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Waited 7 Years for This! - New York, NY

Let me start by I'm 33yo I have 3 kids age ranges...

Let me start by I'm 33yo I have 3 kids age ranges from 12,7 & 3. I've been wanting a tummy tuck forever never had a flat stomach growing up as a child.I'm a little scared due to the rumors about tummy tuck but I put it in GOD HANDS. I think once I get this tummy tuck my self esteem will improve. I'm doing it to make myself happy. I'm here to get support & helpful tips

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Looking at a specific candidate pictures

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Yes would love to see his work.
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Can you show Me his work? Thank you!!
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I didnt have to stay over night. he did it in his greatneck ofc. went in the O.R at 11:30 and came out at 2:30
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hi tati glad my pics inspired you. check your inbox
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