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I am ready!!!!! - New York, NY

I am a 37 year woman. A mother to twin boys and a...

I am a 37 year woman. A mother to twin boys and a girl. I am scheduled for my TT on 4/26. I am 5'4 and weigh 130 pounds. I have lots of stretch marks and a belly bulge I am hoping to get rid of. I have been wanted to have a TT done for years and it's finally happening. I plan on uploading before pick as soon as possible. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Prayers are welcome too!! To those getting a TT soon Good luck, may you have a speedy recovery and to those who have had it done, may you continue to have a great recovery. God Bless!

Welcome to RealSelf!   So you should be home and recovering at this point and I am anxious to hear how you are doing!   We are thinking about you and sending happy and healing thoughts your way.

Please update us as soon as you are able to do so.


Wow! Its my second day post-op and I'm feel good....

Wow! Its my second day post-op and I'm feel good. Since waking-up from surgery I have had some pain but nothing extreme. Thank God! I was really expecting the pain to be a lot worse. I had a hard time with anesthesia and left the surgery center feeling really nauseous. Besides that the pain felt more like I had done an intense work-out of sit-up & crunches. The drainages are not as bad as I expected either. Thankfully all thus far is well. I have to see my MD on weds for my 1st post-op visit. I try to get out of bed often to walk around the house and also try to stay sitting-up either in bed or on the couch. My Mom & Dad have been taking great care of me. My sisters & other family memebers visited yesterday and I sat on the couch and felt pretty good. It does hurt to laugh and I am walking around the house bent over but overall I feel good & exciting about seeing the results.
Thank you Kimmers25 just posted my update...happy to be a part of Real Self and sharing my experience. I will try to post pictures soon. Thanks for the support and God Bless!

I am three-weeks post-op and doing well. I am...

I am three-weeks post-op and doing well. I am feeling better every day. The girdle is extremely difficult to wear. But I am trying my best to wear it as often as possible. Overall I have not been happy about the way my belly button looks. It looks big and does not look like an innie or as natural as I had hoped. If anyone can give me advise on it or words of encouragement it would be greatly appreciated. I have been told by my PS that it will shrink with time and after a discussion (which felt more like a heated debate), He told me to wait at least 5-6 months post-op and he will try to fix it. I still have stretch marks and did not expect to lose them all since I had an excessive amount above my belly button. I guess bottom line I am happy that my stomach it tight and flat and that my jeans are fitting much better around the waist. Since my pants were always tight around the waist and I had a muffin top since having my daughter 4 1/2 years ago.
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