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Terrible Pain - Can't Sleep! - New York

I am a physician, who had Lasik done by a renowned...

I am a physician, who had Lasik done by a renowned opthalmologist in NYC. Of course I did my research beforehand: spoke with prior patients, read the literature, surfed the internet. Saw the warnings. But figured the odds were in my favor, as I am a woman in my mid-30's, nowhere near menopause (which can exacerbate dry eye symptoms), without any other risk factos for complication.

Prior to surgery my eyes were both approximately -5.75. Now my left is 20/20 by the chart. My right is 20/25. With significant dryness bilaterally. All of which is fine. Even the dryness is manageable with drops during the day. However, I have unbearable pain in the right eye at night. So severe, I cannot sleep and must resort to NSAIDS, acetaminophen, and hydrating eye gels around 4am, every night.

This is destroying my life. I walk around like a zombie every day. My doc says the pain is caused by two 'dry patches' inferior to the incision on the right eye. I am told this will resolve but am not given a time horizon. The situation is truly horrific. I regret having taken this risk with my eyes.


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The risks do not outweight the benefits.

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Sharon, why do you assume a minority of patients experience complications? The clinical trials demonstrate a l 20% complication rate passed off as "side effects". The OP would be considered tobl have suffered a side effect l, not an injury as per the clinical trial guidelines. Don't deceive yourself.
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All I can say is that I am with doctor x. For me, Lasik was a waste of time, money, and life. I had the severe pain in and around my eyes constantly for three-and-a-half years. I also had to have three vitrectomies out-of-town to clean out eye floaters caused by the trauma of the Lasik. There are more people than you know who suffer complications from Lasik such as chronic dry eyes, halos, starbursts, and difficulties seeing in low lighted situations. I have improved since 2007. However, I will never have the crisp, clean, reliable 20/20 vision that I had with glasses. Don't risk your eyes to these animals who will take your money and do nothing for you if they f*ck you up. My Lasik surgeon is suing me because I called him out on some internet forums. Even the so-called best Lasik doctor makes his share of mistakes with this unpredictable and imprecise surgery. I am in Nashville, Tennessee and I have heard horror stories about every Lasik practice here.
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I'm doing some research for my husband and would appreciate if you can give me your doctor name. Thanks in advance.

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wow - this has made me think twice about lasik. would love to hear an updated status on whether the pain still persists or if it's gotten better.
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I live in the NY area and I am considering getting this surgery. I was wondering if you could email me the name of this surgeon. brian_alden@hotmail.com
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oh my I am so sorry to hear this happening to you ;(
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I had Lasik done about 2 1/2 years ago and LOVE the results. I had worn contacts for years but began dealing with chronic infections. Of course an infection means you have to trash the contacts so that became expensive. After my procedure, got up from the table and told the doctor what time was on the clock 10 feet away. I would never have been able to read a clock from that distance without my glasses/contacts. I researched this for 20 years (literally) I went to a seminar when it was still in the experimental stages and was asked to be a guinea pig, but declined in those days...not with my eyes. I waited for the technology to be stabilized then chose a facility that does thousands of these procedures every year. Only negative aspect and it is a minor one is when driving at night, on coming headlights have a bit of a star appearance. I will live with that vs. contact and cleaner cost and the infections. Worth every penny. Husband had it done a month after me.
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Thanks a lot for sharing your story and I'm sorry to hear what you've gone through. What you said about how you thought the odds were in your favour has really made me think twice about Lasik. I've got horrible eyesight and hate wearing my glasses, so I've been thinking to myself lately, "What are the chances I'll be the minority of patients who have bad results?" Well, now I see (no pun intended) it really can happen. I think I've ruled out getting Lasik now, thanks in large part to your review. I hope things get better for you and please do keep us updated on your progress. Best, --Sharon
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