SmartLipo Surgery Coming Up Soon (04/02/2010)

I had my consultation on 03/23/2010 and my surgery...

I had my consultation on 03/23/2010 and my surgery date is set for 04/02/2010. And i'm so nervous, i'm hearing mixed reviews from people some is both positive and negative. I always had a problem with my weight especially my stomach. By having this done with help boost my confidence and i will continue with my diet plan. Hopefully everything will work out. I will post before and after photos and updates soon to come.


good luck hope u get the results that you hoping for and maybe you can give the name of you're doctor. :) keep posting.
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Thank you so much. The Dr. I'm seeing is {edited}

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i had a consultation with him about 2 years ago at the cross island plaza location. they gave me good vibe and everything they showed me around and where i was gonna get the procedure done it was really clean but he was charging me $6000 just for the abdomen, i foumnd it to be a little to much.

Today is the day, i'm getting my surgery done. I...

Today is the day, i'm getting my surgery done. I hope everything will work out for the best.


I go in for my procedure on Monday 4/5/10.. I am so excited about this. I have total confidence in my surgeon. I am having the flanks, inner and outter thighs, the bottom part of my abdomen and my knees done. I am expecting pain but praying it won't be so bad. I have already had a tummy tuck and dealt with that pain so praying this will be a piece of cake. I hope your procedure went well and hope to see where you post again that it all was worth it.
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Please keep posting i go in for my surgery 04/09/10 i'm scared and nervous, with all the mix reveiws on this site i'm think about pulling out becuase i would truly hate to pay all that money and not get any results.
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Good luck! Hope everything goes well for you.
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 04/04/2010Thanks for the support everyone.....


Thanks for the support everyone.. Ok here is the low down of my surgery. First i'm glad i made it out in one piece.  I was giving an anxiety pill, another pill to prevent excessive bruising and the doctor shot me with demerol.  I was feeling a little woosy than i was giving the local anthesia in theareas in the stomach and underneath my breast.  When I became numb the doctor starting scrapping the fat i had my eyes close thru it all i peeked once in a while but when i seen the tools he was using i couldnt watch.  After all the scrapping and using the laser i started feeling everything he was doing.  They say you not suppose to feel "Pain" Well i did, It was the most uncomfortable feeling i had in my life.  After a fews hours went by ( my surgery took close to 5 hours) The doctor gave me another shot of demerol. After he was done he had me stand to make sure everything was even and there wasnt anymore fat, so he went back in started scrapping more fat out.  I was in so much pain and sore i wouldnt wish the pain im in on anyone. 

Two days after my surgery im still sore and its hard for me to sit up and manuever around in bed.  Oh, i failed to mention you do have ALOT of drainage, which stopped in 24 hours.  I can say im in pain i'm taking the tylenol to stop the pain.

For now im very swollen, and sore. I do see difference in my stomach but it may still need some time to heal. Also, make sure you wear your compression garment, it help contour the area.  I will post after pics soon to come



I had mine on April 1st. It about 5-6 hours! I had my abs, flanks, bra area,arms,and inner thighs done! I felt the scrapping during the procedure. I had to let the doctor know that i could feel it so he could numb the area more.For a moment i even wanted to say stop i can't take it anymore. But that voice in my head reminded me of my mothers saying that beauty takes pain. ..uuughh! I was up and going places over the weekend all bandaged up. It does get aggravating. I haven't been sleeping well because i can't lay comfortably without feeling pain after a couple hours. I'm sitting @ work today still very sore and bruised in some areas. I'm only wearing spanx that go from the bra area down to the mid thigh. Can't wait to get home take the meds and relax! i don't see much at the moment just my arms look smaller. I will have to post my pics tomorrow so we can see the difference as the weeks go by. He says allow atleast two months to show. Im seriously impatient for the money i spent. But if you see drastic improvement please let me know!
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I just had my surgery the same day as you. It was well worth it I thought. I've already lost 8 lbs and have no more love handles! I'm starting to swell now, but have yet to see the bruising. It's weird how everybody has a different experience. I'm looking forward to the following week and hopefully my stomach will start to tighten. I hope you have a fast recovery as well! Take care!
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i say you have to be prepared mentally and expect not good results right away,i am in my second week and my stomack feels like a rock, but not all over certain section,i drink plenty of water, cut back in sodium and i wear the garment,give myself invigarious massage twice a day,im still very bruised but that how cosmetic surgery is.just dont expect alot from smart lipo.

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Its 12 days after my surgery and i have not seen...

Its 12 days after my surgery and i have not seen any results.  So far my stomach is hard and swollen.  The doctor told me this is normal and my stomach will get more  harder for the next 2 to 3 weeks.  Than afterwards my stomach will go down. I'm just dissapointed and i feel more bigger than before, i know all this takes time, i thought i would see some type of change but i havent.  I look pregnant and i'm sad and upset that i spent all this money and nothing is happening. 




Hello, I had a consultation in Sept. 09 with the same doctor who performed your procedure. I had a small hernia that needed repair first and now I am ready for my procedure but doing research before committing. I would like to know how are your results now and how was Doctor Asare with your follow up? I appreciate any input you can give me.
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should you massage the thick (hard) areas that have been lipoed? I am post op 2 weeks and starting to feel hard areas?
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I had my upper/lower and love handles done 04/09/10, I have yet to see results, others say I look smaller maybe my love handles are gone but I'm still very swelling to the point i look bigger than before i got the surgery. My surgery went really smooth, I slept the whole time and didnt feel much at all. I think the surgery last about 3 to 4 hours. Since surgery I havnt been in a lot of pain just super uncomfortable, I walk and feel like I'm with child, no bending down. I am finding it hard to drink so much water but I'm trying.
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