Finally Finally uploaded pics!! 4 weeks post op from BA and lift w lipo full back and 3 weeks post op from TT

Hi everyone, I am scheduled for breast lift and...

Hi everyone,
I am scheduled for breast lift and implants, and lipo of full back on Aug 17, 2012. A week later, Aug 24th, I am then scheduled for a tummy tuck. My pre-op appt is next Sat with Dr. Yager and I must admit I'm starting to get very anxious about the procedures. I've been reading everyone's experience and it has been very helpful in terms of what to expect after the surgeries. I am 31 years old and have a 10 year old son. I have always struggled with my weight. I'm hoping these surgeries will help me begin a new chapter in my life where I can put my self imaging issues to rest. I started to workout at the gym two years ago and lost 25lbs. I have loose skin in my abdominal area and no matter how much weight I lose I continue to have saggy skin in that area. I decided to include the breast lift with implants. I've been having second thoughts but everyone keeps saying it's only because I'm getting closer to the date and becoming anxious. I would like to know more about what to expect and the length of recovery. I've gotten mixed reviews about Dr. Yager but fortunately I've heard more good than bad. Please feel free to to give me your opinions about this doctor and his work. I'm very nervous!!


Hi, I guess using the word "preparing" will help me keep positive. :)) I have a question. Is it safe to do the tummy tuck, full lipo of the back, breast lift and breast augmentation all in one day? I have 2 seperate dates each a week apart and I wish I can just get it all done in one shot.
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Oh I think your just PREPAREING not torturing. I did the same thing... look through our blogs and ask any questions you need. Heres to a NEW chapter!!
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Hi thanks for the response! I'm most nervouse about the recovery process and what I would look like after that process. I have tortured myself (as some of my friends put it) lol by looking at tummy tuck surgeries on youtube and reading all sorts of articles on the good and bad things that can happen. At Angiemcc, Dr. Yager explained to me that doing all those procedures at the same time and considering the limited time I got off from work, may post a risk. I have my pre-op appt this Sat the 28th so I will further discuss this option with him and will keep you guys posted. Thanks again for the feedback. Greatly appreciated!! :))
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So today was my pre-op appt. It went well. The...

So today was my pre-op appt. It went well. The nurse took some pics and we went over the do's and don't s. The doctor went over whthe areas he will be working on anf I stressed the areas that I wanted to see the most work on. Reading all those.consent forms was a bit overwhelming and scary BUT!! A girl has gotta do what a girl has to do!! Lol I need to be humorous about this or I will freak out!! To my luck I'm going on vacation next week and guess what?? I can't drink alcohol. Lol Guess it will be funny watching everyone else get wasted! Lol But this is my life and I will not jeopardize it for some booze. I have decided to stay with two surgery dates. I discussed it with my doctor amd the nurse and it's just safe. I was told I can't shower until the drains are taken out which is for 7 days!! Real sexy!! Lol Oh boy... I don't know what I'm getting myself into. I'm so nervous!!

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4 more days to go!! I'm getting very nervous!!...

4 more days to go!! I'm getting very nervous!! Breast lift with implants and full lipo of the back this friday and I'm super nervous!! I keep wondering what am I getting myself into?... As of right now, I am very grateful for my friends and family who will be supporting me through this process. My boyfriend seems to be very supportive about the whole thing and will be the one helping me the most. I'm so grateful for him. A week later after this procedure I'm suppose to go for my second surgery which will be my tummy tuck. This is the surgery that I'm most excited yet very very nervous about. I'm worried about the things that can go wrong. I worry about what will happen to my only son who is 10 years old, if something happens to me. I understand my feelings may be normal but I just can't wait to get over this whole thing. Lately I have had trouble sleeping because all I do is think about the procedures I'm going under. I hope all goes well and the end results are what I would like them to be. After the surgeries I should be posting before and after pics. I am also thinking about video taping my journey. If so, I will let you guys know. This site has helped me so much and I appreciate everyone sharing their experiences. :))


I hope my instruction help you to post pics. Im excited to see them. How many days PO are you now for TT? You went through so much. I hope you are healing well.
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Hey newmenyc i read your other post. Go to your profile, look for your review and click update. When you scroll down you will see add photo or video. However on my ipad it will not give me option to add photo so i have to use my computer for pics.
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Hi girls!! I finally got it over and done with!! Oh my what an experience!! My first surgery was the breast lift with implants and full lipo of the back. When I got home I was in some pain but very sleepy. I slept for about 2 hours. When I got up I felt something wasn't right. That's when I noticed my bed was full of blood!! I was about to catch a panic attack!! My best friend and boyfriend immediately called the nurse and she explained it was fluid from the lipo which was normal but if it continued till the next day I would have to be seen. My friend was able to stop the blood with three menstrual pads taped to that one incision. The next day thank God I did not bleed anymore. The following days after were a bit tough for me. I wasn't able to feed my self or wipe myself in the bathroom. Got a little depressed at times and even considered nof going through the second surgery week later (tummy tuck). After 3 days I started to feel a little better and by the follwing Friday I waz right back in the OR for my tummy tuck!! That surgery went ok. It was by far the most uncomfortable and painful one. However, was the drain was removed I felt a lot better!! Having to walk bent over for a week anx wifhout being able to take a shower for 7 days was definitely hard for me. My back is still killing me. But overall, after looking at my before and after pics I have to say it was all worth it!! I'm still swollen so I can't wait till a couple of months to see the final results. This website has been the most helpful for me throughout this experience. The stories that you all have shared has helped me get through all this. Thank you all so much!! I am posting before and after pics so please let me know what you think. Thanks again girls!! :))
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Finally uploaded pics!! 4 weeks post op from BA...

Finally uploaded pics!! 4 weeks post op from BA and lift w lipo full back and 3 was post op from TT


Wow!!! I am in
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your results are amazing... enjoy your realself!
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Hey, you look very nice. I have a question, what size did you go down to now?
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Round 2 with Dr. Yager Full abdomen and full back lipo, and BBL!!!! So nervous!!

Hi ladies!! It's so nice to connect with a lot of you again as I am to embark in my 2nd journey. Hoping for a flatter stomach and smaller waist with a nice plumped booty. Let's see if he can make this happen. Scheduled for May 22!! I can't wait. I don't even know what to get. Please help!!!! :)

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