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4 Months Post Op TT!! New Pics!!

170, 5 5' 30 year old mother of 3 and so ready to...

170, 5 5' 30 year old mother of 3 and so ready to get rid of this belly of mine! My husband and I have decided 3 was enough and I immediately began to do research to get my pre pregnancy body back. I'm getting a BBL 1 week prior to my TT, so I'll be posting and updating on both threads. As for my TT, I phoned the PS office and spoke with the nurse in regards to what vitamins/meds to begin avoiding, as well as garments, tips, etc... I'm super excited and so ready to have these procedures done. For now I'm getting my must have list together to make my recovery better. I don't want to purchase any unnecessary items, nor do I want to leave any must haves out, so I'm all ears for suggestions on getting my things in order. I read alot about Arnica for the bruising from the lipo and BBL so that's on my list, along with Iron, Vit C, and B12 per the nurses recommendation. I asked about garments, and she told me to hold off on buying any now. For all my vets out there, feel free to fill me in on any tips to make my recovery better. Thanks!!

Added a few post op pics... Sorry for the black...

Added a few post op pics... Sorry for the black and white, they just seemed easier on the eye this way lol

Had my full back, flank lipo, with transfer to the...

Had my full back, flank lipo, with transfer to the hips/butt done last Thursday. I'll be 8 days PO on my day of the TT. Pleased with my results thus far and this TT will seal the deal!! Super anxious and excited! Can't wait!!

The day has come. Scheduled for noon!! About to...

The day has come. Scheduled for noon!! About to start getting ready. Please send those prayers this way. Good luck and best wishes to those having procedures done today as well! Will update accordingly :)

Well I had my Sx this afternoon. All went well...

Well I had my Sx this afternoon. All went well Thank God!! Took my pain meds on the way home around 4:30pm. Trying to hold off before taking my next dose. Pain is about a 6-7 on a scale of 1-10. Mainly from my upper stomach area, so I would assume its due to the MR. I have an approximate 20-25 foot hallway in my home that I've just finished walking back and forth. Husband made me do it 12 times. I was sweating bullets after I was done. Super drained! Back in my recliner for now...

VETS please let me know how much walking should be done and how often. Til next time ladies :)

Today was my first PO visit. Finally got a peek at...

Today was my first PO visit. Finally got a peek at my new tummy!! Amazed at the amount of stretch marks that her removed. I know it'll be weeks maybe even months before I see the final results, but I'm pretty impressed this far !! Let me know what ya think ladies :)

So today I am 5 days po my TT and 13 days po Lipo...

So today I am 5 days po my TT and 13 days po Lipo and BBL. I must say I didn't expect things to be the way the are. I can say the lipo has been the hardest part of the recovery. I got my whole back lipoed along with flanks, and that has been the most painful of it all. My back is still super sore! Now as for the TT, it has been an up and down rollercoaster. Some days no pain, and others I feel I need to double up on meds. My lower back is killing me, and I get this burning sensation along my lower abdomen/incision area. When I get that, I milk my drain and it seems to go away, so I assume its fluid build up. I just figured by day 5 I'd be on my way to smooth sailing, but its not looking that way. I had a csection before and was up and about, driving and all by day 8. Was hoping to be the same with this sx, but I guess not. I do feel much better than day 2 and 3 though. Also, I can hardly stand! My PS doesn't want me to stand straight until day 7, but I don't think I'll be able to by then either. My stomach feels super tight!!!

Any tips on gradually standing up straight?
Does anyone else experience that burning sensation along the abdomen/incision line?
What day were you able to stop the narcotic pain meds?

I need tips/advice ladies!!
When will things start looking up ?

Day 10 po Doing sooo much better! Still swollen,...

Day 10 po Doing sooo much better! Still swollen, but it's going down more and more by the day!! Stopped the Vicodins around day 6 and only took ES Tylenol twice over the last 4 doors and that was because of a headache. Had my drains removed on my 1 week appt on Friday. They were draining a lil more than he wanted (around 50cc) but it was clogged and leaking all over my clothes. Praying I don't get any fluid build up. Day 8 was super hard on me. Broke down to my husband but he reassured me everything would be ok. Took a shower that same night using my shower chair and felt much better afterwards. My mom took my 3 lil ones for the night so we had some 1 one 1 time. Watched a movie and relaxed. That was the last time I had any regrets, and have been happy about my decision ever since. I've learned that this is definitely a long recovery process and having patience and keeping my eye on the final results makes things so much better. And of course the lovely ladies here on this site!! You ladies rock hands down!!! I'd really be lost without the words of advice from some of you ladies!! I also added a couple of new pics, so let me know what ya think :)

So I'm 2 weeks PO as of today! Had my follow up...

So I'm 2 weeks PO as of today! Had my follow up with my PS yesterday and they said everything is looking good. As for me, I'm feeling better and better by the day. Went to Chucky Cheese on Tues for my sons 2nd Bday and it was a bit much for me. By the end of the night I felt like I was going to explode! I felt super swollen but didnt look it. My PS said it came from me being at home for the last 3 weeks (since my lipo and bbl) doing nothing, so my body was overwhelmed. But as soon as I got home, undressed and relaxed I felt normal again. Within minutes! Went out for Vday yesterday as well. Dinner and then back home, and I felt a lil exhausted as well afterwards. My husband doesn't let me do practically anything at home, and I now see I have to gradually increase my activity here at bit. I go back to work on Mon and would like to be prepared. I have a desk job, so I'm fine, but I want to make it through the whole shift without feeling drained. It'll be my first time driving in weeks also. So this weekend is my last relax days, guess I better enjoy them. Hope everyone is healing and feeling well! Check out my new pics :)

4 months PO Tummy Tuck!! Gets better everyday! New Pic!!

So I haven't logged in on here in ages. Just wanted to quickly update you all! Had my TT Feb 1, so I am now 4 months out. Everything has been great. Love my results! Still have some swelling on occasions, but for the most part it's pretty minimal. I've been trying to work out a bit, which isn't that successful lol, but I'm working on it. I've been back to all my usual activities and work out regimens ever since week 6. Not really much to tell aside of the fact that I LOOVVEEE my results! Best decision I've ever made. Did my first major shoppig spree since surgery the other day and I spent soooo much! Everything looked great on me. I've never felt so comfortable with my body in a looonnngggg time! Dr Yager is an amazing surgeon. Totally recommend him if your in the NYC area. That's it for now, but feel free to ask any questions. I also included a pic that I took in the dressing room the other day while shopping lol Til next time ladies :)
New York Plastic Surgeon

After a few consults I ended up finding Dr. Yager thanks to Real Self. Immediately felt confident with his work, knowledge, environment, as well as staff.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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you look great!!! was that the cost of the lipo and bbl or was that the cost for the TT Thanks
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Wow you look great!
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Thank you :)
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Did dr. Yager do both your bbl n TT?
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Yes he did. The fat transfer was mainly into my hips. I didn't go for projection, just filling out the dents on the sides.
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How low is your scar ? My only issue is that I want the scar as low as possible. Ive been looking at doctors close to home and than the ones in DR. Im just unsure if i want to travel to another country and this work looks amazing. You look great.
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Thank you! My scar is very low! If you check my pics, you'll see bathing suit photos. One is with a low rise bikini, and the other with a normal one. My scar is right at the area where your pubic hair begins to grow. He went as low as possible. Very pleased :)
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love love love ; you look great and the fact thats where the scar is makes me even more interested in going for a consultation with him. Thank you.
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Hey hope you are doing great! I am schedule for my TT in two weeks. Any advise you can give me?
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You look really great, I did a lot of walking around in my home every hour (didn't have a choice). I trybtobstay compressed until getting in the shower and put my cp & binder right back on. I know you are going to love your final results, happy healing:-)
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Thank you! You look great! I've been walking more myself. Still struggling with standing straight, and I'm now getting pain at the top of my stomach. Like btwn my rib cage, right under the middle of my breast. Guess it's from the muscle repair. Happy healing to you too :)
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Hey girlie you look great and just imagine results are going to get better with time. I have yet posted a pic in a bikini, but you encouraged me to do so today :). I ten months PO, and feeling wonderful and looking forward to the spring and summer.
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I was so anxious to see where my scar would sit with my bikinis on. I wish I would've tried it on for my before pic! That would've been a great comparison shot. You look great!! Can't wait until my swelling subsides. Have you tried the strips yet? I'd love to know how it's working on your scar
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I tried posting updated pics, two of my scar and one in my bikini. I am seeing results with the strips after using it for three weeks. I wish I started using it sooner. It is expensive, but worth the money.
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Great! I was looking for some to purchase. I read excellent results for the Scar Away ones. Are you using those or New Gel?
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New gel, I got the stripes and silcone gel.... check amazon.com to see if you come out cheaper;)
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You look great..enjoy your transformation. Coworkers won't know you!
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Lol, thanks so much!
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Drab2Fab, you look great. It will get better and better from here. I'm 1 month PO and I never thought I would feel better. I even went to a Zumba class yesterday. The first 2 weeks were horrible. You're doing fine and look fab!
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Thank you! Can't wait to get back to my Zumba classes!! And you look great! Happy healing to you :)
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What you are feeling is completely normal. The burning feeling etc. The Lipo by far is the hardest recovery because it's the longest so you will def feel like you had a sun burn one day the next you will be itching the next nothing and the next discomfort. It's all normal as the nerves wake up you will feel these discomforts. As for the TT don't be surprise if you start to feel better then by week 5 you feel like a dump truck went over you it's all normal again it has to do with the nerves and with the muscle repair healing. After that you will definitely start feeling better everyday. As for standing straight I didn't until week 5 to 6 before then I would stand a lil straight then hunch over by the end of the day. To this day 4 months po I still feel a lil achy and hunch a lil when I've had a tough day. This recovery is a process and the main thing is patience. As you see yourself getting better everyday and looking smoking hot you forget all about the pain, discomforts etc. BTW Your results all around really look great! and you are still swollen so imagen when it's all settled girl they won't be ready for you!
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Thanks so much for the info and tips! Did you ever get any of the massages at his office? If so, did you find that they helped? I know a couple comes free, but I was looking to purchase a package deal
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Yes got the massages at his office. I did the package when I had the lipo and yes it did help alot!!! With the tt I already had two and i bought the package i have an appt on the 27 for another one. I go to Ingrid she's really good and is the only one I go to.
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Ok great! Can't wait until I can start mine. I'll definitely request Ingrid. Thank you :)
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Nice!! You look great!
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