Out With The Old and In With The New @ NYEE/New York Eye & Ear Infirmary

So let me start off by saying that I am not new to...

So let me start off by saying that I am not new to real self. I've actually had a previous account in which I no longer wanted to review on. So I created a new one to start over. I've been a member of Real Self since 2012 and had my ups and downs with almost getting the procedure done but had obstacles and disappointment on not being able to get it done in the past.

This is a fresh start and back to the basics:
- I am 32 years old
- 5'2"
- 138 lbs
- 3 kids

So today I had a Consultation at New York Eye & Ear Infirmary (NYEE) with DR. JOHN DURRAN and I have to say that he is so sweet and down to earth. He definitely knows what he is talking about and I look forward to getting the procedure done by him. The cost of the procedure will be $4,500 and that will include everything needed to get the surgery done plus a night's stay at the hospital. They don't require you to take medical picture's because the DR. takes pictures with his phone so there are no extra fees there.

I've been trying to hold in the excitement of knowing that I could possibly be having the surgery on Monday, August 18th, 2014. This was the soonest day they had available. So I took it. I was asked to get my medical clearance done with my primary DR. but my next appointment isn't until August 15th. So Susana the assistant made a quick phone call to a DR. in the building and 1 minute I was just finished with my consultation and the next minute I was getting my medical clearance done. Wow all in 2 HRS. How AWESOME is that. Now I just have to wait for a call from Susana to let me know when to go back to see DR. DURRAN, which would be a week before surgery.


The Dr. Name is DR. JOHN CURRAN

All worked up on starting a review

And didn't mention the most important details. Lol So I will be getting the obvious which is a Tummy Tuck, muscle repair, hernia repair and lipo to the flanks.

trying to get focused

So I'm hoping to lose a couple pounds for surgery in the next 3 weeks. I currently fluctuate between 135-138 lbs. My body is weird during the hot summer months. I'm hoping to reach 130 lbs pre op and 120-125 lbs a couple of weeks post op. I know having the surgery may cause me to gain some water weight but hope I can reach my goal within the following weeks. I'm trying to eat clean as much as possible as well as working out on a total body gym and running up and down stairs to get my dose of cardio.

so a little less than 3 weeks till surgery

And nerves are starting to take over. The thought of something going wrong keeps going through my mind. I know it's mind over matter but after reading and seeing horror stories I can't help to think is this really worth it. From what I know I'm pretty healthy. No drinking, no smoking, no allergies (except seasonal), no bad health conditions. I guess I need to stop over thinking it.

So I've been working out everyday sometimes twice a day and trying to eat clean for a week now. My body was achy in the beginning but now I'm starting to feel good and my body is starting to feel stronger and in some places tighter. I started out at 138 lbs and now down to 135 lbs. Goal before surgery is 130 lbs. I hope I can get there is 3 weeks -_- Over all I know it's not much but I've lost 4 inches (combined from waist, arms and chest). Oh and BM's are moving along better than usual. Lol

I'm starting to make a list of things I need to buy really soon. So far I have:

1. Morena stage 1 no legs compression garment. Still not sure about what size to get.
2. 4 pillows. I will be sleeping in my bed and want to be comfortable and supported as possble.
3. Stool softener. Not sure which yet. Maybe colace.
4. A bottle of tylonal.
5. I've read something for swelling but another one I'm not sure of to get.

I'm sure there's probably a couple of things more I need to add to this list but I'm stumped. Any suggestions? :-)

My pre op appointment

Is next Thursday, August 7th @ 10am. Surgery is still scheduled for August 18th. I feel half prepared. I still have yet to buy anything for surgery because I don't want to be staring at any reminders if it doesn't happen. I guess I will wait till my pre op appointment to then take the plunge and start investing in the things I may need for after surgery. There is one thing I am sure of and that is getting in better shape. I have been committed to exercising everyday 2xs a day and eating healthy. I've lost a total of 4 lbs. Now currently 134 lbs. My goal before surgery is 130 lbs. I have just a little less than 3 weeks to accomplish that and I feel I will get there and maybe lose a little more with the rate I'm going at. Dedication really pays off.

I'm still trying to save the excitement for the moment I'm in that hospital gown. Too much disappointment has set me to be more cautious. So if it doesn't happen I can ease my mind into thinking ok you can wait a little longer. Lol Now I'm definitely starting to over think it. Ok I'm done. Lol

17 More Days Till Surgery

All I do is think about it and now I'm also dreaming about it. I had the weirdest dream this morning. I won't bore everyone with every second of the dream but the main things that stood out that seem to matter the most were:

- waking up in the hospital bed and not knowing how I got there and started saying but I still had a week and a half till surgery. I looked down, wrapped in a compression garment with 2 tubes coming out from the bottom and the tubes are connected to a little electric machine that is suppose to be sucking excess fluid but instead I see blood being sucked out.

-My husband walks in about 5 minutes after I wake up and I asked him how I got there because I still had a week and a half left for surgery and he said it's already your surgery date. I said how can that be possible if I don't remember anything that's happened the last couple of days. Then I said to my self OMG the anesthesia gave me memory loss. LOL it's funny now but wasn't funny in the dream. I was scared sh*tless. LOL

-I remember looking down and saying to myself omg my tubes we're placed unevenly across from each other. The right one was placed a little more above my woohaa and the left tube was placed closer to my left hip.

- when I went to peek from the top of my garment in which was loose I touched the top part of my stomach only to feel a wave of fluid.

- Checked out my belly button in which popped out about an inch long because it wasn't even sewn down. Yikes that part was a nightmare.

There's lots more to the super long dream but those we're the things that seemed most important to me. Any who, this surgery is really starting to get to me but slowly starting to get excited. I went to Target yesterday and finally started to buy a couple of things. I brought 5 pillows, bottle of rubbing alcohol, bottle of extra strength Tylonal and a tube of neosporin. Almost brought colace but didn't because I thought I had a bottle at home in which come to find out I didn't. I still need to get that and order Marena stage 1 garment online.

Has anyone used the No leg stage 1 Marena garment? I'm really stumped on what size to get. I read the size chart but the sizes don't make sense to me. Supposedly by my measurement I fall into an Extra Large. I know I shouldn't be comparing what size of clothes I wear to that but I'm 5'2, 133 lbs and waist is a 34. I wear an 8 in Jeans and a medium or small in shirts depending on brand. So to think of buying a garment in an Extra Large makes no sense to me. I hope someone can tell me they have this and suggest a size. I don't want to waste time in returning it if I only have almost 2 weeks till surgery. I was thing of ordering it today. I know I shouldn't have waited so long but I had doubts about this surgery happening.

Finally Ordered

Finally ordered my compression garments today. I ordered two MARENA 1st Stage Regular Waist Compression Girdles with No Leg Coverage in a medium & Large. I didn't order the high waist because I saw a couple of complaints about it being too high and digging right under breast. So I figured I'm only 5'2 with a short waste and I'm going to be hunched the first week or 2 so the "regular" waist (which seems pretty long for a regular waist) is most likely going to give me full coverage. Instead of ordering the garments at the MARENA web site in which they didn't have the regular waist available I ordered them from imagefor4youtoday on sale for $57.99 each and free shipping.

My Pre Op Appointment is coming up this Thursday, August 7th @ 10am. I still can't believe this is going to finally happen. I still have my guard up about getting excited. I guess I'll wait till after my Pre Op Appointment :-)

Today was my Pre Op appt

It went pretty smooth and quick. I'm all set for August 18th @ 3pm (The time may possibly change to 8am). Now the nervs are kicking in but for some reason I still don't feel too excited. This is something I've wanted for 6 years now and maybe I still can't believe it. Anyway, I won't get any prescriptions till after the surgery. That's just how they do things at NYEE. Oh well, I guess hubby is going to have to take them out for me because their is no way I will be hauling my self any where but home the following day of surgery.

As far as weight goes I lost a total of 7 lbs and now down to 131 lbs @ 5'2. I still have what? 11 days till surgery so I'll see if I can squeeze off 2 or 3 lbs. If not I think I'm pretty much happy where I'm at because I'm a healthier and toned 131lbs compared to my previous unhealthy 138 lbs.

So yesterday's Pre Op had me thinking

During my pre Op I was given a copy of my blood work. As I was going over it I was quick to look at my HEMOGLOBIN level which is 13.7. Normal ranges between 11.8-15.6. To be honest I was quick to look at the number because during the course of being a member of real self (2 years now) I've seen a lot of people mentioning about HEMOGLOBIN and how some procedures not being done because of not falling into a certain level. So I went online and wanted to know more. First off let me start off by saying before I go further into this that I had a goal before surgery and that goal was to lose weight. If you haven't read my previous posts about 2 weeks ago I started working out hard 2 times a day and eating healthier and to be honest restricting my intake just a little bit because I wanted fast results. FAST FORWARD TO NOW AND WHAT I'VE LEARNED. I went online and read how unhealthy weight loss (although over time) can affect your HEMOGLOBIN levels. WHY? Because not getting a proper diet or more like depriving your self from certain foods can affect your iron intake. Low iron causes anemia and anemia affects HEMOGLOBIN. NOTE: OTHER HEALTH CONDITIONS CAN AFFECT LEVELS AS WELL.

NOTE: I am NOT a doctor. I am just posting my experience and what I've read and hope this can be helpful to other's especially before getting MAJOR SURGERY. If there is a need for major weight loss before surgery it should be SUPERVISED by a medical professional.

The FOLLOWING is information I found helpful to me online. Found here,


Because there is so much information found at the above link I will not copy and past it all because trust me it's a lot of reading but I will post a small portion that pretty much sums it all up. If your SERIOUS about surgery and weight loss JUST before surgery. PLEASE go to the above link.

Iron-deficiency anemia is a common and easily treated condition that occurs when there is not enough iron in the body. It is the most common type of anemia. A lack of iron in the body can come from bleeding, not eating enough foods that contain iron, or not absorbing enough iron from food that is eaten. In iron-deficiency anemia, the body does not have enough iron to form hemoglobin, which means there is not enough hemoglobin to carry oxygen to the whole body.

The body gets its iron from food. The main foods that contain iron are meat and shellfish as well as iron-fortified foods (that is, foods that have iron added). A steady supply of iron is needed to form hemoglobin and healthy red blood cells (erythrocytes).

Iron-deficiency anemia can range from mild to severe. A mild case usually causes no symptoms or problems. However, a severe case can cause extreme fatigue (tiredness) and weakness. Severe iron-deficiency anemia can lead to serious problems for young children and pregnant women, and it can affect the heart.

The heart is affected when there is a lack of oxygen in the body. The heart has to work harder to get enough oxygen throughout the body. Over time, this stress on the heart can lead to a fast or irregular heartbeat, chest pain, an enlarged heart, and even heart failure.

So with that being read. Although from what I read and my understanding this can occur slowly over time it's still something to consider when wanting to drastically lose weight especially before major surgery. This had me thinking what's really important. So for my situation (everyone one's situation is different) rather than worry about the numbers I have to worry about being strong and healthy prior to surgery. Major surgery isn't something to be taken lightly and healing from surgery is a journey. With GOD's protection, mercy ( I just had to throw this out there because I am a Believer), proper diet and other precautions I hope to get through surgery and recovery. It won't be easy but hey nothing in life comes easy.

Minor Set back...

So I had a minor set back and won't be getting surgery on Monday, August 18th. Now I'm hoping to get the surgery done the end of November. I will be updating when I go back to see the DR. sometime in October. Happy and Healthy healing to those that have already gotten the surgery and those that are about to get the surgery :-)
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Hello YouRbeautiful, I thank you very much for sharing your pre-op journey and great information! I am seriously thinking about a consultation at NYEE. I thought I would never consider a teaching hospital given the doctors are training and their work may not be as good as a seasoned surgeon. Would you share what made you go with a teaching hospital? Did your dr. explain how the procedure will be carried out - like who will be cutting you and who will be watching? Also, what is the consultation fee? Thanks so much for your time!
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Hi, Amina. Well I went with a teaching hospital because well you have to admit the price is Awsome. Lol but I have to admit having a surgent with less experience did worry me but when I met my DR Durran he made me feel comfortable and reassured me that he actually knows what he's doing and talking about. During surgery the DR will be accompanied by an experienced surgent that has YEARS of experience so that's definitely reassuring. They are currently waiving the $75 consultation fee for now. Don't know until when. Hope this helps and if you have any other questions feel free to ask openly or you can private message me :-)
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Glad your back... Excited to follow your journey
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Sorry to hear that you had to reschedule. This will surely give you more time to safely lose the weight that was concerning you. I will look forward to seeing your journey. A note on compression garments, I found that my hips and legs would swell quite a bit so having something like Spanx helped. Or a cg with legs. =) Stay positive and enjoy your summer!
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Its a little disappointing but I guess like you said I can safely lose a couple lbs and prepare more better. Wow thanks for the tip on the CG. I will look into one that goes down to the knee :-)
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Good girl. You are doing your homework :-) very important. Take care and keep up with the good work :-)
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Thanks :-)
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Thanks :-)
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Very excited u have made this decision. It is not an easy one by far, and uncertainly have prepared for it's some items to purchase should include: wipes, cough drops, snacks, dry shampoo, hand sanitizer. Your doctor should give u a moisturizer, but if not purchase one, preferably oil so it rapidly absorbs into your skin. The lipo will cause itching big time!!! The moisturizer sooths it as well as a cool towel placed on those hot areas (flanks). Inwasntoldmto use heating pads for my back, because the lipo in the flank area is a killer. Are your garments with an opening on the pubic area? I hope so!! So much better not to have to remove it every time u go potty. I'm so excited for u!!! Based on the stats u gave, I think you're ready for this!
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Sorry for the typos!! I meant u certainly are prepared, and I was told to....those were typos sorry
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Hey, Thanks. Yup I also have all those things you suggested. The garments does have a removable flap for the crotch. It feels like the days are going so fast. I kinda want then to slow down because I a.m. so nervous. Maybe that's why I'm not excited because I'm to nervous. Lol
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I'm so happy for you. Anything you need just inbox me. I might swing by tomorrow by NYEE (I'm calling first) going for 2 consults tomorrow. Good luck with everything. I'll be following you :-)
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Aww, thanks. I've read your whole review and enjoyed every detail :-)
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I just realized u have pics!!! OMGOSH! I'm such a dope!!!! We r EXACT same height and weight! I will say, I lost 2 pounds of skin and I haven't remember to ask about pounds in lipo lost..BUT, I have weighed myself (curiously) this past 2 weeks and I got to well over 145 pounds (swell hell)...today, I weighed myself and I'm 134 pounds. I still have a to of swelling but, just letting u know that we r twins!
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OMG..Don't know why I didn't notice this message until now. Yes we are twins. So we can relate :-)
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Great decision on the reg death garment!! Ha! I must have the extra tall one..I'm also 5'2" and it goes to my boobs..try's to kill them every day. But, urs will b so much better..mine also (bc of lipo) goes to my mid calf..OMGOSH! THURSDAY!!!!! Woo hoo!!!!!! Count down begins!!!! So totally worth it!
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Lol, I had you and others in mind when ordering. Yes, OMG as the days go by it's like YIKES I'm really doing this -_- I hope I look as great as yours because wow when ever I go through your pics I want mines more. :-)
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U are going to be amazing!!!! Better than mine!!! Hotter! Sexier!!! The works!!! I just had to ask my friend to teach me to be sexy bc u can't buy that!!! Haha! I'll post some more pics of today! 2 weeks 1 day and I finally feel like going out to dinner..an actual restraunt! Of corse, I am in oklahoma..so it's not like I'm a "real Housewife" gettin all gussied up or anything! Haha! I took the hell garment off for the day and am wearing my spanx brand tights (like..my winter ones I bought..haha) and a big ole floppy (kneck cut out) OU sweat shirt..it would b cute if it weren't 100 degrees outside! Oh, and u don't know me (but u do kinda..and we're buds now) GUESS WHAT???? We r moving into our new house this week!!!!! (Remember, lost our home last year (and 3 years b4 tht) to a fire (lightening) the first time was a good ole fashioned Oklahoma Tornado! (Remember the school that was hit a bit over a year ago..we live near there and the storms sent lightening our way..lost everything but Jesus, each other, And our sense of humor!) hahaha! Anyway...We are MOVING HOME!!!!! (That has nothing to do with a tummy tuck..yikes!) I can't wait to see ur pix!!! I wanna see my new bud!
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Omg, YAY!!! Congrats on your new home. How exciting :-) I can't imagine the feeling of having my home taken from me in such a horrible way and 2xs at that. You are such a strong, courageous and beautiful woman and I hope God continues to bless you. Oh and I Loooooove your humor :-) I bet you bring any one to tears when around you from laughter :-) and Thank you for your kind words. Even if I still can't wear a 2 piece bathing suite at least I can feel good in what I wear but as of right now that's not happening. Lol
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I'll never ever wear a piece. Ever! In fact, just puttin pics up of me in my skivvies is HUGE! I don't even wear middrift shirts! Haha! Ever! I just know no one knows me and it helps other ladies !!
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Yeah, it's definitely easier to write and post on here because no one personally knows you so it's like an outlet to post how you really feel with no "judgment" because everyone on here is here for the same thing. I'm sure there may be people that are rude that comment from time to time but it's almost like a safe place on here.
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Exactly!!! I'm from a VERY VERY conservative area..so I haven't told a bunch of people..even "friends" bc of constant judgment..it's sad too..bc, it's my body! Such a pity that some people still judge u based on ur own decisions! This is def a safe place! I love it!
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I'm a little older but 5'3, down to 140 pre surgery, and about 136 now...mind over matter best decision I made. I was happy everywhere but my belly. Doc call ed me tiny at my pre op something I never heard before...now I've been called it quite a few times. ..loving it
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I can't wait for someone to call me tiny! I was pretty excited when my doc said he couldn't lipo anything on my butt and back bc there wasnt enough..but, the day of surg..he started drawing all over me and told me it was the places he would b performing lipo..guess I got a little food crazy in the 3 weeks pre op! Haha. Just trying to provide job security..one pound at a time!
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Lol its great..to be swimming I n my clothes
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