxury. I can’t imagine if I was home and had to get up every hour to pee. Pain level is about 2-3 when lying down not moving, coughing pain level 7-8, walking pain level 6. The pain during walking is more feeling the stitches pull than the muscle ache. Drank water, cranberry juice, ¼ cup of tomatoes soup with sodium, 2 ½ Jell-O, 1 applesauce.
During the night with the nurse assisting I got out of bed 2 times to walk.
7/21/12 DAY1 PO- discharged from hospital around 11am. Removed drain and urinary catheter.
7/22/12 2DAYS PO-Had my first BM which wasn’t bad at all.
7/23/12 3DAYS PO- 10:30AM Nurse came to my house remove staples and nylon stitches on old belly button then applied steri strips.
7/24/12 4DAYS PO- first day I showered since surgery but only took half shower. I washed my hair, shower my lower body and sponge bath upper body, and washed face. I’m afraid to get my incision wet. Pain level gets better each day but still back pain and stitches pull. belly button a little less swollen.
7/25/12 5DAYS PO-
My back gets pretty sore when hunched over for long period so I tried to not walk around too much beside bathroom trips. The soreness from the muscle repair isn’t bad at all because by day 3 I can use my abs to pull myself up already. The tightness from the pulling of the skin down is more bothersome. It is just an extremely tight feeling and it hurts to laugh, cough, sneeze etc. Still worth all the pains.
7/27/12 7DAYS PO- Finally 1 week PO.
waist 27.25
belly button 29.25
incision 32
7/29/12 9DAYS PO Started taking Probiotic Capsules to help regulate my system.
7/30/12 10DAYS PO- first day out of the house. My first PO appointment at PS office. I can’t believe I am 93lb!!! Before surgery I was around +/- 98lbs and 10 days later I lost 5 lbs. The past 8days I thought I gained weight because I’ve been eating more than my normal. Everything looks really good especially the scar I just hope it will heel nicely. Nurse took off old steri strips and applied new ones on. I will probably leave it on till 14days PO. She said I don’t need it but feel more comfortable to cover it for another couple of days.
After the appointment, me and hubby went to brunch and it feels great to finally go out and enjoy some sun after being house bound for 10days!! But have to walk around hunching was definitely no fun and very embarrassing so not going out until I can stand up straight ?
I noticed I’m more swollen after the first week. Stomach doesn’t look flat ? and have some bulging especially after eating. When I move around more I tend to swell up more too. Most flat when I wake up in the morning but still not flat enough.I really hope this will go away. Still hunching (80%)and can not walk straight but no pain beside numbness and very tight. Inside the belly button is not that swollen but around the belly button is swell hell!
Its about 1 am, I am very disgustingly swollen and I have a belly!! I can’t fit into my size 00 dress which I fit before surgery.
waist 28.25
belly button 30
incision 32.25
7/31/12 11DAYS PO- when I woke up it wasn’t as swollen but by the time I ate and walked around it swell up again. I am able to stand up a little more upright but still hunching. After I’ve been standing or walking around too much I tend to hunch even more. 4:30 pm now and I am very swollen!
7:30pm, Today is the first day I’m starting to have some doubting/regretting feelings because of abdominal bulge!!
My stomach is seriously very swollen and not flat at all!! When I sit down my stomach is bulging a lot and have folds (will take a picture tonight). The first week I experienced pain and a lot of discomfort but didn’t doubt the results as much as this week. This week I’m starting to be very worry about the results! What happens if my abdomen area is not flat after the tummy tuck?? I really hope this is just the swell hell everyone is going through and it will subside.
Everytime after I eat even water makes stomach bulges more and feels like its going to burst. I need to eat because I can not afford to lose anymore weight!!!
After I finished eating I feel like my muscles are going to rip apart!
Isn’t the swelling suppose to be more serious the first week but not the following weeks?? I am very worry ?. All this money spent, pain endured and bed/house bounded.
9:25 pm, today is the worst day since surgery. Swelling has hit its peak. I can not take it if it will get worst than today.
8/1/12 12 DAYS PO- 8am, early in the morning I am still very swollen and a lot of bulging…..I hope its not Seroma! The swelling/bulging is on upper and lower abdomen. How can you tell if it is swelling or the final result of the tummy tuck???
6pm, The swelling today is either the same or worst. Not an active day at all; I pretty much sat on the sofa all day with my macbook. I didn’t eat much either. I had oatmeal for breakfast then some white chicken meat and cherries for lunch-no salt intake. So freaking frustrated!
I took off all the steri strips and applied some bacitracin around the incisions
8/2/12 13DAYS PO- 9:30am, Finally took my first full shower today. I feel so clean now ?.
The swelling today is slighty better but still very swollen and a bit less bulging. I can’t believe my jcrew khaki (size 0) won’t hook on. These pants are normally very loose on me enough for me to fit two hands inside after I hook them on.
I’m starting to worry about the final results because I really don’t think my PS pulled me tight enough. When I sit I still have a slight roll and a still have a pooch on the lower abdominal area. I hope its just the swelling and will go away afterward….wishful thinking.
12am, Today drank about 60oz of water: multiple sites indicated that drinking alots of fluid helps with the swelling. I’m not sure if it’s the water or massaging but the swelling has gone down. So far11&12days PO had the worst swelling and I hope it will be the end swell hell
waist 28.50
belly button 30
incision 32.50
8/3/12 14DAYS PO-
12pm, The swelling has went down so much today and measurement also came down. I can hook on the jcrew khaki but still tight so there is still more swelling.
waist 27
belly button 29
incision 32
numbing sensation is only in the center of the abdominal. Concentrated mainly below new belly button/ where old belly was. I’ve been noticing daily improvement on sensation.
Yes its definitely true that the more active I am the more swollen I get. I’ve not sure about the theory on sodium in take.
waist 28
belly button 30.25
incision 32
2:15am, Its amazing how not moving can really reduce the swellings ?
8/4/12 15DAYS PO- Swelling went down lot this morning but Jcrew khaki is still tight.
waist 27
belly button 29
incision 31.75
Still not straight....a little bent. In the morning I stand up very close to straight but as I get more swollen I have to hunch over.
This morning I put micropore tape on my incision and just took it off to shower and I do notice a slight difference on the incision. The incision looks slightly more mature. I’m going to give it a try before the silicone strips get here from amazon. I really tried not to obsess over the swelling but I can’t help it every time I look down and still see all this fat and roll when I’m sitting down.
8/5/12 16DAYS PO
waist 26.75
belly button 28.75
incision 31.55
8/6/12 17DAYS PO
waist 27.5
belly button 29.5
incision 31.5
wore spanx to sleep last night don’t seem to help much with the swelling. Almost 3weeks Po and the swelling isn’t getting much better!!!

2months PO-my results are not getting better but...

2months PO-my results are not getting better but instead its getting worst. I've been so frustrated and disappointed with my results I stopped using the silicone strips bc i know i will need a revision. When i saw my PS at 7weeks PO he said i will have very good results. Sighs...we'll see about that. He kept saying I look much better than before..well I hope so because i did had a TT but its just not the results i expected! What upsets me is that he kept saying when we all sit we need to have extra skins so we can stand up but i think what i have is too much. If i can pinch the excess i'm ok but what i have is enough to grab!!
The only thing i can say i'm happy about is my incision and belly button. I just can't wait until I'm 6months PO to finally see how everything is after the swellings then i can know how much of a revision i will need.
Does anybody have the same problem?

2months 3days: just added some new pictures....

2months 3days: just added some new pictures. Everything is still looks the same as 4-5weeks PO and the swellings is still pretty bad once i hit noon.
I started running last week and did a few crunches here and there. I don't seem to swell up much after i run.
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Hi, I just had my TT w/muscle repair & have the same issue as you with having a 2nd belly button since my PS had to make T incision...I told him I don't like that I look like I have a 2nd BB & he told me when I get to 6 months he'll do an in-office revision (under local)...did u ever get your revised? Was the outcome good? Would u be able to post a pic of it?
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I am really curious how things worked out for you..
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;) howdy!!! I can understand your frustration...trust me I'm known to pick myself apart. It's hard not to do actually. Honestly I just saw ur review & checked out ur pics and i can see where you're coming from. It's almost like from one photo to another, it's a different body. Did u show these pics to ur PS? If so, what was the explanation given? Either way, you have a very nice shape and your before -vs- after are amazing! You truly look wonderful but if you aren't 100% happy you deserve to be & your PS should make the proper adjustments. I am very curious about your BB. Sorry if you explained this already, but what was done? The excess skin was removed and pulled up/down, your org BB sewn shut and you were made a whole new one from scratch?!?! I HATE the placement and shape of mine so this is very interesting to me. Mine was only disconnected from the muscle, skin cut & pulled down and resewn. So it's about 1 1/2 inches lower...I'm very short torsoed and my PS decided that this look would be more aesthetic rather then me having a long vertical incision that ran down to the main incision. At this point I'm used to it, but honestly I think I would have preferred the other technique. ;) hope ur feeling well other wise!
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Hey there! It's awesome that you are managing the running and working out without swelling. Good for you!
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hi!  i looked at all your photos and i think you just have to wait it out another couple months to see your final results.  if 2-3 months from now you're still unhappy with the vertical scar under your BB i would talk to him about doing a scar revision on that...i'm sure that could be done in the office with local anesthetic. still having loose skin is a much bigger issue though...i have days too where i feel flabby and i swear my tummy is hanging over my jeans when sitting down...other days i'm swollen and round.  i'm about 4 months post op now and i have days where i'm really happy with it and other days when i'm frustrated and swear i'm going to look exactly like i did before!  i'm not going to the PS until nov. so i'm just waiting until then to make any decisions about needing anything "fixed."  i'm going to the gym every other day and eating healthy...that's all i can do, right?  i wish i had some better advice for you.(besides wait and see)  you do look good though! that side photo on day 26 looks great!
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u look good
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Hey friend just wanted to check on u. Hope ur doing good & everything is coming along well
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Thanks for all your support :-))!
I started running last week and a few crunches here and there. I wanted to do more crunches but afraid it might be too soon but my PS did say 6weeks PO was ok. To be safe i will wait till 3months PO. Beside running have you started an ab works yet?
Still not looking good yet :-(. Nothing i can do beside wait till 6months PO.
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Welcome I'm here for u. We're both going through the same stuff & it's nice to have someone who understands. My workouts are similar to yours mostly cardio. Lately I've been doing the arc trainer which has been a great cardio & lower body workout. I haven't done ANY abs yet at all cuz I'm to scared! Lol I'm sure it's fine but I think I'll wait till 3 months or so to be safe too. I'm worried about jacking up the muscle repair. How's your bb doing?
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I'm so jealous and yet so happy for your results ;-)).
The only thing I can say is doing well is my BB and scar even though i haven't been using the silicone strips. My BB has a red ring around it and slightly swollen.
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Don't worry in the end you're going to get the results you want & that's all that matters. And I think u look great right now anyway. You're tiny:) glad your bb & scar are healing nice. Sounds like you're getting it at the gym too!
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did or are u wereing a binder
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no never did but i don't think that's the reason. I think my ps just didnt remove enough skins!!
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Hi ASKA! I think you look really good. From the front standing and side standing pics, I think the tummy job matches the rest of you.

I know what you mean about the skin starting to relax and stretch -- I also think when the feeling started coming back in the skin I started also looking down at my stretch marks which were also starting to get a little flabby again. I haven't started to pinch my sides or anything and I didn't have lipo either, though I have some "extra" padding on my upper hips that I sometimes wonder if I should make that disappear. However, I remembered what my PS surgeon said about how she has to also match the contouring to the rest of the body -- the thighs, hips, etc. and when I think that I could have had more removed, it probably would have looked like it was too taut and not matching the rest of me.

Of course you have to be happy with the results and with your PS, but I think you should still have a lot to be pleased about in the interim! Best wishes.
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Thanks! I did look pretty ok at 26PO but i think my results are regressing. I seriously feel that i look worst each day but ppl think i'm being overly obsess. I will try to post new pictures next week and you guys will see what i'm talking about.
For a fact i'm sure my PS didn't removed enough skins.
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Hey girlie I didn't forget about u I posted those pics we talked about. I had to delete a bunch of other because they were all outta order but I should be able to add em back:/
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Thanks Beauty! I've been frustrated and disappointed I stopped using the silicone strips bc i know i will need a revision. The only thing i can say i'm happy about is my incision and belly button. I just can't wait until I'm 6months PO to finally see how everything is after the swellings then i can know how much of a revision i will need.
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From here your progress and results look amazing!
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You're looking fantastic & so tiny! I don't see a roll in sight! Your results look great!
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did u see the sitting pictures? standing up i look very tight and pretty flat with swellings
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see these sitting pictures
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I think you look amazing but I see the pics you're talking about & you may be right. It does seem like he could have removed more skin & your old bb hole. Don't worry though you may just want to do a scar revision so they can remove a bit more skin. You should really be able to tell by 6mths or so. Dont get discouraged because you still look great! You paid a lot of money & deserve to be totally happy with your results so your PS needs to do whatever he has to do to give u the results u expect & deserve!
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Thanks for your support Beautychick! There's nothing I can do now beside waiting. I'm just really disappointed that my PS didn't do such a fab job because from my reserachs he's supposely one of the best in body contouring. What upsets me is that he kept saying when we all sit we need to have extra skin so we can stand up but i think what i have is too much. During your worst swellings when u sit down do u have the same problem ?Can't wait to see your sitting/bending pictures so i know for sure that my results could've been better.
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See that's what I was wondering about. I bought 3 different things but I want sure if I could use any in combo. I just started the biooil because it was the quickest to use!lol i used it this morning & theis evening. I keep thinking I should have gotten the mederma instead though. I think I'll end up just using the scar guard for the most part & the sheeting if I can use both together.
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Thanks for the encouragements Betty! I saw my PS this morning at 24days PO and he said everything looks really good. He didn't mention anything about scar treatment or if I have to wear the spanx. He said the spanx helps with supports for active days and it doesn't really matter if I wear it or not. I hope he's right bc I still haven't been wearing it.
At 6months po if the vertical scar doesn't improve he will do a revision in his office. I hope its minor revision that local lidocaine will do.
I just started using silicone strips on my incisions.
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