30% Under Lower Eyelid Peel-New York

I have given myself several 30% TCA peels. Let me...

I have given myself several 30% TCA peels. Let me stress though, that I have had a dermatologist give me glycolic peels yearly since I was 27. I am now 46. I also have used retin-A off and on since I was 18. I have educated myself on the use of peels, have tried lactic acid, salicylic acid, glycolic acid, all in different strengths. For me, personally, 20% salicylic and 30% TCA are the ones I get best results with. I just completed a total face and neck 30% TCA peel, with double application under my eyes. The results are amazing. Down time is about 5-7 days and ALWAYS use SUNSCREEN! Even in the dead of winter. You get more sun damage in a year walking to and from your car and doing your daily routine then you would a 2 week vacation in the tropics in total sun. Your new, peeled skin is delicate-treat it as such! I easily pass for 28-30 years old. I just had my 46th birthday and people in my office wanted to see my drivers license to prove my age. I LOVE telling my real age and seeing the disbelief on people's faces. PLEASE remember, everyones results and reactions to these acids are different and I always tell people to consult with their dermatologist before they ever attempt this type of regimen on their own. Good luck!

how to you manage a suntan and so many skin peels. Just fake tan? You do look like someone who's out in the sun a lot!
What doctor do you go to for glycolic peels if you don't mind sharing that info? I'd kill for your skin.
Many thanks for your review. Pretty hard to believe indeed! You look as young as me and I am 30! I had my first 30% TCA peel a few weeks ago. Though I really like the overall result, I wish the effect under the eyes was better. What do you mean exactly by ''double application"? Did you apply it yourself? I hope I will apply the peel myself next time but am not sure how to do it. Advice is more than welcome..All the best!
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Consult a dermatologist

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