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3 weeks ago I had a Thermage treatment. I was...

3 weeks ago I had a Thermage treatment. I was worried about going forward after reading some of the scary posts on this site. However, I'm glad I did. Ladies, you need the facts before having this treatment. Find a reputable, certified plastic surgeon who owns the most up to date equipment. I had 900 pulses administered at 3.5 intensity. I did not burn, it was not painful. Thermage isn't a facelift. It's a suttle boost to your bodys collegen. The results build over time. Enhanced results can be seen when combined with other techniques like sculptra or fraxel laser treatments. In about 10% of patients thermage results are truly dramatic. My skin is slowly tightening and my nasal-labial lines are substantially less. I would do it again.

The amount of burning depends on the level of intensity of the pulses.

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That is what I thought, so doesn't there have to be some burning for it to work correctly. Thus in Slammer's case, if there was no burning but she is experiencing tightening shouldn't there have been some?

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I've had the procedure before and it worked miracles. 1. make sure its a certified physician, 2 . make sure the indivdual is trained. The company provides certified training for the machine, however there's a lot of people doing the procedure which are not properly trained some have no experieince with it. This procedure can be dangerous if the person is not properly trained, causing burning, pain or even worse. Don't be shy about asking questions. The procedure does work when done properly by a trained individual. I suspect the bad results are coming from people that are not properly trained to use the machin
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The doctor who performed my procedure is a board certified plastic surgeon who owns his thermage equipment.

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