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Hi, I had the procedure done 2 days ago by a...

Hi, I had the procedure done 2 days ago by a dermatologist in New York City. I did a lot of research on this ahead of time, so I knew that there was definitely some pain involved. For me, about 2/3 was tolerable and about 1/3 was about intolerable. I have a high pain threshold, too. I was told that because my face is so small and thin, that I was a tougher patient. Indeed, it felt like in certain areas, the intensity was going through to my bone. I am not here to scare anyone because I was plenty scared going into it after reading of other people's experiences. I walked out thinking I would never do it again. Two days later, I'm definitely okay, but sore and swollen. I don't have bruising. My lower jaw on both sides is swollen, and it hurts like someone punched me in the jaw, but only on one side. I don't have immediate results and I guess I don't expect to for at least three months. If I see some results in 3 or so months, I'll post some before and after pics [I took some before]. Until then, I'm glad it's done. I wanted to do this for quite a while so I guess I'm glad that I did and of course I'll be really happy if I see results in a few months. I think that people with bigger faces than mine, and also with thicker faces or thicker skin might have an easier time. The 2/3 of it that was tolerable was not bad and if it was all like that, I would definitely have done it again. I also wish I had just done the lower face. I didn't need it near my eyes or brow, and it would have cost less.

I had the procedure done 3 months ago. I thought the pain was borderline unbearable and I am no wussie. They gave me 2 Vicodin, plus I took 800 mg Ibuprofen before the procedure. I think they should have given me Percocet instead. I am 3 months out, but still no results at all. She did tell me it would take a full 4 months, so I am still waiting.
Hi Madeline, I am only 2 weeks out. No change -- but didn't expect it by now. Hope you see something by next month.
Oh hey I'm a month out.I don't have any results either. I just want to see something. I hope this works cause yes it was very painful.
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