Upper and Lower Eyelid Surgery, and Endoscopic Brow-lift

Just had Upper and Lower Eyelid Surgery, as well...

Just had Upper and Lower Eyelid Surgery, as well as an Endoscopic brow-lift. Quite a lot of work! I was fed up of people telling me I was bored / angry, serious or tired looking when I was just fine! I've been thinking about it for years but finally took the plunge as it its been affecting my confidence too much.
Your bruising really decreased between day 1 and 2! Any tips or tricks?
Err.. you think?!? It seems about the same to me at the moment! Maybe I'm too close to the situation. Icing helps a lot, with the swelling at least, but the bruising just keeps on coming.

Wow! It's so great to be able to see the placement of your incisions/sutures. I hope you're healed up soon and loving your results.


Day of the op

Totally out of it - MASSIVE headache. Why did I do this again??

Day after the op

Day after the op - here we go.

Day 3

Day 3 - you can see the bruising has only really just started!

Day 4

Day 4 and things are settling down - though the bruises aren't going anywhere.

Day 5 - sutures out

Day 5 - sutures out of my Brow-lift. Concerns about asymmetry on the eyes and incisions. I think its about waiting now.
Thank you for sharing! I have a brow lift upper lower bleph scheduled for October. (nervous to say the least) Your healing progress is amazing. Good for you, it takes a lot of courage to undergo the procedure, let alone share your story, thank you again.

Browlift Sutures

I know it's early days but you already look nearly 10 years younger NO KIDDING after your surgery. Amazing! Keep healing well!
Your right about the waiting game. I had my upper and lower eyes done. It's been about 4 months, and things are looking good. It takes awhile for the swelling and bruising to go away, of course everyone is different. Try to be patient, easier said than done. Keep us posted. I think your healing looks like its going well.

Day 6 - Feeling a little disspointed

Bruising slowwwwwwwly going. I wish it would hurry up! I need this practically gone in 6 days before I start work. Been thinking my eyes do look different, better, but there's still skin hooding on the eyes. I hope its just swelling. My surgeon certainly went with the conservative approach, I just wish he'd pushed it a little more. Oh well. I'm hoping things look better than this, after all this pain and bruising!
Jersey mike , you do look good and it's so early into your post op recovery, mine is scheduled for July 9 and I am getting anxious, thank god for this site, as it sure has helped me understand what is about to happen. Hang in there , you will look handsome very soon, hope you love it and you feel it was worth it. Jwolfe
Thanks - and good luck with your op. Are you getting just the eyes done or the brow too?
Jersey mike, I am getting a face-neck-brow lift and total eyes, it is making me really nervous as I count down the days. How are you feeling today?

Day 7 - No change really

Bruising still strong. The yellowing around my head (I had it across the top of my head, behind my ears, everywhere) is fading now. Wish the blackness would go from under my eyes. Again feeling like It could have been more of difference. I'd rather this subtle disappointment than "oh my god what I have I done!" shock for sure of course.
Can you please post more photos?
I think you look fantastic! Don't be disappointed, you look so much younger already..just wait a few weeks! I think you'd really hate looking permanently "startled" if any more was removed ;)
Looks like your healing is coming along - slowly but surely.

Day 10

Still feeling underwhelmed. I think this is it really - its certainly natural looking. Maybe I'm just used to it. I wanted a little more thats all, after all this bruising and money. From certain angles there's still some loose skin on the lower and upper eyelid, so its not all gone. I mentioned this to the Doctor and he said I still have a lot of swelling before I can see the final result. But as the swelling goes, the stretched skin becomes looser and the result seems less than I'd imagined. Again, I need to wait for at least a month before i know where I stand. I appreciate all the positive comments, so thanks for that but I wanted to feel on top of the world. I don't yet.
where did the doctor put the incision? Was it well hidden? What would you describe the scar?

Bruises gone - finally

So finally the bruising has gone - thats what 5 weeks? The scars on my head are visible for now though. Anyway I'm happier with my eyes than I was before. I still think there is some 'hooding' at the corners, one side more than the other, and I will tell the surgeon this when we have a checkup - as I would like there to be nothing. Lets see what happens. Compared to my eyes before all this I am happy though. Sometimes I look in the mirror and think - yeah - I look good! Plus, even when I feel tired and that my eyes are tired, they rarely look as though they are.
you look great!

Wow, thanks for sharing!  Love all the pictures, they really show what the post-op recovery is like.  You look great :)

Your surgeon did a great job and you no longer looked tired or angry, just younger!

Great Doc

Saw the doc again yesterday, and noted my concern that one eye lid still had a little too much skin, and he said he'll take care of it. I must say this doctor, and his team have been excellent. This is my first procedure, and I haven't a doubt in my mind that if I ever needed anything else 'done' I'd be going back to the same doctor. They take a subtle approach to their work, so don't expect massive differences, just natural tweaks and 'updates'. This, for me epitomizes how surgery should be approached. A series of subtle updates over time.
I think he could have definitely taken more of the top lids...can he remove more again in the future?
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