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Tummy Tuck and Lipo: A Gift to Myself-New York 6/29 6 weeks post op- new pics

I am 33 years old with 3 children ages 17, 14, and...

I am 33 years old with 3 children ages 17, 14, and 9. I had my first child at 16 and bounced back into shape in no time which for me was 125 lb. My second pregnancy was not as friendly to my body, I blew up to 168 pounds. I am only 5 feet so imagined I looked like a ball.

Ever since then I have struggle with my weight it has fluctuated from 135 to 165. I have thought about getting a tt for a year now. I finally went for a consultation in September and that is all I have thought about since.

After losing 14 pounds, my current weight is 152.....

After losing 14 pounds, my current weight is 152... I would like to be as close to 140 as possible for my surgery... As I mention before I had my consult in September, I felt very comfortable with my PS. He answered all of my questions. We decided that I would get a TT with full back Lipo. I went in last week to schedule my surgery and paid my deposit. I was a little upset when I found out that for safety reasons my PS no longer performs these two procedures together.... Instead I would have to schedule my surgeries a week apart....lipo of back first followed by TT a week later.....I felt un easy about this.... I went home and try to find as much information about liposuction recovery because my only other option was to schedule my lipo during April break and hope to be well enough to return to work 6 days post op...... So that is what I did my lipo is schedule for 4/6..... I felt this will give my body more time to recover and have less swelling before my tummy tuck in late June.

Ok so today I am exactly a month away from my...

Ok so today I am exactly a month away from my first procedure full back lipo on 4/10. My TT is on 6/29.....Last night I had major guilt about spending so much money on myself and wondering is this the right thing I'm doing...... My Pre op appt is on 3/30 I hope everything goes well I'm getting blood work done within the next 2 weeks I'm currently taking iron supplements and my daily vitamins .

So I went in today for lipo on my back. They took...

So I went in today for lipo on my back. They took me into the pre surgery room for my markings... It was my FULL back.... Cannot wait to see my results. I was surprisingly very calm. In the surgery room it was a cheery atmosphere which I was glad for. When I went into my pre-op my PS seemed a little stress... But today he seemed relax... This made me feel at ease :) next thing I know I got my IV and I was out like a light... I woke up in the recovery room feeling out of it.( I asked the nurse like 3 times how long I was in surgery for, the last time I asked she chuckle and informed me I asked that already) I think it will be a funny reality show... Cameras in the recovery room recording all the crazy things that happen when people are coming out of anesthesia, lol.
Well I'm trying to walk around and I'm taking my meds on time... I noticed that I am getting some bruises under my armpits and urinating like mad besides that I'm feeling ok... Hopefully this continues but I know tomorrow could be a different story....
One last thing, the staff at my P.S office rock they were wonderful and really made me feel at ease....

So I had my first follow up yesterday. I had 4...

So I had my first follow up yesterday. I had 4 stitches that were removed. I have alot of swelling and some bruising but overall I feel good. I also went to my regular MD, during my bloodwork for surgery I found out I was anemic. My MD ran more test and my results stated that I am not iron deficient but I have a B-12 deficiency. Now I have to go for b-12 shots daily for a full week to get my B-12 levels up. Hopefully my energy levels will improve and the B-12 will have a positive impact on my healing.

I had my Pre-op consultation yesterday, everything...

I had my Pre-op consultation yesterday, everything went great. I am happy to say that I am no longer anemic and all my blood work came back fine. Can't believe I only have to wait 13 more days. I have been in nesting mode since last weekend cleaning all around the house. I know everything will be great especially since my PS did a good job on my back already. The only thing that I'm a little nervous about is that my PS works fast he told me the TT should take about an hour....

Ok ladies just got a called from my PS office my...

Ok ladies just got a called from my PS office my time is 9 am... I am too excited... Ive been cleaning and running around like crazy...I had a crazy nightmare last night ( it must be nerves trying to get the best of me) I just uploaded the dreaded belly pictures... Cannot wait to be on the flat side... TTYS

Ok ladies made it to the flat side :) My appt was...

Ok ladies made it to the flat side :) My appt was at 9 am but I was taken in at 9:30 and was on the operating table at 10. I was discharged at 1pm. Overall I'm feeling fine been on top of my meds and drain. So I only have 1 drain below my incision on my vagina mass, lol... Well everytime I stand it burns like a motha...has anyone else experience this???? The worst part is trying to get up to go to the bathroom....

Hey ladies, my recovery has been fine... No major...

Hey ladies, my recovery has been fine... No major pain. The only discomfort is when I have to stand... I didn't sleep too much last night. I guess I have to get used to sleeping on my sectional but at least I had company. The hubs slept in the living room as well. I went to my first post op today. My PS changed my dressing, he also removed the tape from my drain which was causing me pain. Everything looked good, my incision is low. So far everything is going great and I'm feeling strong... Happy healing and speedy recovery to all :)

Ok so today is post-op day 2, I slept better last...

Ok so today is post-op day 2, I slept better last night. I woke up at 3 am with foot pain which scared the heck out of me because of DVT... I got up ever so slowly and walked around a bit... Then I took my antibiotics and pain pills... I'm scared of the possibility of getting a blood clot I have on compression socks and was given 2 heparin shots the day of my TT... Today my stomach feels tight, I have more pain today and have been falling asleep every hour or so... I just feel tired....one more thing I have alot of gas which is making me even more uncomfortable :( Speedy recovery to all... TTyl

Hey ladies hilight of the day I got a sponge bath...

Hey ladies hilight of the day I got a sponge bath and my hair braided by my sister ( love her) I feel so refreshed. Besides that the day has been uneventful.... My back hurts due to the hunchback walking.... I am still taking my pain meds every 6 hours. I have my second post op visit mañana, I cannot wait to see my flat tummy again.....wishing my fellow 29rs a speedy recover and happy healing.....

Just came from my second post op appt. everything...

Just came from my second post op appt. everything is looking good. I am not walking as hunched over but I am afraid to straighten up more. At my appt they told me that I am recovering very well there is no bleeding from my incision stitches or my belly button. If everything goes as plan I should get my drain removed on Saturday. I will also be able to take off these darn compression socks. I haven't taken any pain meds since last night... I am so glad all the 29rs are recovering well..... Happy Healing to all...

Happy 4th everyone..... I am not having a good day...

Happy 4th everyone..... I am not having a good day today... I am not in pain but just down in the dumps... I think is cabin fever :(... Today I am all alone with the kids.. I feel useless that I can't really do anything... I am feeling hot, I can't take a bath... Everytime I move a certain way I think I'm going to pop a stitch... I don't want to be a Debby downer, I don't regret my decision I guess it's just a low day.... All you girls are looking great.... Maybe I just need a nap and a Vicodin.... :) ttyl

Hey ladies I'm feeling much better today :)... I...

Hey ladies I'm feeling much better today :)... I guess it was a case of the it's a National Holiday n everyone is having a good time except me... Blues... BUT I'm over it Thank God.... As many of you have said before this is a long recovery and sometimes we have our high moments and our low moments... My high today was that I cooked a meal for my kids ( with many breaks in between)....tomorrow will be a week since my surgery I am grateful that I am recovering so well... I have no pain.. I haven't taken a Vicodin since my nap yesterday and sometimes I can stand almost straight... My next appt is on Saturday I cannot wait to get this drain out and remove these hideous stockings... I'll take new pictures on that day... I was informed that once my drain is removed, my binder comes off and I put on my compression garment.. I am not sure if the dressings on my incision is removed also since it is still covered...

Weirdest thing.. I woke up today and noticed that...

Weirdest thing.. I woke up today and noticed that my body doesn't feel weird or pulling in fact it feels normal and I'm standing straight ..... I guess it's going to be a good day... I'm only draining 30 in a 24 hour period... Cannot wait for this drain to come out mañana...Happy Healing to all !!!

So I actually went in for the third post op appt....

So I actually went in for the third post op appt. yesterday at 1 week post surgery... I was happy because I thought I was going to get rid of Mr. Drain, unfortunately it didn't happen so I'm hoping it's comes out on Tuesday... They didn't want to risk it and I agree I prefer to have the drain longer than developing a Seroma. The only down side no shower till Tuesday :.(. My belly button sutures were removed then the nurse stuffed my belly button with a gauzed ball it was so weird it felt that she just kept rolling this gauze in my BB for ever ( strangest feeling ever) then she informed me that I would have to do this myself after each shower once my drain comes out.....I also ask her to change my dressings on my incision. When she was pulling around my drain site which is placed on my pubic mound it felt a little painful ( that is a sensitive area) so I started thinking about how much is going to hurt to actually get that drain and dressing removed from my cuca....oh lord...She explained something to me but I was in a little bit of a fog since I had taken 2 vicodins ( 1st time taking 2 at the same time) expecting drain removal so I didn't understand I think it was about the the cuca and the drain, lol. By the way I took off those darn compression stockings before going to the appt. by the time I got home my thighs started to swell, holly cow I was not expecting that... So I put the stockings back on... Today I am still feeling ok my thighs are still a little swollen but I am looking forward to taking the kids out ..... Happy healing to all

So I had my first major outing yesterday took the...

So I had my first major outing yesterday took the kids to a park near the beach with my sister..... They had a good time everyone went into the ocean while I sat and enjoyed the shade.... I was glad to be out... I tried not to over excert myself but by the time I got home I was DEAD tired..... I also got a little freaked out because I noticed a little dry blood on my binder I thought I hurt my incision... I have had no bleeding from my incision on the gauze so when I saw this bit of blood I panicked...what happen was that my gauze had rolled down and my binder I guessed rub over my incision but I haven't seen anymore blood so everything should be ok..... If you haven't noticed I worry alot... Bad news I think the antibiotics gave me a yeast infection ( sorry TMI but this is a ladies forum) so I'm on my way to get some cream I think it's ok to use I finished all my antibiotics this morning... I'm not walking straight today I'll say I'm about 90-95% just a little hunch but feeling good. I hope everyone else is enjoying this lovely day. Happy Healing!

Had a good day yesterday. Went out again so that...

Had a good day yesterday. Went out again so that helped. Really nothing new to report. I put up a new pic... I am super swollen and my hips look huge compare to my waist.... I hope everything goes down because I feel deformed... no I'm serious.....So what do you guys think?????

Hey ladies.... I am feeling so good today... I got...

Hey ladies.... I am feeling so good today... I got my drain out.... Yeah!!!! Was not as bad as I thought.... Got to see my scar in the flesh today it doesn't look as bad as I had imagine... The ends of the scar are closed.. The middle is still healing one little suture had dry blood the same spot as Saturday, the nurse used these little sticks on it to help cauterized it ( I think that is the term). She told me I'm recovering well... So I am finally rid of the binder and the drain.... I am currently wearing my compression garment ... I think I'm going to try to sleep in my bed tonight.....I hope everyone else is having a wonderful recovery as well :)

Happy 2 weeks to all the 29rs :) Well my body is...

Happy 2 weeks to all the 29rs :) Well my body is feeling much better... I'm feeling strong most of the time I'm standing straight but by the end of the day or after running around ( not literally) I becomed hunched over.... Well the last 3 days I have worries about my incision.... Most of my incision is closed but I have this one spot on my right side that is not healing it is not deep but it looks pink.... That made me upset and it didn't help that I'm also on my period so I'm moody :..( I went to my PS office today, the nurse used those sticks again on the incision. She said it didn't look infected and that the sticks should help it close... I showed her the Medihoney that I purchased and asked if I can use this on my incision.... I'm waiting for my PS to call me and let me know if it's ok... I heard wonders about this medical honey so I think it will help.... 29rs are your incisions closed already ???? I don't know what I did wrong that this spot is not closed....also are u guys still putting gauze in your belly buttons???? I forgot to mention that I had to be prick in 3 diff spots on my belly for the nurse to check for a Seroma....I felt the prick on the left side I guess my belly is not numb there.... I didn't feel the prick in the center or right side.... I only had a little bit of liquid she was surprised by that... I guess I have bad swelling I'm blaming this on my period..My next appt is on Wednesday.... I hope she doesn't think she is going to poke me with a needle everytime she sees me....if ur belly is not numb it hurts like a mother...So ladies send some healing vibes my way so my incision can close.... Happy healing to all...TTYL

Im adding new pics..... the part of the incision...

Im adding new pics..... the part of the incision that looks black is the chemical reaction from the healing sticks....

3 Weeks Post Op Wao ladies I can't believe it...

3 Weeks Post Op
Wao ladies I can't believe it that tomorrow will be 3 weeks.... time flies.. I am feeling better everyday.. I am walking straight and faster now.. On Monday I went for a long walk, I noticed that the longer I walked the more hunched I became and the tighter my stomach felt... But yesterday and today I feel great almost back to normal :) I had a post op appt. yesterday thank God I didn't have to get poked with that long syringe again but my incision is still not closed. The PS inspected it he said no infection that is just the fatty tissue which maybe opened up because of a minor strain... He said not to worry about it and not to put anything on it... Just to put a gauze over it...He said it should close in a week or so...I still have a lot of swelling mainly on my left side...Besides that everything is great.... Sometimes when I think about that little part of my incision I get so upset... everything else is healing so well even the rest of the incision has closed nicely I even have itchiness already on my scar but this darn section..... I blame myself I remember that first week post up I was feeling ok but I took it easy then I got the indoor blues and decided a week post up to go with the kids to the park ( not a good idea) that was the evening that I noticed the opening on my incision.... So you ladies that are beginning your recovery please stay put even if you feel you are ok.... Stay sitting in your sofa, recliner, or bed... DONT RISK IT.... I would have had an excellent recovery and most likely my incision would have been a scar by now if I would have kept my behind on my sofa but hindsight is 20/20, right....
I am posting a new pic of my midsection in my Vedette Faja ( CG )... It is nice and tight hopefully it will help with the swelling...
I hope all my 29rs are doing well.....Wishing everyone a speedy recovery :)

Hey everyone... I can't believe it 4 weeks.... I...

Hey everyone... I can't believe it 4 weeks.... I had my first massage yesterday, it felt good, no pain... For some reason I can't relax when I'm getting a massage.. the masseuse told me I have to take it easy and be more gentle with my body, lol.. Maybe if the table/bed was not so high i wouldn't have to stretch to get on it (my short self).. Today I had my month post op appt.. The nurse is still amazed at my recovery.. I saw another TT patient that had her drains taken out today... I told her that she will feel better soon that those first 2 weeks are the hardest....The nurse showed me all my before pics...there are pics from the beginning of my journey in Sept. 2011, my Lipo pre-op, the day of lipo pics and finally my day of TT pics....incredible the change I have gone through in less than a year... It was not all surgery, up to date I lost 25+ pounds on my own...I cannot wait to get the all clear to work out which should be in two weeks...The hubs took me shopping on Monday I bought a couple of things (size 8) :) and I'm still getting smaller.... It was exciting because I haven't shopped in a while and I'm a total shopaholic...The main reason i wanted a TT was to look better in my clothes...and it feels great to look down and not see those rolls anymore.....Happy Healing to all.....Happy 4 Weeks to all the 29rs....

6 almost 7 weeks post op Hey ladies, I hope...

6 almost 7 weeks post op

Hey ladies, I hope everyone is doing great :) Well I cant believe how fast time flies.. Not much to report. I went for my 6 week check up on Friday. I am now cleared to resume normal activities.. I can also begin to start scar therapy. The brand recommended by my PS is Rejuveness silicone sheet, it is a bit expensive. I also bought cocoa butter skin therapy oil which I use to massage my scar twice a day. I am getting weekly massages as well. I went to the beach on Monday and noticed that the part of my scar that is on my hips is a bit low which means it is not covered by all bathing suits or even certain underwear.... My scar is not a happy face it is a frown... I have to speak to my doctor about this issue....Besides this I am very happy with my results.....Happy healing to all
New York Plastic Surgeon

Dr Yager and his staff rocks... He might be a little quick at appointments but when is surgery time he is courteous and attentive... Best of all he is a perfectionist who takes patient's safety very seriously.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait tmes
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hey its just about been a year!!! how are things going?
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Its been a while... sounds like you're doing pretty darn good:)
I took a fam vacation and came back to follow up w/everyone and noticed all the pics are gone! Whaaat?? It looks like the site went thru some changes huh?
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Hi Sunny, Just read your post and I'm so happy for you. I'm sure seeing the progression of your transformation in pictures was empowering. Happy 4 weeks!!!!
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Happy 1 Month!!
How are you doing?
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Hi sunny you are looking great. Are you still swollen? I'm 11 PO and super swollen sometimes I think I look deformed lol. My hips look so odd!!! Happy healing!
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Thank you Nena, dont worry about your hips they will go down... My hips are not as swollen anymore...
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Hey Sunny, sorry to hear about your incision but extremely happy you're doing well. No infection is a definite plus! Your last pic looks awesome! You look tiny! Wishing you all the best!
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Hey Jusi, thank you.....im at my 1 month post op now.... My incision is closing up... I had my first massage yesterday....I'm still swollen but feeling great...
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I love that you told all the newbies to not push it! I am sure your belly will be closed soon. OMG you are so small, you can really tell from your jeans, I dont think I would be able to get your pants over my hips. how much smaller are you then when you began - even before the lipo.
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Hey B, I am not worry about the incision anymore because it is not deep n the PS said its just the fatty tissue....From the beginning I have lost like 25 pounds... That is like in a years time.. With the lipo I didn't really loOse any weight it was contouring...I think I was 150 before the TT now I'm 143....I'm between sizes 8-10. ... But I was a size 12 always after I had my kids....but I do noticed that my waist small.... My hips are still swollen as well and I have to work my upper arms....
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Happy 3 weeks!!
You look so small and tiny in the last pic:-) Where did you get the Vedette Faja?
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Hey Ready, thank you... I feel smaller :).... I bought this faja on Amazon for $84, they also have it on EBay... I bought a size small it was a little bit of a struggle to get it on but once it on it's fine... I feel compress but not choked to death.... It was much easier to put it on the second time... It goes down to my thighs and is braless... I'm trying to keep it on as long as possible... Happy 3 weeks :)
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Hi there!
Just read your post I hope you are feeling better, sending you lots of hugs and healing energies:-) On my left side where the drain was removed a wk ago; I noticed that it wasn't closed shut last Friday. I'll check on it again tonight when I take my shower. I read in some parts of our bodies it could heal more slowly than the other parts. That was in my manual that the PS gave me.
I"m trying not to freak out about it, if it doesn't close up in 2 wks I'll have a conversation w/my PS.
As for the BB my PS doesn't use anything they told me not to do anything to it either.
Also, last wk I swelled really really bad & I was eating like crazy? That was all due to Aunt Flo! Hope I got your mind at rest:-) ttyl
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Sunny212 I am not a 29er but a 28er so pretty close. My incision is closed. I never cover my BB with guaze or got any stitches removed. I believe he did use stitches in my BB because I think I see one sticking out :( For my incision though he used some type of glue. Hope all goes well with the incision!
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Thank You for responding.. I have the medihoney strip on the incision now.. I hope I see results :)
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Sunny212, Wow I am so impressed with your results and how good you have been recovering! I was also on 6/29 and I have not felt anything like you. Most days for me have not been so great. I feel like I am walking more hunched over each day and my Doc even gave me a walker! I have full time care for my 2 little girls everyday because I can not take care of them at all! Anyways I will be praying for your insision! Good Luck with everything. You are Awesome!!!!!!!!!!
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I had a rough day 13 and 14. I was fine yesterday morning and then suddenly started running a fever and had lower back pain. My fever climbed to 102.4 and finally broke last night at about 2am. I thought I was going to have to go to ER. Then today the diarrhea started. Went to see my ps and he took 6 syringes of fluid from my tummy so he thinks thats what was causing the fever. I still have diarrhea (ps says from antibiotics) and feel very drained. So strange this recovery.
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So sorry to hear that....take it easy and rest... I've noticed that if I do too much I wake up sore and huched over the next day.... Did it hurt when your surgeon pricked your stomach??? 6 syringes that's alot of fluid.... I hope you start feeling better soon :) drink some gatoraid to replenish your body..
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Looking good!!!!!
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Thank you..... How are you feeling??? Can you believe it's been 2 weeks :)
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well, if you look at a couple of your photos from the back after your back lipo you can really see your curves so I think once you had your tt you could really see it. I think it look great, it wont stay just like that from everything i have read and from what the doc said he have a lot of toning down to do. but I am sure you wont lose all of it, and thats a good thing! you really do look wonderful!
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hi happy 2 week! So how did sleeping in your bed go? ya kown every time I see your last photo all i think of is a barbie doll, yep your new name is barbie! ya know if you go look in the BBL reviews people are spending big money to get those hips! you lucky girl!!
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Lol thank you for cracking me up...those are all natural... My husband keeps asking are they going to go down I tell him is part of the womanly shape... I guess they were hidden by my big belly before....
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Happy 1 Week!!!
Hope all is well with you?
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Sorry 2 Weeks!!! Duh' I had a stupid moment:)
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