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I'm getting married in a few weeks so I signed...

I'm getting married in a few weeks so I signed up for teeth whitening at a nearby dentist in NYC and didn't think to ask questions. Last night I freaked myself out reading all the scary reviews on here. I almost canceled but decided I'd stick it out and stop it mid process if I needed to. This morning I took 4 advil before going to my appointment. And I was really tired from staying up late reading these reviews. When I got there I was a bit panicked. I asked a lot of questions about the pain. The receptionists had all had it done and said it wasn't so bad. The assistant who did my whitening told me that only 2% of people asked to stop before all 3 sessions were done. I felt very comforted by that after reading all the reviews here. People here make it seem like 50%+ need to stop the process.

She brought me 2 advil and I didn't tell her I already took 4 an hour earlier. Oh well. More is better, right? Anyway, she graded my teeth at C1 and said we'd aim for B1 which was the lightest shade and was about 5 shades (or 6 ..I forgot) lighter than C1.

Ok, so I started, and I had most of what others describe - the mouthpiece, mouth full of gauze, protective glasses, and gel. Then the light.

So about 8 minutes into my first 15 minute session the tingling started. It was not the "Zingers" but compares to the feeling of having something "fall asleep" - it was pins and needles, but not bad. Really. I could have fallen asleep - I wasn't in so much discomfort that it would have kept me up. It was so not a big deal. And my gums felt a little inflamed - like when you brush too hard. But that was all. After 2 15 minute sessions she showed me my teeth. They looked great. And it started feeling even better than the first session. Midway through the 3rd session I was still in no pain and she offered me a 4th one (included in price) if I wanted. I kind of spoke from the back of my mouth and asked if it would make a difference, and she said it would, so I went for 4 15-minute sessions. No measurable discomfort at all.

When it was done and she took off all the gauze, my teeth graded lighter than B1 - so lighter than the lightest on their grade. While I was wrapping up I felt my first Zinger. yes, it hurt, but it was so not a deathly pain. It was an "ow ow ow - ok subsided" pain. It lasted 3 seconds and was not so crippling in that I could say "ow - zinger - hold on" while I waited for it to subside. It's now 6 hours later. I've been applying this topical cream "GC MI Paste Plus" from Recaldent. I don't know anything about it but they sold it to me for $15 and said it would help. I've been getting a zinger every 1/2 hour or so, but I dab on the cream and I don't know if that helps or it was subsiding already regardless. Anyway, so 6 hours later my teeth are much much whiter and the pain is totally tolerable. I'm at work and didn't miss any meetings. During one of them I said "ouch - tooth pain, was at the dentist today - hold on" and then it was done and I continued.

SO worth it. Don't let the folks here scare you off. To think I almost didn't go.

Hi Rebecca,

Thanks for the review and welcome to the community. I'm glad that although you were scared you went through with it and it turned out well. Please keep us updated and congrats on the upcoming wedding. Do you have pictures of your procedure?



Alexander Duka, DDS

Very happy with the process. The office was clean and the staff was top notch. Dr D also stayed afterwards to answer my questions about invisalign even though they don't offer it there. He acted as a free consultation for me on something he wouldn't even get me as a patient for. I'm very impressed.

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