Having Rhinoplasty This Sat Jan 26! - New York, NY

I've never liked my nose much but wasn't concerned...

I've never liked my nose much but wasn't concerned with it to the point that I would undergo surgery, even though some of my friends made jokes about it. However, recently I've become very self-conscious about it and started looking for a surgeon. I was planning to do breast augmentation as well. In fact, I was going to do breast first. One of my friends recommended dr. Sadeh, she had her breast done by him, and it looks very natural. I scheduled consultation with him, and liked how professional he was. He made me feel very comfortable about the surgery. I scheduled the surgery for breast for jan 26 so I would have a week to stay home before coming back to school. However, reading some scary reviews and seeing some of the pics on this website, I got scared. In addition, my friend started talking me out of this, saying that my body might reject implants because it something not belonging to my body and my immune system might fight it, or I might get infection etc... It's not like I changed my mind to do breast augmentation, I just don't feel comfortable at this moment to do it. But i am ready to do my nose! Haha kinda unexpected, I didn't wait for it like other people for months, I'm doing it this sat jan 26. Dr. Sadeh didn't mind that I changed my mind, and explained me how my nose is going to look. I saw pics of his work in his site and liked it so hopefully my new nose is gonna be beautiful. Wish me luck!

ok, so i had surgery done today. feel kinda ok. don't have any pain, but swollen a lot, got bruising near my eyes and keep bleeding. not a lot, but here and there all the time. can anyone please tell me when it would stop bleeding? i worry.

It's been 24 hours since surgery. Bleeding...

It's been 24 hours since surgery. Bleeding stopped, and I have no pain. But I am very very swollen, my eyes are almost shut. I use ice packs to put it on my eyes, it helps a little bit, but not much. Overall, I feel better, but this swelling is killing me. Can't wait to get over with it.

Yay that you're on the other side, boo about your swelling! I hope it goes down soon. Please keep us posted.

Just woke up after a little nap and already feeling better! Swelling went down a little bit and I don't have that much pressure in my eyes. I still look like from a horror movie but at least feel better. Yay! Thank you for your support, guys! Really means a lot to me!!
Congrats on having in done. The swelling should go in a couple of days then move to your jaw...then a couple of days later disappear. All the best for a smooth recovery :)

It has been 48 hrs since surgery. I feel so much...

It has been 48 hrs since surgery. I feel so much better than yesterday. Swelling went down, I took a shower, and brushed my teeth. Feel like a human again, and a not a monster :) my throat hurts a lot, so I am using antiseptic spay. Helps a little bit. Also taking Tylenol 3, that helps me a lot.
You are beautiful:) I can't wait to see you with your refined nose, it will be great! I'm 6 days post op and I liked to watch YouTube videos of people that were healing too so if you'd like you can watch my vids maybe they'll be helpful for you:) just you tube search biancamichelle8d Happy healing:)
Natalia, you have amazing cheekbones and a killer jaw line! Once the swelling subsides, you are going to be a stunner. Just be patient though. Swelling can seem to take forever to go away.
Thank you! I also looked at your pics, and I understand what you worry about. But as you said, swelling takes a long time to go away, so I don't think you should stress about it now. Just direct all your energy in a positive way so you will heal faster. And don't listen to that one person who keeps posting negative comments on your page. It's so annoying!! I'm sure when swelling goes away, you will be happy with your results. Good luck and keep positive ;)

Hamster face phase It has been 72 hours since...

Hamster face phase
It has been 72 hours since surgery. I feel good. Swelling went down to my cheeks, but as long as I don't have it on my eyes I don't care anymore :) I noticed thought, that after 7 pm swelling is coming back, and even though during the day I look better, in the evening I look worse. I stopped using ice packs, because it feels good while I use then but once I stop, it feels like it swells more. The area under my eyes is turning yellowish, so I guess that's a good sign. Sometimes I feel itchy/burning feelings on the tip of my nose and want to scratch it but hold myself back. I wanted to mention how great my doctor is. His wife (and also an office manager) has been very nice and she texted me the day after the surgery to see how I am. I texted her yesterday to ask if I could use some gentle toner to clean my forehead and cheeks since it gets oily, she said that's fine. I also asked about cleaning my nose, because I haven't been doing anything about it, and she didn't let me touch it, they would clean it in the office tomorrow, Wednesday, when they take off the splint. It made me feel like they really care about their patients, and I'm not just a number in the office. Also, I don't have any family in states, and in fact, my family doesn't even know about the surgery. It's not because they wouldn't approve it (my mom and brother had their noses done because it were broken), but I didn't want to tell them so they wouldn't worry about me. My mom is super sensitive, and I know she wouldn't sleep, and call me every hour to see how I am and would make up stories in her head. So I didn't tell anyone. But dr sadeh and Mikal made me feel very comfortable and being taken care of, so i do appreciate that.
You are looking SO great! Can't wait to see the big reveal! Ahhhhhh!
Thank you, Sarah! I can't wait either! In 24 hours the splint will be taken off!! Yay!! :)
Can't wait to see your results, you are so pretty! Happy healing! : )

Today is day 4 and my cast will be removed in the...

Today is day 4 and my cast will be removed in the evening! Can't wait!!! I'll post some pics, of course :) in terms of my recovery, yesterday was a very strange day. I felt very weak, dizzy and slept almost all day. I assume it's because of poor nutrition, I only had some soup and yogurt for the last 3 days, but I don't have appetite anyway and it's really hard for me to eat. After i am fine eating soup, I feel like I was lifting boxes all day. Also when I went to bed at night, I felt dizzy and anxious. It was very weird. But I keep bring positive, and know that all this will go away, and I will be left with a beautiful nose :)

The cast is off and for the first time I can mark...

The cast is off and for the first time I can mark "was worth it"! I am not gonna post pics of the frontal view today because my face is still swollen and left side is more swollen than right. It's very funny. But I'll post a profile view and let me know what you think guys. I am very happy with what I saw today, even though I understand, that the swelling will go down and will look a little different than now.
I'm having a rhinoplasty procedure done in 40 days and am pretty nervous! But seeing your results makes it seem to be 100% worth everything. Congratulations on your beautiful profile and a brighter confidence!
Thank you!!! I was very nervous and anxious too, but now I'm very happy that I did! I hope everything will go well with you surgery! Good luck!
I LOVE your new profile!

A little update. It's been a week since my...

A little update. It's been a week since my rhinoplasty was performed and I'm very happy with results. Bruising is completely gone by today, but I have a little bit of swelling on my jaws. Also after the cast was taken off on 5th day after the surgery, my nose got swollen more, it a little bit subsides every day. Hope it's gonna look better by Wednesday because its gonna be my bday and I'm planning to have a dinner with my friends. But I'm loving it even now :) I stopped taking Tylenol 3 (I was only taking it for my throat) because it didn't help me anymore and bought Chloraseptic warming sore throat at Duane read and since then I'm the happiest person in the world! My throat doesn't hurt anymore and I can eat! In moments like these you realize, what pleasure can bring you such little things in life. So basically I'm taking only antibiotics (have 2 more days to take it) and Arnica, and multivitamin. Planning on going to school on Monday.
Love the kitty pic! :)
You look great!!!
Thank you! I'm so excited for your surgery!!! I'm sure it will go we'll and you will be happy too!

Hi everyone! Today is day 9 post op and I am...

Hi everyone! Today is day 9 post op and I am feeling great! Swelling is almost gone, just my nose is still swollen and tender to touch. Skin care and make up junkie myself, I can't get enough of putting all these products on my face! I missed it so much! Today I went to do my eyebrows and asked my aesthetician not to touch my nose (yes, I had to confess in surgery!) and she was astonished how good I look for day 9 and she said that I wouldn't tell her I had surgery she would never guess even though she knew me from before. I guess that's good! :) at least I look like myself. Stopped taking any pain mastication, just finishing my antibiotics and looking forward to complete healing. Have a wonderful day everyone! :)
Looks great girl! You were gorgeous before and your gorgeous now! Congrats!
Thank you!!:))
How is that lovely nose shaping up these days? Can we see some more recent photos? Any side effects (trouble breathing, smell issues, sensitivities, numbness, etc...)?

It's been 7 weeks since my surgery. I have had...

It's been 7 weeks since my surgery. I have had both good days when my nose looks perfect, as well as bad days, when it just swells for no reason. But overall I'm very happy with a result. I can see swelling subsides little by little every day. I've noticed when I work out, swelling subsides at a faster rate. I tried to do yoga a few data ago. I felt some pressure in my head, but it was ok, and afterwards my nose looked even better. Going to do yoga tomorrow too!
Awesome results, you're so beautiful!!! :)
Thank you!!!:))
hello,You like so beautiful! im 3weeks postop and cant wait till my swelling resides.Im hoping it will look great like yours!

Update 6 month after surgery

I thought I would post some update since it's been almost 6 month since my rhinoplasty. Nothing much to say since everything went well and I am very happy with my nose. My mom came to visit me a month ago and she said that something was different about me but she couldn't point it out till I told her that I had my nose done. Surprisingly, she wasn't upset about it but told me that I made a right decision and my surgeon had "gold" hands since my nose looks so natural and beautiful. I am very thankful to Dr. Sadeh and his team! They are amazing and they changed my life for better!
nice result and ur nose will more smaller days coming be sure >
Beautiful results!! Loving it!
I love your result! you are beautiful :)

15 month post op

Here is my last review for my nose job. Basically it took a year for the swelling to go down. I am very pleased with result of my rhinoplasty. My nose looks vary natural, people can't even tell that I had it done. However, it suits my face very well. I deleted all pictures that I've posted over the last year and I am uploading only one picture before/after 6 month post op that was taken at the doctor'a office. Because... I just had my BA done today!! Uhuuuu so now I'm gonna share my other journey with dr sadeh, and don't really feel like having my face all over the web :) thanks to everyone for support that I've been getting all this time. It means so much to me!!
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